Fake Do Not Call Registry

Do Not Call Registry Scam: How It Works

The National Do Not Call Registry has been a great tool for stopping telemarketers in the United States, Canada, or Australia. In the United Kingdom it’s called TPS (Telephone Preference Service) and is also free. In this article you’ll find how the scam works, how to avoid it, as well as how to get registered yourself on these national platforms.

By providing a registry for people fed up with intrusive dinner time calls to place their numbers on, these services are great – meaning telemarketers phoning people on this list are, in essence, violating the law. The registration is free and once you have submitted your telephone number – your landline, cell or both – you stay on the registry until your number is no longer in service. Before exposing the scam, let’s take a look at how you can add your number in order to avoid the telemarketers’ calls.

Watch the video below to see how you can sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry:

How To Sign Up For The Do Not Call Registry Video

Here are the official registries in all four countries mentioned above, in case you want to sign up:

National Do Not Call Registry USA

National Do Not Call Registry Canada

National Do Not Call Registry Australia

Telephone Preference Service UK

However, as mentioned, scammers just found a way to turn this into their advantage. How does the scam work?

It involves an email that has been circulated advising people that a new “National Cell Phone Do Not Call Registry” was recently launched. Be advised that the “new website” provided in the message is not a legitimate platform, but rather a trap for victims to provide their numbers.

In the United Kingdom, scammers make aggressive phone calls claiming to be TPS’ reps. They ask for 50 Pounds to register you in the new TPS system, to avoid telemarketing calls – although it’s free in real life.

do not call registry


Do Not Call Registry Scam: How To Avoid

Just being educated about the actual NDNC registry will help you avoid being taken advantage of by this scam. The only thing that will happen if you DO register with this “new cell phone” registry is you are likely to see an increase in telemarketing calls to your cell phone.


Do Not Call Registry Scam: How To Report

If you believe you are a victim of this scam, you can report it on the link below:

Federal Trade Commission Report


How to protect yourself more:

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72 thoughts on “Fake Do Not Call Registry”

  1. Julia Chamberlain

    Just had a call, home counties girl, from donotcallservice.uk saying I’m due for my second year of service at £149.99 or £5 per month. I think I nearly fell for this last year and then phoned the bank to prevent it happening. On their own website, they can’t even spell nuisance. Don’t get involved, bunch of thieving scumbags.

  2. Still going on in the US in 2017. We have been getting calls daily for the "National Do Not Call Reg" and this is at a place of business. They have asked employee’s for full names, birthdates etc, none of which they have obtained. I started to have all calls transfered to me if they occur while I’m here and this has been my experience in the past two days alone.

    Yesterday got the call and everytime it a man with a Indian accent. Know full well that this is a scam already, I decided to try to have some fun. He asked for my name, other info and then wanted me to write down some number. I ignored his requests and instead said that I had some questions first. They went like this: Ok, so what is you full name? (gave me fake generic English name), Where are you located? (Los Angeles {right..}) What is you mother’s maiden name. (He said Rick…Who in there right mind would be randomly asked their mothers maiden name and then give an answer?) And then the doosey…Can you please give me you 4 digit ATM pin number?(I asked this straight-faced which immediately launched him in to a tirade swearing etc) At this point, I laughed and said "haha, scammer!!" with some expletives of my own. He started just shouting crazy stuff into the phone to which I calming kept replying, I just need your 4 digit pin number. It was pretty funny… and then today:

    Another call, this guy was adamant that he was the federal trade commission call for the department of do not call registry. Again this guy was Indian with a different name. He said that they have been informed that we have been receiving a lot of unwanted calls. I told him, yeah, you guys are scammers and keep calling everyday. Can you make that stop? He kept saying oh, no it’s real, look it up online! (The DNCR in the US is a website or an automated number that YOU call. No one calls around trying to add people…) I asked him why everyone from his department was Indian? He took offense to this and proclaimed I am American! I said, ok, but you’re from India and this is still a scam. He kept trying to deny it, I told him, look I know this is a scam, try someone else and he finally hung up. If you are in the US no one will call you for the DNCR. You can google it and find the real site. They’re not very smart but they sure are persistent!

    He gave me a number of 0203 63457.
    That is a false number !!!!

