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Free Cruise Automated Phone Call: How The Scam Work

Today we look at one of the most common phone scams out there: a fake free cruise that crooks offer via a call. Let’s dive in.

Free vacation from some of the most popular travel agencies is always nice to have but watch out for this scam. Imagine this: you get a call from a travel agency informing you that, because of a promotion or a radio station contest, you are eligible to receive a free cruise. That’s a vacation that you don’t have to pay for.

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The only condition for you to fully qualify is that you answer correctly three quiz questions, or sometimes not even that. To make sure you can receive the free cruise, a full conversation is being established.

But how does the scam work? Watch the video below to see in action the Free Cruise scam caught on tape:

Free Cruise Survey Scam Video

One variation of the scam comes through a phone call from a fake radio station, promising you a free cruise to the Bahamas. All you have to do is to answer three questions and – if you do it correctly – you qualify!

Of course, you answer right. Then you are invited to call the ‘radio station’. During the conversation, they tell you that you have to pay only $59.99 for “international waters fees” but you get your free cruise! Needless to say, you give your credit card number which will be maxed out immediately.

However, here is some good news about these sneaky robocalls: if you got a spam call about a free cruise you may be owed $900 in restitution, according to a new class-action lawsuit. See if your phone number is listed on the settlement here.

Free Cruise? Only ‘Minor’ Taxes And Booking Charges

In the second variation of the Free Cruise scam, you get the call you’ve been waiting for to break you out of your mundane, day-to-day existence. A nice person on the other line tells you you’ve just won a free Florida or Bahamas cruise! She begins telling you about the white, sandy beaches and how the cruise ship has a casino.

She almost seems more excited than you are!

After building the trip up for almost three minutes the caller offhandedly mentions that you only have to pay some minor taxes and booking charges, to the tune of about $200. You figure that still sounds like a great deal, so you pay.

cheap cruises

It’s a real deal and you receive the plane ticket confirmation the next day. The trick is, the ticket is a companion ticket, meaning you can’t take the flight unless your guest pays the full fare. You decide this still sounds advantageous since you both fly for the price of one and you’ve already sunk some money in; so you and your partner again accept.

Attend A Timeshare Presentation, Prison-Style

You fly to Florida and they meet you at the airport. They take you to a beautiful hotel and everything seems to be going to plan. They tell you about the departure of the cruise, which happens tomorrow.

After they set you up at the hotel, they mention you have to attend a one-hour timeshare presentation tomorrow morning. You tell them that wasn’t part of the original deal, and they tell you that you won’t have your return flight taken care of unless you go.

At the presentation, which is the main part of the scam, the company is very pushy and aggressive and they do things that are borderline illegal to get you to sign up to buy a timeshare. This is really intense, almost threatening. Also, it ends up being a lot longer (seven hours instead of one) so they can suck a few more people into buying. After the presentation, you finally get to go on the ship.

Unfortunately, it isn’t the majestic wonder you were told it would be; most likely, it’s more than 25 years old and smaller than a usual cruise vessel. It’s also a gambling ship that features nothing other than casino tables and machines. It’s just another way to suck money out of your pockets. Beware of these shady timeshare presentation resale companies!

There are a couple of ways this can shake out. Some people will have to fly to the departure city on their own dime. Others will just take your credit card number and run.

How To Avoid The Free Cruise Scam:

If you win something, you win it. You will never have to pay to claim that prize and if someone is telling you otherwise, they’re taking you for a ride. Feel free to contribute below in the Comments section with names of questionable people or businesses approaching you.

On the other hand, if you like to travel make a habit of reading blogs from top travel influencers. They typically report these kinds of traps and share many tips when it comes to travel.

How To Report The Free Cruise Callers:

Make your family and friends aware of the Free Cruise scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

How To Protect Yourself More:

If you want to be the first to find out the most notorious scams every week, feel free to subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter here. You’ll receive periodical emails and we promise not to spam. Last but not least, use the Comments section below to expose other scammers.

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314 thoughts on “Free Cruise”

  1. While placing my regular call, my call got divided to promo for Royal Caribbean cruise. Oh my these people are such a scammer, watch out they are real scam, wanting your credit card information, that’s there aim.

  2. Text from a company called Palm Too, said I filled out a card to win a free cruise at our local mall. Sent me a picture of the card I supposedly filled out & it is not my handwriting. I looked up the website they mentioned & the free cruise offered you have to pay "taxes, internet service, car rentals, spa treatments, room service, dining fees on ship, and land excursions" needless to say, I did not bite.

  3. On my cellphone, I received a call from the number: (408) 664-2882. The lady started off with a greeting and asking me a few questions pertaining to being a homeowner, which I’m not. After that, she mentioned about a free cruise trip and asked me a couple questions about my traveling experience. Plus, she stated that I’d have to pay tax for the trip and it’s $65 per guest, which doesn’t make sense when it’s supposedly an all-expenses-paid-for trip. When I told her that I’m on a budget and not looking to spend much money, she automatically said, "I understand" and carried on with trying to persuade me into it. Even when I expressed that I’m not interested, she stated "I understand" and wouldn’t let up. To my annoyance, I hanged up.

    So, if you really win something, you shouldn’t have to pay for it. That’s what makes this deal a scam.

  4. also called me. I played alone, but I knew it was fake. As the robot person was talking I was googling the name and seeing if it was a scam.

  5. Hey Tiffany, have you ever heard the old saying, "If it sounds to good to be true……." or what about "A fool and his money shall soon part"? Jesus, please help us all,… and forgive those who weren’t blessed with common sense, for they know not what they do..

  6. Yes, unfortunately these shysters scammed me out of $317.00 exactly, wouldn’t allow me to rent the car I was promised or stay in the hotel I payed for alledging that I never paid for my hotel package in August when I have proof with the itenieary sent by this company. I was called in November one day before Thanksgiving claiming they never received payment. Resubmitted payment again on 12/1, called to reconfirmed that payment was received they said they received the funds. Loaded my VISA debit card to pay these stupid taxes owed for the car and hotel, these assholes went onto my VISA debit account, took out funds that were for paying these taxes without my knowledge and I flew down to Ft. Lauderdale with only $23.40 on my debit card and $60.00 cash in my pocket with my 9 year old son. They could care less. I had to pay a taxi $39 to take me to the hotel. They had no shuttle service. My father put my son and I in a hotel for the night and paid the difference to fly me and son early to get home to Detroit today. He paid a shuttle service $40 to get my son and I to the airport. Its the most awful experience my son and I have ever experienced. These people need to be prosecuted.

  7. Tiffany S,

    You may possibly be the most retarded person on the internet. YOU and people like you are the reason why scam companies exist.

  8. The new name I got called from is jump100 I answered a question wrong and they still said i was correct. So i checked online because scammers seem to be drawn to my family lol they didnt get me.

  9. Trax95 called with 3 questions to win 2 Bahamas holiday cruise.. But wanted card info online for payment to receive the tickets

  10. I received a call from summit106 FM (573 901 1120), same scam that most people reported here, answer the super easy trivia (Prince, Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake). Just need to pay US$59 per person, to receive my tickets for 2 nights cruise in Bahamas, with Holiday Cruise. What grabbed my attention was they don’t have social media, which company today don’t have a Facebook page with people saying how amazing (or not) the radio is? So glad I checked before put any information. I confess that I got a little excited at first hehe. Thank you for the information!

  11. Phone call 2-Day Cruise Scam from from number 740-218-8865. Way too good to be true so I checked online…. The website looked too generic with ‘Resident DJ’ from what looked like Google Images… lol

  12. Yeah I got a call from the 106SUMMIT, the funny part is I missed the call and called back and I got the machine saying I won the 2/trip to Bahamas after answering the 3 trivia questions, I got excited to tell you the truth…loll, then I went online just to make sure you I wasn’t getting scammed because of the $59 per person tax fee, actauy I tried I Called the number from a different phone and purposely answered the questions WRONG!!! And guess what it said "CORRECT" on every question….. SO I KNOW NOW ITS A SCAMM FOR SURE!!!! Folks Beware..

  13. I also returned a call from summit 106, answered the world’s easiest three trivia questions and won a cruise. I’ve been doing a lot research; I’m glad I found this website. To me, their Twitter ( looks scrubbed. According to, their IP was only registered two months ago. Based on a few other discoveries as well, my conclusion is that whoever is behind it is constantly reincarnating the same basic fraud model after people wise up to what their scheme is. This is to say that if you have the same story happen to you in two weeks from a different company, beware!

  14. Summit106 did this to me. Irritating as hell, but I figured it was a scam. You usually don’t win anything from a radio station unless you call to enter a contest.

  15. Anybody ever hear of Shadow 99 FM Hits? They seem to be running a version of this scam where they run an extremely easy music trivia contest, ‘give’ to every winner a free ticket that can only be claimed for a $120 payment ($60 for you, $60 for your guest). This is supposed to cover ‘port taxes,’ but can only be paid in advance, miles from the port-of-call. They called me from out of Elkton, MD. Anyone else?

  16. I got the same call from shadow99 about a Bahamas cruise and all I would have to pay is $59.98 per person to take this 2 day cruise but in order to finish accepting the tickets you have to give your card information rite then and there. I’m so sick of all these scams. This is so sickening . How can you take advantage of good honest people. I don’t see how people could do this to other people.!! it’s so sad.!!!

  17. On September 7, 2017, I received a call from Royal Caribbean Seas specifically a woman by the name of Roxanne about a so called Free Cruise and I had no idea that it was a scam until My Mother found out and I kept it secret. I felt ashamed because I answered my cellphone have them all of My personal information and now I learned some important lessons from it. I learned some lessons and everyone should learn the same ones such as Don’t answer your phone especially if it seems to be a telemarketer, scammer, someone who commits fraud, or someone that is a bigotist, Don’t give out your personal information especially your social security number and or phone number, Don’t engage into a conversation with that person because it is too risky and you are leaving yourself vulnerable or susceptible to encountering more scammers in the future, Seek help if you don’t know what to do because not asking for help because of what other people think of you or thinking that other people would assume that you are asking a stupid or dumb question to keep you silent is NOT wide.

  18. Just got a call, midday, Oct 19, 2017, supposedly from Shadow99 radio station, offering 2 cruise tickets, if I answer 3 questions right. I did, and like everyone else I would have to pay ~60$ US per person to take this Bahamas cruise trip for fees/taxes. Number was (757) 607-1134, from Virginia. Considering I’m disabled and homebound (nearly bedbound now) I’m only slightly depressed that I cannot do this cruise 😛

  19. I received the same call as everyone else today. They called from a Missouri phone number 1-573-404-0164 and said it was a contest for a radio station by the name of CHASE88. Everything else was identical to the identical to everyone else. 3 questions… Prince, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake… 2 Day Cruise, $59.99 per person for taxes, Etc. Also, when I went on the website, there was a statement in the Terms and Conditions that says you may be charged an extra fee for fuel before departure, without prior notice, if the price of fuel is over a certain price that day. The cruise was supposed to be for Holiday Cruise Line, which I’ve never even heard of. Although the idea of an almost free cruise was exciting, I didn’t have a good feeling about this. I’m so glad I Googled this before I paid my hard earned money. I’ve never been on a cruise, but I’m a single mother of twins and every penny counts! I can’t afford to just give away $118.00. Thank You so much everyone for sharing your stories & experiences!

  20. I don’t have time for scams. I have just went through a major Hurricane with Harvey ………… it has not been two weeks and the scams continue. I have seen enough water without going on a cruise.

  21. Got a missed call today from 314-380-6259. Supposedly But, if you read other comments, there are similar radio sites with just the name changed, but the web site is the same:,,,, and the list goes on. Neither sites list locations of these so called radio stations. And why would there be so many radio stations with same images, logos, and media content? It’s obviously FAKE and a FRAUD. Avoid like plague!!! And report to FCC.

  22. Just got a random call from 281-916-9930 (Texas) number for Omni105 radio station with an exciting cruise offer for two tickets to the Bahamas if three questions were answered correctly. Same answers as many below: (Purple) Prince, (Beat it) Michael, and (NSync member) Justin Timberlake. Instructed to redeem the offer by going to online will call, follow simple directions using your telephone number, and ultimately pay port fees and taxes to the tune of $59.00 per ticket. Different station name but feel certain it is the same ole scam. Thank you to all the previous posters for the heads up!!!!

  23. Same scam asking three questions – Prince, Michael Jackson, and Justin Timberlake.
    Numbers used 1-800-247-4128; 888-229-9763; 224-424-1135.

    Worst part is my better & smarter half let me put $119.00 down for "taxes". It came with 2 free nights in a hotel.
    Now I’ll have to come up with some kind of killer vacation if I want to retain my relationship

  24. Just saw a missed call from this number 224-307-1255. It was for Omni 105’s radio contest to win 2 free Bahamas cruise tickets. I played along, and won the contest by answering 3 questions right, and the automated system, told me I won. After reading all these links about this scam, I am glad I decided NOT to go forward with trying to retrieve these fake tickets. Go with your gut, if sounds too good to be true, than it most likely is! Beware!

  25. I was called from 216-810-1193. I had to answer three super easy music trivia questions. Of course I answered all 3 correctly. To claim 2 free cruise tickets, I had to go to Omni 105 ‘s website… will call and pay $59.00 tax fee. Needless to say, I didn’t get that far. Scam alert!!!????

  26. Got the same message and I answered 3 trivia questions and was told i could go on and claim my cruise ticket for a fee of 59 dollars for port charges. numbers used were 2033499582 and 5025491207

  27. I mis-dialed (didn’t punch in 1 before 877) and thought promo was through the company. Normally, I’d just skip this type of thing but since I thought it was through legit company, what the heck, how cool? A free cruise. Stupid me. Did not ask how long the trip was until I’ve already given up my cc info etc. After finding out it was a 2 day cruise, I said no thanks. They forwarded me to someone who can offer a better deal. After a long script about all the wonderful places I’ll be at, there’s a part about a presentation. That’s when I knew for sure I got suckered. I told the lady I’m not interested and she keeps asking me why, I’ve already paid the port fees. I said I wanted to see email confirmation with information and decide later. She says it’s now or never since these are "live deals" that are not available later. The hard sell was really off-putting. She was pleasant enough and doing her job, but without seeing info in writing I’m nervous about this transaction. She said they already have my cc info, so if they’re not legit they could easily ripped me off. After I got off the phone, I checked my cc online to see if charges had been made (and checking every hour). None so far. But I’m getting scared reading all the bad reviews about fraud charges that are maxing out people’s credit cards. I’ve already put in an order for a new card and canceling this one. I let my guard once and this is what happens!

  28. Quest 102 called me two different l days on two different numbers. One was Pennsylvania and the other was Ohio. Same 3 trivia questions. Prince, MJ, and JT.
    Stop the scamming!!!

  29. I also received a call from "quest 102" to answer 3 trivia questions and I would win a free cruise. After the trivia questions they said I won and I have to just pay 59$ per person in fees to claim the tickets. I knew it was a scam right away. Anyone reading this don’t be fooled!

