Trunk Box Recovery


Did Someone From Afganistan or Syria Just Sent You an Email in Regards to Getting Money Out of The Country?

You may be contacted via email by someone saying he is enrolled in military overseas (Afghanistan or Syria) and his team has confiscated a bunch of illegal money. You are asked for help in getting the money out of the country. 

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In a different variation, a lady may say that her husband died and she was left with all his savings. However, she says all the money are in a trunk box, deposited at a security company outside their country –usually an African one, Nigeria or Ghana.

You are asked for help in recovering the box, with a promise that you will be paid 20% of the contents, which apparently are millions of dollars. She will send you the deposit certificate and make you the beneficiary of the box, if only you can help her.

You talk on the phone and she gives you the name of an attorney who knew her husband and will help you in the process. Or, if she claims to be in the military, she may send you pictures from overseas, and her passport, just like the ones below.


She is trying to get your trust that she is real, while in reality she just probably stole the picture from the Internet. That being said, the female in the picture above is probably a real army employee, but being taken advantage of.


Once trust is established, the scammer then introduce you to a 'government official' or a 'diplomat' that will make the process of recovering the money much easier. She will also send you fake passport copies of this official, as seen below.


The scam starts when the lawyer/government official begins asking you for any kind of fees, which will lead to you losing money and never getting anything back. If you get pictures like the ones below, open them up and zoom into detail.

Like you will see below, it is obvious that the name was photoshopped onto an image of a real passport. Look at the difference between the text under the name and the one under nationality.


How to avoid the Trunk Box scam:

Never engage in deals that involve getting money out of Africa, or with people you never met.

How to report the Trunk Box scam:

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


How to protect yourself more:

If you want to be the first to find out the most notorious scams every week, feel free to subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter here. You'll receive periodical emails and we promise not to spam. Last but not least, use the Comments section below to expose other scammers.

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  2. Melissa Nelson

    Recently I was approached by a gentleman who I met on a online dating site. He said he was us military currently stationed in Kabul Afghanistan for a peace keeping mission. Conveniently avoided any questions regarding hi0s military credentials. Then he had any emergency of some sort and had some things to do with trunk boxes processes. And requesting 10000 dollars. I did not send money but he was good even video chat with him and his daughter

  3. i have a us army friend and based in afghanistan , we do chatting ,email each other everyday, and lately he send me a trunk box and im expecting to get it tomorrow ….i just wanna ask if the parcel is already paid or not?

  4. Last week some one contact me through Facebook and then ask me contact via e mail . she tell me her story that she is doing with us military in Afghanistan . and she get 1.1 million us dollars . and want transfer out of country through diplomatic security company . after success will pay me 40% . and now asking my information . money of Trunk .

  5. Here is the secret I want to expose to you, actually I have about US$2.6 Million Us Dollars ( Two Million six Hundred Thousand United State Dollars) here in a security company, please for your kind information, this money is genuine and legal, It’s not a stolen money, this money is my own share i made from oil business with one of the prominent men here in Libya.

    I’m really confused now, I don’t know what to do again, I can’t go out from the camp to claim this money from the Security Company and if I failed to move this money from the Security Company before next month, the money will be handed over to the Libya Government Treasury as unclaimed bill and I will lose all the money.The Bank here told me that the easiest way to send any amount of money now out from Libya to any other country all over the world is through Executive Secure Courier Delivery Service as a package since its much more secured and fast. And I have already discussed with the Red cross Security Delivery Service manager to move this money to you in your country home address as the only one I can trust. they will arrange the money as package and declare it as diplomatic family valuables at the airport.

    they will deliver it to your address as i have agreed and arranged with them. In order for me to proceed the necessary arrangements,
    I need you to send me-;
    Your Name:_______________________
    Your Address_________________
    Your passport/ Identity card copy ______________
    Your Phone Number_________________
    Your Occupation/Job___________________
    Your Age___________________________
    Your Nearest Airport_____________
    Your Country of Origin—————————???????????????????????????????? Here name is stephane and i asked her for nude picture

  6. I am happy to have opened my email this morning and saw your email reply message to me. I am a very busy person and I do not really know much about Social net work due to my work. I feel that the email is a more convenient medium through which we can communicate and pour our feelings. I know you may be married but I do not want that to stop us from being good friends. I know you are older than myself as I was born on 20th of August 1977.I am much far away from the you at this moment.

