DEA Call

DEA Call: How The Scam Works

(with video below) DEA stands for the United States’ Drug Enforcement Administration. If you watched movies like Breaking Bad you are probably familiar with the term. However, be careful about a scam happening this week. Callers phone homeowners – you could be next, so beware – and present themselves as DEA representatives. Once victims respond, criminals proceed to tell them that DEA has intercepted a large package addressed to them. How does the scam work?

Watch the video below to see in action the DEA Call Scam:

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DEA Call Scam in the News Video

The scammers present the following scenario:

“We are sorry to inform you, but this package has your name on it and the contents are all illegal substances. You have the choice of paying $1,200 to avoid the legal reprecussions or go to jail”. When trying to fight back, the victims – usually older – are required to provide evidence that they are NOT the owners of the package or involved in the drug deal.

“If you don’t have any proof, the simple fact that your name and address is on the package could put you away for 12 years”, says the criminal.

drug enforcement administration logo


Although many people still avoid this scam by calling out the crooks, several fall victims after being scared by the official verbiage of the caller. This happens because criminals often use the Caller ID Spoofing technology, which makes the display of the victims’ smartphone to show whatever name they want.

In this case, the phone of the recipient shows “Drug Enforcement Administration” when it rings. How could you not believe that?

DEA Call: How To Avoid

Tell your parents to hang up the phone. Authorities never call to ask about your involvement– they will come to your door with a warrant.


DEA Call: How To Report

Make your family and friends aware of the DEA Call scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers’ phone numbers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report Scammers To The FTC Here


How to protect yourself more:

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91 thoughts on “DEA Call”

  1. Fran Munschauer

    DEA CALL .Agent.David Downing left voicemail stating we were under investigation and failure to return call to 212-845-9723,ext. 3200 could result in our arrest. I saved the voicemail message after calling them but only got a recording asking me to leave a message @8pm CST tonight.

  2. 213-344-5714 Special Agent Colder (sp?). DEA. Can’t wait for them to show up at my door with that warrant.

  3. Just got DEA call today, left a message!! Agent Richard Vargas number to call back 904 442 9603. It will be a cold day in hell before he gets a call from me!! A few months ago it was the IRS they too were coming for me if I didn’t pay up! LOL they are crazy but really do scare some people into paying and cause others great anxiety, so they are dangerous!! Always check online!

  4. In May it was the IRS and on June 30th it was the DEA Agent Richard Vargas, now on July 5th a new IRS Agent Nikki Johnson, a woman!! They just don’t stop. They have been traced to other countries so nothing can be done. Just beware they are still trolling!!

  5. Rick Sanders

    I got a call from "Agent John Anderson" of the DEA (214-396-1380) informing me of my impending arrest should I not contact him immediately. After several phone calls which quickly deteriorated into screaming matches he finally just insulted me and admitted the fraud.

  6. I am so glad this is a scam and that I caught it! The number used to call me was from the Los Angeles area: 213-261-5603. The jerk identified himself as Special Agent John Anderson. He made threats to arrest me if I didn’t call him back. Don’t fall for this!!!!

  7. "Greg Wilcox" DEA agent called me today with the same story- 803-661-0376 x 227 made threats to arrest me as well. Blocking his number as we speak.

  8. Mary Not Falling a For This

    I received a call from Agent Rodriguez from the DEA as I was driving home from work today. The guy knew my name and rattled off the last digits of a credit card that expired. He said they had a search warrant but I cut him off and said I don’t conduct business over the phone and to send me something in writing. He then said I would be getting a visit from my local police department with a search warrant. I told him that was fine and hung up on him. I’m still waiting for the police to show up.

  9. Call today from 323/703-1037 from Special Agent Phil somebody. The connection was so back I couldn’t hear half of what he was saying. Same story as all the other posts. Told him I wasn’t verifying any information over the phone. He said they would arrest me. Told them I’ll have my bags packed and would wait outside for them.

  10. Received a voicemail from SpecialAgent Patrick O’Neal, DEA. As I am a retired State narcotics agent, I was suspicious. After researching on-line – I now see it is a scam. I will forward this information to my California DEA contact and let them handle this.

  11. Not Havin this BS

    Just a few minutes ago I got a call from 713.900.7523 from a "special agent Gregory Wilcox with the DEA" badge #AF255920-1 stating that nearly 10 years ago I purchased medication online and that I needed to go downtown the the "Federal Office" and pay a fine or else US Marshals would show up and escort me. When I asked what pharmacy he would divert to a different subject and then when I asked what the address of the "Federal Office" was he wouldnt tell me then told me I was being difficult. He then told me to lower my voice (wasnt yelling) I was quite flustered and trying to remember back to 2007 (when he claimed I purchased said "drugs"). I said ok I need to call my husband and he told me I wasnt allowed to tell my husband where I was going nor my employer. Piece of shit needs to be caught and brought to justice. Scary part is he did have an old address of mine… Wonder how much other info he’s gotten ahold of.

