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Fake Law Firms: How They Work

Did you know that a lawsuit is filed every 2.5 seconds? In fact, for every doctor in medical school, there are three lawyers in law school. Law has been a thriving industry for centuries that shows no sign of slowing down.

It is no wonder that when you crack open a phone book or search for a lawyer online, you are going to come up with a multitude of listings. With such a wide range of firms and professionals to choose from it can be a taunting jungle to weed through.

Usually, we never need to look for a lawyer or attorney unless we experience some crisis; at which time no one is thinking anyway. Next time you are in the market for a law firm to represent you, be sure to investigate them more in-depth than just skimming through their website. However, beware of massive scams involving law firms, from fake Gold IRA companies to ones that threaten you with legal actions. What are we talking about?

Let's look at some fraudulent practices. Meanwhile, please share your experience in the Comments section so we can create a list with fake law firm names.


Scenario 1: Impersonating Real Law Offices

Watch the video below to see how this scam works regardless of the state you live in [replace the state in the video with yours]:

Law Offices Scam Video

There have been a large number of phony legal firms to cheat unsuspecting individuals out of "legal fees," as many as one a day has been reported in some areas. One might wonder how these scammers are pulling it off and getting away with cheating so many people out of their money.

These crooks have been creating their own law firm websites to give an air of authority or success to their frauds.

fake lawyer and legal firms businessman talking on phone

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We have all discovered the miracle of copy and paste; one can even save things on their own computer (pictures, articles, etc.) and use them for another purpose later.

These bogus websites feature the pictures, names and even some of the company slogans of existing lawyers and staff, which have been copied from the sites of legitimate firms to be used for less than honorable purposes. They work with the credibility of others listing their contact information so that you deal with them rather than the litigate professionals.

The scams that these criminals have been pulling off behind the false legal fronts range from inheritance suits to accident compensation, and investments, but the list is not limited there. If your issue needs a lawyer to represent you, then you can almost guarantee that there is a phony law firm trying to swindle you out of money for that case.

How are they making a profit from this? Scammers require money in advance and then never deliver a service. Using advance fees, invoices for impending accusations and investments are just a few of the "legal fees" they charge, and once they get their money they are gone, and you are a victim of their scam!

Some law firms, depending on your case, will require upfront costs, but there are still several ways to avoid being taken advantage of by false law firms.


Scenario 2: Legal Action Threats

In a second variation of the scam, fake lawyers contact victims via phone and claim to represent loan companies, the Government or even simple citizen. They say there has been a legal action taken against you or a family member. They also provide a bogus case number assigned to your name.

The scammers ask you for personal information otherwise they threat to proceed with the legal action. The conversation may vary, but the bottom line is that they will ask for money if you want the case removed from the court schedule.


Fake Law Firms: How To Avoid

Always meet with your lawyer in person and at their office. If you found their online contact phone them to set an appointment. Insist that you meet at their place of work, finding a lawyer in a phone book might also help deplete your chances of being scammed. Though you could run the risk of being scammed online, there is a far less likely chance, if any, that those guilty of fraud have set up their own establishment and staff.

Never pay for anything over the phone or online, it is worth the trip to their office. As always, it is best to ask around and get a referral from someone you know and trust. If someone else had a good experience, it is improbable that firm is a sham.

Since we are on the illegal side of things, watch out for a few other fraudulent moves that are happening these days, such as the Multilevel Marketing Scheme or the Copyright Email Scam.


Fake Law Firm Names: Report Below

Make your family and friends aware of the Fake Lawyer Scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report any kind of scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


How To Protect Yourself More

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  1. Sandra Obermeier says:

    I hired a Lawyer last month in Greenville, SC and he told me I had a good case.
    He told me what all he would do to the Company that I wanted to sue. He told me I had to pay him a $2,500.00 retainer. When I handed him my credit card he said that he would have to have cash. I wrote him a check and he immediately cashed it but, I have not heard from him since! I have goggled his name and found out from a review that he already scammed a man out of his money. Now I am almost certain that he has scammed me out of my money. Can you ,please tell me what I need to do?

  2. Gloria says:

    hey if you have that problem still, i recommend MAXIM ADVOCATES UGANDA i was in a similar problem and the lawyer Ms. Sheilah Namahe helped me out helped me out you can go check there website out

  3. Gail Smith says:

    The name is Midwest Disabiliy!!! Got papers from them to sign and fill out, without knowing if they are real or not, I am not sending nothing. Please help me

  4. Kean Jan says:

    bentley Van Dijk is a false law firm from canada here is the details http:/www./bentleyvandijkfirm.com/

  5. Graham Lynes says:

    Bentley Van Dijk Firm I almost got caught by this company on a binary option recovery room scam they have sent me a copy of a previous claim for a client and I have spoken to the FCA in London and they have informed me that the letterhead and logo was a fake copy and there was no associated hearing on the dates given in the ORDER, and the title of the CEO was incorrect, the FCA have advised that they are a scam recovery firm, I am now reporting them to the City Of London Police Action Fraud department.