  30. I also received a call from but, I first check to see if it was a scam.
    Im 65 years old ,I never pay attention to any radio station

  31. My fiancé was called today by this phone number (346) 368-0030 says it’s a Texas number, and he asked the questions about prince, Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake as well. It said it was quest 102 online radio station and he would have to pay $60 to redeem the tickets. I told him that didn’t sound correctly because my parents won a trip to vegas and they did not have to pay anything to redeem the tickets simply just go to the station and pick them up, so I did some research. Yes what a scam!

  32. One of our friends ‘won’ this cruise. I’m very reluctant to tell her because she was so excited but she needs to know she’s being scammed.

  33. I received a call from the "Quest 102" trivia game. The phone number that called me was (267) 451-9176. They called me (3) times in a 1 minute span. After reading the article, the process is exactly like it is written, please don’t waste your time or money. Good luck out there!

  34. (484) 462-9035 Called me about answering three questions a music trivia prince Michael Jackson and justin Timberlake from quest102

  35. Another Followup

    Just received a txt…" FINAL REMINDER! Please CLAIM your MUSIC TRIVIA awarded 2-Night Bahamas Cruise Tickets. If NOT claimed tickets will be forfeited. http://ARSENAL90.COM/CLAIM FINAL NOTICE! Claim NOW! " @9:45am st. Freaking scammer spammers.

  36. I accidentally called this number when trying to reach my credit card company for a balance check – only 1 number was different! (866) 246-7642 and this took me to a cruise scam. The automated voice system asked me to answer a 3 question survey before I continued on my call. Simple questions about what kind of vacation I liked and I "won". The call then went to a Royalty Cruise operator so I hung up. I previously had a nasty run in with these people. They called me and I answered some questions about wanting to win a cruise. Once I had nailed down all the details of a wonderful sounding cruise vacation, I told the operator that I had to consult my husband due to the cost, even if it was a low amount. She began getting angry and brought her supervisor to the phone who was an angry, bullying man who insisted I had already made the commitment and could not get out of this without paying a large amount of money. I told them I would be calling the bank and credit card company as soon as I hung up to cancel any charges they might try to force on me. In the middle of his screaming at me, I simply said "I’m hanging up now" and did so without further from him. It left me shaking and I imagined how this bullying would affect an elderly person or someone vulnerable to this kind of attack. They probably would have paid thinking they were in trouble. Let’s educate everyone about these scammers and stop them!

  37. Received 2 missed calls this morning from (281)-916-9949, which is a Texas number. I called the number back because i have been checking out Texas to possibly move to. It stated I must answer 3 trivia questions, which as stated above, were entirely too easy consisting of the answers Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, and Prince. The recording went on to tell me I won a Bahamas cruise for 2 I just had to pay the taxes. I am a pretty skeptical person, so of course I chose to research it further before I put my card info on a site of a radio station I’d never heard of and I’m glad I did!

  38. I was called from 2408479828. Registers as a Virginia/Maryland number. Same 3 questions. Decided to go online to the station webpage. The online chat function and grilled the operator. Asked a bunch of questions only to be rebuffed and told the tickets are there if I want them and the chat closed.. Definitely a scam.

  39. It just happened to me too, the same 3 questions and same answers: Prince, Michael & Justin. The winner "me" had to go to "ARSENAL.90/ claim. The number was 571 366 4473 from Pennsylvania & I’m in Michigan. Just thought i’d let everybody know about this scam

  40. Hello! Today I was contacted by Royalty Cruise that sets off in Palm Beach Florida. Yesterday I purchased tickets from ticket master and before completing I could click to also get a chance to recieve a phone call to win a cruise. The only thing they are asking for to hold it is that since it will go through international waters that there will be a government free that needs to be paid today. Is this legit?

  41. NC and Suspicious

    We received a call at 9:16am/EST this morning. We didn’t answer because we did not recognize the number. We called the number back at 10:55pm/EST tonight and got a recording about the cruise to the Bahamas. The recording stated it was free EXCEPT for the $59.00/ticket for government taxes, etc.
    We went to the website and at first glance it appears legit but look closer and you’ll see they do not provide a contact number, citing callers will receive different calls from different phone numbers and that each station is responsible for maintaining their own contact number.
    This is a complete scam. The contest involves answering 3 questions which include the answers of Prince, Michael Jackson, and Justin Timberlake, entirely TOO easy.
    The number they called from was 412-857-0212 and is out of Pennsylvania.
    This is to good to be true and it’s a scam. Please do not fall for it. Report this to the FTC by calling 1-877-FTC-HELP or visit them online at, click on the Compliant Assistant icon, and answer the questions. You can also report it by calling your state’s Attorney General.

  42. I just got the phone call from 631-820-7935 . Didn’t recognize the number, so i didn’t answer. Googled the number instead and came up dry. So I called it back. Got the recording promising dfree tickets to the bahamas if I answered the music trivia questions right. I deliberately answered one wrong to see what would happen. It said, you answered wrong, we have nothing for you, sorry. Then I hung up and called back three times. Every time, I got a busy signal.

  43. Why you need to know?

    Just happened to me.. They asked me the same 3 questions with the answers: Prince, Michael Jackson, and Justin Timberlake.. The number was (224)258-1588..

  44. Nathan Ryan Daniel, Answered 3 questions then started walking me through the process to claim tickets at the online will call. Phone number was (267)433-9810 out of Springfield PA. Said taxes had to be paid on trip and that is when I googled for scams like this.

  45. I was called by a radio station "steam 96" and told about the contest. I answered the 3 questions (so easy a baby can get them right) and I "won". I had to pay the taxes to claim my tickets to the cruise.
    People need to get a job instead of going around wasting people’s time and money!

  46. A Random Fool who almost believed it

    I got called from (301) 349-9768

    It obviously sounded too good to be true, so I made sure to look it up, and hey, here I am, looking at other comments saying the same thing.

  47. I looked this one up because it felt like a scam. It looks like it is. However I have won prizes like this before that were legit. It isn’t uncommon that you still have to pay a tax. Anyway, thins one feels like a scam for other reasons so I will pass on it.

  48. I was called by everyone else. Except they called themselves nighthawk91. It was all exciting until they asked me for my credit card info. I even spoke to a representative and he calmly told me it was just for taxes and no more would be charged. He even asked me if I wanted to request a song LOL! It’s a FAKE STATION!

  49. 3462602219 Got a call from this number. So I decided to investigate come to find out this is the scam that a lot of people have been Fallen victim to so steam 96 beware of that radio station the ad is going to ask you to answer three questions and the answers are Prince Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake

  50. Got a phone call from steam 96 radio to answer three trivia questions or a trip to the Bahamas. Watch out got this number1(484)381-6424

  51. I had a missed call at 10:22am from 215-560-0234. No message was left but when I called the number back at 10:41am, it was an automated recording telling me that I could win a free cruise to the Bahamas for two people by simply answering 3 questions. The answers were so very easy; Prince, Michael Jackson, and Justin Timberlake. They then gave me as the website to claim my tickets at, but they did tell me I would have to pay $59.99 for each ticket. I had never heard of "Steam96" so I decided to google it (thanks MOM) and I came across this page. I could really use a vacation, better yet a mostly free vacation lol, so they almost had me. So very glad I didn’t enter in my credit card information.

  52. Rilriia Kilurden

    This so called radio station "Steam 96" does not exist. This whole scam is run by a website,, which doesn’t have any actual information and fails to list contact information. They are in violation of federal Do Not Call regulations and I am trying to report them. If anyone has any info on how to do so, please let me know by responding to this comment.

    This "company" hounds me day and night and I have had no interaction with them.

  53. received a call from +1 217-991-1278 claiming to be a radio station saying i won tickets to the bahamas, just had to answer 3 questions. The answers were prince, michael jackson, and Justin Timberlake also they said to go online to the website and enter my phone number where I’d only have to pay $59 for each ticket for taxes and fees and funny thing is if you try to call backbits a busy signal!!

  54. Zachary Litchford

    Total scam. Wants me to pay like $118 up front then God knows how much more just to get to palm beach. Beware of this number 469-454-7089.

  55. I was just called by a number I had no idea of and before I answered they abruptly hung up. When I called back it was all automated that I had to answer three music based questions, which were all super easy to answer. After I answered all questions it said to stay on the line to speak to a representative to obtain my free cruise to the Bahamas. I did a quick search, since it felt like a total scam, and quickly hung up before I spoke with anyone. I knew it was a scam from the beginning and find these to be amusing since I enjoy giving the rep a hard time. Unfortunately there are many people who aren’t as savvy to notice these things. Please be aware of any random number calling you for any FREE GIVEAWAY. I always remember "there is no such thing as a free lunch", there is always a cost to something even when labeled "free". Here is the number they called me 1-267-810-6188

  56. Look out for a scam from phone number 636-565-9325. They promise to give you a free cruise for 2 to the Bahamas if you answer 3 music trivia questions right. WRONG. Your free trip turns into you paying. Do not fall for this SCAM. Hang up and block the number.

  57. Just received a call today from (386)248-0315. Same answers as the ones I have seen in the comments. The fee was $119 for two people. The radio station was BREAK98.

  58. 5857148895 this number just called me and said the exact same thing listed above. I don’t know how they got my number, but I was sleeping and didn’t answer. I called back and played the stupid three question game, won and they tried to send me a confirmation text, but I denied.

  59. Tried to book and couldn’t book. Gave a different date and still couldn’t book. So, I called the credit card company and filed a complaint.

  60. Received a phone call similar to another commenter, however it was from the number: (224) 302-9114. They asked three questions about music artists, which I answered correctly with the answers Prince, Michael Jackson, and Justin Timberlake. I then had to go to to "claim" my free tickets, however they wanted $59 per person for taxes and fees (totaling over $120 for two people). Obviously I’m smart enough to know that if I have to pay anything for a "FREE" cruise then it’s not really free.

  61. I just received a call from 301.349.9211 around 10a, which I returned. The automated messaging was loud, exciting and animated. I had to answer three (silly) pop culture questions and then received direction to go to to claim the tickets. The $59 pp taxes would need to be paid before anything could be released, so the message said. I will not be following up most likely and I appreciate the communication all have shared to minimize scammers being successful in the future!

  62. received a call from 301-259-9118 claiming to be a radio station saying i won tickets to the bahamas, just had to answer 3 questions. The answers were prince, michael jackson, and Justin Timberlake (in case you received the same call.) DO NOT TRUST THEM!

  63. The number (314) 384-0273 called me and said the things that are in the below comments. However, I had to go the site don’t trust it!!!

  64. I received a call from 832-899-8059 claiming to be a radio station Thunder 98 fm. Said I could win 2 tickets for a Bahamas cruise, IF I could answer 3 music trivia questions. I answered the questions thinking it was real and wanted to see how real it was i so called answered all 3 questions correctly it gave me instructions of how to claim the tickets and that i was going to receive a text with the same information which i never received I was also told i would have to pay an amount to be able to receive the tickets. I went to their website put in my name and number to claim the prize.took me to the next page said free stateroom upgrade.Holiday cruise line departure taxes total amount $119.00 but of course i didn’t input no credit card #. These type of people should be ashamed for trying to steal money from people. They need money they need to get a real job just like everyone else.

  65. I missed a call from 203-344-8891 claiming to be a new radio station Thunder 98 fm. Said I could win 2 tickets for a Bahamas cruise, IF I could answer 3 music trivia questions. I went to the website which looks like it was just "thrown" together and out of curiosity hit the "f" icon for FaceBook. The first and ONLY entries were done on May 15, 2017. I was also told I had to pay port fees and taxes of just 59$ per person. I went for a text to be sent to my phone, and answered with SCAMMER. I don’t know what they can get from my phone number. Wishing I wouldn’t have called the number back. Anyway my point is Don’t believe it, if it sounds too good to be true. Chances are is will be.

  66. I had a missed call from a "radio station" Thunder 98 FM radio with a voice recording and I had to answer 3 questions. I tried it just to see what it would say, so I apparently won a cruise for 2 to the Bahamas in Florida and I had to pay the taxes 59.99 per person I knew it was a scam bc one it said Ohio n I don’t live in Ohio two bc if you win something you don’t have to pay anything. It sent a text message to my phone with a website for me to pay the 120.00 dollars which I am sure they would have taken more money or something worse. These peopleare disgusting. Scamming innocent working people. The phone number that showed up on my phone call was 1-614-663-0330 Grove city Ohio. Beware people I know there are gulable people who will fall for this and it’s sad I hate seeing innocent people taken advantage of.

  67. So like others I got the call from Thunder98 radio station about this contest and was prompted the questions. After immediately realizing it was a scam I answered the second question they asked wrong to see if it would still continue with letting me claim my "prize". Surprisingly the called ended when I answered the question wrong and the line disconnected. I was going to try and call them back and troll whoever picked up the line but I received a message saying the phone number I called didn’t exist. So I dropped the subject and completely forgot about it. Today actually, about 2-3 weeks after the first call, I get the call again. The best thing that I can recommend is enrolling your telephone number to the national do not call registry. If after 30 days of enrollment and you are still receiving the calls, you can report them Federal Trade Commission.

  68. I live in IL and I received the phone call from (224) 302-9036, which appears as Waukegan, IL. It was a contest from Of course, I answered the 3 questions correct and won the cruise. I went to their website, the one of the cruise and everything looks good! But I know about this kind of scam and searched about it. Thanks for the confirmation and explanation.

  69. Received a call from Thunder 98 about a contest to win a Bahama cruise. Answer 3 questions correctly and win. I did, and was given website for online claim of tickets. Website did not exist. Researched phone # 440-336-9431. It is a Sprint cell # from Willoghby, Ohio. Beware.

  70. Like Sam below, rec’d call from a recording for Thunder 98 with the 3 easy music trivia questions. Answered correctly and supposedly won the trip to the Bahamas. But I pretty much thought it was a scam. Went to the stated website, and the page did come up. Then I looked up scams, still not believing it, and found a number of results saying it is a scam. Oh, well. Researched phone number: 201-614-0032 and it belongs to an individual in Edison, NJ — a landline.

  71. Another one, beware: I "won" a Bahamian Cruise for two from Thunder 98 fm. Answered 3 easy question on a touch dial from a recording calling back. Number (314)384- 0405. Then received a text from (502)383-4834 saying Congratulations Trivia Winner! the website they send you to claim your fake 2-Night Caribbean Cruise Tickets was:

    The website looks real, but don’t fall for it.

  72. I was contacted by phone and I follow the recording that i can win two free cruise ticket through 96.1FM. Is this a scam. If so reporting them now and very unhappy.

  73. HEAT101. 240-444-8231

    Called, answered questions for a cruise- won. Followed their instructions but i have to pay 120 for the departure fees.. mixed emotions

  74. Just received a call from Heat 107 phone number 267-945-0524 answered 3 questions correctly won the tickets after I pay 100 dollars for the tax

  75. Anastasia Hebert

    Same thing happened except I ‘received a call from The Heat Contest Line on my new phone number I just got the night before and so no way they knew my number, no one had my phone number.. crazy scam!!