  4. Just had a call from Steven at DNCR asked for either £1.90 a week or £69.00 and which card would I like to pay with. Itold him I never give my card No. over the phone. He then told me to go straight to my computer and I could pay on line. He was Indian and since I have had dozens of scam calls from India, I smelt a Rat and put the phone down. This call came on my landline so it isn’t just cell phones they are calling.

  5. My father has also been scammed by Do Not Call uk by £149.99 but i have managed to get the money back.

    I rang PayaTrader (who they take the money through) who very kindly gave me their telephone number, so i rang and was promised a call back which didn’t arrive so i rang angain (it took 4 calls) and eventually spoke to a rude man who processed the refund when i explained how i got his number.

    There is a law which all distance sellers must follow:- (From 13 June 2014 the Consumer Contracts Regulations, which implement the Consumer Rights Directive in UK law, came into effect.)more info http://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/regulation/consumer-contracts-regulations

    Hope this helps someone get a refund

  6. Parents have been had by these scum. Vulnerable elderly people, have so far found 5 ‘letters’ and boxes at thier house for which money has been taken from account within a 12 month period- more recently multiple other fake /fraudulent money taken- al companies apparently based in ”Bournemouth”
    Even Bt call guardian didn’t work to stop them- had to change all acoounts and phone number.
    Do not deal with them at all, need shutting down by police now.

  7. Contacted DNCR last year 28/7/14 and registered and paid the fee approx. £42.00.? gave me reg no 14XME74711QR. Complained a few weeks ago as getting so many scam calls promised reply in 4 days never got it. Contacted DNCR again and registered my phone number. Had reply email saying that I was not registered with them. Given No FAXD9A1N9UP8 Later they called saying they could see I was getting loads of scam calls and offering me to stop scams for payment. I gave incorrect credit card number so they called back I told them what a cheat they were as I was already registered with them . They promised to investigate and call back !!!!

  8. My 94 year old mother just had a phone call from Steven at Do not call UK stating that they were going to take £98.00 from her bank to pay for the next 12 months. I immediately spoke to the caller and advised we were not going to pay any more money to them, he threatened legal action if we did not pay. Bring it on! We have contacted the bank and cancelled the card – so no more money for Do Not Call UK.
    So Do Not Call UK Do Not Call ME OK.

  9. Just been ‘had’ by Do Not Call UK who denied being the firm that had me previously with a call blocker which doesn’t work. On entering the payment in my Quicken expenditure recording programme, I noted that the phone number was the same as before. I immediately rang my bank, but it was too late the £149.99 had already been taken, and could not be recovered. They do not answer their customer service numbers For the record they are
    0333 456 0300
    0845 299 3135
    Don’t fall for it!

  10. My Father was conned by these people last year. He has Alzheimer’s but unfortunately at the time he had not been diagnosed. He to received the so call blocker with instructions that not meant to be understood and very minimal. I only found out when the box arrived what he had done and contacted his bank immediately. He has just received a phone call asking for more money as the year was but it was for two years. I told him I knew nothing about this, I explained my fathers medical condition and he offered to charge me to cancel the standard order! I asked him what standing order I told him I was going to ring the bank and put a stop on it, if that was the case and he said "You can’t it can only be done from this end. I asked to speak to someone who was responsible for this and he said it was the accounts and they would ring me back that was at 3pm and I am still waiting!! Its despicable how these people live with themselves, all I can say they will have to be old and vulnerable one day and I am a firm believer in what goes around comes around.

  11. Anne Mansfield

    I fell for this company over a year ago and bought the call blocker, no instructions how to set it up! Their "support desk" gave me some basic instructions. However I recently I got a call (from Jack) to say my annual contract subscription was due, about £79. I said I did not have a contract and they said I had agreed to one verbally! I may be in my 70’s but I am still sharp. I said there was no way I would do that. I nearly fell for it, they are very persuasive, threatening me with legal action if I did not pay. I gave in, gave my bank details and five minutes later thought better of it and rang my bank to stop payment. They then rang me back when they could not collect again threatening me with legal action. I put the phone down and guess what? No further contact, no legal action, it was just a scam. But upsetting it at the time and I am sure many people fall for these unscrupulous people.

  12. Got a call today 0203 769 5529 from a man with a very thick indian accent. He got as far as asking for financial details so I asked why he needed to know. When he failed to give a valid reason, I cut him off and immediately added the number to the call blocker I installed last week.

