Scam Detector and Cyberclaims Join Forces in Fighting Fraud

fraud handcuff and, both leading companies in the cyber crimes prevention industry, have partnered in what will become one of the most consumer-centric partnerships so far in this dynamic and fast changing industry.

This partnership will see the two companies come together in strategic areas, driven by their respective strengths. Scam Detector being a comprehensive cyber crime resource platform and Cyberclaims being the go to solution for businesses and individuals seeking help to deal with scammers, this partnership is indeed one of a kind.

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Cyberclaims will utilize the rich insights that Scam Detector gathers from its intense investigations. By relying on these insights, Cyberclaims will better execute its mandate to customers around the world. Scam Detector on the other hand will benefit from the experience that Cyberclaims brings across the many service points that bring its teams into contact with many victims of cyber fraud. This mutual cooperation will enhance the core offerings of the two companies with the ultimate aim of reducing incidences of scams and the number of victims losing their hard earned money.

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The partnership means that customers and users of the two companies’ platforms i.e and will have access to the best possible help when it comes to staying safe online.

  • More good things to expect from this partnership:
  • An increase in the number of scams that are reported and investigated.
  • Improved customer service that’s tailored to diverse needs.
  • Fast and easy access to the latest scam information.
  • Comprehensive protection against all types of online scams.


About Scam Detector is the world’s one-stop shop for scam prevention resources. The company provides education and resources that expose scams as well as helpful guidelines on how to identify and protect against scams of all kinds. The goal is to empower users with the knowledge they need to protect their financial life from scams. The website offers a tool that helps consumers to verify the validity of any website before engaging it in business.

The website,, is packed with rich information on the most common scams, how to spot them, and how to avoid them. It also offers a free scam alert service, where you can sign up to receive alerts about the latest scams in your area. So whether one is looking for information on specific scams, or just want to stay up-to-date on the latest scams, is the place where millions go for help. All major industries are covered: insurance, real estate, banking and finance, cryptocurrency, employment, auto, and communications among others.

The platform is visited by millions of people each year, and the company is constantly updating information to make sure that they’re providing the most up-to-date and accurate advice.

Most of the major media brands have covered the work of Scam Detector, including Forbes, BBC, FOX, CBC, Cnet, Kiplinger, ABC, and NBC.

About is dedicated to helping individuals and companies prevent and or recover digital assets that they may have lost to scammers. The company achieves this through several solutions aimed at tackling the main challenges that businesses and individual customers are facing in the digital economy.
Main services include:

Cryptocurrency Tracing

This is a highly sought service by both individuals and companies who are keen to pursue lost digital funds i.e cryptocurrencies.
Cryptocracing Tracing is simply the process of following the movement of cryptocurrency funds. The goal is to identify the parties involved in a transaction, as well as to track the origins and destinations of those funds. Scam Detector uses high level technology tools to help trace and identify scammers involved in cryptocurrency fraud.

Cyberclaims can easily identify and track down those responsible for scamming you, your company, or your clients’ funds if you are a lawyer or law firm working with a victim to help recover their funds.

Many companies across the following industries trust Cyberclaims for its outstanding cryptocurrency tracing service:

  • Law firms
  • Cryptocurrencies exchanges
  • Investors in the digital assets space
  • Regulatory bodies
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Online fraud victims

The other services offered by Cyberclaims are website forensics, brand protection, website takedown, dispute resolution support, consultancy and documentation support, business services and due diligence.

Website Forensics: Website forensics is the process of gathering and analyzing information from a website to identify and track illegal or unauthorized activities.There are all sorts of things that can be investigated, like who created the website and when, who is behind the domain name, and what’s been changed on the site.

Cyberclaims’ forensics experts can also extract information from deleted files and emails, and they can even track down the IP address of the person who made the changes. The company works with businesses to determine the cause of the hack and how to prevent it from happening again.

Brand Protection: From identifying and removing infringing content to enforcing trademark rights, Cyberclaims can help.
Website Takedown: Cyberclaims can help take down offending websites.
Dispute Resolution Support: Cyberclaims offers a range of dispute resolution services involving vendors, customers, and other parties involved in transactions.
Consultancy and Documentation Support: From evidence of incidents to reports and analysis, Cyberclaims offers the best consultancy services that are fully backed by professional documentation.
Business Services: This service empowers businesses with guidance on the most effective modern business tools and strategies that drive robust success.
Due Diligence: Cyberclaims has the experience and expertise to help investors mitigate any risks associated with potential investment opportunities that they intend to take up.

The importance of partnerships is becoming increasingly important especially in the current age of digital scams. Scammers are inventing new ways each day, consistently developing new fraud platforms and networks that they then use to con the unsuspecting public. This is why partnerships like this play a critical role in strengthening the services that online users rely on to stay safe.

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