  12. 10/9/15
    I received a call from Special Agent Patrick Oneal # 1-312-473-1342. He stated he was from the DEA and my name came up in an investigation and I need to call him as soon as possible. When I returned his call he informed me that I had illegally purchased medication on-line and there was a warrant for my arrest as well as a property search and sieze. My property would be confiscated and auctioned off to pay for the fines for bringing illegal medications into the United States. He sounded legitimate, was intimidating and used appropriate English. He sounded like he had a Maryland or east coast accent. He knew certain private information about me. He told me he could clear this all up if I could pay the fines today at 25,000. a piece and I had two fines. When I said I didn’t have 50,000 dollars lying around he asked if I could pay 25,000 and they would for go the other 25,000. When I said I needed him to fax some information to me he said he needed to clear this matter up now. He finally asked if I could pay 3,000 today with small monthly payments until the fine was paid off. At this point I was becoming suspicious and said I needed information regarding this and he said that the U.S Marshalls who will be arriving at my door would have the information and he said if I couldn’t make restitution today that I would certainly need a federal attorney. I said I wasn’t certain he was who he was telling me who he was and he said, "I have tired to help you and work with you and now I have no other choice but to dispatch the Marshalls!" He finished with good luck to you and hung up! My son who saw me crying and upset went online and put in the phone number which was out of Chicago and it was a scam! I contacted local authorities. The number is still working and everyday I leave him a message that He is disgusting, and I cannot believe he feels it is okay to lie, cheat and steal from innocent people. He should be ashamed of himself! Everyone else should call and tell him the same!

  13. Call DEA office of diversion-877-792-2873. I just had a call from "Special Agent Greg Wilcox, ID #AF 38720-1 telling me my name came up in an online pharmacy investigation. That my name was one of 18 individuals on an arrest warrant and I needed to go to Fed court and give written testimony, sign dismissal documents, and pay a $1,000 fine. He also informed me he was placing a wire tap on my phone and that me being on a phone call was not the only time they could listen bc they didn’t want me discussing the case. When I explained I have no job, and that I am in school for my AS Degree in legal studies and have been a paralegal since 2003, he wanted to get off the phone and said he would only call back if he could get a waiver so I would not have to pay the fine and then hung up.
    I called local DEA here to check on his name and badge # and was told it was a scam and to call the 877#. I called, reported him and then called him back and told him I had done so. Of course there was no answer and an outgoing message that didn’t make sense, as gov’t agencies employ ppl to answer the phone. So, I left him a message telling him I reported him, good luck trying to steal my identity bc my credit is crap and I have a $2 bank acct balance. I also told him to have a nice day, that I hoped he was caught and called him a son of a bitch.
    The messed up part is, he DID know I ordered from an online pharmacy and which address it was delivered to, so hopefully, it was their system that was hacked and this dick fuck doesn’t have my personal info. I’m a lifelock customer, so I will be reporting this to them so they can note my account.

  14. This caller scared the crap out of me…he NEEDS TO BE STOPPED as does this ring since I got a message on my cell alleging to be from special agent John Anderson of DEA in Philadelphia saying if I didn’t call back he’d get a warrant. Now that I found out this is all BS, I am LIVID at him and can’t wait until he gets back to me.
    I called back the number on my ID 215-989-4386 and it rang about 10 times and then I got a recorded announcement from a woman saying this was the DEA and to leave a message, etc., etc. Even if this was real, NEVER SPEAK TO A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER INVESTIGATING ANYTHING WITHOUT A LAWYER. NEVER. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE SILENT. USE IT GUILTY OR NOT.

  15. My grandfather received a call from a (321) area code based in Florida. As others have described here, the individual calls accusing the victim importing illegal priscription drugs and begins to get aggresive telling him that he has a warrant for his arrest and needs to deal with this immediately. My grandfather vehemently denied the claims and hung up.

    They catch you off gaurd because they call you by your full name and know your address. Please hang up. This is a complete fraud. When you call the number back it is a shady male on an answering machine saying "This is the DEA, leave a message"…pure bogus.

