Bank Draft Payment

Bank Draft Payment Trick: How It Works

(with video below) Imagine this scenario: you are about to sell your car for $10,000. After a few visitors who are interested in the vehicle but don’t buy it, you are happy to get a serious potential buyer finally. He comes to your house, checks it out, goes for a test drive, and seems almost convinced.

He is trying to negotiate a little bit, but you are tough and manage to keep the price at $10,000. He loves your car, so after calling his wife to get permission, he decides to buy it. You want to be paid right away, so he goes to the bank, brings you a bank draft, picks up the car, and off he goes.

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Everybody is happy, but little do you know that the bank draft he gave you is a fake and you will not be notified by the bank until much later when the scammer is long gone. You are out $10,000 and a car. The scam could be pulled on you also when it comes to purchasing other large items, such as motorbikes or furniture.

Watch the video to see in action the Bank Draft scam exposed in a great short reenactment:

Bank Draft Scam Exposed Video


Bank Draft Payment Trick: How To Avoid

Sometimes crooks travel from one province/state to another in groups and collect 10 -15 cars at a time. What you need to do is: a) ask for a double piece of ID, including driver’s license; b) if they want to pay you by bank draft, you should go to the bank with them and right to the bank teller.

Do not wait outside the bank or teller’s office/desk. It is known that scammers set up meetings with bank reps for fake reasons, just in case the seller of the car wants to come to the bank, but wait outside the office. The scammer has the fake draft on them right from the start and takes it out before leaving the rep’s office, claiming they just got it.

Since we are talking about bank-related scams, beware of the HSBC Text Message and a various list of credit card scams.


Bank Draft Payment Trick: How To Report

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report Scammers To The FTC Here

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15 thoughts on “Bank Draft Payment”

  1. I am waiting on a bank draft to get here. I’m not selling anything at all and I didn’t give out any of my personal info, so how exactly are they scamming me?

  2. Suspect Bank Draft issued by HSBC for US$500,000,000 is a fraud. Appreciate help.
    1. Are words bank draft printed as "Banker’s Draft" or "Bank Draft" ?
    2. Is US dollars written as "US$" or "USD" ?
    3. Is amount in words written "United States Dollars amount." or ".amount United States Dollars?

  3. I was selling a car and five minutes after I posted received a email with many spelling errors saying this person wanted to buy it. I emailed him the price and he emailed back that he would have his assistant bring a certified check for the full asking price including 40.00 tip for us to hold it. That sounding to good to be true I Googled his name ( nothing came up) and his email where another person was nice enough to let everyone know this guy was a scammer! Thank God I haven’t passed any personal info on. His email is blancsn1 do not do business with this person!!

  4. i want back the money that i sent to these people i am nearly out of a home because of the payments made to this organisation

  5. Unfortunately, every one of these is a SCAM!!! Never accept payment for more than the agreed purchase price — the usual scenario is that you’re supposed to deposit the cheque/draft, keep a bit "for your inconvenience" and give the rest to the "buyer’s agent". Not only will you lose the item that you’re selling but you’ll also be on the hook for the money you gave "his agent", then you’ll have to reimburse your bank for the entire amount of the bounced cheque/draft.

    Often the cheque/draft has some warning signs that it’s a fake: in the photo above it’s a "Canadian Draft" but the crooks have made it out in US$; sometimes it’s drawn on a bank on the other side of the planet from where the scammer supposedly lives (we just got one drawn on a small Credit Union in Oregon, although the scammer said he lived in Edinburgh, Scotland!) DUHHH!!!

  6. I had an email from a guy, who is foreign, said he wants to buy my car, whats the lowest offer, so I said 500 euros (im in france) he said he will pay 700 to ensure I sell .him the car. he then says he will send me a cheque and to let him know as soon as it has cleared and he will send his agent over to pick up the car…… I receive a chque for 3,500 euros! I emailed and said this is too much money, he said oh good im glad the cheque arrived, let me know when it’s cleared and will send my agent to pick it up, the rest of the money is for the shipment???? what the??? I am so can anyone shed any light ob this? thanks, nicky

  7. I’m selling my 2014 ford explorer xlt for 34k and someone is willing to pay the bank in owe over the phone. Could this be a scam, I haven’t heard of this before……usually it’s checks that get people…..I just don’t want a call or knock later on my door saying the account was fraud..

  8. I just got an e-mailstating I won 85,000. from an agent named alfredo thomas is this a scam or is this one legit?

  9. How can I tell if an alleged "Business Opportunity" is actually a ponzi or pyramid scheme? I just started a $2 weely subscription with a company called RWJ Marketing, But now… I’m starting to worry that the claims they are making are too good to be true And I’ve possibly fallen for a scam! 🙁

  10. How can I tell if an alleged "Business Opportunity" is actually a ponzi or pyramid scheme? I just started a $2 weely subscription with a company called RWJ Marketing, But now… I’m starting to worry that the claims they are making are too good to be true And I’ve possibly fallen for a scam! 🙁

  11. David Anthony Jones

    Someone has offered to buy my car without even seeing it.Said that theyd arrange for the car to be collected after the bankers draft has been cleared. Obviously a foreigner from the english used in the email. Want my name ,address and mobile no.Sounds to good to be true of course.!

    I thought a bankers draft is guaranteed payment, so what could go wrong.?

    I,ve got there email address,

    Sounds like a scam attempt.

    Who buys a car without even looking at it ??

    Sad world we live in

  12. Can a scammer dupe you if he gets a hold of your name, address and telephone number? I’m currently communicating with a potential scammer right nowover a $200 tire sale on Craigslist. He’s asking for this info so he can send me a ‘bank draft’. Just curious if he could with just that information.

  13. This happened to my brother about a year ago, when he was selling his car on craigslist. He was selling it for 12k, someone from East Canada (we live in the west coast) emailed him, telling him that he wants to buy the car and that he’s going to send him a cheque. Before the cheque came, the guy called saying that his assistant made a mistake and sent the cheque for 20k instead of 12k, so he asked my brother to send him 8k asap. The bank notified my brother that the 20k he deposited into his account wasn’t legit, just before my brother sold the car and gave away 8k. Crazy eh?

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