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Aldi Coupon Scam: How It Works

If you are reading this article, you probably came across a tempting coupon from Aldi, promising you the deal of the year. Before we get any further and explain how the scam works, keep in mind that the name of the giant supermarket is being used as a front for this phishing scam in the United States and the United Kingdom. The fake Aldi coupon comes promoted on WhatsApp and Telegram, but it could also be perpetrated via social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. How does it work?

Watch the video below to see the Aldi Coupon scam exposed:

The offer listed in the coupon varies from scammer to scammer, but typical deals promoted are 60-80% off everything. This is just a regular phishing scam meant to collect your personal information, which will lead to identity theft.

Below is a screenshot of a Whatsapp message with a fake Aldi call-to-action.

Large retailers such as Aldi never offer deals to customers via WhatsApp or through unsolicited email campaigns. At least not yet. Ignore the offer.

Aldi Coupon Scam: How To Report

Make your family and friends aware of the Aldi Coupon Scam by sharing it on social media. You can also officially report the scammers or any other suspicious email, text messages or social media promotions to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

How To Prevent Identity Theft and More

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