  16. I received a call just like those shared here already. The person identified himself as special agent John Anderson and was very aggressive and threatening. He told me that, to clear my name, I would need to fly to the Dominican Republic and pay $1900 in civil penalties there and then asked me if I could leave today otherwise, he’d have federal agents come to my house and arrest me. I insisted that I would need to see paperwork before taking such action and that I was concerned that this was a potentially fraudulent call. At that point, his language became even more threatening and, when I held my ground, he disconnected the line. Very unsettling as he did seem to have all my personal info!

  17. Got a phone call Saturday from a number I didn’t recognize so I didn’t answer it. Five minutes later I get a message from an Agent John Anderson telling me the DEA was investigating me for a mail order prescription I purchased seven years ago and they had a warrant for my arrest. Became very aggressive and I just kept telling them I didn’t know what he was talking about. When he couldn’t get me to become hysterical he put me on hold and hung up.I didn’t give him any information and he never asked for any money but it was a very scary experience. He use the number 215-253-7388.

  18. My children played back a disturbing message on my landline today. They were afraid for me! This guy special agent ( missed the name) from 1-240-200-9815 ( bandwidth MD location) stated he has my package of "weight loss medication" that I ordered online illegally and that we need to "talk" about my illegal online ordering! I know it is a scam as I do not order online medications! My children were so upset . I reported this # to as many agencies as possible and to Bandwidth also. Thanks.

  19. I also received a similar message on my landline today. It really scared my children! I tried to explain it was bogus! The person used some special agent name ( i don’t recall it) from this number 240-200-9815. Stating he had my weight loss medication that
    I illegally ordered online and I needed to call him back to discuss my illegal online ordering! I did not call him back. I did a reverse search. Its from MD looks like a nice house. Uses Bandwidth. I reported the number to as many agencies including Bandwidth as possible. I could laugh at it because it all LIES but, my children were afraid listening to that!

  20. I received a call on my cell phone from DEA Narcotics Special Investigations Unit Los Angeles, Agent Gregory Wilcox, 213-928-2556. He proceeded to tell me that I was involved in an investigation with trafficking illegal narcotics. He did a background and he knew I was a law biding citizen and if I would not be charged if I helped them. He said he could have an enforcement office pick me up and escort me to the District Clerks Office and if I did not that I could be arrested. He actually scared me and he was extremely convincing. It was very scary how much info he had about me that was accurate! I only realized that it was a scam when I googled his name and this site came up. I hung up. He called back several times and finally my co worker answered and started interrogating him and he hung up on her. We called the number back and all we get is a voice mail stating he is Special Investigations Unit Los Angeles, Agent Gregory Wilcox. Ya RIGHT! Do Not Be Scammed by these guys!

  21. My girlfriend just got scammed out of $2,000.
    Called the police department, they’re not equipped with the man power or resources to catch this Fraudster.

    Found a link to the DEA’s website to report this scam. Let’s put an end to this guy as quick as possible before he gets other victims. Please take 5-10 minutes to report this Fraud to the proper authorities.
    Click on the Extortion Scam online Reporting link below. Let’s get this guy while we still can.

    DEA Warns Public of Extortion Scam by DEA Special Agent Impersonators

    The Drug Enforcement Administration is warning the public about criminals posing as DEA special agents or other law enforcement personnel as part of an international extortion scheme.

    Extortion Scam Criminal

    The criminals call the victims (who in most cases previously purchased drugs over the internet or by telephone) and identify themselves as DEA agents or law enforcement officials from other agencies. The impersonators inform their victims that purchasing drugs over the internet or by telephone is illegal, and that enforcement action will be taken against them unless they pay a fine. In most cases, the impersonators instruct their victims to pay the "fine" via wire transfer to a designated location, usually overseas. If victims refuse to send money, the impersonators often threaten to arrest them or search their property. Some victims who purchased their drugs using a credit card also reported fraudulent use of their credit cards.

    Impersonating a federal agent is a violation of federal law. The public should be aware that no DEA agent will ever contact members of the public by telephone to demand money or any other form of payment.

    The DEA reminds the public to use caution when purchasing controlled substance pharmaceuticals by telephone or through the Internet. It is illegal to purchase controlled substance pharmaceuticals online or by telephone unless very stringent requirements are met. And, all pharmacies that dispense controlled substance pharmaceuticals by means of the internet must be registered with DEA. By ordering any pharmaceutical medications online or by telephone from unknown entities, members of the public risk receiving unsafe, counterfeit, and/or ineffective drugs from criminals who operate outside the law. In addition, personal and financial information could be compromised.

    Anyone receiving a telephone call from a person purporting to be a DEA special agent or other law enforcement official seeking money should refuse the demand and report the threat using the online form below. Please include all fields, including, most importantly, a call back number so that a DEA investigator can contact you for additional information. Online reporting will greatly assist DEA in investigating and stopping this criminal activity.

