Free Cruise: International Waters

How the scam works:

(with videos below) You’re performing your daily routines and the phone rings in your pocket or purse. An automated voice delivers a message. “You only have to answer to a two-question survey today in order to get your name in a draw for a free 7-day trip to Hawaii”.

You have a minute to play, so you answer the two-question survey by pressing ‘1’ or ‘2’ for ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. The questions could be as simple as “Are you happy with the health system in our country?” or “Are you satisfied with your job?” Watch the video below to hear ‘live’ the questions asked by the scammers.

Free Cruise Survey Questions Scam Video

Just when you almost forget about this experience, you receive a phone call from a real person, most likely two days later. “Hi, this is Danny, from Amazing Getaways (or another real legitimate business name). You responded to a survey from our company in the past and I was notified by our system that you are the winner of the free trip to Hawaii. Congratulations! You’re gonna take me with you, right?”, says the caller.

It sounds exciting. He proceeds confirming that your flight and hotels are taken care of, as well as going over the itinerary. “As we promised, you and you partner will have a king size room at Holiday Inn, while our airline partner United Airways will provide the flights. No strings, no gimmicks. You’re truly going to have an amazing time. We will also take you for a two-day yacht experience in the ocean around Hawaii, visiting the neighboring islands and meeting indigenous tribes”.

‘Danny’ continues: “This is really the backbone of our trip. It’s going to be magnificent. I was on that yacht during last year’s trip. I am so jealous of you.”

Well, everything sounds great and you’re starting confirming with the caller some dates for this trip, your full name, your partner’s, and a few other minor details you should know. “Your commitment, he says, is to have fun first, but also to make sure you have all the paperwork done right. The only thing we will need you to do refers to the yacht trip. Since you are going to float in international waters every single person has to pay a $39.99 international waters fee. It’s mandatory as it has to be paid individually by people who will be on that yacht. I was required to do it last year as well. Other than that, everything is covered so… have fun!”

Here is the trick. ‘Danny’ will ask you to pay the international waters fee (or other port fees) over the phone. Excited that they might get a once in a lifetime trip for only $39.99, many people fall victim by giving access to their credit cards. Once they do that, the card is maxed out almost immediately. Scammers are very good at what they do and have an answer for every concern raised.

Watch the video below to see in action the Free Cruise Scam as exposed in the news.

Free Cruise Scam In The News Video

How to avoid:

Free trips like that never happen. Especially over the phone. Tell the caller you’re going to phone him back once you talk to your partner about dates or fees. Even if he provides you a phone number, what you should do is to call or research the company whose name he gave you. If it’s a legitimate business, call the number on their actual website and they will definitely let you know that they had no trip giveaways or there is no Danny working there. However, the first and most important rule is to never give your credit card numbers over the phone. You can also report the scam on this page: Federal Trade Commission Report

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