  6. Jean Lonsdale says:

    I seen a solicitors on line i called them regarding historical abuse ive reported it to the police ive asked the solicitor to help me get compensation the solicitor is in Halifax every time put call i get a message to say he isn’t in ive asked for some advice about the law firm but i havnt recived anything

  7. Peter Eppich says:

    Carey Law LLC Atlanta is a fake law firm that sends his scam per fax to german users.

  8. Itzel Guzman says:

    I think I’ve been scammed

  9. Karena durkin says:

    I have been scammed buy a lawyer I used 9 years ago .
    She was my lawyer 9 years ago she worked for my business on and off for 3 years .
    Then reasently I contacted her again placed money in her account she did not do any of the work she said she was doing so we looked her up on the law sersity page her name never turned up in any way .
    Her name is Betty Manning’s keep away from her never trust people that say hear you go hear is a grate lawyer she will do anything you ask her to do because it is all a lie.

  10. Krystyna says:

    Not sure if this is a law firm scam, but I just got 2 phone calls (1 at home and 1 on my cell) yesterday from a number [877-992-8907]. Looking for a Lori Santamassino and talking about a complaint being filed against her. The left messages as we do not pick up calls from numbers we don’t recognize. The person leaving the message was a woman calling herself "Ashley Graham". Anyway, I called them yesterday to find out how they got 2 of my numbers for this woman. They said that Ashley Graham was not in and then the woman was rude when I asked if this was a collection agency. She said no and then I asked what business it was and she said she already answered my question, which, of course she hadn’t. She wanted me to confirm my numbers so she could take me off the list. I said I wanted to know who they were first and I wouldn’t give my number. She was rude so I ended the call.

    This morning I called back and got a man who answered "Crimson Group". I tried to explain the situation to him and the conversation went south again. I only said that "you guys" called me and he interrupted me and said that HE did not call me. That’s a distinction without a difference and obviously a way for him NOT to answer my questions. He noted that I had called yesterday and refused to give "the last 4 digits of the phone numbers". So first of all, the lady did no ask for "the last 4", she asked for the numbers. And I still said that I was not giving it until I found out how they got my number in the first place. He hung up on me. I called back and at first he didn’t answer. So I called again. This time he didn’t answer like the first time with the business name. I tried to lay it out for him again and he refused to cooperate and kept telling me I was being recorded. So I told him I wasn’t giving my numbers and he can keep calling and harassing and I’ll report them. I can’t find anything about the company online as there are about 20 companies with that name doing all kinds of different business. I looked up the woman’s name they were looking for and one came up as someone with a criminal history. I looked up "Ashley Graham" and the only thing that came up was some supermodel. If anyone has any further information about this, or who I can call to report this to, let me know. Thanks.

  11. Chris Birch says:

    Have been approached by what appears to be a fake law firm "Hill Law Associates" saying that a company "American Investment Holdings" wants to by 20,000 shares in a bankrupt company that I have for > 100,000$. They then pass me over to a fake US regulator (not SEC registered) and even though no-one knows what these shares are they expect me to pay them 5,000$ to redeem them. In this case if 100,000$ is too good to be true – IT IS.

  12. Jo Painter says:

    I am getting multiple calls from people stating they are from Social Security, that I am under investigation for fraud among a whole host of other charges. Allso have gotten calls from Deot. Of Treasury asking me to contact an agent under penalty of prison time. I know these are scams but am getting very weary of these jerks, who can I contact about this????

  13. Kelly Bridle says:

    I got a phone call from Hill Law Associates claiming that a company I hold shares in had been liquidated and that I could sell my shares to American Holdings. It didn’t sound right as the only company I have invested in has emailed me a finance update just the week before. When the email came through none of the details made sense. It said I owned 20,000 shares which I don’t and the amount $114,000 they claimed I was owed was nowhere close to my investment. I contacted my investment company and they assured me they had not liquidated. This is a fishing exercise to see who bites. Although I am concerned that their appears to have been a data breach somewhere as they had all of my personal details!!

  14. Stephen Whittaker says:

    I have had calls from M&A Global (Maglobalcg.com) saying I owned shares in American Investment Holdings, they wanted me to sign and return docs which I did not, I thought it was some sort of scam but did not know what it was. Now months later I get the same from Hill Law Associates (they knew M&A had contacted me), both say I have 20,000 shares (which I know I don’t). I have an email which is written in some legal jargon and asking me to sign so the shares can be sold and I get $114,800 USD. All sounds very nice except I never owned any shares that this relates to or any company that American Investment Holdings acquired. I have never got to the point of being asked to pay anything but judging from the entry by Chris Birch that would come next if I was to continue with this. Definitely to good to be true ! – Two Scam companies in one.

