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Free Airline Tickets Scam: How It Works

Did anybody say free airline tickets? One of the biggest scams around when it comes to flight coupons, free plane tickets and discounts on flights is the Free Airline Tickets scam. The latest is a fake that comes in three variations: a National Travel and Tourism Association (NTTA), United Travel and Adventure Affiliates (UTAA), or a National Association of Travel Centers (NATC) promotion.

It is similar to the Airline Ticket Credit scheme and the Airline Employee Tickets scam, but with a twist. In this article, you will learn how the scam works, how to detect a fake travel website, and how to report it. How does the scam work?


Watch How The Scam Works:

Watch the video below to see the Free Airline Tickets Scam exposed:



In a down economy with rising gas prices, many can’t afford to take even vacations that involve air travel, let alone look for timeshares for sale or travel club memberships. For that reason, many people were pleasantly surprised when they received a letter from their national airline company offering two free flights worth almost $1300. Brand names used by the scammers are US Airways, Air Canada, British Airways, or Qantas.

The letter states that the company tried to contact the reader many times without success. They then advise him to call a toll-free number to claim the flight vouchers. When he does that, a high-pressured salesperson advises the reader of the necessity of attending a presentation about the company in order to claim the flight vouchers.


letter airline ticket voucher

On the other hand, questionable travel agencies use this gimmick to get people to sign up for travel clubs, which offer “exclusive deals and packages” in the future. The only condition is that travelers would buy these memberships up front. In reality, the fees would cost the same if they would purchase the packages themselves.

free airplane tickets


In this case, to keep themselves out of any legal battles with the real airlines, the travel agencies would send the checks/invitations/vouchers with brands having a slight difference in name. For example, as you see in the picture above, the name on the voucher is American Airways, which doesn’t exist as a company. There is American Airlines and US Airways, but no American Airways.

American airline tickets


However, here is the exact content of the Free Airline Tickets letter that you may receive (if you live in Canada, UK, or Australia, replace USA with the country of your origin):

Enclosed is your Travel Check Voucher. This Travel Check Voucher can be redeemed for a certificate for 2 round trip airline tickets to anywhere in the continental US from any major international US airport. Certain restrictions may apply. Vacation Getaways and Cruises are available for a limited time. We have attempted contacting you on several occasions. This will be your last chance to respond.

Note that this check voucher must be redeemed by [insert date, two weeks from today]. If you do not claim your award, it will be transferred to the alternate. This is a limited time offer and may be withdrawn at any time. Flights fill quickly.

Please reference your check voucher number 138-901-521. This travel check must be certified to be valid. Call 1-877-687-3217. This is not a timeshare or land sales offer.

free airline vouchers


How To Avoid The Free Airline Tickets And Vouchers Scam:

When receiving any correspondence promising something for nothing, beware. You will most likely be pressured into making a purchase that is often more expensive than the price of two legitimate airline tickets. The Better Business Bureau reports that these letters are on the upswing, so be on the lookout. If you receive one, your best bet is to throw it away.

Flight coupons, free airline tickets, and discounts on flights represent something that doesn’t come in your mail box. Stick with legitimate travel services like Expedia, Kayak or Momondo.

But here are more good news.


How To Detect A Fraudulent Travel Site

However, the best way to avoid all the fake travel sites is to easily detect and block them. How to do that? Two ways – see below:

1. There is a powerful tool that notifies you if a website is real or not. You should install a browser extension called Guardio HERE (we tested it, it works and is worth every penny). It automatically blocks 100x more harmful websites than competitors and 10x more malicious downloads than any other security tool. Very effective not just for travel sites, but for all websites on the internet. A must-have.

2. If you feel a travel website might be suspicious, feel free to verify it using our unique Scam Detector website validator below:

flight coupon


How To Report The Free Airline Tickets And Vouchers Scam:

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report Scammers To The FTC Here


How To Protect Yourself More:

If you want to be the first to find out the most notorious scams every week, feel free to subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter here. You’ll receive periodical emails and we promise not to spam. Last but not least, use the Comments section below to expose other scammers.

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  1. Air Lingus voucher

    I just received an email claiming to be from Air Lingus airline in Ireland. They said because is Air Lingus 25th anniversary I receive a voucher for to tickets and ask for 10 Pounds to pay lol Beware, the email looks very official, hopefully you don’t fall for this one.