    Extortion Scam Online Reporting

  22. This just happened to me today using the same name Special Agent Gregory Wilcox but different phone number 202-241-6218. I’m guessing he’s using a burner phone. Luckily I figured it out in time. He wanted $2500.

  23. I received a call on my cell phone from DEA Narcotics Special Investigations Unit Los Angeles, Agent Gregory Wilcox, 213-928-2556. Talk about scaring the crap out of me! My brain was saying, "no way this is legit," but his aggressiveness, his terminology, his apparent knowledge, etc., was telling me he was for real. I was in Walmart, of all places. He said he could have Federal Marshalls pick me up immediately and escort me to a Federal Courthouse, OR I can choose to waive my right to be escorted, however I would be immediately placed under surveillance under the Patriot Act….then he went on to explain the Patriot Act. (I chose the latter) He explained this long process where I would be one of 50 people not charged, but in exchange for my written testimony, I would only face some civil fines. I mean, this guy went on and on and on. I thought there was no way somebody could make this stuff up!!!! When I told him I had a camping trip planned for later that day and for the next week he said he was going to terminate the call and I would then be charged. The longer he went on, the more my sense of reason and logic fell apart. He even gave me the name and address of the Federal Courthouse to appear at to make the necessary legal arrangements. He never mentioned paying him, only that I would have to pay some fines once I got to the Federal Courthouse. It was crazy. Only now am I starting to laugh at myself for being so gullible. This guy had a strong east coast, rude, demanding tone about him. He gave me a case number, his badge number, on and on and on. All because I bought some vitamins 8 years ago that were "apparently" prescription and I broke the law. It was nuts! It was one of the craziest things that has ever happened to me. But here is the kicker….. while I was in Walmart he told me that Federal Marshals would be there to pick me up, etc., When I walked out of Walmart there was a police car parked next to my vehicle WITH ITS LIGHTS FLASHING!!!! No joke! I about passed out. As it turned out it was simply a police office giving someone a traffic citation and they had coincidentally stopped behind my vehicle. It was like a bad dream for a minute. What are the chances……..

  24. hi did anyone gotta call from 3018366375 ,he gave me 877 number as well , his name was Michael Kurson he called me on my cell and left em a massage that he is from DEA Baltimore and investigation officer and his agent will come to my door and to arrest me as in 2010 i bought prescription drug and i am a regular buyer , its weird he was pronouncing my name , but weird thing is i do get a call form usa and may be India and they sale drugs on phone and ask me to buy ..this guy said there is fine for 20000 us dollars =plus i have ot be impression for 2 months in Baltimore…very scary …

  25. I received a call yesterday from Special Agent John Anderson, DEA. He left a message. He called again this morning. This time, I actually talked to him. He had information about me, like my address, phone, and that I had ordered a certain medication online on February 23, 2007. I am only 40 years old, and I know that these scams take place. But, he was extremely convincing. When I told him I had SLED (SC Law Enforcement Division) looking into it, he didn’t back down. He told me that DEA agents would be at my home to arrest me within 10 minutes. It was very scary how much info he had about me that was accurate!

  26. Received the same call from Mitch Turner, with badge Number B-1911, from the DEA in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, from 954 353 4571 with instructions to send $2,500.00 to Sandy Perez, Newark, NJ, who would seal the indictments for trafficking in "controlled substances." The telephone communication was nearly impossible with crackles and ellipses from a terrible connection on the other end. I didn’t send any money which they requested to be sent by Western Union or Money Gram. They could even tell me where I could find either place–and they were working on Saturday!

  27. Received same call from "Emily Hall" where she threatened I would be served a warrant and taken to jail on March 11, 2015, when I called her back to let her know I was reporting her, she replied "F You Bitch" and hung up. They need to be tracked down.

  28. I got the same call from Emily Hall that I had a warrant out for my arrest. Same Houston phone number. I want to report her to authorities. Any suggestions on how?


  30. Just got the same call from "Emily Hall" two times in a row. She left a message and couldn’t even pronounce my name correctly. We tried calling back twice with no answer. I didn’t know the DEA field office main number in Houston was a cell phone. Smh!!!

  31. Message on our answering machine from "Agent John Marvin (sp?)" with the "Criminal Investigation Department" telling us we must call back at 410-630-1434 within 48 hours or suffer dire consequences due to an "arrest situation". The message was obviously being read, by a man with an accent, probably a non-native English speaker. Referred to "Dept." as "Division" elsewhere in the message

  32. Just received a voicemail (214-499-9092) from John Anderson to call him back and if i dont cooperate that a warrant will be issued for my arrest. The voicemail seemed fishy the way he spoke so I Google it. This is not my first rodeo.