  76. Heat107 scam along with Celebration Cruise Line. Apparently you can actually get a cruise out of this ultra marketing tool, but the dishonesty comes from "free" when you actually have to pay something for "fees & licenses". Remember, if you WIN something from a reputable radio station 1. You will have to call them usually during a certain time period of a live broadcast. The radio stations do not call you! Yes, I got this call and was excited because I had even prayed the for the exact thing…..a cruise to Freeport and the Bahamas. I wrote and tried to call both the cruise line and the radio station HEAT107 and Celebration (Holiday) Cruise Line. I’m thankful for those who have reported the scam.

  77. Today I got a call from 484-420-8155 that did not leave a message and when I called back it said some radio station 2017 summer daily promo trivia contest to win a free cruise to the Bahamas. I did not stick around to hear any more.

  78. I received a call from (267) 810-6126 saying I have won 2 free tickets for a Bahama cruise. Answered 3 easy questions and obviously got them right. All I had to do it pay 120 and the trip for 2 would be mine. I figured this is to good to be true and this must be a scam because nothing is free nowadays.. watch out people!

  79. several times a day I get calls from 325-307-2652 and several similar numbers royalty cruises I told him I don’t have time im at work he said he was almost done I said no im at work and hung up.

  80. It is not really fake. My husband and I get these calls all the time, including from Royal Carribean. We just upgraded our free trip and it cost 250 for a cruise with an ocean view. Last year we won two and went on one, and just booked the other. Last year we paid departure fees and picked up our tickets at the welcome center. It cost 120.00. We had free hotel stay in Fort Lauderdale and we were fed breakfast, lunch and dinner but you had to pay for drinks. On the Grand Celebration we had a basic cabin and free meals except for drinks and adult beverages cost 15.00 to 30.00 so thats how they get their money. If you want to go to shows and what not you will pay for that too. And yes you do have to go to a timeshare or you will be charged for the trip. Thats why you have to have a major credit card. You can just google timeshares and get these packages for cheap. Then you will start getting calls in the future for timeshare trips once you go. Last year I went to Vegas, Myrtle Beach, Fort Lauderdale and the Bahamas all on a timeshare. We were also responsible for travel, but the one we are going on this year includes a free rental car. My husband and I wanted other restaurants, gifts, clothes and drinks so our trips were still kind of expensive.

  81. Holiday Cruise line to Bahamas
    Scam!! Had to answer 3 questions, so easy. I won then I have to pay fees. Radio station heat 107

  82. Heat 107 radio station has a contest going. they called my 81 year old mother she answered the 3 questions, I tried the website as she was not able and they claim the number THEY called her on was not in their system, but feel free to try another competition.

  83. Heat 107 is a scam

    "HEAT" might be a real radio station (I don’t really know at this point), but the cruise thing is a scam! Someone just called me from an out of town number (it said Missouri but their database is supposedly in California?). Anyway yeah they did the whole answer three questions thing and the questions were stupid easy! Tickets were free but they said I just had to pay government fees or taxes that amounted to approximately $59. Not going to lie I was a little excited that I might have won something, but still felt like it was too good to be true. I decided to do a little digging before completely following the directions they have me. I’ve read enough responses on here to realize I was right about not giving out any of my info or credit card stuff.

  84. I got a call from +1 (267) 579-1726. Apparently a PA area code and I am in TN. They hung up as I answered. So I called back. I think this way they can say I called them and they are an inbound system. Got the same speech, answer 3 questions and win cruise. I decided not to answer the first question to see what would happen. They hung up.
    I know a couple who go on cruises and have heard some of the deals they get. I would gladly pay a little more to go where exactly I want to with no hidden or extra fee and definitely no dang sales presentation. Been to a couple. Terrible. Lot older now and not sure I could hold my tongue so well as I did then.

  85. I was just called by an out of state number. It was an automated voice saying that I could win a 3 day cruise for 2 people if I answered all of the questions correctly. I answered all of the questions correctly, then they told me to go to a website, Which I did out of curiosity. There is nothing actually legitimate about the website. It is a really good fake though. I noticed that the "top 10 requested songs" were actually several months out of date. A good indicator of a scam. They also said I would only have to pay taxes of $59/per person. I checked out the cruise line that they were linked with, GoHolidayCruise…Never heard of them before. As soon as I typed in their name on Google, articles about scam artists came up.

  86. I have been trying to find out information about this – I called the AT&T SUPPORT NUMBER regarding a question about our cellular bill and was IMMEDIATELY transferred to the "YOU HAVE WON A FREE CRUISE" people. I asked three times if I had to provide financial information today – no answer. I told her I was calling the AT&T Support line – no answer. It was the same deal – take off from Florida, everything included except $64 per person for Port Fees, or something like that – everything free, food, cabin, etc., I had 18 months to use the cruise and our call was being recorded. I might want to bring some extra cash for horseback riding on the beach or other activities on the private island with the Port Lucayan Resort.with seven pools, private beach, etc. ( Would be heaven for me). At the end she said I had to pay $130 then and there or give up my free 2 peson cruise to the next caller. This was a cruise to the Bahamas and supposedly I WON! LOL – When she asked for the money "But don’t you even have a credit card" she asked, as if she was astonished I would give this up. I know better then to pay money for something before I can even research it if it is legit, I say SHAME ON YOU AT&T!!!!! DON’t GET FOOLED BY THEM!!

  87. I got a call from a blue harmony travel agency saying I won a free 5 night trip to the bahamas. It had so many red flags. Saying I would have to pay 160 per person and a 19$ booking fee. I thought when you wij something it’s absolutely free. I know this has to be a scam and I’m definitely not falling for it. I’m sure they called every person that filled out that slip at that restaurant. I never win anything so I know this isn’t legit!!

  88. I I was just just called by rush 102 radio station and won a cruise …think I can can sell my winning? I’m I’m holding off to take my vacation on on the moon this year

  89. Well, this is April now with a new radio station, RUSH 102. Same as everyone else in this forum. Missed the first call, called back later and answered 3 questions correct and won Bahama cruise for 2. Pay 59.99 per person for the ticket confirmation to be emailed to me. They give you 24 hrs to claim and pay the port fees or they they give tickets to someone else. Hopefully they don’t fall for scam either.

  90. I just got a call from RUSH 102 FM for 2 days Bahama’s free cruise. All I had to do was answer 3 music trivia questions. Unbelievably, my random guess for all three was correct. (I even checked online to validate) Then I had to register on to get the tickets. At the end they asked me to pay some $110 as port entry fee. Thank god I checked this site before paying anything.

  91. Stacey Johnson

    I received from a radio station on my cell phone, rush I answered all 3 questions correctly and was told that I won a free cruise for 2 all I had to do was claim my tickets online and pay the tax and fees. I looked it up online and found that it is nothing but a scam. If it sounds to good to be true is usually is.

  92. Got a call, rang once, from 1-725-900-7084. Claiming to be rush 102 radio and I answered the three questions correctly, of coarse. You really must be a dumbass if you answer any wrong..too easy. Anywho, this is big fat scam. If you really win a FREE CRUISE!!! ITS FREE DUMMY. You should never have to pay "port fees & taxes" Hope none of you sheeple fall for it. Have a lovely day!

  93. When I lived in Florida, I worked for a small company called Kal Pointe, later caught on that we were a scam company. We were pretending to be radio personality people. People would call in thinking they’re calling a different number/some would even get a text message, so when they reach us, they would hear an automated recording stating they’re caller # such and such, and they just won a free cruise etc…so, once they got to us, we’d act like they actually won the cruise, which every caller is a winner, we’d get their phone #, name, and email address. For every time someone purchase a cruise by paying the taxes on the website, we’d get a cash bonus of $4 or more. Some co-workers would walk out with close to $100/day. The hourly rate was $9/hr. The owner of the company drove a Lamborghini and a Porsche! Then one day we were told that the company has closed down and we won’t be working anymore ????

  94. I just got a California automated call from a radio B-MAX 104 saying I won it…and only each person had to pay port fees of 59.99

  95. If RUSH 102 calls you regarding a free cruise to the Bahamas after correctly answering three trivia questions, it is a complete scam. Please do not make the mistake of giving your credit card information out online to any site that is not secured and remember, you can only win prizes that you have actually signed up for. Don’t let the fact that this is a legitimate radio station fool you because the contest is NOT.

  96. Lauren LoPresti

    Filled out a card at a hotel we stayed at in Florida for a free trip to the Bahamas for two and they called me about a month later saying that I won. The company is Blue Harmony and they said that we needed to pay $19 to register on their website but I wonder if that is just a way they can get our credit card information? Any thoughts?

  97. It seems that this scam has now crossed borders. I’m a Private Investigator in Canada, and I received a call from RUSH 102 Radio this morning (during a meeting with a client…awkward doesn’t even come CLOSE to describing THAT one…). Turns out that all I had to do was answer three questions and I’d win a Bahamas cruise. So, with my client listening in, I decided to get to the bottom of this. First question: "Who wrote ‘Beat It’- James Hetfield, Gordon Lightfoot or Michael Jackson?" I guessed Gordon Lightfoot (Hey, I’m Canadian….gotta go for the CanCon!)- and it turns out that Michael Jackson DIDN’T write Beat It afterall- at least, according to RUSH 102, that is…same result for the next two questions- guessed wrong, but got them right. Who knew I was such a genius?

    So, I followed the instructions that they gave me (go to and click on "online will call", then enter your phone number to claim your prize!! CONGRADULATIONS!!!!), so I did. Funnily enough, that link directs you to a Google search page, and the third entry on that page is "scam alert"!! I had to click on "contests" to get to the cruise page. When I read their terms and conditions (which you MUST agree to before your prize would be released to you), I read the following:

    Terms & Conditions

    RUSH 102 Internet Radio Terms and Conditions ("Terms and Conditions"):

    By entering this promotion/contest prize giveaway you expressly consent to be called and/or texted by or on behalf of and Holiday Cruise Line via auto dialer or prerecorded voice at the above number. You expressly waive all federal and state no-call/sms registry protection. You understand that your consent here does not require you to purchase anything. Standard cellular rates apply.

    The recipient of this 2-night Grand Bahamas Cruise offered by Holiday Cruise Line is entitled to a complimentary 2-night, round-trip cruise aboard the Grand Celebration, from the Port of Palm Beach Florida to Freeport Grand Bahama Island. Aboard ship, recipient and guest will enjoy a comfortable inside stateroom, all meals, live entertainment and shipboard activities. Cruise package does not include transportation, port charges and government taxes, service charges, Florida state sales tax, gratuities, or incidentals while on board ship. Upgraded rooms and travel options are available at additional. Recipient is responsible for actual port charges and government taxes of $59.89 per person at time of registration. The Grand Celebration reserves the right to charge an additional fuel supplement of up to $12.00 per person per day on all passengers, to be collected at time of embarkation without prior notice, in the event that the price of light sweet Brent crude oil according to the NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange Index) is greater than $40.00 per barrel of oil. Rates for third and fourth person in your stateroom, when available, may be purchased at the current cruise line rate. The terms and conditions of Holiday Cruise Line Standard Contract of Passage apply to the cruise. This promotional cruise offer may not be combined with or applied to other certificates, promotions or special offers, including but not limited to: tour/travel packages, group, convention/company meetings, companion fares, senior citizen discounts, corporate agreements, student fares, child fares, travel industry discounts, internet fares, frequent flyer programs or any unpublished programs. Only One radio contest promotional cabin may be redeemed per residence or group traveling on the same departure date. Reservations must be booked within 18 months of paid registration. Traveler must be 18 years of age or older unless traveling with an adult. Offer not valid to residents of South Florida, Alaska, Hawaii and Vermont and North Dakota. Blackout dates may apply during seasonal and Holiday periods. Additional blackout dates may apply and blackout dates are subject to change without notice. All federal, state and local laws apply. This program is void where prohibited by law.

    Notice that it says that I must waive all rights to a no-call list so they can do the end-run around the law? I don’t know about my friends south of the border, but up here in Canada, we take that no-call list SERIOUSLY.

    I got a hold of their tech support and warned them NOT to call me again, nor retain my number in their database….I’ll update you if they honour that request (but don’t hold your breath). A complaint is being registered with the FTC at:

    If you get a call from RUSH 102, register the complaint at the link above. It WILL get addressed!!!!

    Meyu Yu, PI, CSO, CPO, CPP
    Ottawa, ON Canada

  98. Alyssa collins

    I just got a call from rush102 saying i won a free cruise to the Bahamas.. Lmfao 119.18 bucks um no scam ass ain’t getting me in that shit.. RUSH102 IS A SCAM

  99. Just got a call from with the three questions: who is the famous artist known for ‘Purple Rain’? Second, who sang ‘Beat It’? Then who singer was part of n-sync?

    Anyway, got the answers and got the congratulatory message, call (864) 513-5226 – which is South Carolina – to get your free cruise.

    I called there and asked me to pay $59.94 with my credit card!!!! Thanks for the free cruise.

  100. Just got call from ax radio station saying answer three music trivia questions and when cruise to grand Bahamas for 59.99 a person. Lol yeah ok the call cam at 10:30 at night and phone rang once and that was it. I found out all this when I called it back

  101. called me and said i would win a free trip to he bahamas if i answered three questions. as i thought it was too good to be true, i still answered the questions for fun. as they sent me the message that i needed to go to the website i only had to put in a little information. i went to that website and as soon as i clicked to go to step 3 of course they said i have to pay for some taxes and port fees. it said i had to pay $119.78 for those fees. which in that case they were asking for my credit card information. and then you would have the tickets emailed to you. as i knew from that point it was a scam i completely exited out of it and searched it. glad that i saw this it really helped. i would like the report the "radio station" of " free will call.

  102. This is a scam from some phone number in NC claiming to be a VENUS96 radio station…you get the questions right and you have to pay $120 in fees to get your fake tickets. I did not do this. Glad I checked this forum.

  103. Not getting scammed today

    1 339 707 8060. Arlington, Massachusetts, is the # ( ‘radio station’ whose server is hidden and based in Chechnya) called me from when I WON an opportunity to hand over about 200$ for a ‘free cruise’.
    Thankfully, I was born in the morning. Just not yesterday morning. Here’s to hoping the federal government will take a moment from its burdened shoulders to protect its citizens from these e-thieves. I won’t hold my breath.

  104. Me and my sister randomly got this call from "Venus96 FM" and they just said "answer these 3 music questions, and if you get them correct you will win a FREE cruise to the bahamas. We suspected this to first be a scam, we were just playing around with it so then we answered all the questions correctly. They told us to visit "" , so we did and then we saw that this was an legit radio station website, so we clicked the "Free will call tab" and we just entered our phone number and then we simply just entered our name. Then I see this "Billing info" thing and I thought "Okay, maybe they just need our address to send the tickets to us" but it appears that the billing was for a freaking 119.78 dollar fee! I’m not sure about this at all. I know its not a virus/scam website but still i’m not sure if i’m gonna except this offer.

  105. Venus 96 radio station has called me for the past couple of months with over the phone trivia questions and so I answered them and of course I got them correct . The prize was 2 free Bahamas cruise tickets all I had to do to claim them was pay a $59.89 port and tax fees up front to claim the tickets. I DID NOT PAY but anyways if anyone knows anything about this radio station please reply. Because I got a bad feeling about it.