    I am convinced you will find me pleasant during the course of our friendship. I can see that our coming together as friends now is an act of God.I know that there is something special about you.I do not really know much about chating due to my work

    Let us start by knowing each other better, you already know my name as Captain Pualson, And am still single never married again after the death of my beloved wife but i have a sweet daughter very beautiful and innocent. My father has passed away I am a Christian, my mother was from UK and my father from Tracy, California. I grew up in LONDON with my mother and I had my high school and college education there. I back to the United States a few years and enrolled in the United States MARINE SERVICES

    I am waiting to read little about you.

    Your Truly,
    Captain Pualson Heart

  7. I received a message that she was from syria attacking there country by a terrorist she told me that she was a millitary also she told me that she have a 5.5million dollars given by a box from there country hmm at frst i trust her but when I read all this comments here my God! Its only a scammer fake! That like to get some amont with me her name is preston isebel

  8. DeAndre Simmons

    That’s crazy because my wife got one and,I’m telling her it not real. I don’t think she believes me. After reading tha article.

  9. Dr.rahul singh thakur

    I also got the mail from a lady nato doctor in syria. She want to invest in my buissnes and want to send money via diplomat express delivery by abc security… is this scam…

  10. I got one too, from this fucker:

    I am in the military unit here in Afghanistan, we have some amount of funds that we want to move out of the country. My partners and I need a good partner someone we can trust. It is risk free and legal. Reply to this email: [email protected]

    Major Dennis Hornbeck.

    Hope Mashilo
    Field Worker
    c: +27732353622 | t: +27113585300 | e: [email protected] | w:
    Hillbrow Health Precinct, 22 Esselen Street, Hillbrow, 2001, Johannesburg

  11. Marie Banville

    I have been speaking with a Lieutenant Colonel Steven Wooden, US Army, who states that he is deployed in Kabul, Afghanistan. I can’t figure out if he is a real person, or a scammer. He did come up with needing money for a T-S phone, but I refused to send money. Then he came up with me having to apply in order for him to take leave, but with a processing fee to be paid by me. I still didn’t give him any money. Now, he is saying he has deposited money in a security firm in the Netherlands that has emailed him and stated that the company wishes to fold, and that they can deliver the cash to him but unfortunately they can’t deliver to Afghanistan. He has asked me to help him and have the money delivered to me, but I declined. I can’t figure out if he is scamming me.

  12. I got request from girl from US army for my Face book account, she told now working at Afghanistan, Kabul in peace mission. after few days chat going on and she told me she want to come to my country for her vacation. she sent me her United Nation Diplomatic passport copy and her leave approval letter from UN Pentagon house. Then she told me she cant withdraw her money for air tickets from Afganistan banks. Now she request me to sent money for her tickets. I think this is a fake one, i had her passport copy that she sent me. is their any way to check her details. if there any way to check this please let me know.

  13. I received an email from a supposed Mr. Michael Nelson Scalon who claims to be a captain of the US Army stationed in Afghanistan informing that he has deposited in the Red Cross a package with US $ 16,200,000 and requests my collaboration to receive the money in my country by offering me a part of that money. I consider it an attempt to swindle- Your email is [email protected]

  14. Ganesh kaluvagadda

    She is a Dr.eva adisa ifrc shipment to the diplomatic box in that 5.7 million dollars she is sending my country and I have to pay 29500 in her account I know everything it’s a scam finally she only told it’s a scam

  15. Michael D Anderson

    You don’t even have to look past that first picture to know it’s a scam, the photoshop in the picture is just so bad. The one of the left is shopped into the picture, you can tell by the different lightning is different on the two of them. 2nd, the one on the left has also had the nametag blanked out, 3rd it’s against military regulations for hair to fall below the collar of the shirt, which mean the head has been shopped onto the one on the left.

    Another thing you can do, when these scammers contact you, is find out what unit there are in, then google that unit. Once you find the contact info, call them and tell them the situation and have confirm or deny the validity of the scammers story. Because of security they can’t tell you a whole, but they hate scammers pretending to be in the military more than anyone else, but they will make sure you don’t get scammed. Most people never think of actually calling the military to verify a scammers story, but you should really do it.

