Phony Gas Inspectors

TSSA Impersonators: How The Scam Works

This occurs in Ontario, Canada as you're reading this article. There have been reports that phony contractors disguised as gas inspectors with the TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority) are gaining access to peoples' homes with the intent of selling them water heaters and furnaces. They are posing as safety inspectors and are using the logo of the TSSA to make themselves appear more legitimate.

From there, they sell their own services as contractors.

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TSSA is an organization responsible for the safety inspection of fuels, pressure vessels and boilers, upholstered and stuffed articles and elevating and amusement devices.

TSSA Impersonators: How The Scam Works

The TSSA has publicly stated, as a result of this scam, that the only time they visit residents is if a death has occurred as a result of a faulty furnace or water heater. They do not sell furnaces or water heaters either.

If a "TSSA" inspector appears at your door, let them know – before you let them in – that you are going to contact the TSSA and verify their employment. This is usually enough to prompt them to leave. Once they are gone, contact the local authorities and report the visit.


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