  106. So I got a phone call that I missed, and then called back to see who it was. REAL 100 FM with a prized Bahamas cruise, if I only answered three questions. (And I was surprised I actually knew them). So I have gotten text messages now telling me to claim my prize. Checked out the website, played the live radio, looked at the prize page, seemed legit.

    Except for the fact that towards the end, the radio phone call said that I’d have to pay $60 for a "departure tax". Yeah right. I’m not doing that.

    So I looked it up, and what do you know? Others have had the same scam experience.

    The latest phone number this came from was (508) 283-1821. First number was (781)990-0703. If anyone wants to check them out for me, I’d be interested to see where they come from. Any law enforcement people on here can use these to investigate if you so desire.

  107. I was trying to call Royal Caribbean in order to ask a few questions about a future cruise. When the call connected, I was asked to complete a brief survey about my cruise preferences in order to be entered for a free cruise. I completed the survey, all the while thinking that I’d never heard of Royal Caribbean doing anything like this (at this point I’m unaware that I had dialed one digit incorrectly). After completing the survey I am told that I have won the free cruise, and I am connected to a gentleman that congratulates me and tells me that I’ve won a cruise for 2 with royal seas cruises and all I needed to do was pay a $60 fee for each person. After paying the fee I would have 18 months to use the cruise. At this point I’m way past skeptical and decide to do a little research and see if this is legit. After finding this site, I ended up hanging up on him after he tried to convince me to get my credit card. The phone number that I accidentally dialed was 866-565-7625.

  108. I am from Canada – This morning (Marc h 9, 2017) I misdialled Toronto Dominion bank or the number was re-routed way from the bank somehow. I was asked to answer a short 3 question survey which was actually 4 questions about how I like to travel on cruises. I was annoyed and just wanted to talk to my bank so I hung up and redialled. Same thing so I realized I had to take the survey which I did. Well, that was it, I’d won the cruise and they asked me to Click on #1 to accept and offered no other options – I wanted out so hit #2 and was disconnected. Finally talked to my bank and they knew nothing about this survey so that’s when I went online and found this site. After checking my phone the number called was 1-800-963-8472 – which is one number different from Toronto Dominion Bank. I thought to call the number again and was told by operator that the number is not available in my calling area. I called again and same message so it looks like when I did not co-operate they somehow blocked my number – ? I’m just glad I didn’t give them my credit card number – only hit 1 or 2 on the phone to answer questions. I guess I’m just a little scared that by even doing that they might have somehow gained access to my phone. Any advice out there?

  109. I accidentally the wrong number while I was calling and I was thinking WTF does not seem like anything Costco would do. The guy went on talking and I told him several times get to the end and I am a frequent cruise traveler. Told him to send me the info on his company and the package and he refused. The call dragged on for 9.5 minutes before he said he can not send me what i asked for and i disconnected. DO NOT give out your credit card or personal information to ANYONE you don’t know. If the offer seems to good to be true… you know the rest !

  110. the real 100 FM radio called with a contest all you had to do was answer 3 questions i ended up winning but im kinda scared. you do have to pay 60 each for departure tax.

  111. I just reiceved a phone call from real 100 with a contest to win a bahamas cruise for two. they even have a website that you can go to to claim this prize.

  112. I got a phone call and before I could answer they had hung up. I called back and they said to answer 3 trivia questions correctly to win tickets. So, I answered all correctly then they stated the radio station I won tickets through is REAL 110 FM. I followed their next directions up until the page that said I needed to pay the "Holiday Cruise Line Departure Taxes". The total is $119.78. I felt that this is sketchy so I started researching the website and I found this page.

  113. I recieved a call from a radio station. Asking 3 really simple questions. I answered all right and they said I won a cruise. The station they are faking is Real 100 fm. Tried to verify through a rep or dj. No one could provide legitament proof I had won.

  114. Got a call from online radio, to answer 3 easy questions. I was skeptical at first. here is what happens. You have to pay the port fees of $59 per person which is told to you upfront. You pick a sailing date, and call them to reserve of course they will try to sell you more stuff like a hotel stay, car rental etc… but if you dont want it you dont have to accept. Then you will be given instructions of how to pick up your tickets, which is another way to try and get some sales times, but again if you dont want to buy in you dont have to. You finally get your tickets in Fort Lauderdale and then can go ahead an sail off. On the ship there is plenty of food and light drinks to be found, keep in mind alcohol drinks are not included. There is a whole schedule of activities and fun things to do. If you are looking for a simple and inexpensive cruise then this is it. On the day you dock in the bahamas you have the CHOICE to purchase an excursion package, or you can stay on the ship and take advantage of their programs. You come back and again can enjoy the food programs and drinks, they have happy hours, and yes they do have services that are at a cost but again its your CHOICE. At the end of the day i paid $206 on board for 2 people which includes a $12 per day/ per person service fee. A fuel charge, a $20 picture souvenir and about 12 special drinks throughout my stay.

  115. ????so true about what Jay said about TY .. we should be winning like they say, not loosing any money by all means. They can pay ???? for the taxes and hotel stay if we supposedly "WON A FREE CRUISE"????????????

  116. Got a call from 631-490-2928 and asked to play trivia. I answered the questions correctly and asked to go to and clik "ONLINE WILL CALL" tab. They verified my number but at the last page ask for "Holiday Cruise Line Departure Taxes", Total Amount: $119.78! This seems to me a scam!

  117. I like how ty depicts what is and isn’t a scam only to explain in detail the exact process of said scam. Again WINNING IS FREE no port call no nothing but free so yea you got scammed you say through exactly what the article depicted you would, so your argument is invalid. Now for the 95 radio station one, my buddy got the same call asking three of the world’s easiest questions ( like who sang the Barney song, how do you say the word "one" and so on) he proceeded to pay the fees and so on and upon receipt he got what appeared to be ticket’s. Upon arriving to actually go on the cruise the tickets were fakes (minor details were all that separated real from fake) so he was sol. Not to say this was everyones case but for him it was. Now yea that’s only a few hundred dollars however you multiply that by a few hundred people and someone’s making out good. (Not ty though he def didn’t get scammed keep In mind our definition is vastly different than his smh)

  118. I was calling the passport office and somehow my call got redirected to "Royalty Cruises". After I listened for 25 min. I told Alisa that I’d sleep on it. Of course, she said, "the offer is for today only. Book and pay now or you don’t get the discount" That’s extortion. I rang the same number again and got a passport office agent who said he would pass this along to their security dept.

  119. "Samantha" (the one that works for Royal Sea Cruises) I was charged $230 before I told them I wasn’t interested. I paid the port fees for 2 and a downpayment on the extended vacation. While they were still giving their sales talk, I told them I decided I wasn’t interested. If you company is on the up and up, how about a phone number to someone that processes refunds?

  120. Does anyone know about the Green Citrus Travel to the Grand Bahamas and a free cruise? I got this call telling me I won but I do not know for sure and I can’t find anything online. I don’t want to be scammed but would LOVE to go to the Bahamas.

  121. Radio Active is a scam…. Go Holiday Cruise is a scam do not go, they make you pay $ 119.78 for random fees. If they ask you 3 easy questions it is probably scam, be very critical!! It is too good to be true. Look them up on facebook they are a scam.

  122. I received a call from 1225-900-0178 Louisiana number saying if I answered three questions like the comments below me &I would win tickets to the Bahamas me and a guest just pay the $119 I knew it was too good to be true

  123. I got a call, figured it was a scam but went with it. They’re asking for a $59 per ticket travel tax. So it’s probably a scam right?

  124. These Fort Laudedale cruises are definitely scams, cheap hotels, no mention of time share seminar in advance, not even a good part of town. We didn’t the cruise, we left the hotel after the first day. I’ve been through it, DO NOT get involved with these people. Total scam!

  125. I actually work for Royal Seas Cruises,
    I’m from the R.I (sales) Dept. Based in the Fort Lauderdale Office Building. This is not a "Scam" a Scam is not getting what you paid for. Yes you have to pay a port fee of 130$ for 2 people but it’s so u can leave and return into the country without having to have a Passport. Those things are a pain in the a$$ anyway to get and costly. The only time you end up paying more is if you take our offer of the extended stay package with we throw in a lot you people and we help lower your air fair. Our ship and island is beautiful. There is so much to see and do. I use my vacation time every year to go. I’ll also have you know I’ve yet to directly call someone. All of our calls are inbound which means you guys are calling us cause your interested in our promotions we are running. Please check out and get your facts before you bash us. Yes some places are scams and also trying to fake being us. But if you get a hold of the Fort Lauderdale building we are real people helping people set up a very cheap cruise. I mean honestly 130$ for 2days 2nights all you can eat food and fun that’s not bad at all other cruises cost soooo much more. Hope this helps you all. Again talk to us we are real people I also apologize if anyone has gotten pushy people from my building we have been fixing that and our Dept has turned out great.

  126. Received a phone call from a Louisiana number asking me to answer three trivia questions and that I won tickets. The tickets were for a cruise ship and that I only had to pay taxes which were 59.89 and I think 12 dollars.

  127. I do not have any affiliation with the cruise or the timeshare btw. This was definitely NOT a "scam". Scams are when you pay for something and DO NOT get what you are supposed to get OR when you pay for something and don’t get anything at all. I accidentally called a wrong number, got the radio station and was told I was the 15th caller and won a free cruise for 3 days to the Bahamas for 2 people. I didn’t have to pay for the cruise but had to pay the port charges and taxes of $59 per person (which you MUST pay with ANY cruise might I add). I was then offered a discounted rate of $60 total for a two night stay at the Ramada Plaza Fort Lauderdale if I wanted to stay in Fort Lauderdale 2 nights before the 3 day cruise because the welcome center (where I needed to get the cruise vouchers from) was in Fort Lauderdale. Included with the two day Ramada stay for $60 ($30 per night) was all you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner for both days for 2 people. I accepted and paid $120 for the 3 day Bahama Cruise & the all inclusive 2 day stay at the Ramada Plaza. The only caveat to the discounted Ramada stay was that I needed to seat through a 90 min timeshare presentation (which didn’t matter because I know how to say "NO" very well and I’m not a pushover or timid). EVERYTHING was as stated once we arrived in Fort Lauderdale at the Ramada. We checked in, scheduled the timeshare tour and enjoyed our stay. We ate breakfast, lunch and dinner as well. We sat through the timeshare; said "NO NO NO NO and NO again". Left the timeshare and the following day went to West Palm Beach Cruise Port for the cruise. The cruise was great, the food was great as well. Since the Grand Bahamas, Nassau, Freeport was still being renovated due to the hurricane, we went to Bimini Bahamas. Its smaller but had a lot to do. We jet skied, went snorkeling, enjoyed the island food and the beach.We enjoyed the casino, shows, games, and other activities on the ship as well. The rooms were nice and the ship was nice as well. Its not as large as Carnival or Norwegian but that’s a great thing. NOTHING about the cruise or hotel was a scam. The only additional charges I paid was $15 a day fees at the Ramada (which made it around $45 per day, which still wasn’t bad for what we received). I had NO Complaints….but this was definitely NOT a scam…….some of these individuals who commented need to research the word "SCAM" before you leave a review.

  128. Got a call from this number (484) 203-4321, it’s a PA number that claimed to be coming from Florida. A guy kept saying I won free cruise tickets and would not stop talking it up (I could hardly get a word in). They had my number and said if they got disconnected they could call me back. I had a feeling it was a fraud because the guy was being too pushy, and then when it came to getting my card number because of a small "fee" he would not take "no" for an answer. I asked for an email proof of the prize before I gave him my number and he kept saying he couldn’t do that and went on to ask for my card info again after I told him no. He even had the audacity to say "why can’t you give me your card number? I’m sure you have that much on your card to pay." When I said I do not want to do it he then "transferred me to his manager" who was even pushier than him, and I finally just hung up. I would have hung up earlier but since they had my phone number I felt like they would’ve just called me back. I still feel sketched out that they have my phone number

  129. just called me and said i won a cruise line and said would only cost 59.00 per person for you and you’re friend

  130. Got a call 3 questions a Bahamas trip for 59 dollars for each trip..

  131. "" same 3 questions as everyone else, they have a very legit looking website, call was from LA, CA: 1(323)403-0212

  132. Got a call said I won 2 tickets for a cruise to the Bahamas if I answered 3 trivia questions right and I did but no tickets

  133. Returned a call from (612) 502 5538. Seems to have originated from MN. Answered three easy questions and "won" a two day cruise to the Bahamas for two. I was referred to an online radio station and upon entering my info was told I’m I have to pay 119 dollars in taxes before the tickets are released to me. This sounds very much like a scam.

  134. Got a call from Texas: 469 309 5072 in association with "Holiday Cruise Line"
    Same 3 easy questions: Which artist’s favorite color was purple? Who wrote/performed beat it? Who was in NSync?
    Have to pay same $119 port fee.
    Seems like a scam, and matches everything I’ve read below.

  135. Got a call from +1-573-525-0801 offering me a free trip on a cruise to Bahamas. I only had to answer whether I am 21+ and whether I will be able to travel within the next 18 months. In return I was supposed to advertise their company to my friends and family. Then it turned out I also had to pay $60 fee to cover taxes. The voice speaking on the phone sounded very much like a real person, he even asked me what show I have been watching while he was as if trying to connect me to another department. Then I realized it was not even a real person, cause I didn’t answer his question, and in a few seconds he said: "I haven’t seen that show, but it sounds interesting", then a few seconds later he asked again what show I have been watching, and again the same response. It is definitely a scam.

  136. Same as described in regards to what the company was. I was unable to get a method to confirm the legitimacy of this offer, and to confirm experiences that others had. Stay away from this one. Never give your personal info to them, including an email

  137. Got a call stating to answer 3 questions (recording) answered the questions and they are asking me to pay the port fees and taxes from here’s their number too 3476903476.. go ahead a try it out. Lol

  138. This so called radio station called me and asked me 3 questions and I answered them and won. The prize was 2 tickets to a cruise but before I received them I had to pay a bogus fee for 2 people totaling almost $200.00, this was due before I receive my tickets. That was a red flag. People be careful. The so called radio station was The Chain104 Hits. It was actually set up like a true website with real music that you could listen 2 or shall I say pre- recorded. 616-216-6812, that is the number that called me

  139. Just got a call from "104 the chain" automated recording saying if I answered the questions correctly I would win a "free" cruise. They asked me the same questions I have seen from other people posting. "Which artist is best know for liking the color purple" ect. It’s a scam. I wanted to believe it but deep down I knew once they said I had to pay the port fee of 59$ or whatever.

  140. Don’t go for the Radio Station calling you from Nevada, " Free Cruise" it’s a time share scam ! I just called it back .