  15. Peter Zalai says:

    Very similar experience to the one Miss Kelly Bride’s posted below. A man introduced himself as Mr David ROTH from "Hill Law Associates" called me on a Hungarian landline number, stating I supposedly have the 20,000 shares in American Investment Holding LLC (apparently he didn’t even bother to change names and story for a new victim) and the liquidated Company supposed to buy back from me for some $114,800 (eg for $5.74 /share). Attractive bait on the hook indeed 🙂
    When I said by my best knowledge I have no any investment in any US companies he explained the Company has a wide range of international investment and "that" one supposed to be one of those outside of the US.
    Like to Miss Kelly’s case, he had my phone number, name and e-mail address – so that’s about personal data.
    Now: the website of americaninvestmentholdings.com (supposedly the Company’s homepage) is a complete bogus. First of all trying to get you into a "you already have won" game of a Samsung Galaxy asking for $1 of shipping cost paid via CC – when antivirus software blocked the site as infected.
    The site of "Hill-lawassociates.net" is a bit more sophisticated, but in details turns out everywhere when he talks about money uses British pounds and when talks about laws cites the regarding British laws as well – rising the suspicion the guy is just moving to the US market of victims from the UK.

  16. annonymous says:

    I would like to inform you of a scam .
    I have met person online and after 6 weeks tells me his the next of kin, but due to his work he is unable to claim as be conflict of interest
    So he has asked me as his fiancé to be the beneficiary and that the money is stored in security vault in Ireland
    He gave me the name of the lawyer who I had to contact on his behalf to say who I am
    The lawyers name is
    Sean Roland’s esq and the law firm is:

    Now the web site looks genuine and Mr Rolands photo is on the lawyers list.
    There however is no contact phone numbers for any of the practices in USA or in uk.
    I also captured each photo to the supposed lawyers and did tin eye reverse . Nearly every image came up twice , these people were not lawyers but real estate people
    Mr Sean Roland’s of course is not who he is but a man by name of Robert Falter.
    Of course the client contract form looks genuine with company logo etc but anyone can do that .
    This Sean Rolands Esq said in an email to process the release of funds to me I need to set up an offshore bank account and engage a financial adviser of which they would be doing .
    I also must pay a fee of $8362.00 USD .
    I have done nothing not sent any money .
    I wanted to report this scam ASAP

  17. James L says:

    My daughter just received a call (voicemail) from a place calling themselves Alpha Litigation Associates. I’ve googled and checked with BBB, using the name, their address and phone number. It appears these people have been doing this for a while, using several different names, but the same address. They give a case number and claim I am being sued for a hospital debt. I check all three bureaus religiously. I have no collections or anything negative on any of them. I called the hospital they claim is suing me, nothing. Their stupidity is so obvious that I don’t see how anyone falls for it. I’m not entirely certain what their endgame was because when I flipped the script and started asking them questions about their business, verification of the spelling, their address, they were reluctant to give anything, I fed them tidbits of false info on me then asked my questions again and finally got the little bit of info I needed before they finally hung up on me. I like turning the game around on them. It just further proves to me that it is truly a scam because if it wasn’t, they would know that they are obligated to tell me these things without me having to interrogate them. So, for those who might want to try and get more out of them, here’s what I got:
    Alpha Litigation Associates
    3821 E Guasti Rd
    Ontario, California
    Phone number they called from: 844. 335. 0030

  18. David says:

    These pricks with "Alpha litigation associates" called in regards to my brother who has been deceased for over 5 years. I (not as calmly as I could have, but can you really blame me) explained to them the situation. The lady who answered hung up on me. I called back (a total of 10 seconds between hang up and new answer) and was instantly told that the situation has been handled and no more calls will be made (in 10 seconds). When I requested to speak with a supervisor, I was refused and hung up on again.

  19. Paula says:

    I received this email – scam!

    Final Demand Letter
    Attention, Sandra Ortega
    Subject: Legal Proceeding
    Outstanding Balance: $1320.00
    Creditor: Cash Advance America
    Case File: FRC18/2808/BS-10-2019

    Despite our previous reminder(s), we still have not received any payment or answer from you. Therefore, we regret to inform you that if we do not obtain the payment of $1320.00 in full within next 2 hours (deadline), we will have no other alternatives but to undertake court actions against you in order to retrieve the debt amount for our client. Please find the full debt amount and

    Additional costs below:
    Judgement/Hr. Judge Fees + United States Jury Case Rectification Fees With Government Attorney + Attorney Suit Fees and Court Costs Court Fees + Interest for debts
    Total: $7,823.00

    Should your payment not be received in full within the next 2 hours, immediate court actions will take place.
    We would advise to treat this matter with urgency and we believe you will not ignore this final reminder. To save yourself the inconvenience of court actions, we kindly suggest settling the total amount of debt without additional costs as soon as possible.
    We still trust court actions will not be necessary and look forward to receiving payment by return.
    To settle this case outside of court today than send us email lockmangroup@outlook.com
    Settlement Amount: $1320.00
    Payment Mode: ONLINE

    Click here to send us email for Settlement
    Call Us Now
    Attorney Stephen Lockman (Recovery Department)
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