  16. I’d recieved mail from scamer on 23 February 2018, and thanks that i effort to get other information regarding this kind of scammer. type and style of conversation are similar at your posted conversation of some scammers.
    bellow are the conversation he/she used:

    Feb 23 2018

    Nice to meet you , It’s me SGT KRISTEN RUIZ BENSON. from Houston Texas United States but presently am in Afghanistan for peace keeping mission (NATO) with united nation. I hope all is well with you? I am United E-3 Airman First Class, I am working with the United States Air Force peace keeping troop in Afghanistan, on war against terrorism. I have in my possession the sum of $3.5 million USD ( three million five hundred thousand united states dollar ) Which i made here in Afghanistan.

    I am (28) years old, single and never married before, 5ft 6 inches Tall, 55kg weight, black hair and brown eyes. Sexual orientation: Heterosexual. I like music, movies, and i will love to travel and go around admiring the beauty of nature.

    I deposited this money with a Red Cross agent. I want you to stand as my beneficiary and receive the fund and keep it safe until am able to meet you. I am in an urgent need to move this box out from here because they are planning to move some troop out of Afghanistan and i am among, Now i am left with no option than to move this box to a safe place, that is why i contacted you and i believe in you.

    You will assist me to invest in a good profitable venture, I will give you 20% of the fund for your assistance after you have receive the box. Kindly reply back to me if you are willing to work with me so that i can send you the information where the money is been deposited, your urgent reply is needed. All i need from you is honest and trust.



    27 Feb 2018
    I Thank you for your very and prompt response to my email, indicating your willingness to assist me transfer this funds, as you know, the success of this transaction will depend on our total mutual trust and you must promise that you will keep it secret within yourself. I want everything to be clear to you right now but you have to read carefully.The deal is all about the money I made here, and I have it kept safely in a box.Due to the United Nation policy on Afghanistan, there is a plan to move some troops out of Afghanistan so I will be among the people that will be moving out. I cannot take this money to the United States because since they know me as military personnel, they will want to know how I come about it. For this reason, I have made an arrangement for a Red Cross diplomat agent to move this fund. The question is who will be in charge of the money in my absence? This is exactly why I need your help. I want to guarantee you that you will not stand any risk in this as I have mapped out the strategy to have this box moved out of here safely Through Diplomatic have to keep everything confidential till you receive the fund as a consignment. I know you have come to help me, been here together God knows the best. Please always pay good attention to safety and i promise i will do the same.

    I must not fail to explain to you how I came across this fund I want you to use for investment. our soldiers had encounter and exchanged bullets with some gunmen and eventually three of our soldiers were injured in the event while over sixteen of the gunmen were killed, as a nurse in the army.
    I and my group rushed to give medical attention to our men who were injure at the spot where the sixteen gun men were shot to dead, I saw two trunks and showed it to my fellow and we decided to force of the trunks open and discovered huge amount of dollars in it and we did the same to the other trunk and saw the same thing and we quickly took the trunks.

    Finally, I want you to stand as the beneficiary and receive the fund and keep it safe so that as soon as i come to your country, you will assist me to invest it in a good profitable venture, I will give you 20% of the total money for the assistance after you have receive the money. I believe I can trust you.

    Where we are now we can only communicate through radio message and our Military internet communication facilities, which are secured so no body can monitor our emails, then I can explain in details to you. I will only reach you through email, because the control unit monitor all calls, I just have to be sure whom I am dealing with, please take me as your own blood sister, your wife or even like your business partner. Please if you can handle it, let me know so that i will furnish you on the way forward.

    Please send your information so that i will furnish you on the modality to follow.

    Your Name:_______________________

    Your Address_________________

    Your Phone Number_________________

    Your Occupation___________________

    Your Age___________________________

    Your Nearest Airport______________

    Your country_______________


    28 Feb 2018
    I am happy to hear from you and i believe that very soon you will have my box with you.

    The attachment is the deposit certificate of the box and the picture of the box before i seal it in an electronic brinks box, This box contains $3.5 million but i am sending it to you as a family treasure.
    The content of the box remains our top secret, No one should know the content, only you and i, This box is an electronic box which can only be open by the code, Without the code, no one can open the box.

    The box will depart from Kabul Afghanistan through the Red Cross Islamic jet and arrive in Malaysia, then from there, the flight will go to another nation in United Kingdom which is the final destination, The flight will arrive at United Kingdom on the 2nd March 2018, I shall let you have the contact of the diplomat immediately i receive the update from the Red Cross for you to reach an agreement with him on how and where the box will be delivered to you, You will let him have your full names, address of delivery and your phone numbers for him to make the necessary logistics involved, But if you can fly to United Kingdom and get the box from the diplomat yourself, let me know.