  141. (616) 303-7010
    Just got a call 30minutes ago from a online radio called pump101. Same bull**** u guys are saying. Even chatted with a Tony Daniels on their website to fine out if it’s a scam. Of course he said they aren’t a scam but from what I been reading they are. I work hard for my $, I’m a single mother of 3 girls. I was so close to paying that 119$ to them but had that ugly feeling after they started asking for my credit card number and so on. At that time u stopped before I gave them any information, and started surching for more information. I love Facebook, I ditched them on it and several ppl had posted about this online radio scam. And also had your info for help on scams. Thank u guys so much your sit saved me 119$ that my daughter’s and I badly need. But sad cuz this momma needs so Adult fun time. But hey I love my babies. Again thank u again for ur website. Happy holidays ppl and be aware of these ppl.

  142. PumpHits101 is a scam! It’s almost convincing but not quite enough. Don’t be fooled and let your friends know!!

  143. Just got a call from "" ( a real radio station) who said if I won there radio contest of three questions that I won a 2 night stay with another person for free. Well at the cost of a 59.95$ per person registration fee. Soooo I’m assuming since it’s NOT free that it’s a scam.

  144. The number that called me was 307-448-1534 it was pump hits 101 they asked me he same 3 question’s I went to that website and found it was administered in Switzerland. Total scam

  145. (914)246-5190, (808)518-2267, and (913)225-7505. The first number is the one that called me and I called back and listened to a recording asking the easiest trivia questions possible (Who is the artist best known for "The Color Purple"?, Who sang "Beat It"? and Which of these artists was in N’Sync?… duh, duh, duh). So then I was instructed to go to to pay the standard port fees of $59 for each person and then I’d get my tickets emailed to me. The next two phone numbers are from the text messages I’ve received within the hour telling me to go to that site and claim my prize -_- Don’t be bamboozled by this BS.

  146. Just got a call from 219-999-1346 (don’t even know where that area code is). Call was supposedly from PUMP101HITS radio – never heard of it, never listen to it. Answered trivia questions. Blah blah… same bul****. Their website asks for ‘Holiday Cruise Line Departure Taxes’ – Total Amount: $ 119.78. Not Buying it!
    How did they get my number? Well I just got back from a cruise to Bahamas so I assume they somehow get data from cruise lines websites. Actually thought it was trivia from Carnival Cruise since I cruised with them. Blocked the number.

  147. Scammer: Radio Station

    Scsm: I live in Oregon so when I got a call from Alabama I was a little intrigued. The number was (205) 686-6248. I missed the call originally so I called back. I got an automated recording saying it was Radio Station with 3 trivia quedtions. If I answer them correctly, I’d win a 2 day cruise to the Bahamas. I can only remember 2 if the questions but here you go: 1) Who sang the song Beat It? (Of course it’s multiple chooice). 2) Which artists favorite color is Purple? (Again, multiple choice). Once I got all 3 questions right I received 2 text messages from (337) 806-8210 & (509) 571-2789.

    I went to their obviously fake website FULL of messages like, "this is the best station" and "I just got my free cruise tickets". There wasn’t 1 bad review. Oh and before I forget, I’ve never even heard of this station and they wanted $59 per ticket for taxes and fees. I’m so glad I found this site

  148. Yes thank you! Got this phone call and listened to the guy talk about the casinos and beaches for 45 minutes. I was on a solo roadtrip so thought id just listen to his bs while driving. All of a sudden he goes visa or mastercard for the taxes and fees whatever. I tried to get them to admit it was a scam and asked to talk to the management. Thought they might be trying to just scam people on the intial fees but interesting to know there actually is a cruise. Not sure why they’d think a college student would want a timeshare.

  149. Ok well watch out for the fake online radio station and Holiday cruise lines I just received a phone call with those ridiculously easy three questions which I answered easily but. Since I never win anything I knew something wasn’t right so the first thing I did after supposedly winning was start asking questions online so thank you for all the info but I must say I was definitely fired up for all of about a minute and a half thinking that maybe I had won something from a drawing that I entered a while back that just so happened to be for a cruise but when they said it would cost me 59 dollars I knew right then that it was a whole bunch of bull sh*t I really hope these People are caught and get what they deserve

  150. Marti Anne Williams

    I keep receiving calls about a cruise to the Bahamas after winning trivia. is the website and they supposably are partnered with Holiday Cruise Line. Seems sketchy, as they called me and when I called back it was a recording and I won but don’t think its real.

  151. Same scam here Street 103. They keep calling my government cell phone which means I got to report them. The website is showing as being in the Czech Republic so not sure what FBI and OIG can really do, but people should hopefully know this is a scam.

  152. Yes, this is a scam!
    I had this radio station call me saying I could win a cruise if I answered 3 questions. I put the call on speaker phone since my boys were with me and answered the questions correctly!
    I proceeded to get an automated phone recording stating what I needed to do to claim my prize. I even got 2 confirmations texts on how to claim my prize. But, when I went to claim my prize, I couldn’t online. So, I contacted the radio station and after talking to different people and having them ‘investigate’ my situation, they decided that they have no record of my phone number. Even when they called me!

  153. Okay, my scam came from a radio station called I had to answer 3 trivia questions that anyone that listened to a radio station anytime the last 40 years could answer. You then had to go and claim your tickets. It was for a free bahama cruise departing out of Palm Beach, Florida on Holiday Cruise Lines. You just had to pay the port tax of $59.00 per person at the time of getting your e-tickets on line. Think I’ll pass.

  154. These clowns called today with caller ID showing "Scott Towing" and a local area code. Then the voice actress hired to record this B.S. goes into a friendly little laughing bit about her headset troubles and lightheartedly asking for forgiveness. Then it goes into a description of the Florida vacation you’ve qualified for that costs next to nothing. If you answer the robot lady’s question to get to a live human, that’s where they’ll try to get your info. I pretended to be super interested and chummed around with the guy calling my service provider shit and that I could drop the call any second so could I please get a callback number. He gave me 800-554-7263 (800-55-grand). That’s clearly their front-line screening system used to determine which of their multiple fake businesses you’re hoping to call. He also said their company name is Grand Celebration Cruises. Having as much info as I felt likely to get, I told him to remove me (which I’m sure they won’t do) and hung up to go file my report on the Do Not Call website. Hopefully someone can nail these a$$holes.

  155. lets face it, your not going to win some contest that you didn’t even enter. esp a radio station you never heard of calling you with the 3 easiest questions they could possibley ask. if anyone even remotely believes they won and pays to claim their prize they deserve what they get. come on. wake up and smell the phony

  156. I just received a call (from my own area code) I figured it was someone from work or a friend using someone’s phone. I’ve been entering contests to win a free honeymoon vacation since i’m getting married in 6 months.. When I answered I thought it was legit. What sounded weird to me was that I had to pay for my air fare from California to Florida and I had to pay the port taxes which was $65 a person. I wasn’t excited at all listening to the man tell me about this deal. It sounded like he was reading it from a paper. Right when he asked me for my master card or visa card number I freaked (mind you I’m only 19). I kindly told the man that I was at work and didn’t have that information on me, he then decided to tell me that he just needed the name that’s on the master card or visa card and started getting annoyed and angry when I told him I wasn’t going to give it to him. While I was on the phone I was on my lap top searching to see if it was legit or not. Thank god I didn’t give my card numbers.

  157. i got my call today, for some reason i was not like all excited. but when i spoke to my husband i calmly told him about the cruise. i even waited 12 hrs to tell my daughter.she replied ..yeah sure husband got on the internet and immediatley found the scams…thank goodness no money or info passed our hands..

  158. I knew before I opened my mail that I was sent a $1300 voucher from Royal Seas Cruises from a previous story I heard. It’s been happening a lot more lately, I called the "one time number" and spoke with a very friendly individual that was supposedly from my area but hung up on me when I said I didn’t have the $65 port fee available. The voucher didn’t even appear as one should, no flyer or letter came along attached… I feel sorry for those who go along with it, just sad.

  159. I received a "Free cruise for 2 with $1,300 in travel vouchers," in the mail today. I phoned them and immediately they went off on a tangent about how amazing the all-inclusive cruise would be-this is where I knew things weren’t true because cruise ships are never all inclusive, I didn’t sign up for anything and they wanted around $200 for port fees and government fees. One thing I’ve learned is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Keep yourself protected from scam artists. Do your research!

  160. I just got a call from 205-464-9966. I called the number back on a landline and it was "End of Summer Music Trivia." I had to answer 3 music questions, then visit to claim my 2 free tickets for a cruise to the Bahamas. All I have to do is pay the port fees and taxes. Sounds like a scam to me.

  161. I missed a call from 402-769-4144, but when I called back an automated voice answered saying that I was entered for a chance to win the "End of Summer Music Trivia" contest and had to answer three VERY easy music-related questions to win a cruise to the Bahamas. It then directed me to where all I had to do was enter my phone number in order to claim my tickets in addition to paying about 118 dollars for port taxes for the two tickets. When they prompted me to pay, I did some research and there were very few google results for the website and radio station. The results that showed up all looked fine, but when I went to my own scam-finder website it listed the website as being very new and based out of Austria. Then couldn’t find any search results for the phone number, but when I called the number using a different phone I was greeted by the same automated voice saying that I have a chance to win the tickets. I still haven’t found anything definitive out about the legitimacy of the site, but it made me concerned enough to not pay them.

  162. I just got a call from a number from Knoxville, Tn (865) 415-6934. An automated voice from "Monster 102 radio station" telling me that if I answer three music related trivia questions I can win a two-night trip to the Bahamas, leaving out of Florida. Anyone with even the most vague knowledge of pop culture could answer them. I was told to go to to claim my prize, funny thing is, when I got a confirmation text, it came from a Colorado number. I called the number and my cell phone provider intercepted because the number isn’t real. There’s a blog that’s promoting the contest, a lot of people in the comments booked it, because they think it’s real. I suspect the blog is fake, with people that are a part of the scam egging them on. Here’s the link

  163. Detroit forever

    I did some more research online and here is what other people reported as questionable companies advertising free cruises. All these companies are listed on the ripsoff report page. Watch out for these sneaky travel agencies, folks: Diamonds International, GoCRV, Vacation Breeze, Direct Buy, Carnival Cruise Line, Wholesale inventory Network llc, Vacations To Go, Distant Palms Vacations, Crucon Cruise Outlet,, Luxury Cruise Otions, Max97, Avalon Premiums, Global Vacation Network, Blue Star Cruises, Voyages-FTM Zeelandia

  164. Is there any way to get a refund?? I went through with this deal, paying up to $800….I’m pretty upset with myself right now ….has anyone been able to get a refund?

  165. Got the cruise scam call yesterday. One girl told me I won and would only have to pay taxes, then passed me off to another gal. She wanted my name. I asked her what cruise line it was….Royal Seas, she says. I asked what else I had to do to get the free cruise…..she hung up. Called me back today on a restricted number. I asked who was calling….and she hung up. Thought it was a scam to begin with.

  166. I just received a phone call from 515-203-4030 stating that I was chosen for a change to win tickets for a 2 night cruise. All I had to do was answer 3 music related questions correctly and then I win. So I won and then I had to go to to claim my ticket at their online willcall. There’s nothing explaining if I have to pay for my airfair but that I will have to pay tax and port fees From Florida Cayman Islands to Bahamas. I researched this information and seems to be the same as some scams out there….of course I’m not sure. Also, they stated in order to claim the trip that I won I would have to pay $119 now or lose the trip. I didn’t pay anything

  167. I received a call from a radio station wanting me to do a three question trivia so I got all three answers right and they said I won a 2night cruise for 2 I just had to pay the taxes but, I never even heard of Holiday Cruise Lines they called from a New York number and the radio station is supposedly a online station so please be aware!

  168. Cynthia Wilson & Louisa, I also got the information in the mail about the 3 days and 2 nights cruise offered by Royal Seas Cruises. I paid the $118.00 with my credit card for the port charges & government taxes. I have the travel voucher for $1,300.00, and was told this was for 2 people, including all meals, activities and entertainment. Gabrielle talked to me for the best part of an hour and tried to sell me other extras. I told her we couldn’t afford any of that. Is there any way of getting my $118.00 back, or have I just bought me some sense?

  169. they actually sent me a letter recently and i called to hear them out then a lady responds with talking about how wonderful the sight is and that they need 139 to claim the so called free cruise, then once i declined, she basically hung up right away.

  170. I was attempting to call Avis (808) 834-5536 but accidentally dialed (800) 834-5536. I didn’t realize it was a wrong number at first. I was asked to complete a 3 question survey about vacations. I thought it was weird but it was a rental car company so I answered the questions hoping to be directed to an Avis representative. It said for participating I won a free cruise. I figured it was a scam but listened anyway out of curiosity. I wasn’t going to give any personal information so I figured the risk was low. Robin (from Tampa) offered me a luxury cabin on an unfilled Royal Seas cruise ship departing from Palm Beach going to Grand Bahamas. He was VERY pushy! I told him I couldn’t pay even $130 without consulting my husband first, so he wanted to do a 3 way call (I told him my husband wasn’t available, because he flies planes) and he said my husband must be a jerk if I can’t surprise him with a free cruise. (WOW!) In exchange for the free 3-day-2 night cruise to the Grand Bahamas, I was supposed to pay $65 per person in port fees. (Totally refundable) They said filling the empty cabins, with people who will spend money on gambling, drinks, souvenirs, etc is better than them being empty. After searching on line I see that I would end up having to sit through +6-hours of timeshare meetings and then they would take more money at the gambling table while we’re stuck on a shotty cruise ship with nothing much else to do- to and from the Bahamas. Sounds like a real crap deal.

  171. I got a thing in the mail saying I could get a two day cruise with a 1300 dollar coucher and 7 day car rental if I sat through one of those time share meetings which is fine by me it’s super easy to buy something that you don’t have money to pay for, I want to know how that 1300 dollar voucher is redeemable before I call and end up with someone on the other end that says the offer isn’t redeemable if I hang up I want more information before I call

  172. Royal Seas Cruise…mail scam? Got a thing in the mail regarding a "free cruise for 2" and $1300 spending…7day rental car…few days stay in Florida location…cruise to the Bahamas… Pretty sure this is a scam. Anybody ever see or know anything about such a scam? (Nope, didn’t call to redeem it…wanted to research this thing first). Thanks!

  173. This is actually smarter than their older pitch where they mailed out the letters saying you won and made you call in. Still obviously a scam but congrats on finding a new way to pitch that most likely requires less overhead as you probably have less reps now. The whole company is people just getting out of rehab in FL and half of them are actively using. They are willing to hire people after speaking with them for 2 minutes and making them read the pitch. These call centers are disgusting and full of people using drugs. Just so you are aware of who you are giving your credit card numbers to. I know more than enough people that have worked for these cruise lines as they left rehab because it is a job you can obtain quickly with no real background check what so ever. In all honesty if your really gullible enough to give them your credit card, you kind of deserve to get taken by them. Yes you do actually get to go on a cruise after paying the $118 bucks if they don’t up sell you but it is a horrible cruise. Also not the ship pictured on the website unless they went and bought a new one which I doubt considering they are resulting to these tactics to find guests.

  174. This just happened to me an hour ago! From Matrix97 radio station which didn’t sound real. The trivia questions were painfully easy to answer as well which also was a clue. And that confirmation text? From a completely different area code. Hmmmm. I’ve been on radio shows and a real person would have spoken. Also people call in, not the other way around. And when you DO win with radio stations there are many other listeners as witnesses forbwhen that happens. Do yourself a favor and don’t eveb call the number back.

