Bankers’ Association Refund

How the scam works:

Banking fees are a bane of everyone’s existence, and it seems like they go up every other day. Therefore if one were to get a phone call advising that a refund was being processed for bank fees that were accidentally overcharged, the surprised recipient would probably be ecstatic.

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Unfortunately for some Australian banking customers, the call has resulted not in a refund but in a sad consequence.

This scam involves the crooks contacting their victims stating that they are from the “Australian Banking Association” (a false organization which scammers are counting on customers confusing with the legitimate Australian Bankers’ Association) and that they are making the call to advise the victim of a refund due to them for overcharged fees.

The scammers then ask the customer to go to a post office to receive their “refund” – stated to be in the neighborhood of $5000 to $7000 – and once there they are to call the scammers so they can “process” the refund. At that time they are convinced to send the scammers money via post or Western Union, as a “processing fee” for the refund service.

In several of these cases the victims have been asked to reveal their personal identifying information as well as such questions as who they bank with, for how long, as well as credit card numbers and driver’s license numbers. Luckily the majority of those called have recognized the scam for what it is and have not provided any information (nor sent any money) to the scammers.

How to avoid:

The ABA is advising Aussies to hang up the phone if they receive a call of this type. There have been many scams circulating recently around the ABA and they are advising citizens that they are not performing any sort of banking fee refunds at this time. Even if they were, they would never ask for personal information over the telephone, so this is a huge red flag that the call is not legitimate. The ABA is also urging people to contact them and report if they receive one of these bogus calls.

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9 thoughts on “Bankers’ Association Refund”

  1. Victor Mathieson

    just had a phone call from ‘Joel'(indian accent) pertaining to be from Australian Banking Association, and are doing a customer survey.He hung up when I wouldn’t give him answer to who I bank with.

  2. Received by phone call on Monday 21/09/2015 and astonishingly again on Tuesday 22/09/2015. Sounded like an Indian call centre. Mentioned $6438 was owing to me but needed to part with $399.00 processing for lawyers fees. I questioned further but they hung up when my questions were difficult.

  3. Sherry Blandford

    Received a call saying my bank overcharged me and the Federal Government hired a lawyer for me so they can refund me for the past five years. A total of $7,242 will be put into my account if I pay $220.00 for the lawyers fees. I just have to go to Walmart to send cash to them first before the money could be put into my account. John Carter at (509)790-0555 is the name and number that’s being used as a contact.

  4. If a refund is due, wouldn’t you think that the bank will call and let you know this and then credit it or even put it back into your account?

  5. I received a call from Johnny Wilson from ABA, with what sounded like an Indian accent, asking if I was happy with my current banking service. I quickly terminated the conversation.

  6. Got one of these calls from ABA in Sydney. I could get $3647 money refund. The person I spoke to was Shane his number is 0280034343. He was keen for me to go straight to the post office and get A Western Union Money Transfer form and he would help me fill it out.

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