Civic Recognition Award Scam

Civic Recognition Award Scam: How It Works

(with video below) Imagine this scenario: You receive a congratulatory phone call or an email from somebody who works in your industry. You are told that you just won a “Civic Recognition Award”, or an honorary title related to your industry.

They have found your business on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and tailored the conversation (or message) using the name of your company and your accomplishments. Therefore, you are pleasantly surprised. Who wouldn’t be?

The call (or the letter in the mail) is warm and informs you that you’ve been selected as the recipient of a reputable annual award or grant ($5,000), which is offered by a privately funded society. A website featuring the award is provided and it looks pretty good!

You are invited to go to Las Vegas for the award ceremony and – since you are the most recent winner – you are also asked to become a member of this elite society. You are flattered and gladly accept the offer, agreeing, of course, to pay your registration fee, which is not much compared to the award you’ll be receiving.

The “membership” you’ll be asked to pay is something like $400 for an annual subscription or $600 for a life membership. Indeed, you won’t be receiving any $5,000 award – they just want your $400.

Civic Recognition Award Scam: How To Avoid

Do your research first. Call the real company that claims to organize this, as scammers use legitimate names to get your trust. Awards organizers that ask you for money first are always scams.

Civic Recognition Award Scam: How To Report

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing the names used by the crooks on social media here. Use the Comments section below to expose them. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

Verify a website below

Are you just about to make a purchase online? See if the website is legit with our validator:


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17 thoughts on “Civic Recognition Award Scam”

  1. Isn’t this the same award that Archie Bunker got when he had that bar? I believe it is! The con artists who gave him the award had a great big fundraising party for Archie which he had to pay for and they ended up robbing him at the end of it.

  2. One of my relatives got this "award". One need only google her name to see her criminal record, and she lost custody of her kids. She’s probably high right now and got banned from Wal Mart. How does one get banned from Wal Mart? Have you seen what shops at Wal Mart? Yup, integrity and kindness…..her city is so fortunate to have her!

    I couldn’t even keep a straight face typing this.

  3. Shady Cove Drama

    Plainly a scam. I laughed so hard I almost soiled myself when I read this award. Lena Richardson of Shady Cove, Oregon (google that phrase) and this "award" pops up – along with a stinging expose that makes this award all the more funny.

    Thanks for pointing out what this is really all about – I knew it couldn’t be legitimate.

  4. Our next door neighbors who almost destroyed our lives by harassing us to try to drive us out and get our house for a cheap price received the Civic Recognition Award. We never thought such evil existed in this world until this horrible experience. I found out a very unethical business owner also received this award.

  5. Rhonda Klemick Just received an award.. they can’t be serious,unless they are handing out awards for Adultery… she goes out with married men and breaks up families… and then preaches at the church, give me break!!

  6. This is OBVIOUSLY fake for sure. It’s actually beyond comical. One of the people listed to have won this prestigious award is…let’s say… in no way, shape, or form recognized as an "outstanding member of society". This is truly a joke. The only reason kids would "look up to him" is because they’re shorter — bahahahaha… BEWARE it’s definitely a SCAM.

  7. It’s definitely a hoax. A man who has long been known as an adulterer in Starkville, MS and destroyed families and lives in his path was presented with this award recently for his acts of kindness and integrity for the community of Starkville. Needless to say, the community didn’t care to recognize his claim to this title. A name is just simply picked and then scammed. He deserved to be scammed. Thank you

  8. I saw my name in an item about this ‘award’. I have not been contacted by phone, email or letter that I got this award. I just happened to google my name to see what came up because I keep getting mail for my husband who is deceased (2007) and he lived in GA when he died and has never lived in SC where I live. That is when I saw this item about me and to my knowledge I am the only Martha Gerald in Seneca, SC. So I did not understand how I could get an award and not even know it – except by chance.

  9. They take advantage of deceased people. Recently, it was indicated that my brother had gotten the Civic Recognition award. This is in very poor taste and you will eventually get what is due to you.

  10. I just saw my name for a civic recognition award for palo alto i typed iny name Geoff Hasbrook and this came up Todays date is August 26
    2015. I know this is a scam

  11. I received an email stating I had won $750,000.00 from the use of my yahoo account. I was excited just to hear the words, but I knew in my heart it was probably a scam. Things like this could cause someone to get seriously hurt for no reason. STOP IT PLEASE!!!!!!!

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