  33. 02/19/2015: 9:44 am I just received a phone call from 713-568-9645 person claimed to be from the DEA SPECIAL AGENT EMILY HALL , threaten a court warrant and my arrest if I do not return their phone call.

  34. Just got a call from 800-653-0673 and the gig threatened me with agents on
    The way to my residents . I told him to bring them on . He got nasty
    This is not my first rodeo . I have spoken to the real DEA they never call to threaten you .

    It is BS but I tell them to come on my house is guarded by God and A Gun and I promise they will meet them both !!

  35. I just rec’d a call from 214-499-9092 saying his name was dea agent john anderson and he needed me to call him back immediately at that number ext 1227 or at 323-629-4009. He said if he did not hear back, a warrant for my arrest would be issued and i was looking at serious jail time. I remembered seeing a post from a friend of mine that she’d rec’d a similar call and that it was a scam wanting money. Scares the crap out of you and you just want to let them know you’re in no way involved but so glad i googled it first.

  36. Yep, aHole Anderson just called me with the same BS Scam. I told him to put it all in writing and mail it to me. I’m sure if I stayed on the line longer, he would have asked for money.

  37. I just got a call from the number other people listed (323 629-4009), and they left a message saying they were from DEA in Los Angeles. I am in San Francisco… I had one of these phony calls before, but previously they called from San Francisco.. I will not call them back..

  38. I received a voice mail while my phone was broke and when I got my new phone telling me that I was under investigation for illegal drugs to call back when I did the number was disconnected he was calling from a number 18005305494 and the caller ID said united states and his name was Brian Crowell at ext 208 my phone was down for 5 days so when I got this voice mail I automatically call the number after redial multiple times I Google the information and found this site , don’t they have a real job this is so cruel why do people do this the only people who call back are people who work for a living and follow the law , real criminalsoon would not respond shame on them like life is not hard enough so aggravated

  39. Got s call from 323-629-4009. Special Agent Anderson who was " calling from the Los Angeles DEA office".. Telling me the same story as these other comments– that I was trafficking drugs and was a VIP customer of this drug cartel in the Dominican Rep.. That they were tapping my phone and his special agents were currently in route to detain me, then send me to be put on trial in the Dom.Rep… At first, I was thinking this guy is totally messing with me.. But he was so convincing, having his "guys" talk over the radio in the background, then he would respond saying "stand down for now, the suspect seems to be cooperating" (this was all very early in the convo). But it didn’t stop there- he gave me docket #s and all this stuff to have for my records… Blah blah blah.. Also told me it was confidencial, and that papers would need to be signed to secure the confidenciality agreement .. Told me he would give me a break if the judge in the DomRep will allow me to pay a fine for the charges. Then he put me on hold and acted like he was calling the judge.. (Ridiculous). This guy was definitely selling his story and scared me so much he talked me into going to get $2000 out and wire it to an agent immediately. Before I walked into cvs to wire the money, he told me to take a deep breath and not allow the 3rd party (cvs) to know what you were doing. THANK GOD something went wrong and the manager of the store came up, very nice lady.. I whispered to her what I was doing and she IMMEDIATELY told me to hang up the phone.. That it was a scam. THANK GOD I didn’t send that money! People are cruel!!! Can’t believe they’ll go to this extent- evil!

  40. 360-989-9122 is another number associated with the scammers: Heads up! This time of year telephone scammers lurk looking for potential victims. One is DEA calls where a person poses as a law officer or investigator saying they have found your name on a list of drug trafficking cliental. Rule number ! : NEVER RESPOND TO THESE CALLS! Tell your family and children as well. You can google the phone number to see if there are complaints and who is calling you. My BEATTITUDES ARE: Be safe. Be assertive. Beware. And don’t be a victim! — Teri LaFaye

  41. My father just received a phone call from this number 404-996-3806 also saying there was a federal investigation regarding narcotics purchases from my deceased mother’s credit card. There are terrible people in this world.

  42. I received a similar call yesterday from "Special Agent Carl Coulter" who said he was from the OCI Office of Criminal Investigation. He said they confiscated a package containing illegal substances and that I had to return his call or else they would issue a warrant for my arrest and a search warrant for my house. The number was 360.989.9122 extension 208. He sounded extremely convincing, and I was terrified. The only thing that gave me pause was he pronounced "with you" like "wit chu" in an uneducated way. Thank goodness you have this page as I’ve been scared to death. What a horrible thing to do to people!!!!!

