Trunk Box Recovery


Did Someone From Afganistan or Syria Just Sent You an Email in Regards to Getting Money Out of The Country?

You may be contacted via email by someone saying he is enrolled in military overseas (Afghanistan or Syria) and his team has confiscated a bunch of illegal money. You are asked for help in getting the money out of the country. 

In a different variation, a lady may say that her husband died and she was left with all his savings. However, she says all the money are in a trunk box, deposited at a security company outside their country –usually an African one, Nigeria or Ghana.

You are asked for help in recovering the box, with a promise that you will be paid 20% of the contents, which apparently are millions of dollars. She will send you the deposit certificate and make you the beneficiary of the box, if only you can help her.

You talk on the phone and she gives you the name of an attorney who knew her husband and will help you in the process. Or, if she claims to be in the military, she may send you pictures from overseas, and her passport, just like the ones below.


She is trying to get your trust that she is real, while in reality she just probably stole the picture from the Internet. That being said, the female in the picture above is probably a real army employee, but being taken advantage of.


Once trust is established, the scammer then introduce you to a 'government official' or a 'diplomat' that will make the process of recovering the money much easier. She will also send you fake passport copies of this official, as seen below.


The scam starts when the lawyer/government official begins asking you for any kind of fees, which will lead to you losing money and never getting anything back. If you get pictures like the ones below, open them up and zoom into detail.

Like you will see below, it is obvious that the name was photoshopped onto an image of a real passport. Look at the difference between the text under the name and the one under nationality.


How to avoid the Trunk Box scam:

Never engage in deals that involve getting money out of Africa, or with people you never met.

How to report the Trunk Box scam:

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


How to protect yourself more:

If you want to be the first to find out the most notorious scams every week, feel free to subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter here. You'll receive periodical emails and we promise not to spam. Last but not least, use the Comments section below to expose other scammers.

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Rosario Emata

Another scammer: Allie Finance Security House required me to pay 5,000 dollars for the release of the Trunk Box eposited by the late Nicolas Smith, in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. the fees were for Security charges 🙂

Manix Salvador

I have receive a similar e-mail under an Australian individual including pictures of a photo Id of a Australian national supposedly stricken with cancer and undergoing treatments in South Korea.


i received a e-mailfor transfer the trunk box to my account in singapore for investment
the ertificate no. is 00548fron UN organization security dep and global transaction board


I also received an email from global security company to pay 300 us dollars for the trunk box deposited by the late Nicolas roland.the fee were for security charges and custom duties

be careful of scammers my dear.


I received a very official looking letter yesterday in the mail. Says he is a lawyer and his name is Andres David Uriah. Same thing with the trunk box. I almost fell for it, but thought I would check here first and see if there was anything similar. It came from Correos Valencia according to the stamp. It has a reference number and all. Thank you for being on here with this kind of information!


i have also been recieving emails and phone calls froma one.. Andres David Uriah. So this is really a scam?


i am currently receiving an email of this sort but a guy calling himself Barry fox..supposedly a neurosurgeon in US Military service and currently deployed in Iraq for helping US soldiers injured….
But I knew from the emails he sends….because as far as I know, US government does not pay salary in cash in hand….the money is deposited in funny….hopefully I know scammers…


Does anyone know of US soldier Samuel Walter, neurosurgeon?


I had received a message from a lady named Malinda Gloria Frances who claims to be a UN peacekeeper working in Afghanistan. She has had no intention at first to do any business transactions. But as I communicated with her through e-mail, she described a box with money amounting to USD 10.6 million she discovered from one of their raids. To my surprise, she wanted to legalize me as the owner of the package and that 30% of the money would be mine. It seemed to good to be true. I proceeded with the transaction hoping that I could gather… Read more »

Kimberly Stordahl

I am going threw the same experience now. I have been receiving e-mails from a US soldier and the trunk box is in London. With Oceanonic Logistics. I get pictures from raids and of the soldier. What a sweetheart he is. Thanks for the stop of payment Western Union.

De Line

I got a message from Penda Dokie and want to be a friend with me and will be talk to me about her after I contact to her…. that’s all but I didn’t reply…may be same case

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