Ticket Fighting

How the scam works:

You just got a traffic ticket, which you are not happy about and come across an ad stating: “Don’t let them get away with your money!”, and “97% dismissal rate”, etc. Their website has great testimonials and you decide to give it a shot by paying a small fee.

The bad news is…your ticket will never get cancelled. Scammers just create fake websites and make victims pay online. With the advancement of the technology (easy Internet transactions, merchant accounts, PayPal, etc) criminals just take advantage of naive people who owe hundreds of dollars in fines.

How to avoid:

You are the only one who can fight your ticket, not somebody else…and next time look for testimonials on forums, not on the scammers’ own websites. And next time don't speed, run the red light, or park illegally!  

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R.D. Cairns

Received a call saying it was the court house trying to collect unpaid tickets.We have no tickets so we hung up.The number they called from is 201-444-0786

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