  13. Blah blah blah blah tracking device blah blah "National Do Not Call Register" 0845 1297936.
    Blocking Indian Call Centres. Indian accent …

    You know the story. Called me back 10 minutes after I called then scammers. I asked waht has happened to the TPS. "The what?"

    These people are parasites, but they may con people. Make sure you warn others

  14. I’ve just had the same today 15th June 2015. Thought it was ironic he said he would be blocking Indian call centres and they were based in Bournemouth when he had a very clear Indian acent !
    He did end call quickly though when I said I never sign to anything over the phone and id check their company before committing ! I thought I smelt a rat !!

  15. Gerald Berriman

    Friday 12 th June
    Just had a call from Mark on behalf of national do not call offering to block all unwanted call he said he was based in Bournemouth and his phone number is 08451297936.
    I managed to keep him talking for about 7 or 8 mins and told him the longer he talks to me he is not conning someone else.
    I hope nobody gets conned by these evil people.

  16. I live In Australia and have just received a call from the "do not call register" here in OZ. I am registered with the official site. But this was obviously an Indian call centre. They gave an address and telephone number (of sorts)
    They wanted me to pay $5 a month for a tracker put on the phone

  17. I also just had a call from an Indian sounding gentleman saying he was from the Don Not call Registry. He said he had heard I was still receiving unwanted calls and asked me how many. He could obviously tell I sounded very suspicious and he immediately rang off. I checked the call list and guess the number – 0845 1297936!! At least I didn’t listen to his phony (pun intended) story!

  18. Had this today 0845 129 7936. Woman with Indian accent telling me to register with new do not call register for a one off or monthly payment to stop unwanted calls from India! Seemed to get a little miffed when I told her that I had registered with the TPS to stop marketing calls like this and hung up on me.

  19. Had this today 0845 129 7936. Woman with Indian accent telling me to register with new do not call register for a one off or monthly payment to stop unwanted calls from India! Seemed to get a little miffed when I told her that I had registered with the TPS to stop marketing calls like this and hung up on me.

  20. For about £20 you can bye a blocker box. A phone with caller ID is useful. If it displays a number I don’t recognise I let it ring and when the ansa phone starts they hang up. I then Google the number and it is instantly obvious if its a scam. I then block number in the blocker and another one bites the dust. Think there are about 35 blocked numbers in my box.

  21. Just had the "do not call centre" on the phone. Strange how it’s James from India. After some time he got round to costs and was upset when I told him to send me an invoice as I don’t give out card details etc over the phone. So I hung up. There are far too many of these scams that people fall for the TPS should allow us to stop these. The number he gave was 08451297936

  22. Received a call saying that the ‘Do Not Call’ service was transferring registered numbers to a more secure system to prevent unwanted calls. I told the caller that we were not interested and our number is already registered with the Telephone Preference Service; also that I therefore suspected she should not be calling us at all. I stated they are not to call us again and to delete our number from their records. I checked the caller’s number on 1471 and found it was 0845 129 7936

  23. Carol Springer

    just put the phone down from a Lady offering the same service. I told her I was about to go online to check this out and she offered to hold! I asked her how much this service would cost me and and when told the amount, said No thank you……….she hung up. These calls are constant but thankfully I am pretty wise to them now but I do feel for some people who are sometimes to polite to just hang up or get caught out by these people.

  24. Please be aware that even if you return the box after a month or three there is a follow up call to say that you only cancelled the box but not the service.
    There is a charge for this so called service of £98 for a lifetime membership which they said they had already taken from my wife’s account and they just needed her to confirm the card number.
    My wife had changed her card after the first time when we got no refund and realised we had been scammed but they gave her the first four numbers of the new card convincing her to supply the rest of the details.
    We have now contacted the bank and they cancelled her card and passed our case to their fraud department, old duffers caught twice that’s us.
    We had sent the box back within seven days with a covering letter so be aware of this second call.

  25. I’ve just had a scam call from ‘Tom’ in an Indian call centre calling themselves the ‘National Do Not Call Register’ saying they are a government backed scheme to stop nuisance calls as the TPS service isn’t working! They say they will send out a device to fit to your landline in 2-3 days but want £2.50 per month and £89 up front to do so. They give you a call centre number of 0845 129 7936 which is currently reported as a scam number.