    Meanwhile, it is clear to you that the diplomat is not aware of the content of the box, You will only tell him that the box is your family treasure, You are going to take control and reach an agreement with him as regards to the delivery of the box to you.
    In accordance with United Nation’s diplomatic delivery act, the diplomat have diplomatic immunity which gives them the right to convey any consignment without the disturbance of the customs and other security agents at the airport.
    Everything is under control, there is nothing to worry about.
    I will wait to hear from you.



    thas all hes/her conversation.

  17. There’s scam going on words with friends game who calls himself Adolph Stroothman gets close to older single women tells them he’s on an oil rig in Scotland working as a independant supervising manager fir crown oil and he’s about to retire proclaims to fall in love wants to come to you wherever you live has to buy a mansion with swimming pool and you will live together he has enough money fir you and him to travel the world then he asked you to take in a security box with his money documents etc for him global total security in Belgium other wise he can’t come to you he says he’s 57 divorced and lost his only son at 21 yrs of age in a car accident you will see pictures of him and his Facebook page but it is all a scam

  18. Ahmad Al Samaraiy

    Thank you all for this precious warning, I already recieved an email from the same pretender called (Helen Grace Raymond) and she sent me 3 photos of her , I initially doubt of her scumm email and directly done a rearch of her name and her photo until I found your site warnning the others of this swindle type of people
    Thank you again with best regards

  19. I received a message from a Sarah Westley Rodgers and she is claiming that she has two trunk boxes because she is stuck in Istanbul Turkey because of a scam she suffered herself. She says she is in danger and that the only way she can come to the states is that I request her trunk boxes to be sent to my home address and send her money from those trunks so she can come and live with me.
    Is this real. She sounds so convincing!

  20. me too i also received an email from a person that i really dont know…. same story in giving a safe box.. i just ride on to her stories regarding her generosity of giving over 4 millions worth of jewelries…. she thinks that im interested on her imaginary 4 million worth of jewelries…

  21. oh thanks to google I was able to know that there is such a trunk box scam .haha.. I also just received an email from ms. helen lorenzo reyes.. and it’s content is quite similar to the ones posted by ms. yanna. So, now I know it’s really a scam. She even send me picture of her at the hospital and a death cert. of her husband. I almost believe in her. But i know who would’ve give her money to someone she didn’t even know.. But men, the amount of money is tempting. Lol. It’s actually my first time to receive such tempting message, but yeah we just have to be aware that scammers are everywhere, don’t let yourself be scammed.

  22. i just received this email after some texted me from +63 942 017 7989 from saying she called and i didnt answer and that message her back at [email protected].

    i then messaged the email and received the reply below.

    Hello Noble Friend Greetings to you,

    I am convinced you will find me pleasant during the course of our friendship. I got your contact in the Telephone Directories of your country and sent my message to you through internet application messaging.

    My name is Veronica Ronaldo Lorenzo, widow to late Mr.David Luis Reyes of Philippines who Naturalized in United States of America I am suffering from Cancer of the breast.Since my doctor said i can’t live more than 2 months again.I request for your assistance to receive my funds valued (US $ 4.5 MILLION) which my late Husband deposited in a Secured Trunk Box as family Valuables in a leading Finance House and distribute part of it to the charity homes,Churches,Pastors and the needy.

    I will be undergoing surgical operation soon. I am in the Hospital now and not allowed to make phone calls.I can only communicate with email.This is the Telephone number of the Doctor Hospital Tel:+15165350759I am crying and morning deeply as I write this message to you from the Hospital.

    I am waiting for prompt response so that I will tell you what to do to receive the BOX. Please your prayers for me is needed.

