Used Car Purchase

How the scam works:

This scam could take several forms. Without knowing, you might be buying a car that’s stolen, not paid for yet, or fixed after an accident.

Unfortunately, thousands of people still buy cars everyday without knowing the real history of the vehicle.

How to avoid:

You should always ask the seller for proof of identity, their insurance policy, all the proper car documentation and the Vehicle Identification Number. Try to go pick up the car from the seller’s house. Have the car you want to buy checked either by your own mechanic or the motoring organization you belong to. Above all, don’t think that you can buy a good, clean car from somebody who is selling it in a motorway service area. Buy a car history report.

When it comes to purchase car history reports online use only reputable agencies.

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Is there something I can do about a person selling me a van which on the bill of sale says 99 when in turn it was an 98 . I also was told by a mechanic the motor had been overfilled with oil to disguise a valve problem.


@ Brian – Hmmm…not really much, it you bought it already, but if anyone here knows more on this topic please respond.
First, check anywhere on the bill of sale if it says "as is" – that would not give you any chance. Second, every time BEFORE

keary castleberry

Marcus Bruce 6:33 PM (15 hours ago) to me Thank you for getting back to me,can you assure me that i will not be disappointed if i buy this vehicle as a Birthday gift for my Dad? as I’m ready to pay your asking price but not cash in person because I’m software engineer in Hewlett Packard,(HP) and a contract staff so i cant handle this in person.My only means of payment is PayPal,its safe fast and secure and i will be responsible for the paypal transaction charges so you can get your expected amount.If you don’t have a paypal… Read more »

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