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Google Notification Scam: How It Works

One of these days you might receive an email informing that you have too many messages in your Gmail account, or that you have a Google Hangouts voicemail in your inbox. The name used by the sender or the verbiage within the text could be different, but the ones used right now by fraudsters are: Emily Mills (email address: or Gmail HangoutsNotification ( The subject titles could be: "Urgent Notification" or "You have a new voice message – 09 sec‏".

However, the email address, name, or subject titles could be different every time.

When you click the 'Too Many Emails In Your Inbox' or 'Listen' buttons, you are taken to a Russian website selling Viagra and Cialis. The text is geo-tagged according to your country, so the top corner would show a logo saying things like 'United States Health&Care Mall' (if you live in US), or 'MyCanadianPharmacy' (if you live in Canada). There is no more Google! Even worst, the domains shown are: or

Obviously, even if you need Viagra or Cialis you can't go through this random shady site. Once you give your credit card number, you can say good bye to a hefty sum.

Too Many Emails in Your Inbox Scam: How To Avoid

Delete the email instantly, you don't want your identity and credit card stolen by the Russians.


Google Notification Scam: How To Report

Warn your family and friends about the Google Notification Scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


How To Protect Yourself More

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  1. Mgr Libuše Kolmašová

    Your frames are bad. I need help Mr Saraki from office of the Senate of Nigeria asked me to pay 6000 dollars for inheritance. But till now I did not receive any document about my inheritance.His email info.pres@presidency-com By the law I must receive document about my inheritance.I am afraid to paySome Mrs Christine email arranged for me in the bank to lend me money.But internet said this email no exists.I do not know, what to do ?Please help me. I am not able to understand, that in presidency office there are fraud people.Thank you for your help. Mgr L. Kolmašová Sv. ?echa 226/10 Zlín 76001 Czech Republic

  2. Have you heard about Retify scum?
    Here how this works:
    02/17/15 I received MSG from Facebook – congratulation you received a free gift from Facebook , Revitify serum, you pay just shipping $4.99
    And I gave my credit card # meaning to pay for a shipping.
    03/04/15 I received an email from Revitify that they ship my order.
    Called customer service and told them that I didn’t order or reorder anything from them, that was a gift and I want my money back. The lady with whom I spoke told me they will give me 30% and after I get mad she agreed to give me my money back upon sending them the package back which I did and gave them a tracking # from USPS .
    When I received my bank statement I found out that they charged me for a gift received from Facebook 02/17/15 $98.41 and 03/02/15 $98.41.That was a scum, they use Facebook for a fishing. I sent a few emails regarding to this matter and been told that my account is cancelled and they will refund $98.41 for March. Didn’t mention $98.41 from February which mean they charged me $ 196.82 and I suppose to pay $4.99 just for shipping for the gift!!!

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