DEA Call

DEA Call: How The Scam Works

(with video below) DEA stands for the United States’ Drug Enforcement Administration. If you watched movies like Breaking Bad you are probably familiar with the term. However, be careful about a scam happening this week. Callers phone homeowners – you could be next, so beware – and present themselves as DEA representatives. Once victims respond, criminals proceed to tell them that DEA has intercepted a large package addressed to them. How does the scam work?

Watch the video below to see in action the DEA Call Scam:

DEA Call Scam in the News Video

The scammers present the following scenario:

“We are sorry to inform you, but this package has your name on it and the contents are all illegal substances. You have the choice of paying $1,200 to avoid the legal reprecussions or go to jail”. When trying to fight back, the victims – usually older – are required to provide evidence that they are NOT the owners of the package or involved in the drug deal.

“If you don’t have any proof, the simple fact that your name and address is on the package could put you away for 12 years”, says the criminal.

drug enforcement administration logo


Although many people still avoid this scam by calling out the crooks, several fall victims after being scared by the official verbiage of the caller. This happens because criminals often use the Caller ID Spoofing technology, which makes the display of the victims’ smartphone to show whatever name they want.

In this case, the phone of the recipient shows “Drug Enforcement Administration” when it rings. How could you not believe that?

DEA Call: How To Avoid

Tell your parents to hang up the phone. Authorities never call to ask about your involvement– they will come to your door with a warrant.


DEA Call: How To Report

Make your family and friends aware of the DEA Call scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers’ phone numbers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report Scammers To The FTC Here


How to protect yourself more:

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I have been contacted twice by these scammers. I played along to make them think I was going to follow their instructions. Just wanted to give them a bit of disappointment when the funds didn’t come through.

Lynn Johnson

They tried this twice on me and were very convincing.
I did not send any money and calledd the FBI.
Still getting calls from them.
I looked at the page they used in the scam and the numbers for the agents they were faking were
completley different


Had this happen to a friend, they told them that they wanted to get it taken care of, but at the moment there was not enough funds in his account. However, he was going to receive a large some of money from a Nigerian Prince soon and he would give them the money then…heard cursing, and then they hung up.LOL


510-629-7140 sounded out of country – maybe Australian or someone that studied English as a second language in the UK saying dea agent. Did not sound believable, said DEA agent, hung up. Sounded so fake…had to ask me some questions. I could not understand the name. I had received a better call before a more convincing actor this one was definitely and understudy. I am sure it came froom overseas by the connection Caller ID shows out of area when my area code is 510 as well


Fire back some terminology such as asking for The DEA control number, The Warrant Number, The actual case number, The mnemonic or The ORI…This is actual terminology used by Law Enforcement. That should send them running.

linda bernau

Yes I have been being harassed for over a year now for a med. I ordered three years ago my docter prescribes it to me now for fibromyalgia but at the time I was in between drs. and hurting it was in an ad in the inquirer and I ordered some they always claimed that you were talking to a dr. first!!!!! big mistake!! I told the guys I have none so come and search my house and hung up he then called me back and screamed at me for hanging up on a dea agent!one of the phone numbers… Read more »


Just got a call from them this morning. Had me going but when they asked for money and started sounding threatening if I didn’t send money right now they are sending agents from DEA to take me to the Dominican Republic to stand trial.

Dennis Hathaway

Got a second call – I just purchased my sugar test strips on-line about a week ago & this afternoon got a call from a person claiming to be David Martinez as a DEA agent. Gave the same message that I was in trouble & to call back immediately or get arrested. The telephone number was from VA and was 206-497-2013.


got one today from 424-227-9323 bought my dog flea medicine…


FAKE special agent David Martinez is now using 518-772-2457 for the same scam. He also has a Seattle Washington # but he is so stupid he says it is from Washington DC. He disguises his voice to be his Lieutenant and also a secretary "Sharon" It sounds hideous. He sounds like a one man operation. If you push him he says he will send one of his 8000 gang members to fire bomb you house. He is LYING. He is a stupid man scamming the vulnerable. Mess with him. As soon as you say "scam" he will stop the conversation.… Read more »

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