  26. Sarah Mitchell

    Just had a call from an (obviously) Indian call centre asking me to pay £2.50 for a box for my landline so I would get no more nuisance calls.

    When I asked if she meant the Telephone Preference Service she said ‘No the Do-Not-Call Service’.

    Said ‘never heard of it ‘ and hung up.

  27. I just had the donotcall.com company on the phone saying they are sending me a box to fit on my phone to stop marketing calls. I said I wasn’t interested and they said it’s something the government have made mandatory and my line will be disconnected without it, I argued this and got transferred to a manager who gave me the same spiel. I said it’s a load of rubbish and the manager got angry and started shouting swear words and horrible words at me and so i hung up! I would love to put in a complaint but cant seem to find the company details?

  28. Hi it sounds like I have been hit by the Scam, paid £35.52 p for so called life, and absolutely nothing has been done, so you are right about them being a scam, I live in England, and clicked on your link about and all it did was give me a Dark Black Screen with lists of all the different Phone Blocks their are, but the Log In button does not exist, so you can not get into anything. Have been with them for 2 years, so it is no wonder that I am still getting hundreds of Nuisance Calls still. Thank you for your update. Who can you trust these days, I must admit I do not use my Landline anymore or answer it,as it is a waste of time.

  29. Christine Williams

    I have just had a call from a busy call centre wanting me to register on their National Do Not Call Register, the Indian male talked so fast, wanted £1-50 & was putting me over to his supervisor to take my details, I said that I do not do this on the phone, & I put the phone down. I am not surprised to see here that it is a SCAM !!!!

  30. Sandra Willmore

    I have just finished being spoken to(at speed) by an Indian sounding woman, called ‘Sandra’ from Bournemouth. She said her company was, ‘Do Not Call.com. Lots of fast speaking about a small black box to be fixed to back of phone etc…choosing a password and then being passed over to her her boss called Carol (Indian voice) obviously in the same call centre. When I said shed have speak to my husband for his card number (for the £1.50 reg fee), she suddenly hung up.

  31. Just had a call from 001002981. "I am calling from the National Do Not call service. We understand that even though you are registered with TPS you are still receiving a large volume of nuisance calls. We are going to add you to our register and send you a box which will prevent these calls"
    At this point I said, "No, thank you, I do not want to be on your database or to pay you any money. I do not respond to cold calls, but if you send me the deatils through the post I will make up my own mind." She hung up instantly.
    Don’t stand for this nonsense! How ironic, a con based a con!

  32. I have just recieved a call from a Indian man called Nelsinho claiming to get rid of nuisance calls kept saying it was free but when I said i had caller ID in phone he said would be just £1.90 that’s when I realised was a scam so I just said if speak to my hisband to make sure he doesn’t think it was a scam I should have known really because he had the total wrong postcode for me.

  33. My mother had a call yesterday where the guy said who he was from – she said no thank you he kept on so she hung up – he then called back and she didn’t answer so eventually he left a message on the answer phone telling her how rude she had been and that she was in a 5 year agreement costing £93 per year – he also said he was of course going to offer her money off/back as she is still getting nuisance calls – of course he has given no number for us to call him back!!!!

  34. Oh, I find that a bit scary. At least the phone callers you can have a bit of fun – I hand the phone over to the three year old, or practice my funny accents.we are thankful to you and always feels fortunate when i visit here.You have changed my vision of living the life. Do not call Register

  35. I also had a call from this Do not call register on Monday 2nd feb from an Indian accented lady saying her name was Christine and the company was based in Bournemouth. She must have got my details from my comment to Ofgem via the TPS line. She was very `non-stop’ (verbal diarrhoea) and wouldn’t let me get a word in edgewise. She also said the box was £1.89 per month or upfront charge of £89.for which she wanted a credit card number. I resisted, saying I never gave this out to any organisation I didn’t know and would check first and ring her back. This she didn’t like so I hung up with her still going on. Haven’t rung back. I’m a pensioner but not one who can be pushed around, fortunately.

  36. I have just been scammed by the same company and they have taken £89 off my debit card. I have called the police and bank feel so stupid.

  37. They rang us at 7am this morning (Wednesday 4th February), the irony of receiving such a call at this time in the morning was not entirely lost on us – especially as we are already on the TPS and have been for years. Needless to say the conversation didn’t progress too far…

  38. I got a call from a british guy who has charged me £54.95 for this service, it is a scam I have contacted my bank to get the money back and it haz been reported by them as a scam I am so angry!

