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The Antivirus: How It All Began

Question: How did the most common malware evolved and became the number one threat to your device's well-being?

There are countless examples of malware messing up with the OS and other components of all possible devices. No need to investigate prevalent viruses and worms, but if looking closely, they definitely will give you chills when thinking about the horror of codes that can independently evolve. Nevertheless, modern users are exposed to all sorts of different fears: from data breaches to encryption of programs that practically neutralizes device and makes it useless. That's when choosing the best software becomes the main quest. 

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Some divide malware evolution into waves or periods for understanding this technological trend. It was much later in the late seventies when the first viruses appeared, being boot-sector viruses that targeted MS-DOS. Surprisingly, the first worms had no malicious intent, and their design was nothing but a benefit to cooperative users. Still, this type of program was hard to control, and soon they caused much damage to the systems.

The second wave brought polymorphic viruses that successfully avoided detection by first antiviruses that search specific byte patterns in files. Some believe that the first polymorphic virus was developed in Europe in 1989, the virus itself replicated by inserting a pseudorandom number of extra bytes, resulting in a completely random code of infection. It was the nineties when viruses became a weapon of hackers who targeted users' data. Who would have known that the third wave of malware was associated with emails, trojans, and demolition of recipients systems?

The current wave of malware threats started in 2001. Notably, they became more sophisticated and harder to detect and eliminate. Every day there are thousands or even million reports of blocking malicious software. What makes it a real pain, you never know where the danger is hidden, as it can be anywhere, from unsecured WiFi networks to applications that may seem just fine and ready to go.

Something that began as a product of mere interest and experiment transformed into the headache years after. Still, many hackers continue to develop malicious software that can mess up with everything you have. Modern antiviruses are designed not only to detect and eliminate but prevent the attack and recognize it's modifications later on (the best case scenario).

By all means, there is no golden ratio in the world of software. It is yet impossible to combine all required elements without sacrificing some other aspects. When speaking of consumers' choice, many factors affect the final decision of cooperating with one brand on long terms. Some pick products they use for decades regardless of professionals' opinions, like BestAntivirusPro, while some investigate every aspect of their future purchase.


Consider These Tips

However, you should certainly consider the following characteristics:

– Trusted tests that give an unbiased opinion about software malware detection rates. Often independent labs run their tests following industry standards. Of course, there could be exceptions depending on various factors that can differ from the test results, but we would say no one doesn't hurt with professional ideas.

– Easy to use installment and user-friendly interface aspect goes without saying. We are not certified pilots (kudos to all certified pilots) but users who want it to be easy and practical to run a scan.

– Multiplatform and multi-tooled antivirus may sound as 2 in 1 shampoo, which is not great, but in this case, the high-quality products must be effective in all areas it covers. Look for protection of all possible assets you need to cover. 

– Impact on system performance is not the last aspect that would be definitive for choosing a product. Surely, there is not a single program that will be unnoticed during active use and running on the background, but if your device is shutting and crashing because of it, then you should favor your device and look for a better option. 


So, What To Do? 

Make an informed decision and choose the best software for your convenience and peace. It is never a question of having or avoiding to install antivirus software for modern users, but rather the problem of choosing the product that would satisfy their needs and have no visible impact on the device. But remember that all viruses came up like a dream of one mathematician, and now people dream of putting technology back to use.


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