Jalisco Cartel Text Message

jalisco cartel text message

Jalisco Cartel Text Message Scam: How It Works

We’ve been receiving several messages in the last few days about a Jalisco Cartel text message. It is an extortion message threatening recipients with the killing or the disfiguration of their family members. Let’s take a look at how the Jalisco Cartel scam text works.

The Jalisco Cartel text message targets both men and women with two different approaches. The content that targets the men states:

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jalisco cartel scam text

“Listen, I am a man of a few words. You have lost the time of several of my girls on adult websites by losing their time from work. We are an organization that belongs to the second generation of the Jalisco Cartel. (MY GIRLS) have reported on you.”

“We have started an investigation on you, we have located you and a member of your family, it will be better if we reach an agreement before things get worse you have to pay a fine of $2850 right now. If you do not pay the fine, we will destroy you, all members of your family. Do I need you to tell me if you are going to solve this problem in the best way?”

Jalisco Cartel Scam Text: How to Avoid

As you can see, the bogus Jaslico Cartel text message contains graphic pictures, attached. However, these pictures are widely available on the internet on many other websites.

Watch the video below to see the Jalisco Cartel Text Scam exposed on ABC7:

The scammer claims to know everything about the victim. What makes it easier for them? Before sending the text, the criminals even do some research about the person on social media. That’s where they not only find phone numbers but a lot of personal information about the recipients of the text and their family.

As a result, victims get seriously scared and send the money. The crooks request the cash to be sent via Western Union or MoneyGram, so it can’t be traced. Also, there were some reports that the payment is required to be made through cryptocurrency.

Ignore the message and go ahead with your day. Nothing will happen to you. Do not respond and definitely do not send them this article.

On a different topic, the same type of criminal approach happens in the Extortion Email Scam. Watch the video below to see how that looks like:

Jalisco Cartel Text: How To Report a Scammer

Warn your family and online friends about the Jalisco Cartel Text Scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

How To Protect Yourself More

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4 thoughts on “Jalisco Cartel Text Message”

  1. After reading a reddit post I foolishly explored the site’s contacted someone giving my number and called and texted threats. I already read about the outcome. Any way installed a spam blocker and reverse phone number lookup. Location was in the US supposedly but I also revealed the carrier. Bandwidth. I contacted support who required personal information and tried to sync with my Google account a pop up warned me to turn off sync. They admitted it was there services number and there client and would look in to it. They have his info payment location but replied they could not reviel it. Looking at the posts and searching the viewable number they all lead to Bandwidth.

  2. Help at silver springs apatment of vance jackson rd San Antonio Texas across the street from diomad food mart.your cops tattoo cartel members are pretending to have war with Muslim talbin because they looking for Didine canon 16 from Algeria africa ok because my 4 year old was said to be his son should have never been foucal point because listed father on birth certifice is ashms aka Jerry dean scott the American ugly terrierst vs sex Muslim ok so they took my Florida medical weed card lol they don’t delivery here so because your acting on your behalf seems to think Muslim are giving me cannabis or hashish I got instation to have it shipped small qaltites once I buy it for me only for religion and they took it as a lick. Ok I have explained go to Mexico weed is legal in mexico they can’t sell cannabis in texas there medical .05 hemp not cannabis cousin only .0 thc is hemp not weed they are crazy
    Owner of xtreme wonder clean llc in Florida and denver and non profit cannabalistic group for children age out or put out of foster care build skills and trades tiny homes wearhouse and shipping container homes world wide

  3. I only wish I would had received this email last year. Yes, we were victimized by some scammers. But what these people do was, they made up a fake profile or a young girl. I’m guessing she was 18 years old, on Snapchat. My son just contacted the girl. After that it was all bad. They kept calling my son every 3 minutes, saying that my son had requested nude pictures of one of the members of the Zeta cartel. And that my son had sent pictures of him as well.
    They were requesting 500 dollars to just get rid of the pictures. They sent my son also videos of people getting tortured and decapitated. It was very gruesome, just horrible. When my son told me what was going on. I told him to ignore it that for sure it was just scammers. But my son was very terrified and feared for us as well as for himself. I had my rent money, and my son begged me to loan him the money so he could send it to them. I could never forget the fear he had in his face.
    My son cried and kept saying he was sorry, and since I lived by myself. The people even sent my son a picture of my house. My son lived with my daughter, whom he also told her sorry. I asked my son if he had sent nude pictures or requested any to the profile? And he said no. We went ahead and sent 490 dollars. Through western union. Only for my son to get another call saying that they never received the money and we’re requesting to send them the money.
    We confirmed with western union that the money had been claimed and picked up. The following day we went to the police station. In which the detective greeted us with a big smile, he was laughing at the situation. He said that we were the 12th person that had went to file the same thing and that the only difference was that we were the only ones who actually sent them money. He also suggested to close all social media accounts, change my son’s phone number and that should take care of that.
    Because unfortunately that there was nothing they could do to track the people. For the longest we lived in fear and traumatized. I didn’t feel safe to stay in my house alone, so I asked my husband who I had seperated from, if he could move in with me. During the day when my husband would be at work I would stay at my daughter’s place. And after work my husband would go to my daughter’s and he would follow me home. My son didn’t want me to be in my house and I was even scared to take a shower. Fearing that those people would break a window and come in.
    When I would get in bed I would shake and get startled of any little noise. While my husband would just hug me and reassure me that everything was fine. My son still believes that those people are going to look for us and kill us… We don’t talk about it anymore. But it really is just horrible that these scammers can impact people’s lives without feeling any remorse. We will never be the same.

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