  2. I think a flash mob should show up at one of these! Wouldn’t that be fun? Especially if they don’t have someone at the door checking to see if each person really did call to make a reservation. And there’s likely more than one door in, so find another entrance, or someone hold a back door open for extras to come in. So someone make the reservation, then put it out on FB for a flashmob… And let the media know, too, so they can come and get some news footage! "Flash mob responds to possible scam!"

  3. I received one from Travel and Cruise Expo 2020 ( 855-527-3781) in Feb 2020. After participating in one of these in the past, I knew what to ask. When I asked questions, the woman was very rude, saying it I wasn’t interested, there were other lines ringing she would answer. The offer was 2 Rt airline tickets, 2 free nights in a hotel and 50% off a rental car. Questions revealed a required 90minute presentation , both people of the couple needed to attend, it was "not a time share sales talk" (yea-right). When you have the tickets, you STILL need to pay a $50 per ticket activation fee and taxes on the airline tickets, hotel and rental car. Must use within 1 year of the "non sales presentation" So……they are REALLY free are they!! No thanks!!!

  4. I received the same letter as most of the other people writing here. My letter had Expedia TAAP and Air Advisor as the companies sponsoring this supposed travel voucher. It came from a company called GDC Preview Center out of Garner, NC. It is not sponsored by Expedia. Marriott, or Outback Steakhouse. We were going to go listen to the 90 minute presentation tonight, 11/15/2019, but after reading about this here, I think we will skip it. I have no desire to be strong armed into joining some supposed travel club. No thank you. I’ll stick to cooking for ourselves tonight.

  5. Elsie savannah

    I rexeived a letter last week from Expedia TAAP saying that I’ve been randomly selected to receive 2 round trip and a 3 day night weeday it weekend getaway at Marriott Resort Hotel of my choice.with a bonus of $50 outback steakhouse gift card if I call within 48 hours. Is this another scam from Expedia?????

  6. got invitation to a 90 minute presentation a travel expo by TRAVEL EXPO! if I call within 48 hours I will receive 50% off on a car rental…cant get my fingers to punch in their number any quicker! hic…NOT!

  7. They’re baaaaack! Got a letter today from TRAVEL EXPO USA "Fly aboard all major domestic airlines UNITED AMERICAN FRONTIER Just call right away to reserve a spot at their 90 minute "fun filled" presentation at a local hotel and we will get 2 free round trip tickets for me and my husband. Plus 2 nights at Marriott, Hilton or Hyatt hotels (1000s of them!) BONUS call in 48 hours to get a $50 dining certificate redeemable at 45,000+ locations!! I knew it was fishy, so thank you for your website. The internet can be very useful. I submitted a complaint on your link to the FTC.

  8. Just got a letter from Travel Expo USA. Phone #1-888-1928720. Free fight’s free room at Hilton and 50% off rental car. Just have to listen to a 90 minute presentation.

  9. I got a similar invitation in the mail yesterday from a different company with the same address as Premier Gateways and Adventures and the Odeyssey Adventure addresses. (United Travel Ventures, 1050 Connecticut Ave. N.W., Washington D.C. 20036. Phone # 1-866-335-3558). What a coincidence. NOT!

  10. I was curious so looked up the name that came on the offer, United Travel Ventures. This one is for a cruise. There’s no website for them. Others here say it’s a Scam to avoid. We can afford our own cruises, thanks!

  11. My letter, dated 9/18/2018, is from Premier Getaways and Adventures at 1050 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington DC. It is possible they tried to phone me but I doubt it. Or they are relatives of the people who want to remove the virus on my Microsoft computer that I don’t own.

  12. Exactly the same letter and come-on but in the name of "Odyssey Travel and Adventure" 1050 Connecticut Ave. NW, WDC 20036. This company does not seem to exist but is close to Odysseys Unlimited that is also on the east coast.

  13. Also got the letter from Odyssey Travel and Adventure. It is a shame that people may now think that Odyssey Unlimited is a bogus company.

