New Speeding Ticket Scam Shows Your Actual Car, Real Time, And Exact Location, Only Speeding

Speeding Ticket Scam: How It Works

You may be targeted these days by a new scam posing as a speeding ticket email. What's incredibly surprising is that the message contains actual information of the traffic route, along with your personal details!

The scam provides correct information regarding time, speed, and location. How is this possible? The hacking is done with the help of a free mobility or traffic application.

The scam is believed to have a mobile app involvement because these fake tickets contain information about the driver's name as well as of vehicle and the exact area they were going through. Not to mention that the time is also specified and also how quickly they were driving.

This way, an innocent victim would see the ticket and believe it was genuine because of the actuality that the information was correct.

Victims receive notifications asking them to pay the fine before a due date and guides them in downloading an "infraction statement" that is a malware that when installed, hijacks the victim's computer. The email receivers are told that they need to pay the fine on a website (scammer's page) within five days.

On the other hand, the email lures recipients into opening an attached file to see their speeding ticket. Upcoming versions of this scam might also include malware such as spyware, banking trojans, backdoor trojans, ransomware, or even keyloggers.


Speeding Ticket Scam: How To Avoid

It's a tough one since it shows your car and an actual address where you drove! However, fines are not coming via email (at least not yet), but only through regular mail.

On the other hand, always make sure you have a trusted antivirus install into your computer.


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