Discord Nitro Scam

discord nitro scam

How The Discord Nitro Scam Works

Beware of the Discord Nitro scam going around these days if you are a big fan of the platform. Also known as the Free Nitro Scam, this trick lures people into giving cybercrooks access to their accounts. Let’s take a deeper look into the dynamics of the fraud.

The process is explained by expert Melanie Allen, an owner of a Discord with over 500 streamers. “There are two big scams that are prevalent recently, the Discord Nitro scam and the Steam scam, but a messaging system like Discord is bound to attract bad players, and there are far more than just these two. It’s important that users protect themselves and that server owners do what they can to protect their users.”, says Allen.

Let’s dive in and also see how you can protect yourself from these Discord scams.

free nitro scam

Free Nitro Scam

In the Free Nitro scam, users get sent a message claiming they received a free month of Discord Nitro, which is Discord’s premium feature for users. “When they click on the link, they go to a cleverly designed knock-off of Discord’s login page, where they enter their login information and give hackers access to their account”, says Allen.

“Hackers then use that to send all of their friends a similar message, which keeps the scam going. Scammers have a plethora of reasons for conducting this type of scam. Some are trying to get your payment information and additional PII, which they can find under your settings. Others want to purchase Discord add ons for themselves and their friends, and others still just want to cause chaos and disruption.”

Another “free stuff” type-of approach is used by criminals in the Discord crypto scam.

Discord Steam Scam

The other standard scheme going on the popular platform is the Discord Steam scam. In this scam, an unknown account will message a person on Discord stating that they accidentally reported their steam account. They appeal to people’s emotions by claiming that Steam will immediately suspend the user account, and they will lose access to all their saved games.

“However, the insidious actor will have an answer to the problem they so generously shared with you. They claim to have contacted Steam about this error, and they have the information for a Steam representative. All you have to do is contact that Steam representative and tell them your account details, and the mistake will be cleared up. But you must act now because the Steam representative is currently waiting for you to contact them.”, says Allen.

“The Steam representative is fake. Scammers set up this elaborate plan to get access to your steam account. It’s insidious because the person reaching out to you seems apologetic, and scammers have gotten smart about how they ask you for information. The fake Steam representative they send you to seems legitimate at first glance. Scammers are relying on your fear that your Steam account will be suspended. This fear often makes people act without thinking critically about the situation. Or, doing further research into the supposed representative, which is exactly what the scammers are counting on.”

“Once the scammers get your account information, they have access to all of your personal information. They can even get your payment information if you have it stored on Steam.”

Protecting Your Discord Server from Scammers

Melanie Allen has some great advice when it comes to your protection from the Discord Nitro Scam. Here it is:

“Discord server owners need to do everything they can to keep their users safe. Although the two scams listed above are completed via direct message in Discord, many scammers try to infiltrate public servers to scam unsuspecting members. They pretend that they are there to participate in the servers’ rules. However, they are just looking for an opening to start their scam.”

“There are a variety of things that scammers will do once they have access to your server. Some will drop links to Discord phishing scams, others will spam the server with hate speech and pornography. Others still may send sob stories asking for money.”

Disord Bots For Server Moderation

Allen continues: “Server owners can protect their users by using the enhanced moderation features in Discord and utilizing Discord bots that assist with server moderation.”

“To set up enhanced moderation, a server owner (or moderator) should go to server settings –> moderation. From this menu, server owners can select the level of moderation they want, select the media screening settings, and enable two-factor authentication. These are important first steps to keeping the users in your server safe.”

“Next, a server owner should set up a moderation bot, like Mee6. These bots allow you to mute or ban bad actors, moderate bad words or excessive link dropping, and even set up slow modes on your channel to prevent people from sending messages. All of these features are extremely useful if a server becomes compromised.”

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How To Report a Scammer

Let your family and friends know about the Discord Nitro scam by sharing this article on social media. You can also officially report Discord scammers and any other suspicious activity on the platform to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) using this link below:

Report To The FTC Here

How To Protect Yourself More

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Meanwhile, educate yourself with some other Discord fraud-related articles right under this paragraph, so that you know how to stay safe online. Last but not least, feel free to use the comments section below to expose other Discord scammers.

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  1. I’ve been on Discord for 3 years and I just now saw someone’s account get hacked for the very first time, and even then, it was just used to post porn messages. Maybe Nitro is the bigger problem since that’s a paid account, but I’ve not heard of anyone with Nitro having issues like this. (Or maybe I just know people who don’t easily fall for that stuff.)
    I’m not trying to claim Discord is anything great, but it does work fairly well for groups playing games, and better than Zoom (which just locks up on me) or Teams (which is a hassle). I’d rather educate people than scare them away.

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