  14. I got a letter (addressed to my dads name at my apartment which he is no way affiliated with) letter from AirFare Advisor(?) and Expedia TAAP for two round-trip airline tickets, and a three day, two night weekday or weekend getaway at a Marriott Resort Hotel of my choice. call toll free number of 8772137627. It says regard,s, with scribbles as the signature but the signature is one printed on from a computer. It even says on the back of the letter in small print "any trademarks, names, imagery, service marks or copyrighted material are used for illustrative purposes only and remain proper of their respective owners. this promotion is not sponsored by Marriott, expedia, or outback steakhouse. this promotions is sponsored by Airfare Advisor S.O.T. 38366, CA S.O.T 2102498-40."
    SKETCHY AS FUCK it says on the back in small print "This is a fun way to promote our services so attendance at a ninety minute presentation given by VIP Travel 300 Lock Road, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442 is REQUIRED to receive the promotional offer."
    WTF is that all about?! So sketchy. Not about it. Is there anyway to report this stuff to expedia or the government or something? Weird that they have my dads name and my address, when he isn’t in my life anymore…

  15. Received voucher in mail. Called to reserve and was now told that I have to be a couple or married to receive plane tickets doesn’t say that anywhere on voucher. Lying dirtbags

  16. I just got one of these "checks". The date on the thing is over a year old and it has no type of return or identifying address. Just a short paragraph telling me how lucky I am and to call with in 48 hours. In the garbage with it.

  17. Received this letter from Linda Mays, dated 5/15/18 w/48 hours deadline :: eyerolls:: I’m pretty sure I’m on the do not mail list…

  18. Arthur Hegdahl

    And the beauty of the business address is that there are three or four possibilities: two residential, one a commercial building entrance and one (if it could exist) would land you in the middle of I-395 or the Potomac, depending on how you were searching for the address

  19. Active in PDX

    I too received the same offer on the same day as Anna Street. I did inform the USP Inspection Service and submit a complaint so they are aware of what is currently being circulated in our area. I hope it helps someone else!

  20. Oregon Resident

    I too received the same offer on the same day as Anna Street. I did inform the USP Inspection Service and submit a complaint so they are aware of what is currently being circulated in our area. I hope it helps someone else!

  21. Washington resident

    Received exact same letter from United Travel today. It’s a shame that some people actually fall for these scams! Glad I checked, it sounded too good to be true!

  22. Glad I decided to do more research before contacting them on a "such a deal"! Same letter from Linda Mays! Shameful!

  23. Thanks for the heads up. I just received one of these letters offering free 2 round trip tickets and Marriott hotel nights and the text is exactly as in the sample above. Signed Linda Mays. Thought it was weird as it is so easy to reach people, it was suspect that I could not be reached. lol

  24. CheapOAir has a coupon APR20 ($20 off a ticket) on their website and when I used it it was only $5. I emailed them and they said it was "up to five passengers, $5 each passenger." I didn’t see any text which made that statement where the code was visible.

  25. Thanks for the heads up. I just received one of these letters offering free 2 round trip tickets and Marriott hotel nights and the text is exactly as in the sample above. Signed Linda Mays. Thought it was weird as it is so easy to reach people, it was suspect that I could not be reached. lol

  26. I just received one too! It i signed by a Linda Mays from a bogus United Travel and Adventure Affiliates company lol Beware!!!

  27. Naughty Linda Mays she’s been a busy girl and a very very bad girl. I hope someone locks her up so she can’t scam too many people.

  28. Got a call (which I disconnected after 30 sec) and a letter from AirFare Advisor(?) and Expedia TAAP for two round-trip airline tickets, and a three day, two night weekday or weekend getaway at a Marriott Resort Hotel of my choice. There is a toll free number (877 213 7672) that I should call in 48 hours. No signature, no other info what the whole thing is about. Just annoyed and posted here to inform others.

  29. What ticks me off the most is that the Federal Trade Commission never seems to go after these scams. We’re just expected to put up with them, like mosquitos.

  30. I also received the free airlines ticket scam. I’m surprised this works on anyone. If you get one, throw it away.

  31. I see this scam going on since at least 2005. I read through some of the responses below and I too wonder why this hasn’t been stopped. Seriously, using (Southwest, Jet Blue and Frontier) names must be fraudulent? My letter is dated 2/12/2018, from Travel America with A.T.T.A claiming they haven’t been able to reach me, and the matter is now a final notification (I hope so) and I have qualified for two (2) free round trip airline tickets with two (2) nights at over 1,000 Marriott Hotels. Another name that should go after them or they involved? I hope not. The retail value is $1288.00 Whoopee, if I call within the next 48 hours they will include a $100 Restaurant Dining Card! It’s the letter with the Globe in the bottom left hand corner and from Michael Evans at 1200 G Street, Washington, D.C. 20005. Who are these clowns? The letter even says I can call on Saturday (so convenient) between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm PST. Not happening!!!!

