Roommate Scam

roommate scam

Roommate Scam: How It Works

Beware of the new roommate scam happening online. It belongs to the classic list of Craigslist roommate scams and works like this. Let’s say you are looking for a roommate or a renter for your place. You post an ad online and write a blurb about what you’re looking for.

A day later, you receive a message from someone who, surprisingly enough, is precisely what you want. She says she’s moving to your town for a new job, and therefore money won’t be an issue. She’s also clean and courteous. Not only that, you both have a ton in common! After a few email exchanges, you two agree you’ll make a good team and are excited about it.

There are two variations of this scam – let’s take a look at them below:

craigslist roommate scams


Scenario 1: Cheque For Shipping Possesions

Watch the video below to see in action the Cheque For Shipping Renter’s Possessions variation scam exposed:

Scenario 2: Extra Money for A Few Days

The second variation of the Roommate scam works like this. The sender of the message says she’s arriving on the 9th of next month but has no problem paying the full month’s rent. She mails you the cheque–but whoops! She wrote down the wrong amount. Instead of the $450 you asked for, there’s an extra zero in there: $4,500!

You let her know about the mistake. She tells you to cash it so you can pay the rent, but she asks you to wire her back the extra money, so she isn’t completely broke. You do as she asks, only to find that just a few days later that the cheque bounced, and you’re out thousands of dollars.

Craigslist Roommate Scams: How To Avoid

If someone claims that wants to move in, either ask for a new check or ask for her to wire you the money. The other option is to cash the check and wait for it to clear before sending her all your money, but that could be a valuable time you could be using to find a new roommate who isn’t trying to take you for all you’re worth.

Use only reputable websites when it comes to classifieds. However, do your diligence and review every person that you want to do business with. Craigslist roommate scams are prevalent and dangerous, as well as the plethora of moving scams out there.

Roommate Scam: How To Report

Warn your friends and family about the Roommate Scam by sharing it on social media here, using the buttons provided. You can  officially report crooks to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


How to protect yourself more:

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3 thoughts on “Roommate Scam”

  1. Linda Myles is still scamming. I just went thru the same scenario, with deaf, Linda Myles, saying that she was shipping things, and sent extra money for me to forward for her shipping. The Check was from Arizona Keybank National Association, which has a place online about their checks, and fraud. Linda, supposed to be from Georgia, wanted me to Western Union the money for shipping to Georgia, but her stuff was supposed to be in San Diego, plus the priority envelope was sent from Connecticut. The Banker that tipped me on the scam, basically said that any deposit sent should not require a forwarding of funds to anyone. Usually the check will bounce, and your out the money. Linda Myles is still on the loose people, BEWARE!

  2. I had an agreement with a lady from liverpool that she would rent me her flat in singapore. After i transferred a sum to their agent, no news

  3. I listed a room for rent on Craigslist and a supposedly deaf woman answered the ad and of course we couldn’t talk on the phone since she was deaf, right? So "she" agrees to send first week as a deposit. Her "uncle" sends me a check for ten times that amount, and she explains I can use this money to pay her shipper or something via MoneyGram, then keep my share for the deposit.

    I found this a clever one because I automatically was very lenient with the brave deaf woman. I did lose money on potential rent for the room, but at least I caught on and didn’t deposit the check.

    Hope this one helps you. "Her" name is Linda Myles by the way.

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