  175. Looks like a scam!!! Nothing on their facebook to support any one has actually taken this cruise not even a tag or post from real people. SMH!!!

    Welcome to the Royal Seas Cruises travel family.

    Our customer service is second to none, we are here to make your vacation experience enjoyable from start to finish. Our friendly, knowledgeable customer service experts are readily available to meet your needs.

    Your reservation number: GP082416-016TDO and last 5 digits of your card number are all you need to access your Reservation at Please allow 48 hours for your reservation information to be available.

    Royal Seas Cruises

  176. Alex, if we are such liars, then tell me this. I am on a do not call list, I receive calls even after 9pm, I have said no and get a "sorry to have bothered you, we will remove you from list," yet the calls still come in, sometimes 3-4 times a day. If you have nothing to hide and think we are lying, post the company information, so we can resolve the issue.

  177. You guys are liars. I work in the sales department, we do not offer flights whatsoever we tell you straight up you have to provide your own transportation to Florida, our ship is huge it has 12 decks, it includes 2 adult pools and 2 Jacuzzi’s, 3 supervised kid zones, a sauna, fitness center, salon, gift shops, 8 bars and lounges, a state of the art night club, a large casino, and more!! The time share is only required if you add on the hotel package and takes 2 hours at max and we tell you that!! We also include anything anyone is responsible for while on the ship. So take this down and quit lying. Also it’s only port taxes, $118 for 2 people.

  178. Received call from 9166371978 it was dead air then hung up. I called back and automated msg played a trivia questions to win a cruise. Questions were easy and then it ask if you want a confirmation of win in a text. Received text and it looks like this : Congratulations Trivia Winner! CLAIM your 2-Night Caribbean Cruise Tickets here: … This website has no way of contacting anyone by phone and all links supporting this web radio through their site and through google look unprofessional. I never heard of this web radio, don’t listen to it, and don’t know how they called my number. You would think that if you really won something from this radio station they would be professional enough to speak to you in person. I’ve found no solid proof this a scam but all signs are pointing to it is. So if anyone can research this to put this to a stop it needs to be done. There is no telling how many others have been hit with this. And if this is a scam the scammers went all out on trying to make everything look legit.

  179. I just got the free cruise packet I figured it was a scam so thanks so much I’m about to report them to the Federal Trade Commission yep

  180. I just received a call, and when i answered, they hung up. I call them back and its an automated man saying that POWERHITS FM 94 wants me to answer 3 trivia questions, "that was extremely easy multiple choice" questions and that i won a 2 day cruise to the Bahamas and the tickets are roll call but there is the $59 dollar fee. They even texted me a website after, but why would a radio station CALL YOU to win? no way in hell.

  181. I just got a call from them this morning. All I had to do was complete a servay that was only 3 questions and they would transfer me to an agent that would set me up with a free 2 day cruise to the Bahamas. The conversation was exactly like you decribed in the article. The women on the other end was very nice ( The name she gave me was Sally with an ID # 00214 the number on my caller ID was 716-965-8753 and she said she was from Blue Shark cruise line and the Ship was Called Grand celebration). I told her that I had no idea that they would be calling me today and that I could not pay the "Small Fee" today. She told me that if I couldn’t pay for it today I could call 800-461-8253 at a later time to see if they had any premonitions available. When I searched Google for Blue Shark Cruise Line All that came up was real blue sharks and this article. I hope this helps. Good Luck catching these guys!

  182. There is a lot of company’s trying to be the real Royal Seas Cruises but they are not, I actually paid port taxes $59 per person and the cruise and stay promotion is thing that you will need if you go on any cruise that’s for an big discount, so I paid $776 extra for rental car, hotel, and much more so I don’t have to rush to Florida for the cruise. Everything that people is saying is not true everything that Royal Seas Cruises said I will get I did. My husband and I had the time of our life and that was the first cruise we ever been on.

  183. Got a call from a number from my city. Then she said I am in Florida where are you and right there I looked up the royal cruise line to check it out and to see if others had the same interactions as I did and there it was, all over the web as a scam. Be careful!

  184. I got a call from an automated person, hung up and then called back and the automated recording transferred me to Barbara from "Royal Seas Cruises" on Grand Celebration. She seemed to want to ask the questions. She didn’t really want me to ask any. She seemed to ramble on nervously when spelling the cruise line and seemed a little ditsy. She told me about the $59 port fees (118 total). But, when I asked her if that is something you have to pay today, she said no and kept rambling. Then as I was thinking about taking advantage of it, she said you just pay the 1 time port fee today. I told her that she told me just a few minutes ago that I didn’t. So, I said never mind… And she said basically she is going to have to pass on the opportunity to someone else. I was called from a 904 number which is my area code. Her supposed ID was FL3363

  185. Jason Houston

    The crooks called me from a local Phoenix #, 480-360-4650. Said I was getting a free cruise to the Bahamas. I asked why is it free; she told me "because the boat has empty spaces and they might as well fill them." I asked where they got my #, and they said "Because you have made travel plans and gone on boat cruises in the past." (Untrue.) She said there was a $59 "government charge" for something inaudible, obviously on purpose. Told me the boat I was going on is the Grand Celebration, owned by Royal Seas Cruises. Took my first name and city where I allegedly lived, and nothing else, including my "friend’s" name. All the stilted, recorded dialog is designed to sound like a live person. If I didn’t answer a question, the recording would ask, "Are you still there?" If I attempted to interrupt, the recording was set to shut off, and after a long pause, the "lady" would ask another question not related to what I asked. I was really jerking them off, just to see how far they would troll this line out to find someone with the IQ of a fruitcake. While continuing to answer questions, some dirty supervisor must have walked by, and told the brainless slut I was talking with to disconnect the call.

  186. I just received the call for a free cruise on the Grand Celebration. The number given to call back was 844-554-7263. My Caller ID said 920-447-4156, from Random Lake, Wisconsin. LOL. Yeah, like most others here, I was skeptical from the beginning. It was entertaining seeing how enthusiastic the "agents" were. Needless to say, they’ll tell you that the ship leaves Palm Beach, FL. The expiration for the offer is in 18 months and the cruise lasts for 3 Days and 2 Nights. It goes to Grand Bahama Island. The only thing I have to do is pay the $297 Port Tax…Yeah, right…….

  187. "Green study survey" promising a trip to the Bahamas. You "only" have to pay a port fee of $59/person. Right then and there, without knowing who you are giving your info to. I knew it was a scam from the start, but wanted to see they process. There’s no way this didn’t lead to a time share event, but how did they get my phone number, etc? They get tricker and such more every day.

  188. I got the same "music trivia" call today from (518) 864-3035. That same New York number is now "no longer in service" only five hours later! Thanks to this site for confirming my suspicions.

  189. Beth Bojangle

    Just received a call from 7012531432
    Wanted me to answer 3 music question. Whose favorite color is purple. ..prince
    Who sang beat it….Michael Jackson
    And who was in the boy band nsync…Justin Timberlake. And guess what?!!! I won a trip for 2 to the bahamas. They claim they are from xfm107 and that all you have to pay is the taxes of 59.99…… good one. Hope no one falls for their scam.

  190. I received a call from Birch Run, MI. The line was dead air then disconnected. When I called back I got an automated system with the 3 music question as already stated. Surprise… I won. If it’s legit, why are the calls coming from all over the country? I’ll save my money instaed of risking the loss of it.

  191. Josh Cratsenberg

    I just received the same call from XFM 107 about a 2 day cruise to the Bahama’so. I have to pay 59 per person in order to claim. Is this real?

  192. Actually this is not a scam I’ve done the free cruise for the two days two nights and I only pay $59 for two person put for total of $118 and you do not have to do a timeshare only if you’re getting the extended package which you are saving over 75%

  193. Just got a call from (409) 422-8297 out of Vidor, TX. Automated man on the phone had be answer a Music Trivia. 3 questions and if you get them all right, you’ve won a 2 person cruise trip to the Bahamas. Questions were: Artists favorite color purple? Answer – Prince. Who sang "Beat It?" Answer – Michael Jackson. What artist was in NSync? Answer – Justin Timberlake.
    All of the questions were very easy, therefor, leads me to believe it is more of a scam.

  194. I supposedly just won 2 tickets for a 2 day cruise via XFM 107 his radio station. It is on Holiday Cruise Line to the Grand Bahamas. Is this legit? I have to pay $59 per person in taxes/port fees. Please email me at [email protected] and let me know. Thanks.

  195. I just won a cruise LOL

    I have had multiple phone calls from Kissamee, Florida in the United States and because I don’t know anybody there I never bothered answering. Well, on Friday 17 June 2016 I finally decided to answer this call and the lady with the Phillipino-American accent began by firstly confirming my email address and then proceeding to tell me I had won a holiday for a cruise and accommodation in Orlanda and at Disney and a 2 day cruise in Cancun. I told her that I had never entered a competition for a cruise but she insisted that in the past 12 months that I did and that all it would cost was $299. Hahaha, what a joke, anyway I am posting this so if any others getting this surprise phonecall with this amazing prize, trust me, it’s bogus. The oldest rule in the book is that there’s no such thing as free but these scammers prey on the fact that we all hope of winning something one day.

  196. The same thing happened to me today as to Lisa below. I got a call from xfm 107 and said i won and just had to go to their website to claim tickets. The website said the cruise was through go holiday cruise but the ONLY info i could find on them was their own I am kinda suspicious

  197. Just received a free cruise in the mail from Royal Sea, so i had questions about it. So Ms Joice ID FT 4627 gave me the whole speech as everyone else, about how marvelous this cruise is and i could swim with the fish etc, so i told that my husband was gone to pick up his medicine give me your number she couldn’t give me a number. So i called the number back i got hung up on by one gentleman. So i decided to call from my home number a lady answered the phone i gave her Ms Joice Id number now she doesn’t work there, i said i just talk to her, then she is gone home for the day. REALLY PPL STOP TRYING TO GET PPL’S HARD EARNING MONEY THAT WE WORK SO HARD FOR TO PAY REAL BILLS……

  198. Please be aware of ROYAL SEAS CRUISES, as it is a HUGE SCAM. If you get something resembling a boarding pass with a toll free number, rip it up right away and don’t bother calling. When I called and challenged them, they hung up the phone on me, which I did not mind at all because I already knew it was a scam.

  199. All the offers are probably legitimate. You can call the cruise line to see if they have a promo package with the company that called you. You will have too attend a presentation, and it will probably be for a foreclosed timeshare. Many peoplle use these mini vacations for their travel. They get to go places they otherwise couldn’t go to, and it only costs them a few hours out of their vacation.

  200. I just got a call that actually it started from a Citibank survey I think, answered the 3 Q and then connected me to cruise representative. She gave me all the speech described above, she sounded too excited, more than me and made me feel like I really won something. I was like this sounds too good to be true and she said, I know where you coming from, but this is real, and gave me her corporate Id 3141 and continued to tell me things and I started imagining a paradise. Then she followed to ask for $118 payment for boarding port tax and I was like…Yeah this is the part I don’t trust, not feeling like paying $$ over the phone to a random call, she continued to make me trust her, she asked for my email so she could send me a letter etc with all the info, so I could believe her etc. So I did, I did get the email, continued to ask for the $118 payment, I said yeah can’t pay now, give me a number where I can call or online site to make the payment. She said, this is a promotional deal, but I would put you with my manager, so he can explain things better, guy tried to get me too, I asked if he could provide a code # or any confirmation number that I truly won something and a phone # or online site where I could go and make payment and enter code # or confirmation # that I legit won something, then he gave up. He said, sorry this a promotional deal and has to be paid in this call and basically hung up

  201. My wife made a phone call to our wealth management company. After that was done, they asked her if she would take a phone survey. They transferred her over, she completed the survey, then she won a free cruise. Two day cruise, and two nights, in the Bahamas. Fees and taxes extra. This happened on my birthday, and as my wife has been bugging for us to take a trip, she took it as a sign. They didn’t call us, we called them, so took a chance that it was legit. We paid something close to $300 (Canadian). We have 18 months to book our trip. We have some time off together this July, but next year isn’t looking well. So we will go south for the summer. We called Royal Seas to book. They offered us an additional two nights in Fort Lauderdale and an additional 2 nights in Orlando, and car rental, for around $1200. All meals included. They asked us to upgrade our room in the Bahamas to a private balcony with an ocean view for $120. We accepted. Trip booked. We needed to find our own flights to Fort Lauderdale, and since Air Miles start expiring at the end of this year, we figured it was a good use of them. Again, we paid the fees and taxes. A few days later, we decided we didn’t want to go to Orlando, we wanted to stay in Fort Lauderdale again. They had no problems making that change. So in total we’ve spent around $2000. In my opinion, that is not a bad deal for flights for two to Florida, four nights in Fort Lauderdale, two nights on a (probably low end quality) cruise ship, and two nights all inclusive at the Grand Lucayan. They did mention a timeshare pitch that we have to attend, but no mention yet of when or how long it is. On the last phone call, I asked for an itinerary, because I am still a little skeptical. They said it would be mailed to us three weeks prior to departure. So now I have done some research, and a lot of people are saying it is a scam. To me, a scam would mean I get there, there is no hotel for me, no car rental, no cruise. I do not think that will be the case. I do not expect the hotel in Fort Lauderdale to be a five star on the ocean. The car rental will not be a Mercedes. But I do think for $2000, we will get a decent 8 night getaway that we needed.

  202. I supposedly just won 2 tickets for a 2 day cruise via XFM 107 his radio station. It is on Holiday Cruise Line to the Grand Bahamas. Is this legit? I have to pay $59 per person in taxes/port fees. Please email me at [email protected] and let me know. Thanks.

  203. Just received same call as mark bellow on the 25th. When he wanted a credit card for the $59 I told him I don’t give credit cards over phone. He then wanted me to long into their website and do it while he was on the line with me. When I told him I couldn’t now he put his manager on the line. The manager wanted me to do it on the spot or I would loose my offer to someone else. I new it was a scam but was curious to see where they would go with it. I told the so called supervisor that and hung up. BE WARE when they call you asking for credit card numbers big clue.

  204. Just got a call 5 minutes ago from the same "green initiative" crap. Three simple questions and I was on my way to the Bahamas, for free? Too good to be true. The guy told me all the wonderful things that were included, at this point I’m taking notes. I get 18 months to decide when to go? Awesome that sounds great. A port fee of 59$? Sounds fair I guess, I’ve never been on a cruise. But when I told him I wasn’t comfortable giving him my card information over the phone it was a limited time offer and I had to pay now. He got irritated when I asked why I had to pay the port fee right away if I had 18 months to book. Sounded fishy so I told him I couldn’t afford that until Friday (which is true anyway) at which point he said I lost my spot on the cruise and my number would be entered back into the pool of potential winners for the next "promotion". Thank god I didn’t fall for that. If it sounds too good to be true, run.

