No Deposit Bonus Casinos Syndrome: 6 Ways To Avoid Gambling Fraud


How To Avoid Casino Bonus Scams

Looking for no deposit bonus casinos? They are hard to find, don't they? The tempting bonuses are the hooks that catch every player, whether the casinos offering them are legitimate or not. Let's take a better look.

Casino bonus scams come from the least expected places. Gambling sites that look genuine award you free spins as a welcome gift. They assure you their offers can be used on all popular games. What's more, you can withdraw money earned from the bonuses.

But after you accept the bonuses and deposit real money to the casinos, problems begin. Some casinos suspend your account immediately you deposit real money. Others let you play their games but never allow you to withdraw your winnings. So, how do you avoid these kinds of scams? Let's dive in.

1. Examine the Casino Offering Bonuses

Don't accept gifts from random gambling sites. Examine the house to find out whether it's licensed, secure, and trusted by online gamblers. Read reviews about it and learn from the experiences of people who've used its services. 

Most scams come from unlicensed, rogue casinos. So, if you find offers from unregistered gambling sites, avoid them. For the registered houses, check out their offers keenly. If they look good to you, consider trying the proposals but not before you read reviews about the casino online.

2. Read Bonus Terms and Understand Them

They say the devil lies in the details. And true, most casino bonus scams get away with fraud by adding dubious clauses in their terms. They may award you €100 as a welcome gift, for example. But part of the condition of receiving that gift is to deposit €100 from your bank.

Of course, gambling sites expect you to deposit money, so they don't hide details of how much you should deposit to get their bonuses. The information the hide, though, relates to the games you can play with their free spins, or how much money you can withdraw from bonus wins.

Financial terms and conditions are exceedingly essential as they determine whether you can cash out your wins. As such, always read and comprehend the qualifications and requirements that come with every gambling offer before you accept it.

3. Get Your Bonuses From Reliable Sources

Because not all casinos can be trusted, only accept welcome offers from reliable sources. Good places to find gambling offers include bonus comparison websites and forums. From the top online casino reviews, you not only learn about the best gaming sites in the world but also the best bonuses to claim.

And unlike casinos, bonus review sites explain every vital detail about casinos and their bonuses meticulously. Some even mention casinos you shouldn't join due to their histories of defrauding players. 

Forums, on the other hand, help you learn about free spins from people who've tried them. Players tend to be candid about their experiences, which help point out all the flaws and benefits of different gambling sites.

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4. Set a Budget

The primary goal of casino scams is to defraud you. They use free spins as bait to get your attention. But after you deposit real cash, they use excuses questionably to suspend your account. If they let you play their slots and table games, they ensure you never withdraw money.

To lower the risks of getting scammed by casinos, therefore, set a budget of how much you plan to spend on a specific website. Preferably, top up the minimum amount required to claim free spins. Use your stake to test the casino, including the ease of withdrawing money.

If a casino frustrates you the first time, close your account and look for a better platform. They're far too many gambling sites to tolerate poor services online. What's more, the best casinos treat you with respect. They offer reliable customer support and process your wins immediately you ask for it.

5. Find Value in Bonuses

Some casino bonuses provide more value than others. Whether it's the amount or the games you can play with the offer; casino gifts are never equal. Fraudulent gambling websites cleverly advertise their welcome freebies to make you believe there's value in them.

But as we mentioned above, reading bonus terms shows the true nature of welcome offers. If you receive a €100 offer you can't withdraw, for instance, it's probably not worth it. You would likely benefit more by claiming a €50 gift you can withdraw.

> Another way to assess value from casino gifts is to check how much you can withdraw from the money. Most online gaming sites don't let you withdraw over €500 from bonus wins. But be cautious not to accept bonuses which limit you to less than €100.

If the free spins and playing credits also come with high playthrough terms, you should probably avoid them. Only scam casinos place unattainable wagering requirements on their bonuses. 

Also, avoid free spins limited to games you don't know. In many cases, you'll also be required to play those games to meet wagering requirements. And if they're games with reduced payout rates, you will lose more than you win.

6. Find No-Risk Bonuses

Although many casinos use bonuses to lure you top up real money, some companies also offer playing credits with no risk. No deposit free spins, for example, are awarded before you make any deposit. You can use the free spins to play most casino games, and no one will ask you for your money.

No wagering requirement bonuses also offer excellent value and no risk. That's because casinos don't place playthrough terms on these offers. If you get 20 free spins with zero playthrough terms, you withdraw your wins immediately you win.

Regrettably, no risk bonuses are hard to come by. Only the best gambling websites offer them. So, research widely to identify companies willing to gift you welcome packages without expecting much input from you.


With everyone craving for welcome gifts, casinos bonus scams are on the rise. They promise you hundreds of dollars and the freedom to play a wide range of slots and table games. But after they bait you to deposit real money, you'll never withdraw anything from the platforms. 

Avoid fraudulent gambling platforms by using the tips shared above. Examine casinos keenly and read bonus terms before accepting them. Look if the casinos have a BBB profile, as well. Find value in casino offers and compare suggestions from friends and experts before settling on a casino. 


Online Casino Scams: How To Report Them

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