Mystery Boxes For Sale: A Legitimate Scam

mystery boxes for sale

Mystery Boxes For Sale: Amazon, eBay, and Apple Traps

People like surprises, but there is a trend these days that proves stupidity overcomes common sense: mystery boxes for sale. To be more specific, the Amazon mystery box deal, a concept that could also involve other big brands like eBay, Etsy, Apple, etc. What is it exactly? You buy bundles of products on a pallet for a small price, but you don’t know what you get.

It’s some sort of a lottery, more like Kinder with surprises for adults. People get excited about any kind of bundle, whether an electronic mystery box or a gaming one. However, the products range from all types of household items to shoes and clothing.

Here is one common image you may see on these questionable websites:

amazon mystery box

This is the easiest scam to fall for if you are looking for mystery boxes for sale. They are also known as Amazon liquidation pallets.

Essentially, victims permit the scammers to put whatever they want on the pallet without the power to challenge the choices. So 99.9% of the time, they will never get the value that they paid for. However, thousands of people still fall for this every day, as we receive tons of emails inquiring about the integrity of a site.

Crooks create online stores on Amazon or eBay, and for the small price, say $79, sell a promising-looking Amazon surprise box. What you get inside is not something that you find out until you receive it. You could – and hope – to have gadgets and products over $79, but rest assured, you will never get any. The funny thing is, the business is legit since you agreed to the terms and conditions.

Let’s not even mention the plethora of fake sites where criminals set up shops with fake mystery boxes for sale and then promote them online, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even Google AdSense. They even purchase ads to feature their suspicious domain names at the top of every search.

There are thousands of bogus platforms “selling” mystery boxes out there. We at Scam Detector receive daily over 100 requests to validate legitimate sites that sell such things.

How To Avoid The Amazon Mystery Box Scam

If you want to verify ANY kind of website, you can use our unique Scam Detector website validator below:


Alternatively, if you want to get educated on the mystery boxes topic, watch the video below to see some examples of scams:

The Best Mystery Boxes Don’t Exist

Let’s take a look at the feedback of a few buyers.

Bought two supersize boxes of mystery products for $105 – received one jiffy bag with cheap earbuds and a mobile phone tripod, fitted through the letterbox, hardly big boxes. Total scam“, says a victim who remains anonymous about the site Nissa Shop.

Another online store selling the concept is AmazonGap, but after it was exposed as a scam changed its name to “I ordered a super mystery box from Amazon Gap. Payment went through, and I got an order confirmation from A couple of days later, I got a shipping note with a tracking number which worked. Origin was Sydney, Australia. A couple of days later, I got a delivery notification from a courier saying it would arrive the next day, and a small parcel did arrive. Having spent $45, I got a pair of knock-off Apple EarPods (wired with a lightning connector). Worth about $10, including postage. Not a complete scam but don’t expect your money worth or better“, says Rodney Phillips.

Here is one more:

“I was taken in by this company. They advertised “Amazon Mystery Box-High Value Style: SUPER MYSTERY BOX” for $69.90, a supposed value of $699.00. That should have been a red flag straight away. I received my so-called mystery box, and it contained a cheap black backpack. I went to their website and discovered ‘store closed.’ So they’ve shut down their website, which indicates to me that I’ve been scammed“, says Wendy Gerring about, which also went ‘out of business’ the week after the comment.

How To Report a Mystery Box Scammer

Let your family and friends know about the fake mystery boxes for sale by distributing this article on your social media channels. You can also officially report scammers and any other suspicious activity to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) using this link below:

Report To The FTC Here

How To Protect Yourself More

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However, feel free to educate yourself with some other Amazon fraud-related articles listed under this paragraph. Last but not least, please use the comments section below to expose other Amazon scams.

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5 thoughts on “Mystery Boxes For Sale: A Legitimate Scam”

  1. Marguerite A Walker

    Bought a box of mystery box and haven’t gotten it it’s been sitting at the post office for 10 days now how do I get my money back

  2. I got scanned by the mystery Amazon box Full of goodies received one pair of earbuds tried to contact the company website have been taken down contacted them by email about returning the item and I said it would cost me $20 postage which is strange because it only cost me seven dollars postage to get here they did offer me 30% of my money back so I’m not sure what to do I don’t want to give them any bank details. I am hoping that the money will come back through my PayPal account?

      1. If you ordered and paid for the “mystery box” you’re agreeing to the terms and conditions. Sometimes there’s a box you have to check off. Read the terms and conditions, most people do not and get taken. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
        * this is in reply to Dino

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