  205. I got two calls from "those" people. The first was the same "green" survey. After the survey I was told I was going to be connected to the cruise line. The guy got on the phone and identified himself and said "I am with the cruise line." I asked him "Which cruise line?" and he promptly hung up. Five days later I received another call. This time it was from a cruise line stating my phone number was selected at random. He went on to say some sort of bull and then he said he worked for "Blue Star" cruises and that they could be looked up in the web. He gave a name of a ship that Blue Star doesn’t even own. The only ship the Blue Star Webb site talks about is the "Titanic II". No doubt from the first sound out of his mouth it was a scam.

  206. Detroit forever

    I commented earlier. Here are more cruise companies that are reported by travelers on the ripoff website – beware!: Blue Star Cruise, Azamara Cruise Lines, Ultimate Excursions, Away to Paradise Vacations, Carnival Cruise Lines, Cruise America, Caribbean Cruise Line, Holiday Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean International.

  207. lol, Wayne, I wish you could write down your own name. It is so clear that you are one of the scammers! See, that’s why scumbags like you can’t win, you can’t even cover yourslef.

  208. Has anybody actually made contact with one of these people, or has obtained a number from them that is not masked or fake?

  209. I don’t know if the people are legit or not, but they had something set up at Cheyenne Comic Con. They called my girlfriend saying she won, but we have to pay for the "package" in the total of 630 dollars and some change. The website is and please, someone verify if they are legit. I don’t want to waste 600 dollars on some fake.

  210. You people are borderline idiots, I took the cruise, purchased additional stays and got everything I was promised. Just tell the time share guys no and enjoy your trip. Simple minded people kill me. Any cruise requires port taxes. Don’t down a business because you are illiterate and don’t know what a port tax is and can’t afford it. Walmart has the most complaints over any business there is yet you still go there.

  211. Detroit forever

    Well, I did some little research and here is what various travelers reported as scam companies, whether is about deceptive practices or just simply not providing the service. All these companies are listed on the ripsoff report page. Watch out for these sneaky travel agencies, folks: American Vacations, AFC Holidays Dubai, Priceless Times, Millennium Travel and Promotions, Inc., Farewell Vacations, Explorica Travel, eDreams, Grand Discovery Travel, Crystal Travel Tours and Holidays, Global Vacation, Sweet Dreams Vacations, and Go Global Travel.

  212. Timothy Johnson

    I got a call stating that I have one a cruise for two with the Royal seas cruises. She was saying the exact same stuff then asked for my credit card. That’s where I was like no. She said I had 18 months to decide a date and all I had to pay for was the package that was 54$ a person. I kept asking questions and she would veer off course onto something different.

  213. Blue Star Cruises IS INDEED A SCAM!!! I am a former employee and I say first hand, they give a speal/pitch and then ask you to pay $118 dollars to cover government port taxes. They are scamming people into giving full credit card information in just one call over the phone.. WARNING: DO NOT GIVE YOUR CARD INFO TO A RESERVATION AGENT FOR BLUE STAR CRUISES OR TO SAIL ON THE GRAND CELEBRATION SHIP OUT OF PORT OF PALM BEACH! They will TAKE your card payment yet you will not get the travel they promised you.

  214. I just got off the phone with what was called, "Royalty Cruises". An operator talked first and let me know I’m eligible for the free cruise to the Bahamas. Second, a "cruise expert" gave me all the details in this too good to be true FREE Bahamas cruise. She was very convincing, and if it weren’t for the child I nanny for crying in her ear and her telling me she’ll contact me when I get off, (waiting to see if she actually does), I probably would’ve gone for it. But since I’ve done my research, I’m obviously not giving out my credit card to a stranger. *high five baby*! She told me it was first come first serve, it would cost $59 per person, and that I didn’t need a passport. That was super fishy to me! If you don’t need a passport to leave the country and all you need is your birth certificate and a driver’s license…?!? Idk if that’s like a new thing or something, but that was a red flag right there. Basically, I wouldn’t go for it. Definitely do your research if ANYONE tries to tell you you’ve won a free trip that you have to pay for? SCAM.

  215. I got the call today from a private number. The "green technology" survey was short before transferring me to a live person so they could set up my 2 day free trip to the Bahamas. Luckily, They put me on hold with some nice elevator music while I waited for the next available cruise expert, so I had time to search the internet for reviews. By the time the friendly operator answered, I hung up. SCAM!

  216. My story is almost EXACTLY the same as "Anna Wall’s" shown below! I got a random phone call asking me 3 Green Energy/Fossil Fuel type questions for a chance to win a free cruise. After finishing I told the automated machine "yes" I was interested. Then a real live person got on the phone claiming to be with Blue Star Cruise Line for a free trip for 2 on the Grand Celebration to the Bahamas for 2 nights. He tried to work some magic for nearly 20 minutes… I asked him to send me an email with details, which he provided. I asked him to wait a minute while I read it (and put him on mute so I could make a call or two on my work line to check this out). He was still there waiting. Explained it was $59/person fees – sounds fair. I’m not sure what the catch was… more hidden fees, or pushy travel package meetings? Or just stealing my card information?! I didn’t feel comfortable with this for a few reasons… I asked the gentleman if I could look it over and call back – he said NO. I asked why must I make a payment NOW over the phone and that he could bill me in the mail – he said NO. Then I asked myself, "Since when do I give out my card info over the phone to strangers?!" As I politely declined he got VERY pushy!!!!

  217. As soon as I type this into Google, I found this webpage being the first want to pop up and can relate to each comment that came up. I was recently contacted by an automated service that asked me three questions about green services or someone of the sort. Then and connect me to a lady named Jennifer at 3141 I believe, and she going on to tell me about what kind of cruise I was winning I can only take two people but my cabin reaches up to four so I didn’t have to tell her right now who was going on a trip. My first question would’ve been will if only two people Is allowed ti go on the trip, why are you suggesting that another two can go? That was the first red flag. The second red flag was when she was going on about how beautiful the cruise was and how beautiful the port of call was itself asking me whether I have ever been on a cruise before and why have been so long since I’ve been on the cruise in this and that and this and that. Already know how this game is played because I’ve had calls similar to this multiple times the fact that I’ve never heard of or heard of the cruise that was in question or the company that owned the cruise I was already aware that this was a scam but I like to play along with them. At the end of her trying to persuade me that this is the best cruise I’ll ever have in my life, I want to ask will help how much will I be paying? She begins to stutter and asked me well when you like cruises free well of course everyone would like a cruise that is free but what are you sewing she goes you don’t have to pay anything everything is included even room service but you have to pay $59 to go in and out of the country. Which would total to a grand total of $118. No one is stupid so I hung up. Anyone who gets a phone call like this please hang up because they will take your money and you might be in huge trouble if he doesn’t get caught before gets any worse

  218. Charles Knight

    I was recently contacted about the scam mentioned in this article. I realized it was a scam once they said I won a free cruise BUT I had to pay also when they asked for my credit card information if it was official that process wouldn’t be necessary until I’m actually taking the trip. Please use all of your resources to stop these con artists!! There are many people who would fall for this scam.

  219. Beware of 800-455-2422!
    Called CIBC bank and reached a "survey" that made me instantly win a free cruise to the Bahamas. Only after the call did I find out that the dialled number was 800-456-2422 instead of 800-465-2422. After "winning" a free cruise, I jus thad to pay 59$ for government fees. Not realising I wasn’t talking with my bank, I gave my card details, then a "promotions rep" tried to sell me additional services, apparently worth 5000$, for a mere 1000. I refused several times until he dropped the price to 250 and then hang up on me. When I try to call back, an answering machine tells me "this number cannot be reached from your call area".

  220. So I guess I’m also "one of the lucky ones"!. My husband handed me the phone with a number with the same area code as where we live. I was asked 3 questions about "green energy" and was transferred to a travel coordinator, not sure of her name, to receive my "free 2 day 2 night cruise to the Bahamas " The lady I spoke with was very nice, she stated her corporate number was 3125 and asked what state I lived in bc there was "only a certain number of promotions for each state". I told her which state I was in, which she should’ve known since her number had the very same area code as the city where I live. She continued to go on about the cruise ship and all the wonderful things we could see and do. That they are giving these away to fill up their empty cabins. When I asked her why they would give away "free" cabins she had the response . ." Well an empty cabin can’t spend money at the gift shop, and what will you do when you get home from a wonderful cruise besides un packing?" Well I would tell my friends ofcourse! She went on to explain that every person who "went" on this cruise generated the business of 3-4 paying customers . Sounds legit,right? She told me she herself had been on the cruise and it was so relaxing. She asked when was the last time I went in vacation and what activities did when enjoy on our visit. She sounded VERY professional. I continued to listen, asked questions about the free meals and free entertainment on the ship. "Everything is paid for except your beverages unless its coffe or tea and we only needed spending cash for the on board casion. She said that the ship was a new ship called The Grand Celebration and I’d probably "saw" it on tv". I asked what company and she said it was owned through Blue Star Cruises. Then came the "you only have to pay port fees of 59/ person, totalling $118 to "secure" my cabin. I told her I didn’t feel comfortable giving out my information . She immediately said she could send me an email stating all the information I asked her to hold (I was looking online whether or not this was a scam ) She immediately then said she had an email address I could look up. Wonder how she knew what I was doing? Hmm.. I told her that anyone can compile an legitimate looking email and make a website.She continued to assure me this was not a scam and if I didn’t pay and confirm my cabin NOW I would miss out bc there were only 2 free promotions left for my state (Imagine that!) , she also stated that I had 18 months to use my free trip as long as I paid now. After the third or fourth time I told her I didn’t feel comfortable and better luck with someone else she hung up. I’m glad I found this site and I’m writing this to let others know about this scam.

  221. I just got a voucher in the mail and went straight to Google and this is one of the first things that came out so thank you for helping me not waste my time with what could have been a long and annoying phone call. You would think more people would realize, though, that when something says free then you are prompted for money that it is not legit…

  222. I received a scratch and win ticket in post for amigo vacations. Im pretty sceptic about it as i never been to their website so how they get my address details. Apparently i won $165,000 usd

  223. I just got a call from Holiday Cruise Line. Apparently I signed up when I purchased Broadway show tickets through Ticket Master. "Cheyenne" was talking and talking and talking about how great it was (she sounded like she was calling from a wind tunnel) and then said that all I had to do was pay $59 now to secure my space but I had 18 months to actually book the cruise.

    I told her I was googling while we were on the phone together and I wasn’t sure if this was legit and she promptly hung up on me. I guess I got my answer to the "is this a scam?" question.

  224. Apparently I’m the other 2nd prize winner for the Amigo Vacation promotion! Wonder how many of us there are!

  225. Answered the phone to a "private number" to hear a recording: "as you have recently flown with Qantas you have now won flights to the value of $999; press "1" to continue".

    The voice asks if I am over 25. It continues to another voice:
    and so the long-winded spiel begins. Everything the other comments state and more: when I suggest that what they are doing is illegal and that I am now recording the conversation and will report this to Scamwatch and the Dept Consumer Affairs, the man becomes indignant and patronising: "my little lady", he says repeatedly.

    I suggest firmly that he has assumed another identity, i.e. Qantas, to get my attention but there has been no link to Qantas. He states that Qantas has contracted this "Sharing Memories" to sell their tickets. He confirms that he is working for a reputable company because: "you can check us on a website".

    I recently did fly with Qantas – I just hope Qantas isn’t trying to recoup some losses by selling their passenger list details.
    My advice: Hang up.

  226. Has anyone heard of a company called "sharing memories"? I received a phone call saying I had been selected because of an airfare I had recently purchased to participate in a promotional travel deal and all I have to do I’d fill in a questionnaire after my stay. For $999 U.S. I get a weeks accommodation at a resort and a one week cruise, both for 2 people. They have a web address – sharing – but I can find nothing independent of this site. Is it too good to be true?

  227. Brandon Twothousandnine

    I received an unsolicited call inticing me with a survey, which, I as a citicen worthy of polling, I agreed to complete. After answering only 3 questions relating to Green Technology. Just as soon as I’d submitted my numeric entry (1,2, or 3), I was told I had won two tickets for the Cruise in the Bahamas. The prompt told me to press 1, agreeing to a accept another call, with information about my two free tickets for a Cruise in the Bahamas! They were not pushy, a woman described the "Sandy beaches", and named the Cruise Line, suggesting I’d seen their advertisments on television. (Am I going to be on television?;) the woman asked me if I would agree to answer a 3rd call, and I said:."Sure". I happened to be on the pot when the 3rd call came, so I was cautious. They didn’t seem to know who I was, nor were they pushy, but promised 2x tickets, with complete room service, and $600.00 of credit. No gambling or bars were mentioned, but after a transfer, someone asked me if I credit card, and whike I was reluctant to answer, they pushed the assumption that I did. I then asked the gentleman: "Is this a scam?", and he sounded like a professional salesman, a good one too! While he explained it was not, and because HE had first-hand experience with the cruise line, eventually offering me the fact that it was his job to give these cruises away. Having worked in sales for most of my life, I couldn’t readily connect any of the three with whom I spoke to an actual scam operation, until I was told I would be receiving the confirmation letter in the mail, which he explicitly said would "Prove this was(is) the real deal! Anyway, of I get a letter in the mail, tomorrow I’ll be shocked, as I ordered the man to call me at a different phone number, actually my brother’s phone number to be precise. I hope he doesn’t fall for it!

  228. And the saga continues…same offer…different day!It was lunch time and the phone rings. Same healthhcare questionnaire. After answering the questions and pressing one, the phone disconnected. There was an immediate return call. Affter a few more questions, a script reading female transfered me to the travel representative. My representative, Mr. Stephens was polite and energetic. When I asked about security when giving credit card information over the phone, I was told the transaction would be on a recorded line. He also agreed to hold while I went to It appears to be a new domain. I was not able to access any link on the website but found several websites indicating a possible scam. I took that as another sign and said no thank you to the offer. It was entertaining at best. Just say no thank you!

  229. I called my health insurance and was asked if I would take a 3 question survey. I said yes, and was transfered to a sales person who told me I won a cruise for two to the bahamas for $59 each person. I was skeptical but because I had called my Insurance provider I went along until the end where hes started getting pushy and then I hung up. I almost fell for it. I think they used my Providence Insurance phone # some how.

  230. Yeah dont do it. These people are very aggressive and very pushy dont believe a word they say. My dumbass realized after i gave them my card number and that was so stupid of me dont make that mistake. I ended up backing out of the deal at the last second when they were pushing a VIP deal for me. It hit me why am i so lucky so i told them i wanted to do more research to make sure im not being scammed and the agent was very aggressive to get the deal done. Which was another red flag so i asked for a refund the agent seemed agitated told me my refund would process in 3 business days and hung up… unprofessional and i started to worry called my credit card company instantly to shut down my account and report them. Fuck this company. DONT TRUST THEM!

  231. Friendly But Not Stupid

    Thank you so much for posting this. I just got a call that started off as a survey. Then the lady called me back and said that I’d won an all inclusive cruise to the Bahamas leaving from Florida but I just needed to pay $118.00 for two people to be able to exit and reenter the U.S. The two phone numbers that called were 832-246-7325 and 832-963-3916. I’m from Texas and it would’ve been horrifying had I paid for airfare to be kidnapped and forced to stay on ship that was nothing like I was told it would be.

