Pet in Airport

How the scam works:

The crooks send emails claiming to be airport employees. In the message, they notify you that a pet is being held at the local airport and request money to pay for vaccinations before the animal can be shipped to its final destination. To make it look more realistic, they also claim to be in partnership with several international airlines operating out of the airport and mention false tracking numbers from non-existent airline veterinary departments. The most recent “Pet in Airport” scams have come from San Francisco.

How to avoid:

No matter how much you love pets, never send money to people you don't know. There are several other ways lost pets are being taken care of.

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Teresa Heying

I am suppose to have a horse shipped from N.Y. and I was told I would have to pay the airport 1,500.00 dollars.
I do not know how to be for sure not to be someone ‘s victim. So Please, help me if you can give me any advice. The owner said he has cancer, that is why he is getting rid of the horse. and all legal documents will be there . ? How can I be sure the horse is at the airport ? Please help


Teresa, do not do it – it’s a scam! They will ask you to wire the money, but you’ll never see any horse! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! This is a guaranteed scam.

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