  32. Got the A.T.T.A. on today. Another good indication of a scam is the return address. 1200 G Street Washington DC, 20005
    There are 3 different G Streets, SE, SE, and NW. This one based on zip code is northwest. There is no such business here.

  33. Got one of them today in the mail. (this one is from A.T.T.A., The American Travel and Tourism Association.) I have entered numerous contests on line and thus I am probably now on every scammer’s "list". This one only differs from the example of the letter from "James Alexander" in a few minor ways. (IE: date, sender name, claim number, etc.) I found it interesting that they put the "call back" time in PST even though their address is in EST and the "postage paid" is from St. Pete, FL. (also EST)

    I will say that it could have been a sweepstakes prize that I’ve won, but I don’t usually enter sweepstakes that include travel. I also check out EVERYTHING that offers me anything. I’ve gotten to the point where if they approached my door with the giant check saying I’d won the PCH sweepstakes, I’d have to verify it before I started jumping up and down for joy!

  34. The A.T.T.A. WOW! free trip to Vegas! Woo Hooo. Just give them your CC # for a few hundies, and your all set! Seems legit to me, but what do I know, an FAA Delegate, Aircraft Landing Gear Quality Engineer. The thing that ‘hinted’ me to this being a scam, other than the Header, and first line, second line…….etc… was the ‘Globe’ in the lower left corner of the letter, HAAAA HAAAA we all know the earth is flat. Yes, this is a scam. People do fall for this, as you can see the comments below.

  35. Received letter from ATTA. Clearly a scam upon first sight. Out of curiosity I googled ATTA and this site was at top of list.
    Seriously? American Travel and Tourism Association?
    I’m sorry but how dense must you be to believe this is legit?

  36. Thank you for this information. Received the same letter as Jean H. below, from the same company and with the same signature. I hope these scammers receive what they deserve, a “free trip” to the closest jail where they are welcome to stay for a very long time at no cost to them!

  37. I got this same letter from The National Travel and Tourism Association (N.T.T.A.) and you had to attend a seminar held at a local hotel conference room in order to receive the awards. It was a travel agency by the name of Book Your Adventure who was selling discounted travel by buying points through RCI.

    After purchasing the program & never receiving the RCI membership that was promised and paid for, I called RCI and they had never heard of Book Your Adventure. This is a scam, DO NOT ATTEND AND DO NOT BUY into their travel membership.

  38. I received a letter from A.T.T.A (The American Travel and Tourism Association) promising $1,200 a Travel award. I checked them out and it is a big scam. BEWARE!

  39. Received exact same letter with same airlines listed but from the American Travel and Tourism Association (A.T.T.A.), signed by Michael Evans. Same DC address.

  40. Received a letter from N.T.T.A. It was sent out 10/23/17. Says I have qualified for an award of 2 round trip airline tickets. Are valid for travel anywhere in continental U.S. Departing from K.C.International Airport. Will also receive 2 nights at one of over 1,000 Marriott Hotel locations.. Valule $1288. They had attempted to reach me but were unsuccessful and If I don’t respond will be awarded to alternate. If I confirm in 48 hrs. will also get a $100 Restaurant Dining Card. My claim # is 7OP 114248. Letter signed,

    James Alexander
    The National Travel and Tourism Association
    1200 G Street, Suite 800
    Washington D.C. 20005

    Airlines are Southwest Jet Blue Virgin America

  41. I just got a copy of this letter from N.T.T.A, note last ‘.’ is missing, signed by James Alexander. I don’t understand how these guys can keep operating more than a week. Why isn’t some government agency all over them as soon as they send the first batch of letters out, can’t they go to one of of the sales presentations and arrest them all. Send out cease and desist warnings. Isn’t it a crime to send this sort of stuff through the US mail? Its ironic that the address given in DC is for a law firm, You’d think they would be all over this.