  232. What about the one for Holiday Cruise line? Saying you hav won a 2 day cruise for port fees? It said it as a Radio station give away. Blaze 101? Legit or not??

  233. I just got a call like that, kind of. Instead of a cruise it was an Asian woman telling me how I’ve won a free 3-day trip to San Francisco. Immediate scam alert goes off in my head and I say "I’m sorry (Trying to tell me about the zero cost to me). No no it’s not like that, I’m agoraphobic… I can’t leave my house (This is a lie to get her to hang up no offense meant to anyone with agoraphobia SRY). She then says "Ok, then can you just tell your address so I ca…) that’s where I hung up.

  234. Tahnee that was the same deal I was given – rental car etc I told the guy i dont drink or gamble . so glad you left a comment. So glad i googled this and found its a scam to silversale resort Florida which is a timeshare and found the owner is up for ongoing maintenance fees which can get higher every year! Beware!! . Free holiday and cruise trip to Las Vegas etc.theme parks etc So not interested in gambling.

  235. I received a call today and was told I would have to pay AUD $699 + for 4 people for 2 weeks and would get cruise, and tickets to disneyland, trip to Las Vegas etc but would have to pay return flights (am in Australia) plus meals etc.

    I found this out whilst asking lots of questions.
    He asked whether I had a viza card and when I said I couldn’t pay that amount of money now he said to ring him when I could. I had 18 months to pay and he could extend that time for a longer period of time.

    company vacation villas florida usa

    the guys name was Charlie Magnusson.

    The telephone number customer service
    his private number

    He told me to go to the and go to the top and click on the promotional tours.

    When I said I couldn’t pay the money now he said it was nice talking to me, to ring him when I had the money and hung up.

  236. I received a call from "Holiday Cruise Lines" with an offer for 2 day 2 night cruise from Florida to the Bahamas. They said the cruise was all inclusive, food included, but if I wanted drinks or gambling I would have to pay. The only out of pocket cost for me would be for the "Port Taxes" of $59/person for myself and guest and would be a total of $118, which I had to pay with a credit card over the phone to "secure" my seats. They all spoke very good English, were courteous, and sounded legitimate for the most part painting a picture of the nice time I would have. I said I never give my credit card information over the phone so the guy transferred me to his supervisor without me asking him to do so. The second guy came on the phone and tried to convince me to give the credit card number to get a confirmation number. Then a third guy did the same. I’ve been in sales for more than 15 years, and I knew something wasn’t right when they did not take my objection seriously and kept trying to get the credit card information. When I refused a second and third time, the guy was like "what makes think this offer is not real?" AHA! I never told him the offer wasn’t real! I only told him I don’t give my credit card number over the phone to someone I don’t know, especially on the first call. I knew it was a scam. Eventually he gave up and said he would keep me in mind for a future call. Doubt they’ll call back. Beware…very sneaky people.

  237. Sigh* I guess I am joining these souls here to stop another scam–Yup just got the call. Unlike everybody else my Coordinator was friendly. Instead of being pushy Josh was very understanding, and very helpful to all of my concerns. He went as far as offering to send me an email and even gave me time to ask my mom for advice. (She said no) (If this was all legitimate then no disrespect to said Josh) I am very suspicious and intuitive by nature so naturally I tried to look up if this was a scam or not–I have been really wanting to go to the Bahamas ever since I went to the oceana few years ago and fell in love. I guess I really can’t say if it’s a no trip, now we have your information scam, but still I want every person out there who would enjoy a cheaper (Not free, because they still ask you to pay) trip anywhere! Listen: Free is free and in situations like this, Any RESPECTABLE company no matter how big nor small and despite how generous their offer, should NEVER corner a person in such a way. People who would jump to such an offer as a free cabin in an all expense paid cruise to the beautiful Bahamas (Beautiful in the pictures that I’ve seen anyway :P) will never EVER be in short supply. Every person in my town would jump at that offer if it were pure. (city with a population of 200,000 By the way)So don’t you dare let them pressure you with the whole ‘we need people to fill up the cabins’ No, what you need is a more comfortable way of giving a person the chance to pay for the Port tax ($59) If they (The Cruise Line/ Company in question) Would adjust that then they would not have to worry about filling up those ‘Too good to be true’ exclusive cabins that they are offering. Furthermore (In the hypothetical nature that the offer were legitimate.) I would have paid the costs and My Amigo Mejor and I would have had a blast in the Bahamas. So ending words, shame on you Holiday Cruise Line for sending out shady offers through the phone and leaving human beings with an empty feeling in their hearts when they intuitively end the call. There are more secure ways to give out the offer, in a more controllable, VISIBLE, way. There are enough people who would fill up your cabins and gleefully spread the word about your cruise line if better conditions were met. There is ALWAYS a better alternative. Folks don’t put yourself and your family in a hole by going out on a limb. A wise person would tell you that if it’s too go to be true, it probably is.

  238. I received a call at approximately 11:00 AM on 8/6/15 from a local number 641-323-2642 from a woman claiming I’d been selected for a free cruise. She asked if I was over 18 and claimed I would need a credit or debit card to board the ship and that I would have to pay $59 in taxes. At this point, I’m fairly certain it’s a scam but I’m too polite to hang up. She then transferred me to a so-called "Cruise Specialist." after a few minutes of banter we were fortunately disconnected and he didn’t call me back.

  239. I received a call today July 31st 2015 from an automated voice saying I won a free cruise, which checked if I replied "yes" to the questions asking if I was 18+ and had a credit card. Then I was transferred to a "Cruise specialist", it smells like a big scam. He was asking for $59 port fees. Phone number 347-790-0864.

  240. Today, 7/14/2015 Jennifer, (an automated voice) called to tell me I won a free cruise. A live person told me I could take up to 3 guests and only had to pay port fees of $59 for for each person.
    I asked questions to delay him while I searched the internet and found this site. I told him I did not believe this was legitimate and he hung up on me.
    I would not have answered a random 800 number but this came from a local number, 530-867-9655

  241. On the 10th July 2015 I got a call from a lady in America saying I had won a trip to the Bahamas also offering a rental car or tickets to Disney land also a discounted cruise and time in Las Vegas making jokes about sending them 10% if we won on the slot machines and sending them postcards. They said I have to pay for airfares and said I have to spend 90mins at silver lake resort to view it and something’ about ownership. The lady claimed to be Leandra with a corporate ID 2076 she asked if I was with MasterCard and I said no Visa Debit. She put me through to a man claiming to be a trip co ordinator. He confirmed my email and home address which was correct and said he would send out the travel package and itinerary today and it is valid for 18 months. I asked if they sent it is it compulsory I go he said if I couldn’t make it in 18 months to call them and they would put another 12 months on it. Then he asked for my credit card expiry date which I stupidly gave to him and asked if it was the card ending in 4017.
    I said no it doesn’t end in that and he then asked how does my name appear on the card. I then hung up and ended the call. NO WAY was I gonna give out anymore details. They already through out the call managed to get what card I used and the expiry date and somehow had my home address and email and phone number.

  242. I just got THE CALL. Firstly I am English but live here now. Also I am a cynic and very sarcastic which took some time for her to get. I was told ‘I will swim in most beautiful waters’, I said the Great barrier reef was better. I will see the most wonderful sights, I said ‘The Great Wall of China’ was better. ‘I will eat the most wonderful food’ Juan Les Pins was probably better. I can use the state of the art casino. ‘ Is it better than The Bellagio’ I ask. The ship is the latest and most wonderful. ‘ Is it better than the Titanic’ I ask.. (this one was lost on her) ‘I can swim with Dolphins ‘ she tells me. ‘FANTASTIC’ I say. I can not swim .. will they teach me??? I get a silence now ‘Oh, you have travelled she asks… ‘ Yes.. a lot I tell her. On and on she goes , telling me about how wonderful the trip is with realizing I am reading many SCAM blogs about them. I suggest to her.. ‘If it sounds too good to be true. It probably is’. I read her some of the blogs and she get annoyed. I will give the offer to the next caller she says, and hangs up !!!! Oh well, I had some fun with her for fifteen minutes or so

  243. I received a call from "Jennifer" (automated) telling me I won a free 2 day cruise to the Bahamas. She then transferred me to a live person where they gave me details of a two night cruise to Grand Bahamas Island on the MS Grand Celebration from Holiday Cruise Lines. They said I would have to pay $59 per person for taxes or $118 total today with a credit card. Then I could schedule my trip with 61-90 days advanced notice. I asked why I should pay my taxes three months before my trip and stated it sounds like a scam. The woman on the other end then began yelling at me and stated that I will never get an offer for a trip that doesn’t include taxes. I tried to explain that I would have paid the taxes, but at the time of the trip, not over the phone with a credit card on the first call. She didn’t let me speak and continued to yell over me to the point where I finally just hung up. Definitely a SCAM! They called from phone number (520) 428-2708

  244. Got an automated political survey call today that ended with an opt-in call from a travel coordinator who would set up my reward: a free cruise! A very nice lady called me minutes later. Her phone number had the same area code as mine. She asked me where I was from, and when I gave her my current state (differs from my area code) she said she was from the same place! And what do you know? They have a limited number of cabins per state, and I was just in time to book the last one in mine!

    How could they afford to give away free cruises, I might ask? ("Might," because she launched into this bit before I could get a word in edge-wise.) Because I go, have a great time, come home, unpack, and….? Tell all my family and friends! One free cruise generates three or four new customers! So since it’s a new ship they’re giving out free trips!

    She went on to explain the cruise quickly and confidently. It sails from Palm Beach, Florida to the Bahamas and is called the Grand Celebration, run by Grand Bahamas Cruise Line. The Grand Celebration is replacing the retiring ship Bahamas Celebration (look it up, Google’s full of scam reports on it). I sounded hesitant, so she immediately offered to let me speak to her supervisor. I declined, and she went on about the trip. It’s so great, congratulations, yada yada, oh, and you’ll need a major credit card because it’s $59/person in port fees. I didn’t want to pay over the phone, but that’s the only way they accept credit card info. She did direct me to a website where I could stare at a picture of the ship, but payment had to be delivered at that second, over the phone, with a major credit card or someone else was going to get my cabin!

    So someone else got my "cabin."

    (901) 237-1519 was the survey call.
    (423) 794-5183 was the scam lady call.

  245. Just received a call similar to Jennifer, from a guy called Cliff Hurr (ID 6707) telling me to take down the details and obviously to show that they sound genuine. After telling me that I’ve won the "all too good to be true" holiday to Orlando Florida, he transferred me to another person named Clay Valentine saying he is my Travel Coordinator. I was sceptical from the beginning but continued to listen, however when I declined to give my credit card number, "CLAY" got very angry and his true colours started to show. He then asked me what changed my mind since I’ve said yes to the holiday and then I’ve changed my mind. Told him it’s my choice and that I do not want to go ahead with it and thank you so much for the holiday. He started being nasty and curtly say okie thanks bye. EVERYONE PLEASE BE WARNED, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS

  246. I received a call today 3/6/15 from a lady by the name of Justine Egner Corporate digit number 5261 who spoke to me in detail about this wonderful $4000 cruise I had won and could bring 3 of my friends. Cruise starts at Florida Orlando and would be staying at Silver lakes resort. Then we would travel to Bahamas on an 11 level Ocean liner. She also mentioned that it would only cost me $299 for tax’s and would need to attend a 90 minute presentation for advertising. This went on for at least 10-15 minutes of listing all the inclusions. She then transferred me to a man by the name of Robert who was my "Travel Coordinator" he advised me that I would only have to pay $698 US for the entire package for me and my 3 friends. He then wanted my credit card details which I obviously didn’t give him as this whole story seemed a bit odd. He said once the $698 payment has gone through he would send me a receipt. He started to be quite pushy and threatening towards me saying that it was a secure line and for me to go on the internet to look up "silver Lakes resort" (which I did in my own time as I told him to call me back in 30 minutes)I looked up the resort and all checks out so I call them to see who they use for their promotional package holiday give away’s, they told me they use "holiday travel" I have searched the internet and stumbled across lots of articles about this exact scam. EVERYONE PLEASE BE WARNED, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS

  247. danny gutierrez

    i received a free companion air certificate. from destinations @ dreams dont have number to contact or how to get hold of is true or is a scame.they gave certificate id #zf2muikf85

  248. Just got disconnected (accidentally) from Holiday Cruise Lines. Does anyone have any experience with taking a survey when you call a different company completely and get redirected to a survey, which I thought was for the company I called, but instead…..a "free cruise for the family, all-inclusive in the Bahamas, only pay $59 port fees?


  249. They have tried 3 times in the last 3 weeks.

    If something sounds too good to be true it normally is.

    An age old truism. Just take the trouble to check online. It is really that simple.

  250. Received sudden notification of $3000 Orlando/ Cruise holiday prize!?!(Should have stopped there and then!)
    Phoned a UK London number to claim (thinking Scam at the same time) Nice friendly Auntie style US lady on the other end of the phone – Prize made to sound very plausible and genuine (No such thing as a free lunch so alarm bells kept ringing)They only wanted £500 Ha!
    Asked for confirmation of everything stated in writing by email before paying up which appeared to do the trick as nothing arrived – Meanwhile was checking Internet re ICS and saw TIMESHARE 🙁 That was enough! (Don’t be taken in by their niceness & BE WARNED, the longer you stay chatting to her, the more dangerous it gets into you being convinced to pay up!

  251. This is what i got: "Congratulations! Our promotional department has authorized us to offer you a Norwegian 7 night and 8 day cruise for 2 . . . . ".

  252. yes i was one of them . you a one in a million.. she said .. just pay admin fee. and you to will be sailing from fort lauderdal to the isles of bahamas . just one extra tiny thing , can i have your credit card info..when i paused to think about it. i was told because i was in scotland , i would be given an onboard credit of 100$usd…. they say a fool and his money soon depart, but it is nice to see that i am not the only one!

  253. Katrina Gingerich

    I made a phone call to what I thought was a private number, and was supposed to have my call answered by a radio station, Edge 97, saying that I was caller 9 and had won a free cruise. They connected me to a "DJ" who got my name, email, etc asked who I was gonna take, asked if I wanted to give any shoutouts or request a song or anything and gave me instructions to claim my prize. He said I would be responsible for taxes of $59/person. I went to the station website as he instructed to give them my info and received my confirmation email telling me I just needed to call back to book anytime in the next 18 months.

    Luckily my bf is less trusting than I. So we looked into it a little more, the "radio station" doesn’t play any music, when I called then again this morning their number was disconnected. The phone #associated with the charges on my debit card is just a very long series of advertisements. I called the number they gave me to book my reservation and was able to speak with someone who said they cancelled everything and would refund my money. (Fingers crossed it actually happens.) We also cancelled my card to be safe.

    Moral of the story: don’t trust Holiday Cruise Lines or Edge 97 radio. =( so disappointing.

  254. Just approached today by "holiday cruise lines" for a trip of 2-4 people for $59. Each to the Bahamas. When I asked for Any sort of verification there was none to give. It was also suspicious that the would Only take debit or credit card #s

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