  43. I got a call from a 202-239-6922. He said he was officer Rameriz with the DEA and had a package from a year ago from an online pharmacy they had intercepted. He said he had phone conversations recorded ( this was a red flag b/c I don’t remember ever being on the phone with any pharmacist) and that they would issue an arrest warrant for me today if I didn’t pay $4000 to be Western Unioned to the Dominican Republic. He was very convincing, and had me shaking thinking if I didn’t get this money they would issue a search warrant for my house and arrest me. He had me stay on the line with him while I went to get the money and Winn Dixie to wire the funds to 2 separate people… red flags. My husband called while I was in the process and told me not to do it that it was surely a scam. We will wait and see if anything real comes fro this, but there were so many red flags I’m sure it won’t… He also said they had looked at my background and knew I had nothing on my record, this is completely false, I have quite a few things on my record..

  44. I have received several voice mail messages from a Special Agent Commerce saying that there was a federal investigation going on and were getting ready to indicte me and to call him at 404-996-3806 and his badge number was T0792, i finally decided to play along today, he gave me this long discussion about some medication i did purschse online years ago and that i had to send $4982.72 to Clerk Madalin Cossio at address 8532 NW 66th St, Miami, Florida 33166. He said once i called him back and gave him the tracking number for the overnighted money order that he would send my the paperwork for my dismissal of 5 court cases against me. He did give me also a real address for where he supposidly is in Atlanta Georgia and it is a real court house. He used alot of jargon such as order of dismissal, defendent release program, that i would have to get a federal attorney if i did not do this and couldnt give me any other info regarding the case until i called him back, he is calling me right now and i am letting it go to voice mail. When i looked up the address to send the money order, satelitte photos show rows and rows of what looks like warehouses. This is a scam, dont be fooled, federal marshalls are not going to come to your house to arrest you. I am gathering all of this info to report to the police where i live.

  45. They called our office with the threat they intercepted a package that had illegal drugs. I got a call from "Carl Coulter" doubt that’s a real name. The number was 360-989-9122 it came from La Center Washington. He said he was DEA OCI Office US Justice Department.

  46. I got a call from Javier Pena today and the scam was related to online pharmacy emails and purchases. Offered to settle civil complaint with Dominican Republic for $2000 u.s. These guys are convincing, don’t fall for it! Phone number they used was 215-621-8492 watch out for it!

  47. A man calling himself Alex Carter calls and harasses you, says is from Florida dept.of law enforcement. He also says your social security number has come up in a cyber crime and names your social security number and place of employment to you.then says he will issue an arrest warrant to your local authorities unless you call him now.then if you do not answer he says the warrant well be issued and to call him immediately. the man has have middle eastern accent. when you talk on phone with him call his bluff and theatre the authorities on him or he will continuously harass you.

  48. I got a call today from special agent Havier Penna from the Drug Enforcement Agency 215-486-2044 – Ext. 2011 – He wants me to return his call immediately – Looked up about scams like this one – and reported it immediately.

  49. 804-723-9741

    Same shit western union 1300 to the Dominican Republic so charges that I didn’t even offend would be dropped n my house won’t be raided and picked up and charged for doing something illegal that I’ve never even heard of

  50. Coleen Spapperi

    (312-428-6447)They left a VM on my cell-phone saying I needed to contact him at the DOJ DEA in Chicago regarding an investigation. …(312-428-6447) I called back and a woman answered in DEA Office Chicago .. I said someone lm for me regarding an important matter she asked my name and phone number . An "AGENT" got on phone told me We are sorry to inform you, but this package has your name on it, and you have the choice of paying $2000 to forfeit the drugs or go to jail". I said WHAT are you talking about? He told me DEA agents were 30 mins away going to raid my house. I said I do not order DRUGS on line. I am on medication that is legal thru my DR. Long story short .. I FELL for it. I Western Unioned $130 to the Domican Repulic to a KENT MATTHEWS…The AGENT stayed on line with me for almost 2 hrs saying he was in meeting with prosecutors ect ect… I asked him IS THIS A SCAM?? He said NO DEA can be at your house in 30 mins. I asked Western Union if there was any SCAMS with this person KENTS name they said NO… I got home Because I could not READ the WU # for him.. I called FBI from my landline the FBI operator told me HANG UP WITH ME Its a SCAM call WU before they get the transfer… I did as I was told.. GOOGLED the number and BAM I come across this site.. I am soo ashamed and embarrassed by my stupidity.. I pray these SCUM are caught and THANKFUL I only had $140 in my checking account at this time. I questioned him about me getting a lawyer he said that I would not need that.. In retrospect.. I KNEW it smelled fishy and I pray that everyone GOOGLES a weird number from ANY FEDERAL AGENT BEFORE they listen to the CRAP…

  51. 3124286447 called me and left a message stating he is special agent Summers, and he said if I did not cooperate with him he would issue an arrest warrant, so I asked him for his badge # , when he would not I knew it was a scam, I then found this website and BOYEAH!! I knew it was a scam, all I know is that it is a Fed. offence to posse as an FBI agent, I can’t believe they have not caught them YET, but they will.

