Fake Do Not Call Registry

Do Not Call Registry Scam: How It Works

The National Do Not Call Registry has been a great tool for stopping telemarketers in the United States, Canada, or Australia. In the United Kingdom it’s called TPS (Telephone Preference Service) and is also free. In this article you’ll find how the scam works, how to avoid it, as well as how to get registered yourself on these national platforms.

By providing a registry for people fed up with intrusive dinner time calls to place their numbers on, these services are great – meaning telemarketers phoning people on this list are, in essence, violating the law. The registration is free and once you have submitted your telephone number – your landline, cell or both – you stay on the registry until your number is no longer in service. Before exposing the scam, let’s take a look at how you can add your number in order to avoid the telemarketers’ calls.

Watch the video below to see how you can sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry:

How To Sign Up For The Do Not Call Registry Video

Here are the official registries in all four countries mentioned above, in case you want to sign up:

National Do Not Call Registry USA

National Do Not Call Registry Canada

National Do Not Call Registry Australia

Telephone Preference Service UK

However, as mentioned, scammers just found a way to turn this into their advantage. How does the scam work?

It involves an email that has been circulated advising people that a new “National Cell Phone Do Not Call Registry” was recently launched. Be advised that the “new website” provided in the message is not a legitimate platform, but rather a trap for victims to provide their numbers.

In the United Kingdom, scammers make aggressive phone calls claiming to be TPS’ reps. They ask for 50 Pounds to register you in the new TPS system, to avoid telemarketing calls – although it’s free in real life.

do not call registry


Do Not Call Registry Scam: How To Avoid

Just being educated about the actual NDNC registry will help you avoid being taken advantage of by this scam. The only thing that will happen if you DO register with this “new cell phone” registry is you are likely to see an increase in telemarketing calls to your cell phone.


Do Not Call Registry Scam: How To Report

If you believe you are a victim of this scam, you can report it on the link below:

Federal Trade Commission Report


How to protect yourself more:

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Helen Pasquariello

Got a scam on cell phone locked it and said call apple they give a phone number to call they hooked up to my computer and could not stopped them I am fed up with these Indians and there shit


Be safe on this number,He is a exorcism.

Dorothy Bramham

I registered with a "Do Not Call" plan whose phone number is 0845 129 7936. I told them the box was useless with my set and, at their request, returned it. I was assured that my £79.99 would be refunded. I returned the box on April 14th. I rang again last week and was promised that the refund would be transferred to my account. I rang again today, but there was only a recorded message giving me times of 10am to 5.0pm. I had rung a mid-day Can you help? I have only the phone number, no address and the… Read more »


Josh, I think you have been scammed. I too had a phone call from this organisation, pretending to be "Anti Telemarketing UK", but thought it was suspicious when I asked why they wanted me to ring an 0845 number. When I asked why, they put the phone down. I suggest that you put it down to experience and ring Watchdog. Regards, Peter.

Ian Burrows

Just had similar experience to above comment except didn’t buy a box. Reported this to my telephone provider immediately & passed their contact details to them

Martin T

Like Dorothy Bramham, I to registered with a "Do Not Call" plan whose phone number is 0845 129 7936, which i rang and left a message complaining that the unit they sent didn’t work with my phone, i have heard nothing…..i have rung again today and all i got was a recorded message saying "i’m 1st in the cue and then asking me to ring back be between 10am and 5pm" i rang at 1;45pm. The employee i spoke to was named Zac, i have a letter of registration, with managing directors name as James Fox and i have a… Read more »

Brian Hutchinson

I have just received a phone call from DNCR asking me about nuisance calls, which, of course, we all get. I listened patiently to their sales spiel and they gave me the same phone number as Dorothy and said they would upgrade the level of security and when they said they would send me a special box that was to be plugged in between the telephone socket and the wall I smelled a rat and said I’m not interested. My immediate thought was that such a device could be programmed to allow hackers free access to your computer. People beware.


Hi. I received the same call today. I am usually on the ball with these things but I was caught of guard. Now l will have to get in touch with the bank.
I an so stupid. Josh, I also only have the telephone number and the name Emil. If l find out anymore l will mail you on here.

Richard Henderson

I received the call this morning. It was clearly from a noisy call centre, almost certainly overseas. I listened patiently to the well-rehearsed sales pitch of the automon on the other end of the line who then transferred me to his "Manager" (who sounded an awful lot like him!). When I said that I was of COURSE keen to get rid of nuisance marketing calls, but was suspicious that this was one of them, and that if they were going to ask for my bank details, they weren’t going to get them, the line immediately went dead! Try not to… Read more »

T Mazonowicz

should we have paid dncr £42 to register with them I believe this service should be free how do-we get our money back

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