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Someone Sent You A Google Document Scam

Someone Sent You A Google Doc Scam: How It Works

There are more and more scams out there involving the Google branding. Most of them come via emails and are extremely dangerous as they could compromise your computer if you don't have the proper anti-virus software. The newest scam refers to a document that was sent to you by one of your friends. How does it work?

Watch the video below to see in action the Someone Sent You A Google Doc scam exposed:

Someone Sent You A Google Doc Scam Video

You may receive an email from a real friend - well, more like from his/her email address. The subject title is "Fwd: Benefits" as in the last scam email we received, but it could certainly be anything, so beware.

As you recognize the person, you start reading the content, which turns out not to be much but rather an invitation to open an attachment: "Ramona [insert your friend's name] sent you a Google document".

As you may open the attachment, you will see this:


At this point you are still not in danger, but if you hover over and push the "Click Here" button, you will install malware on your computer. The malicious file could also install a keylogger, meaning software that could read and record your keystrokes. That means your logins (emails, passwords) or financial transactions done on your laptop are sent to the scammer.

The friend who sent you this email was unfortunate enough to have his/her email address hacked into. How does one have his email address hacked? Plenty of ways.

Watch the video below to see how scammers hack an email address without needing the password:

How To Hack An Email Account Video


Someone Sent You A Google Doc Scam: How To Avoid

This scam has been going around badly, so make sure you don't open the document. Call your friend whose email address has been used and ask him/her about the message. Delete and go ahead with your day.

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