  39. At or about 9:30P.M. 30Jan2015 I received a call from a guy with what appeared to be an East Indian accent giving his name as Zack Brown stating that he represented a Call Blocker Service in Toronto,that would block unwanted telemarketers. He was very aggressive with me, and after promising me the world, said I had to give a credit card verification number (my credit card number) He insisted that the he did not want the credit card number which he claimed was only a verification number, the first four he had but the next 9 which are usually xx.d out (he had the last four digits. Like a fool I, after much arguing that I would not give him my number, I gave it to him. I hung up on him but he phoned me back and I, unfortunately relented. Realizing my stupidity, I phone my bank and cancelled my card. He also gave me an 08081893298 number and insisted this was a national toll free number which is a bogus. He caught me at a real weak moment.

    BE CAREFULL, BE CAREFUL. IF ANYONE CALLING REPRESENTING ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY,OR MICROSOFT, HANG UP HANG UP HANG UP DO NOT ENGAGE. Microsoft DOES NOT cold call people advising of viruses. If you was Call Blocking, contact your phone company.

  40. I have just been contacted by a man named Charles with the same comments as the people below. I was told it was 1.90 for three years then said this would be £89. I have just contacted my bank and cancelled the payment. I will return the box unopened.

  41. I have also had the same call today. A woman with an Indian accent called Caroline!!! went through the same spiel that Jac commented on. I told Brad!!! the supervisor that I would look on the web site and confirm the details and if I was interested would call them. I didn’t get to the payment details but would never have given my bank info over the phone to someone like this. What worries me is the 100’s of elderly people who will probably be taken in by this.

  42. Stewart McCormick

    I have just received a call from the National Do Not Call Register, claiming to be backed by the UK government. By the sound of the caller, "Barry", he was based in India.
    The offer was made of a small box which could be plugged in to my incoming line and would block all unsolicited sales calls at a cost of £1.90 a month for 3 years. This seemed very dubious to me and made me wonder whether the box would be able to overhear calls.
    The final nail in the coffin was when I was asked to provide card details over the phone, and this on an unsolicited call!

  43. I received a NO CALL REGISTER call today (22/1/15)
    A female with an Indian/Asian accent – same sort of conversation and charges were discussed as with your other complainants.

    When asked how the’box’worked, I was told it was preprogrammed to exclude unwelcome calls – impossible! The only way surely for this to operate successfully is if the ‘box’ acts as an intermediary and is programmed to give one the option of accepting a call. How does the system operate?

    I was initially interested in the ‘offer’ but became suspicious when the charges escalated from £1.95 to £70.00. and ended the call very abruptly.

    Are these telephone calls a complete scam ?

    Would a Government backed scheme condone this type of marketing ?

  44. On 22nd Jan 2015 my husband took a call from these people and believed them as we had just joined up for a TPS service with our new telephone provider and he thought that it was related to that . He agreed to having a box delivered and gave details of a prepaid debit card which we use for telephone and online purchases.
    I was suspicious and checked this page to discover that " Jason" had given the same telephone number for contact.
    We have immediately cancelled the card. If the box arrives we will return it unopened.

  45. I just had this call from a bunch of asian idiots try to sound english and doing a good job at it. It really fell apart when they passed me on to the boss whos name was jason more but sound like it should have been ranjeet. Good try spassers.

  46. 15/1/15 got a call from a John who said he worked for the Do Not Call register, which was a government something or other, not a private company, he gave me a cust serv number 0845 129 7936. He said it had flagged up that I received lots of unsolicited sales calls esp from abroad and I could cut out the abroad ones. He rattled through the spiel where he mentioned money, by saying I got the Call Blocker device to plug in to the back of my phone which I could keep for life, and it cost £1.90/month to block these overseas calls. It sounded just like a call centre, his English, accent, the way he rattled off the cost of it quickly etc. I said I didn’t want any extra cost and said goodbye. Never heard of this before, what if it was a scam, what if they started taking lots of money from my account, what if the device was a means to hack into my system etc?

