Cleaning Services Scam

Local House Cleaning Services Scam: How It Works

Many people try to make extra money to supplement their income by using their skills, whether it’s about local house cleaning services, cutting hair, renovating homes, or babysitting. They advertise their services on message boards or on specialty sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Offer Up, or Oodle. Most receive legitimate offers and make the extra cash they need. But sometimes these ads are answered by someone attempting to bilk money out of the person who needs it most.

The Local House Cleaning Services scam preys on those trying to create income. The scammer will contact the victim telling her they will soon move to her town and would like a cleaning service of the apartment that was rented and they’re about to move in.

local house cleaning services


‘We would like to have it clean on the 1st of next month’, might say the request to the cleaner, who let’s say charges $400. The scammer will begin building a relationship with the victim before the actual services are rendered.

After several phone conversations and emails meant to gain the victim’s confidence, the scammer sends the cleaner a money order for $1,400 instead of $400. Saying it was by mistake, the crook asks the victim to deposit the money in the bank account, keep the $400 for the service and send $1,000 to a moving company for them. The moving company would be the one that will bring their stuff in.

What just happened was: the money order was a fake and the cleaner is out $1,000 of his own hard-earned money. Also, there is no such thing as the ‘moving company’ either. Everything is made up. When they try to contact the scammer the phone is disconnected, the email is canceled and the moving company is non-existent.

Local House Cleaning Services Scam: How To Avoid

It is never a legitimate request when someone asks you to accept a money order for more than you need, then wants you to send the overage to a “company” or other entity for them. This request should be a huge red flag for a potential target.

Also, just because you have spoken with someone multiple times does not mean you know them and can trust them. Scammers are excellent at getting close to people and gaining their confidence in a short period of time, so beware.


Local House Cleaning Services Scam: How To Report

Warn your family and friends about the Local House Cleaning Services scam by sharing it here using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

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Mike Gardner

Understand this, please. No one is relocating. There is no apartment. There are no rooms to clean. You are reading fiction.
Nothing is happening here except a person from an evil godless culture has determined that you have money he wants and he’s going to take it from you. Lying is not a problem for him. Deception is not a problem for him. Injuring you is not a problem for him. He has no qualm about getting you to give him money and then walking away gloating at how stupid you were to have believed him.


i own a property mainatence and cleaning company. got a email from a guy in france who is moving to canada and gave me a oshawa address to clean at and was sending 400$ in a certified check to me. i got it in the mail and it was for 4500$ and was told to pay the rest to a moving company. well i took the check to the bank and told them wat happen she said it was a scam and that the check was real but the transaction never took place at all when they called the bank… Read more »

nancy lou rearick

I AM GETTING SCAMMED? !!~!!Need of someone to help__CLEAN OUT__my house::::::$540 cash (8) ? ? liz nancy rearick-turofski, im new to the Darlington area and looking for work im strong and love to clean, plz if you still looking for help I could use the money,my number Jun 15 at 8:57 PM ? 6 more messages ? ? Chester walker To liz nancy rearick-turofski Today at 10:30 AM Good morning to you, how have you been ? I just confirm that a check of $2900.00 will be delivered to you via USPS mail service now and here is the… Read more »

Vanessa Moor

ok I got an email about a cleaning job and a money order to start BUT they didn’t ask me to pay anyone ANYTHING.. my bank put a hold on the money just in case… and I checked with a few places listed on the check and am trying to figure out if it is a scam or not now…

Debi Roach

Got hit 2 times in 1 week.
Professional business man from California on route to my area( on a gravel truck route only one) $2980.50 pay agent for keys to clean ….chq by McMaster University…..never.would they for personal.
I don’t think so…
2nd by couple moving into apt pay movers when at door for keys again 1200.00
This was in 2 weeks
1st from NY….2nd from FRANCE…..
Really people give me a break!


I started filling out an application to a company called "Handy Pro". I actually submitted my SSN and birthdate with name and address. At that point I checked online and discovered they are probably running a scam. Should I be worried that they have my info? What can I do?


Its the same for childminders and carers jobs, this nearly happened to me but I knew it was a scam before money swapped.

Iris Caprile

Yes this is happening they wanted me to send me 3000 deposit wait for it to clear then subtract my 450 and send the rest to a painter via walmart

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