  52. I received emails claiming to be from the F.B.I. stating I am sending money overseas to aid terrorist The joke is on them, I have never sent any money overseas cuz I don’t know anyone from overseas. I got tired of it and took my computer straight to my local F.B.I. office which is close by, and showed them the email. they had me get a printout of it and they were going to investigate the matter and never got another email or never heard from my local F.B.I. office.

  53. A "Special Agent Javier Pena" left a VM on my land-line saying I needed to contact him at the DOJ DEA in Chicago regarding an investigation. He threatened that the Attorney General will have an arrest warrant in my behalf if he is unable to question me over the phone…(312-428-6447)…I called and messed with him and he hung up….ha ha ha dumb-ass!!!

  54. Robin Williams left me a message to return his call because he’s a DEA agent and there is an ongoing criminal investigation.I Checked # 202-241-7941.Scam.

  55. My message today was from Jeffrey Parker and the number was 415.251.4625. He was threatening and rude and scared me to death. I was 100% sure that I had NEVER ordered any prescription drugs online so I hung up (he called back 7 times before I placed a block on his number). Beware – this guy is a real JERK!

  56. Elaine Wagner

    I received a message on my cell phone from "Special Agent Robert Williams" from 202-241-7941 telling me he needed me to call him back regarding an ongoing criminal investigation. Thank GOD I googled his name and DEA before returning the call!! It breaks my heart thinking that some people would fall for these scammers and send their hard earned money!

  57. Wrong Person to Mess With

    First called as "Robert Williams". Then we spoke to "Matthew Barnes" DEA # 77936. Said he needed over $1700 to make the arrest warrant go away. Wanted us to go to a Western Union in a CVS Pharmacy. It all sounded fishy & when we questioned him for supporting evidence he got very angry & talked about how he’s been on the force for 17 years & they would come arrest us within 25 minutes. However, he said no local law enforcement agency would have the case number or any record of this.
    We called the FBI!

  58. Those dumb-asses called my wife today from (931)494-9420. The "Agent" claimed that US Customs seized a package addressed to her that contained illegal drugs that came from out of the country. He stated that he has all this evidence against her, a warrant has been issued for her arrest and she would receive further details in the mail that she could give to her attorney. He had the correct address. No pandering for cash. Will see if anything shows up in the mail.
    If we get another call from this so called "Agent" we have many questions to ask: What is your name? What is your badge number? What agency do you work for? What is the office address?
    All questions that any agent can answer.
    BTW: The DEA does not contact the public by telephone.

  59. Scammer impersonating a federal officer called from 301-534-7724, falsely accusing me of illegal internet trafficking and demanding that I pay a "fine" to the Dominican Republic (WTF?), or I would be arrested. Cross-reference this with 518-557-6051 and/or 206-497-9427. This is the same person or they are working together. I spoke with Albany Sheriff’s Department and they told me this is a common scam and the perps use VOIP so they could be calling from anywhere in the country or even overseas. Do NOT fall for this scam, folks! Google "DEA Phone Scam" and read the DEA’s actual press release warning people not to be taken in by these scumbags.

  60. Today it happened to me. Agent name was Anthony Williams 301-534-7724. You can report your Scam to the DEA Scam hotline by calling 1-877-792-2873

  61. Agent Barns contacted me today, same old story. I didn’t answer the phone but did call him back and messed with him. The guy that answered seem very confused stating "the agent isn’t in" and "I don’t know what the case is against you". When questioned further the guy said I will have the "agent" call you back and yet never took my name or number down…..dumbass. The number was 931-494-9420

  62. On Thursday, February 13, 2014, I received a voice mail message on my telephone land line. The caller identified himself as DEA Special Agent Kesti.(sp?) I was told to call 301-637-6117, to answer some questions regarding an investigation. The caller’s message was practically unintelligible. I have not yet returned his call. Thank you so much everyone for reporting this scam. I was terrified.

    Is there any reason I should call back?

