iPhone 8 and iPhone X Tester Scam

iPhone X/ iPhone 8 Scam: How It Works

The iPhone 8 and iPhone X – produced to celebrate Apple’s 10th anniversary – were released a while ago, yet they are still the subject of an ongoing scam. As both products are sought-after products even these days, criminals came up with ways to part victims of their hard-worked money.

Imagine this scenario: While browsing the net on your device, a pop-up comes out of nowhere. It states that Apple needs testers for the new iPhone or could simply say that you won one. How does the scam work? Similar to the ones related to the previous versions of the phone. More exactly?

Watch the video below to see how the free iPhone Scam works:

The pop-up says: “Your computer was selected to participate in the testing of the new iPhone X”. If you are interested, you are required to click ‘OK’. Then you are redirected to a bogus website, such as officialsurveyrewards.com – or something similar.

Once you are redirected to the page, you are told that Apple is looking for 20 additional Chrome users (or whatever operating system you are using) to be part of a private group. This group will test the new iPhone and play with its features, such us the an imoji, which turns your face into a 3D emoji:


You are then required to answer a few questions, usually four. They are ‘Yes-No’ questions such as “Do you own any Apple products?” or “Are you interested in receiving SMS messages?”.

Once you answer all these questions, you will receive the following notification: “Congratulations, you qualified for the private test group. We will contact you with details. Click below to get your bonus iPhone 8. This is to say thanks for your participation (just pay $1 for the shipping).”

iPhone tester


As you can imagine, to pay the $1 shipping fee you are asked to provide a credit card number. Just like for any other transaction, you are also required to provide personal information, which criminals sell to third parties or use it to commit identity theft.


iPhone X/iPhone 8 Tester Scam: How To Avoid

Close the pop-up if you get it. Apple does these tests for the new phones long before their release, within the company. They never offer free iPhones to people. There are certain procedures that need to happen before an official launch. Asking for testers on Internet is not one of them.

If you really want an iPhone 8 or an iPhone X, visit Apple‘s official website.


iPhone X/iPhone 8 Tester Scam: How To Report

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report Scammers To The FTC Here


How To Protect Yourself More:

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  1. ewry day for cople times i gething a notification from google that my ip adres has randomly faund and i am viner of galaxy 10 samsung and iphon 10 or somthing..i geting that notification from google like poping comercial 20 times of day,pleas tell my what to do…my englis is not so good soory abauth that..

  2. Lisa A Ferris

    I have had 3 men start a game on words with Friends. All of them want to talk not play. All 3 claim they love me, all 3 want me to use Hangouts. 2 of them want me to accept s shipment of iPhone x to sell. I made the mistake of giving one my address. I feel so stupid. I haven’t lost money but I don’t know what they are doing.

  3. Psino Ya Gagwe

    Those c—suckers have already ripped me off. I am having big problems with my Samsung galaxy S, and because of that i fell for the scam. I didn’t think it through, i thought i was lucky and i acted fast. Can anyone help me?

  4. Hi cer please muja ak i phone x delodo my love i phone x my frinds ar acha i phonn x my nay tai i iphone chaiche

  5. I was scammed by a citizen named Philippe Ballesio when he worked at Apple in the branch of France, he was an engineer in that company and he convinced me that they were the first to have the new phones in their hands. At the time, it was the Apple 5, trust I gave him my money and that of several friends to get us the devices, but he stole our money and the last thing I knew about him was that he was in London.

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