Computer Fixing

How the scam works:

This is the most commonly used scam when it comes to computers that need to be fixed at a shop (not via online). Most people are not computer literate and it often happens that their machine or laptop has a minor fault: a wrong setting, unplugged cable, cache not cleared, etc.

When the victim takes the computer to the “doctor”, the “fixer” will claim the problem is more complex, depending on how well he reads the victim’s naivety. In some cases, the scammers even suggest the PC is irreparably damaged and the victim needs a new one (which of course, can be purchased from them).

How to avoid:

Always ask for a second opinion when it comes to things you're not good at. Regardless, you should always have an antivirus software installed on your computer.

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1 thought on “Computer Fixing”

  1. I went into a store that was called digital additions or digital addiction ( I’m not sure which ) and it seemed like a legit place . It was in a mall. They charged me for a new operating system and didn’t give me the cd , they scratched my computer, deleted all my things and left the virus on my computer. My computer crashed 3 minutes after getting it back . Here is a good indicator if your being scammed.

    1. They start throwing around big words hoping you won’t understand them
    2. They start to bad mouth geek squad ( it’s the top notch computer repair and they are jealous of the company cars) they wont bad mouth that place unless you mention it . If they say geek squad is full of idiots then don’t trust them with your computer. People from geek squad have to go through vigorous training.
    3. Research some common computer terms, and try to google what symptoms your computer is having before you go get your computer fixed. Dont let them know what you know about computers – its just like buying a car ( if your a girl chances are you will walk out with new brakes)
    4. Research the company read the reviews . Reviews that rave about hiw good a company is and have a common name like mike S. or bill and have have no grammatical errors in the review is most likely an employer. So look for the reviews with a few spelling errors and some grammatical mistakes.
    5. Open your computer when it’s unplugged and put a small Dot with a permeant ink on each computer component like hardrvie, ram and graphic card. If you get the computer back and the dots aren’t there – they most likely swapped your computer parts for crappy used old outdated ones.
    6. Take notes of what they say if and google any terms you dont know .
    7. Just because a friend recommends something doesn’t mean it’s a good product. My friends told me how good this store is and now I’m out 490$

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