    Your Truly,
    Veronica Ronaldo Lorenzo

  23. I received a request on Facebook from a guy called Tyler Garret who was very much about really liking me I then got a request from Brett Martin Porter I realised these guys were same as one Brett told me to block Tyler which I said I did but never. Now the first 2 DAYS of taking he was declaring his undying love for me which I thought was weird also I have a brother in the British army and they always have loads of friends pics…Etc there was no slang he said he was born in Texas when I asked him if he looked Texas it was like he forgot and said I’m in Kabul. Then finally IT CAME what I’d been restleing my gut with he asked I have a box with a like a certain code on it the was meant to be gold bars money and for helping him I’d get 2 keep 2 gold bars and 10G now being but the richest person I slept onit but then realised all the we’ll get married (as if I would after a few chats) nd he loves me full on but I sent him a pic of myself which in really worried about this. I did it after talking for hours nd hours I let him talk me into it! Now I don’t know what to do hope do I report this guy he told me his parents died on a plane crash in 88 I looked it up nd 17ppl had died so I had no reason not to BELIVE him…. At start now I’m so angry first we spoke on f. Book then he wanted me 2 go on gmail. Help

  24. I recieved a message like that and her message something like her husband already dead and she has also a cancer she needs a people who can manage the money because the brother of her husband is already dead too.

  25. -I also received an email from Rose Guantero saying that she’s dying and she wants to donate all there husband’s money me.. and she said that her husband already passed away and she’s in a hospital dying… and she send me some pictures of them and requ

  26. Dobrý de? Vám prajem volám sa ?ubomír Vrabec pochádzam zo Slovenska a prosím Vás o pomoc pri vypátraní a dolapení týchto dvoch doty?ných osôb ktoré zneužívajú Vašu organizáciu a robia Vám ve?mi zlé meno ?o sa týka Vášho poslania. Ja som sa totiž stal obe?ou podvodu a okrádli ma o 8000 euro prostredníctvom podvodu že si pani doktorka Helen Grace Raymond narodená 27.4.1968 v New Yorku USA používajúca pas USA ?íslo 041548758 USA 580427 F vi? kopia pasu ktorá má údajne pôsobi? v misii OSN v Sýrii konkretne v Damasku chcela cez m?a dosta? peniaze von mimo zákonných poplatkov a da?ových povinnosí a to prostredníctvom prepravného boxu a za pomoci údajného Vášho diplomata ktorý sa volá William Churchill narodený 12.1.1960 v Edinburgu Škótsko a používajúci pas UN ?íslo UN36435 / 4UNL3408216M1012155 vi? kopiu ktorý mi mal donies? prepravný box domov a ona si potom mala peniaze užíva? a investova? do nejakých plánov. ?ahá sa to už dos? dlho a poplatky ktoré ma vyšli na spomínaných 8000 teraz od nich žiadam naspä? a nie a nie ich dosta? naspä?. Doty?ná lekárka používala mailovú adresu / [email protected] / a vraj diplomat /williams_churchill@diplomats. com ktorý používa viacero fiktívnych mien a adries ako sú Aill Blessing ,Alex frank 79@yahoo. com alebo Daniel Teye Kwasi cez [email protected] na krorú je aj vystavená prepravná listina a sprievodný list boxu. Prosím Vás o pomoc pri dolapení a potrestaní týchto zlodejov a podvodníkov aby mi boli navrátené peniaze ktoré odo m?a vylákali. Mám aj v dispozícii celú komunikáciu a viac fotodokumentácie ktorá by Vám mohla pomôc?. ?akujem vám za pochopenie a pevne verím že dôjde k náprave a budem ma? nejakú správu od Vás

  27. There's trunk box coming on way arriving soon .

    Man named Chris Adalbert is sending a trunk box full of jewel hand bags and shoes iPad iPhone etc . Saying is a gift from him

  28. i recived e. mail that soldier from iraq colled Sgt.Hitwe diassy found tow trunk full with dollars and want to send to me by consignment trunk box and reward me 50% but i when read this bosts undrestand the real scam

  29. I met this woman on a dating app called skout and her name was "heather Janice" asking me to retrieve two trunk boxes from Ecuador and that she has $650,000 and I would get 15% and i would have to play as her husband. She gave me a certificate to prove what she had owned in the boxes but as much as 15% sounds good when contacting the security company called "GTTCOS" "global security company" through email they asked for a $350 fee and I of course had to look into the address listed on the certificate and nothing shows up, it never existed and the woman "Heather Janice" couldn’t call, send videos, pictures nothing but wanted to have a whole life together after retrieving the trunk boxes and sending her enough money to leave the country. Thank God I didn’t follow through with it! *Be careful who you try to get involve with