  63. I Got A Call From A man That Said His name Was Castillio Or Something Like That!!! I Never Answer Calls From Numbers I Don’t Know!!! He Left A Message That If I Did Not Call Back I Would Be Arrested!!! I Called Back And Left A Message Cos No One Answered??? But Then I Started Checking Online About This Phone Number 301-637-6117 And I Found It Is All a Scam!!! I Was Thinking Why Are They Calling??? I Thought They Just Broke Your Door Down And Beat You And Drag You Away To Jail??? That Is What They Do On TV!!! HaHaHa!!! Thank You And GOD Bless You Everyone!!!

  64. Steve,
    I just got the same message from the DEA "agent" Castillo as well and I’m in Seattle! My husband called back on his work landline and you barely could understand the person and when my husband asked for a badge # he hung up. My husband called the local DEA office and they said they recognized this # and said these scammers use burn phones. They also said the DEA wouldn’t call you, they would have local PD come to your house if they needed to talk to you. I’m more pissed that the scammer called me so early in the morning and woke me up! I never answer #’s from out of state that I don’t know.

  65. I received a call from special agent castillo from 301-637-6117. threatened that if I did not call back a da will sign a search and arrest warrant for me. I called my brother (attorney) and Local CD attorney in Tucson. Both said it sounds like a scam. I have tried calling "Castillo" back 5-6 times this am (1/17/14) and no answer, even though it is now almost 10 am in MD (number out of rockville).

    Don’t be intimidated by these people, hang up, if your’re worried call an attorney for advise.

  66. I got a call from Special Agent Jamie Bush the number is 202-241-7941. Left a voicemail for me to call him in an on going crimanl case. I called back and he said that I had purchased illeagal drugs on the internet,and I was going to jail.

  67. IwanttobeInvisable

    This continues on a daily basis for me. I did contact the FBI. I block every phone number they call me from. I tell them I am at the police station right now seeing about this, here is their phone number. He normally yells at me "See you in court" thats if I get a person I can understand. Its just never ending…..

    Lastest number they called me from 857-288-0380

  68. FAKE special agent David Martinez is now using 518-772-2457 for the same scam. He also has a Seattle Washington # but he is so stupid he says it is from Washington DC. He disguises his voice to be his Lieutenant and also a secretary "Sharon" It sounds hideous. He sounds like a one man operation. If you push him he says he will send one of his 8000 gang members to fire bomb you house. He is LYING. He is a stupid man scamming the vulnerable. Mess with him. As soon as you say "scam" he will stop the conversation. He is a COWARD and low life scammer. Report him.

  69. Dennis Hathaway

    Got a second call – I just purchased my sugar test strips on-line about a week ago & this afternoon got a call from a person claiming to be David Martinez as a DEA agent. Gave the same message that I was in trouble & to call back immediately or get arrested. The telephone number was from VA and was 206-497-2013.

  70. Just got a call from them this morning. Had me going but when they asked for money and started sounding threatening if I didn’t send money right now they are sending agents from DEA to take me to the Dominican Republic to stand trial.

  71. Yes I have been being harassed for over a year now for a med. I ordered three years ago my docter prescribes it to me now for fibromyalgia but at the time I was in between drs. and hurting it was in an ad in the inquirer and I ordered some they always claimed that you were talking to a dr. first!!!!! big mistake!! I told the guys I have none so come and search my house and hung up he then called me back and screamed at me for hanging up on a dea agent!one of the phone numbers was 409-497-9694 but there have been Many more and usually cant understand the name but one was pena we don’t want to change # or go to police have to find out how to block them—-very annoying!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Fire back some terminology such as asking for The DEA control number, The Warrant Number, The actual case number, The mnemonic or The ORI…This is actual terminology used by Law Enforcement. That should send them running.

  73. 510-629-7140 sounded out of country – maybe Australian or someone that studied English as a second language in the UK saying dea agent. Did not sound believable, said DEA agent, hung up. Sounded so fake…had to ask me some questions. I could not understand the name. I had received a better call before a more convincing actor this one was definitely and understudy. I am sure it came froom overseas by the connection Caller ID shows out of area when my area code is 510 as well

  74. Had this happen to a friend, they told them that they wanted to get it taken care of, but at the moment there was not enough funds in his account. However, he was going to receive a large some of money from a Nigerian Prince soon and he would give them the money then…heard cursing, and then they hung up.LOL

  75. They tried this twice on me and were very convincing.
    I did not send any money and calledd the FBI.
    Still getting calls from them.
    I looked at the page they used in the scam and the numbers for the agents they were faking were
    completley different

  76. I have been contacted twice by these scammers. I played along to make them think I was going to follow their instructions. Just wanted to give them a bit of disappointment when the funds didn’t come through.

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