  47. I just got a call, said they were based in Wellington Road Bournemouth. Said they are from the "Do Not Call Register", but I was sure that it was called something different. So I just kept asking where they were based…

  48. Well, they are still at it. I was asked the same questions and that it would cost me £1.95 per month. I said I was not interested and hung up, then decided to look them up online and got your useful discussion site.

  49. Unfortunately, I fell for this scam. An organisation calling itself The Do Not Call UK Register, with Managing Director James Fox, persuaded me into signing up for this. The sales person was very convincing, even when I asked to speak to her manager. It all sounded so plausible, and as I was tired of receiving unwanted sales calls I agreed to receive one of their little boxes to plug into my existing BT phone, and paid £89.99 for it on my credit card. The box duly arrived but the cable didn’t fit so we called them and they sent another cable. Even then it was not easy to connect and when I rang BT they told me I would have to pay a monthly charge for the service. This of course had never been mentioned by the sales people so I telephoned them and told them I didn’t want the box and sent it back, recorded delivery. They were supposed to reimburse my credit card but to date that hasn’t happened. The box was received by them on 9th September. It is now Christmas!

  50. As previous comments but they wanted £1.95/month. The call was terminated the moment I refused to give card details. The dead give away is they claim to be a UK government organisation but can not pronounce Hughes correctly.

  51. Stefani Whitehead

    A number I didn’t recognise called from Manchester. Didn’t identify themselves. Reminded me the call would be recorded for monitoring purposes. Then asked me for my post code

  52. I have just come from receiving a call from Jenny, who, when being challenged as to her bona fide my me, handed the call to Christine. All was pretty much as described above, but thanks to my first i-phone, I was simultaneously able to check the credentials on line and challenge them to the point that they had to hang up!

  53. I received a call in the UK from National Call Blocking Service. The caller stated I could stop all unwanted telesales calls by registering with them….I am already registered with TPS. I asked if it would cost me anything and the rely made me hang-up instantly. There was no charge for registering….but there was a small charge for a device I needed to plug into my telephone line to block all telesales calls from anywhere. That is impossible. Only a person checking every call before passing the call on to me would be able to provide that service. No technology exists to deal with all unwanted calls. They even claimed it stopped international calls and I have relatives living overseas, so what good is that?

  54. The Canadian Do-Not-Call is largely toothless because they can’t do anything about calls originating from outside Canada, even the U.S. And the American registry isn’t any better — if an American telemarketer calls me I cannot report them to the U.S. authorities because I don’t live in the States. Presumably Canadian-based telemarketers can call Americans with the same impunity. Surely, at the least, the Canadian & American authorities could institute mutual enforcement & reporting.

  55. I received a call with much the same sales pitch as previous writers No unsolicited calls from foreign countries, a box to attach to my telephone connection, which wouldn’t interfere with my internet,all for £1.90 per month with a prepayment of £89.99. then asked for my bank details I told her that I didn’t give them over the phone, she assured me it would be o.k gave me the telephone number 08451297936 and a registered number for reference for me to call. I said I would check their credibility and hung up, obviously reading this has proved my point.

  56. I received a call from Becky (do not call register)she said for only £84.99 to cover 3 years and thereafter free I would be free of nuisance calls. She was very confident gave me a phone no. 0333 3704427 ext 111. I checked on line immediately.

  57. Same as all the other comments Christine from the Do not call register phoned me today at 1130am very noisy Call centre telling me she could stop us getting calls from Indian call centres! She gave the number 0845 297936 but im not ringing it as that’s probably another scam. She was going to send me a box that would cost£1.90 a month so please could I give her my password for this box. I said no I’ve never heard of you and I want to go away and check up on you. I have your number and I can call you back. But I’m already on TPS and that costs me nothing, she soon shut up.

  58. I’ve just had "John" from a "Do Not Call Register" wake me up from a nap saying they’d been informed I was STILL getting nuisance calls and that they would send me a device, plus order all firms to ts stop. I thought it was the firm that I’d already paid to send out cease and desist notices but had wanted still more money to stop overseas calls – which this new man was promising to stop.
    Only when he said they wanted £83 for the service did I fully wake up and insist that he send details in writing and that I wouldn’t pay for a box even he sent one, nor send it back at my own expense. The line went dead! Where are the TPS’s teeth?
    BTW I too was given the number 0845 129 7936.