  30. Here is what I got today:

    Williams G. Emad
    Interim Assistance General Manager,
    Philadelphia International Airport
    8000 Essington Avenue,
    Philadelphia, PA 19153, USA
    Email:[email protected]
    Hello Good Friend
    Re: Your Abandoned Package For Delivery
    I have very vital information to give to you, but first I must have your trust before I review it to you because it may cause me my job, so I need somebody that I can trust for me to be able to review the secret to you.
    I am Mr.Williams G. Emad, head of luggage/baggage storage facilities (Operations,Maintenance,Transportation) here at the Philadelphia International Airport USA. During my recent withheld package routine check at the Airport Storage Vault, I discovered an abandoned shipment from a Diplomat from Africa and when scanned, it revealed an undisclosed sum of money in a Metal Trunk Box weighing approximately 110kg. The consignment was abandoned because the Contents of the consignment was not properly declared by the consignee as “MONEY” rather it was declared as personal effect to avoid interrogation and also the inability of the diplomat to pay for the United States Non Inspection Charges which is $3,700USD. On my assumption the consignment is still left in our Storage House here at the Philadelphia International Airport till date. The details of the consignment including your name, your email address and the official documents from the United Nations office in Geneva are tagged on the Trunk box.
    However, to enable me confirm if you are the actual recipient of this consignment as the assistant director of the Inspection Unit, I will advise you provide your current Phone Number and Full Address, to enable me cross check if it corresponds with the address on the official documents including the name of nearest Airport around your city. Please note that this consignment is supposed to have been returned to the United States Treasury Department as unclaimed delivery due to the delays in concluding the clearance processes so as a result of this, I will not be able to receive your details on my official email account. So in order words to enable me cross check your details, I will advise you send the required details to my private email address for quick processing and response. Once I confirm you as the actual recipient of the trunk box, I can get everything concluded within 48hours upon your acceptance and proceed to your address for delivery.
    Lastly, be informed that the reason I have taken it upon myself to contact you personally about this abandoned consignment is because I want us to transact this business and share the money 70% for you and 30% for me since the consignment has not yet been returned to the United States Treasury Department after being abandoned by the diplomat so immediately the confirmation is made, I will go ahead and pay for the United States Non Inspection Fee of $3,700 dollars and arrange for the box to be delivered to your doorstep Or I can bring it by myself to avoid any more trouble but you have to assure me of my 30% share.
    I wait to hear from you urgently if you are still alive and I will appreciate if we can keep this deal confidential. Please get back to me via my private Email ([email protected])for further directives: You can call me on my telephone number and drop a message at 570-232-4053
    Thank you.
    Williams G. Emad

    Address: No. 7, 7th Rangoon Close, Cantonments,
    Accra P. O. Box GP 1423, Accra, Ghana.


    The Ghana United Nations, wishes to notify you as a beneficiary of $100,000.00 USD in compensation of scam victims. Your E-mail ID were listed and approved for this payment as one of the scammed victims to be paid this amount.

    To file for your claims do contact, Your fiduciary agent via email with your full details
    for claims .

    You are to fill the appropriate form and summit it to

    Your fiduciary name: Terri Owen
    [email protected]
    [1] Full Names:
    [2] Home address
    [3] Direct Telephone No:
    |4| Occupation :

    Yours faithfully,
    Mr Donald Robinson.
    United Nations Anti-fraud Committee

  32. Reynaldo Paunan Jr.

    i just met a girl in a dating site(SKOUT)named Nicole Booth Haward,then we exchange emails,she told me she is a US ARMY and hv a mission in Afghanistan and they raided a terrorists hideout in TALIBAN and found some ammo and millions of dollars and their commander desided to turnover some of it to the afghan government and some divided to them and she deposited it to me as a beneficiary by a woman she contacted from red cross humanitarian mission ,ask my full name and address and my contact no. which i did,she claimed that the box has a $4.5M all i hv to do is contact the security company in london.upon curiousity of a trunk box i searched the internet which led me to this site and thanks for my curiosity i found out this is only a scam,this happen last month

  33. Hi I have also received something like this just days ago

    From: Mrs Alice Idris Abdalla
    Dear Beloved In The Lord
    Praise be to the name of God most high.I am theabove named person from Sudan but now undergoing medical treatment here in London UK.

