Luggage Storage Key

Luggage Storage Key Scam: How It Works

Traveling always seems to require an insane amount of luggage and packages to carry. Bus and train stations and airports offer storage lockers for travelers that arrive early and don't want to have to lug everything around with them.

Let' say you want to get a locker. The luggage storage key scam begins when you walk in and somebody else is ready to leave, picking up his bag from the locker and inviting you to take over the empty one.

As most of the other lockers are taken, you conveniently take the empty one from the person just leaving. "You just gotta turn the key in a certain way to take it out, otherwise it's almost impossible to remove it", the stranger might say.

As you look a bit confused, he offers to show you once you put your bags in. After you load the bag into the locker, he will show you how to operate the key. He closes the door, locks it, takes out the key, and hands it back to you. You check the door, it's locked properly, so you leave.

When your flight – or bus or train – is called for boarding, you head to the locker to get your things, only to discover that either the key doesn't fit, or the locker is open and your things are gone.

This scam occurs when the criminal locks the door. He gives you a fake key and keeps the real one for himself. Often it is a key to another locker. When you check the locker number against the key number, they do not match and now you have lost your belongings, which are long gone.


Luggage Storage Key Scam: How To Avoid

Airports, bus and train stations all hire luggage caps to help you if you require assistance with your luggage. If a stranger approaches and you do decide to let them assist you, be sure to be the one to open the locker.

Pack the locker and close and lock the locker, then re-try the key as you are standing there, and don't put the key in a purse or pocket until you are out of sight of the stranger; you don't want them to know where you are storing it on your person.

Always stay in control of your baggage when traveling; not only to keep it from being stolen but also to keep someone from putting something illegal into it, which could get you in trouble.


How To Protect Yourself More

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