  59. I got a call from The Do Not Call Register at the end of last week. They said they had spoken to my partner about it and that it would cost £84.99 for three years and that they would provide a box that would identify callers and that the calls would stop immediately. We are still getting calls. Just now someone kept calling me even after I tried to scare her off. A friend of mine says the only way to stop them is to verbally abuse the person at the end of the phone. Employers do not like this, and they will remove you from their list. Meanwhile, I await a phone call from the DNCR. I don’t think it’s going to work.

  60. I received the call yesterday from the very noisy call centre offering me the DNCR service for £1.90 per month for three years. There’d be a box the attach between my phone and the wall outlet which would ensure unwanted calls could not get through. They gave me the number 0845 129 7936 which they said was the one to ring if there were any problems.

    I didn’t sign up because I was suspicious and decided to check them out first. But I went through the procedure to the point where I was asked for a password and the person at the other end couldn’t grasp the word GREEN. Then I gave up.

    Receiving an unsolicited call promising to stop unsolicited calls is an interesting concept. I haven’t tried yet tried the number they gave me..

  61. My partner got a call today from Do Not Call,with a web site http://www.realcommbox.com. She thought that this may be a scam and refused to give over bank details and asked for paper work to be sent. She was informed that it was against the law for them to send paper work.
    She then informed them that she would get a member of the family to check them out and to call back in 3 hours. Funny they never phoned back.

  62. should we have paid dncr £42 to register with them I believe this service should be free how do-we get our money back

  63. Richard Henderson

    I received the call this morning. It was clearly from a noisy call centre, almost certainly overseas. I listened patiently to the well-rehearsed sales pitch of the automon on the other end of the line who then transferred me to his "Manager" (who sounded an awful lot like him!).

    When I said that I was of COURSE keen to get rid of nuisance marketing calls, but was suspicious that this was one of them, and that if they were going to ask for my bank details, they weren’t going to get them, the line immediately went dead!

    Try not to fall for it.

  64. Hi. I received the same call today. I am usually on the ball with these things but I was caught of guard. Now l will have to get in touch with the bank.
    I an so stupid. Josh, I also only have the telephone number and the name Emil. If l find out anymore l will mail you on here.

  65. Brian Hutchinson

    I have just received a phone call from DNCR asking me about nuisance calls, which, of course, we all get. I listened patiently to their sales spiel and they gave me the same phone number as Dorothy and said they would upgrade the level of security and when they said they would send me a special box that was to be plugged in between the telephone socket and the wall I smelled a rat and said I’m not interested. My immediate thought was that such a device could be programmed to allow hackers free access to your computer. People beware.

  66. Like Dorothy Bramham, I to registered with a "Do Not Call" plan whose phone number is 0845 129 7936, which i rang and left a message complaining that the unit they sent didn’t work with my phone, i have heard nothing…..i have rung again today and all i got was a recorded message saying "i’m 1st in the cue and then asking me to ring back be between 10am and 5pm" i rang at 1;45pm.
    The employee i spoke to was named Zac, i have a letter of registration, with managing directors name as James Fox and i have a returns address of

    Nuisance call blocker ltd,
    unit 2 stratfield saye
    20-22 wellington road
    bh8 8jn

    They have a internet site; http://www.realcommbox.com which is totally useless too

  67. Just had similar experience to above comment except didn’t buy a box. Reported this to my telephone provider immediately & passed their contact details to them

  68. Josh, I think you have been scammed. I too had a phone call from this organisation, pretending to be "Anti Telemarketing UK", but thought it was suspicious when I asked why they wanted me to ring an 0845 number. When I asked why, they put the phone down. I suggest that you put it down to experience and ring Watchdog. Regards, Peter.

  69. Dorothy Bramham

    I registered with a "Do Not Call" plan whose phone number is 0845 129 7936. I told them the box was useless with my set and, at their request, returned it. I was assured that my £79.99 would be refunded. I returned the box on April 14th.
    I rang again last week and was promised that the refund would be transferred to my account.
    I rang again today, but there was only a recorded message giving me times of 10am to 5.0pm. I had rung a mid-day
    Can you help? I have only the phone number, no address and the name of an employee, JOSH.
    Thank you.

  70. Helen Pasquariello

    Got a scam on cell phone locked it and said call apple they give a phone number to call they hooked up to my computer and could not stopped them I am fed up with these Indians and there shit

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