    I was married to (Late Dr.Ahmed Idris Abdalla) my Husband of his blessed memory by name Late Dr. Ahmed Idris Abdalla, my Husband was a very successful political business man attached mostly to the eastern and central African ruling class before he died, but he was more into business of Gold and Diamonds which formed the main source of his incomes. and our family house burnt down by the rebels during the last crisis in my country Sudan when Janjaweed militant came to our house, We were married for 16 years without a child.And Recently, My Doctor told me that I would not last for the next six months due to my cancer problem (cancer of the lever and stroke). Before the death of my late husband there is this sum $10.5 Million Dollars that he kept in a safe Metallic Trunk Box and deposited it in a Security company there In COTE D’IVOIRE.

    Presently this money is still in the Security Vault there. Having known my condition and believing the doctor I have decided to donate this fund to avoid total loss to CHURCH, ISLAMIC MOSQUE, Less privilege, or better still a God fearing individual that will utilize this money the way I am going to instruct herein.

    I am intrested to use this fund for the propagation of God‘s work in any form whether for Charity, Ministry Evangelical work, Building a Church, Mosque, Clinic, School, Orphanage, Library and drilling of water for the orphans, Local community, Widows, Old Aged, and people living with HIV AIDS who can not afford to pay for health, School and foodstuff or otherwise in relation to God‘s work, Please do not fail to spread the funds across the globe.

    I took this decision because I don’t have any child that will inherit this Money and my husband relatives are fighting over the properties and I don’t want my husband’s hard earned money to be misused by their greedy attitude. And I dont want it in away this money will be used in an ungodly way. This is why I am taking this decision to hand you over this Fund. I am not afraid of death hence I know where I am going. I want you to always remember me in your daily prayers because of my up coming Cancer Surgery. Write back as soon as possible, hoping to read from you.

    For easy communication, let me know of your contact detail:

    Full Name:……………….
    Residential / Office address:………………..
    Your phone number:…………………………..
    Present Occupation: ………………………….
    Age:.. ……………………………………………….

    God bless you,
    Mrs. Alice Idris Abdalla.

  34. This is very similar to my e-mail. Same premise as all these others. I was somewhat taken back when I was told of the great sum of money involved and that all this trust was put in me, a complete stranger! Sounds hokey. The guy that’s delivering the package doesn’t know what’s in the box and I’m not to tell him..Hmmm. When the delivery guy contacts me he’s got trouble at the airport and customs people need $700 fees for each trunk. That was the straw..I’m expected to spend $1400 on 2 trunks belonging to a stranger? I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed but, something really smells fishy! The trunk’s owner sends me a picture of himself that’s autographed by some high ranking officer and it’s got a different name on it and on the uniform..What do these bastards do other than sit around and try to think up ways to beat others out of their hard earned money. I guess they figure that anyone who gets involved in accepting money has it coming!

  35. Beware of an Elizabeth Walker Thomas claiming her parents died and left 2 trunks with over 100 million dollars out of Lagos Nigeria

  36. One woman named Mrs. Alicia Aleli told me that she was dying on 17 july 2014. Presently she says she is at Saint Mary’s Hospital in London United Kingdom and the consignment which contents the money in question is in Abidjan Cote D Ivoire. She now still online. Beware

  37. Dr Aymn Bshar Alshamy
    Jun 14 (2 days ago)

    to me
    Dear Laura,

    I thank you for your response to my mail on your house which i am interested in,i must say that i like your house.I have also read the details and am ready to pay for it once we come in agreement.I am contacting you hoping you will be a trustworthy person and would help me in this situation.
    My name is Dr Aymn Bshar Alshamy,a Medical Doctor by profession and a member of the Red Cross,i am from Syria.I contacted you because of the sanctions imposed by the United States and the European Union,which prevents us from securing our financial transactions here.

    I have the sum of $5.9 million dollars which i got from my late brother Fawzi Alshamy,
    who was killed in the al-Omari Mosque Massacre.He was a very successful businessman dealing on gold dust/bars before his death.
    The ongoing civil war in my country Syria have reshaped my future and if we come to a concrete agreement i will send the money to you for safe keeping.I already deposited it with the Red cross in a trunk box and if you are reliable and i can trust you then i will send it to you through diplomatic courier service which is very safe.I need to be sure that i can trust you 100% because the world is evil and you don’t know who to trust on the internet but i pray you are a good person and God fearing and will save my life.I would have called you on phone but telephone communications have been disabled because of the crisis.We can only communicate through the Red Cross communication facilities which only permits me to send emails.

    Please,you are in a position to help me start a new life.I have already lost my wife and my 12 years old son in the chemical attack when i went to work to save the lives of others.I believe you can assist me to transfer my capital to your country while i prepare the documents here to relocate to lithuania and start a new life.I promise to reward you with 20% of my capital in appreciation as soon as i arrive your country.Please help me,what matters to me right now is my life.I hope to receive your response and i will give you more details about the transfer.

    Thanks and may God bless you bountifully.

    Dr Aymn Bshar Alshamy.

  38. I met this girl online and i message her she replied and probably 1month after started to email me deleted her account for the site and we started emailing each other the first few emails were okay nothing about a trunk box but after the 4th or so she mentioned it and said it was her fathers and how the stipulations for getting the box is she needed a fiancee she hasnt asked for money but she has sent documentation of what she says she was going to send.
    She is in lagos Nigeria and was robbed so she says after being there 2weeks shes been there 4months now no family friends no way to get home no cell phone but still has her laptop .
    She wants me to get in contact with the company I guess posing as her fiance so I can get the requirements of how to get the box does this sound like a scam

  39. I received an email from Malinda Gloria Francies who claims US soilder working at Afghanistan.She tlod me that she get the box from Afghanistan terrorist,that box contains USD 10.6 million,she will send to me to keep for saving.So, I requested her identification and US army Notification.But she doesnot send any of her valid identification.Now,I know.Thank for all.

  40. I am talking to a lady in England now who says she is waiting for a,"trunk box," inheritance…she asked me to vouch for her as her husband…I replied to her that I do not get involved with things which do not have full knowledge so therefore I could not help her. Told her when she gets is straight get back with me and we’ll talk more…other women I have told that too have left immediately and never heard from again…this has stayed insisting that she is not part of any scam…I am still talking with her but under no circumstances will I send money

  41. I got a message from Penda Dokie and want to be a friend with me and will be talk to me about her after I contact to her…. that’s all but I didn’t reply…may be same case

  42. Kimberly Stordahl

    I am going threw the same experience now. I have been receiving e-mails from a US soldier and the trunk box is in London. With Oceanonic Logistics. I get pictures from raids and of the soldier. What a sweetheart he is. Thanks for the stop of payment Western Union.

  43. I had received a message from a lady named Malinda Gloria Frances who claims to be a UN peacekeeper working in Afghanistan. She has had no intention at first to do any business transactions. But as I communicated with her through e-mail, she described a box with money amounting to USD 10.6 million she discovered from one of their raids. To my surprise, she wanted to legalize me as the owner of the package and that 30% of the money would be mine. It seemed to good to be true. I proceeded with the transaction hoping that I could gather enough information to guarantee this is a fraud and I was right. I was able to learn more about this so-called trunk box fraud and turns out, this ‘Malinda’ is from Dakar, Senegal and extorted money through an alleged diplomat who delivered the consignment who is in fact a fraud, too. Good thing I never spent a sent on both of these guys.

  44. i am currently receiving an email of this sort but a guy calling himself Barry fox..supposedly a neurosurgeon in US Military service and currently deployed in Iraq for helping US soldiers injured….
    But I knew from the emails he sends….because as far as I know, US government does not pay salary in cash in hand….the money is deposited in funny….hopefully I know scammers…

  45. i have also been recieving emails and phone calls froma one.. Andres David Uriah. So this is really a scam?

  46. I received a very official looking letter yesterday in the mail. Says he is a lawyer and his name is Andres David Uriah. Same thing with the trunk box. I almost fell for it, but thought I would check here first and see if there was anything similar. It came from Correos Valencia according to the stamp. It has a reference number and all. Thank you for being on here with this kind of information!

  47. I also received an email from global security company to pay 300 us dollars for the trunk box deposited by the late Nicolas roland.the fee were for security charges and custom duties

    be careful of scammers my dear.

  48. i received a e-mailfor transfer the trunk box to my account in singapore for investment
    the ertificate no. is 00548fron UN organization security dep and global transaction board
    original office KUALALUMPUR- MALAYSIA

  49. I have receive a similar e-mail under an Australian individual including pictures of a photo Id of a Australian national supposedly stricken with cancer and undergoing treatments in South Korea.

  50. Another scammer: Allie Finance Security House required me to pay 5,000 dollars for the release of the Trunk Box eposited by the late Nicolas Smith, in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. the fees were for Security charges 🙂

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