  42. They called and I told them I was going however, I told them my wife was deaf (she isn’t) but she could Could attend. They on the day of the presentation and told me if I could bring a interpreter that would be OK. I signed them on and off. I didn’t bite. When they ask to bring my wife, credit cards and anything else. I know it is a scam

  43. Received a letter from N.T.T.A. It was sent out 9/26/17. Says I have qualified for an award of 2 round trip airline tickets. Are valid for travel anywhere in continental U.S. Departing from K.C.International Airport. Will also receive 2 nights at one of over 1,000 Marriott Hotel locations.. Valule $1288. They had attempted to reach me but were unsuccessful and If I don’t respond will be awarded to alternate. If I confirm in 48 hrs. will also get a $100 Restaurant Dining Card. My claim # is 7OP 114248. Letter signed,

    James Alexander
    The National Travel and Tourism Association
    1200 G Street, Suite 800
    Washington D.C. 20005

    Airlines are Southwest Jet Blue Virgin America

  44. We received a mailing that included a scratch match to determine if we qualified to receive one of five gifts for attending a seminar. The gifts were: television set, computer tablet, $100,000, 7 day Caribbean cruise for two, or a 3 day/2 night trip w/air & hotel. In addition, we would receive a prepaid Target credit card valued at between $5 to $100. We attended the seminar. They were selling memberships valued at $5,500 for a Gold Membership or $6,500 for a Platinum Membership, with annual dues of $375. At the end of the seminar, we talked to one of their representatives who told us we had won either the Caribbean Cruise or the 3 day/2 night trip w/air & hotel. We asked about the Gift Card and were told we had won $5 and we had to register online for either the cruise or the trip to receive the Gift Card. When I went there, I was instructed that the Registration Fee was $75 per person plus applicable taxes for whichever trip we selected. These were trips that we won. Today I called the Hilton Garden Inn-Chesterfield, Missouri (636) 532-9400 to obtain the name of the company. I was told the name of the company holding the seminar was Professional Travel. They put one of their representatives on the phone. I asked for an address and was told their office is in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I asked for their phone number and was told he could not give out their phone number. From the beginning, I realized this was a scam and did not sign up or purchase their package. My concern is that some unsuspecting senior citizen will be taken advantage of. The other people at the seminar were all senior citizens. I don’t know if any of them signed up for their package.

  45. hi,

    please could you advise me if there is any travel agent by this website …

    i have received an approved applications for me to work abroad and the family who are sponsoring me advise me to liase directly with this agent.

    so i need your advise as i am a bit confused about this agencies .

    thank you

  46. I received this letter as well & as always I never believe anything is free, so I googled it & sure enough I was right again! Beware! Nothing in life is free!!

  47. It’s fascinating how they word these letters. It doesn’t actually say you won anything, it says you "qualified for an award". It’s like "pre-qualifying for a credit card.

  48. Josephine Lucas Manu

    I just had one of my Facebook friend on messenger who passed on this particular address: Facebook friend enclosed this name Harry Williams Grant..I was told that my name was listed as a winner to recieve 100,000 US Dollars.. Want to know if this is a scam or a valid email add.

  49. Amanda Hildebrand

    My mother just received this scam in the mail and thought it could be real. I told her it probably wasn’t, and googled "Preston Clayton National Association of Travel Centers", which brought me here. It is definitely a scam. I have reported it online to the FTC.

  50. I received the two round trip airline tickets and two nights at the Marriott Hotel letter today. So the scam goes on! Thanks guy for the information before I got to the hateful sales person.

  51. I just receased the same letter as most of you from NASCAR and called while I googled them. Same old scam. Asked so many questions that the girl got annoyed at me and gave me to male supervisor, who told me I was condescending. I had fun wasting about 20 minutes of their time. I am sure this is too good to be true, 2 airline tickets to anywhere plus Marriott hotel. Into the garbage it goes!

  52. I received a letter from N.A.T.C. for 2 free roundtrip tickets with 2 nights stay at over !000 Marriott Hotel locations. Southwest, Jet Blue, Spirit Airline.
    They stated they had tried to contact me but their attempts were unsuccessful.
    Preston Clayton was the name signed on the letter. With a Claim number to call with!!!

  53. I received a letter from the N.A.T.C. that looked very legitimate in letterhead paper, mentioning three airlines: Southwest, JetBlue and Spirit Airlines. Signed by a Preston Clayton, claiming to be from the National Association Travel Centers. The website and address matched, but not the phone numbers or name. It had the same offer stated by other people here. I immediately disregarded it and came to check if many people were getting the same.

  54. Thanks for having the information on the WEB site.
    Just got the letter, and decided to check on the WEB before I got excited about taking my granddaughter on a trip.

  55. I received the ‘Jet Blue’ associated ‘free’ ticket letter as well. Since I have only flown on Jet Blue one time in my life, 5 years ago, I was instantly suspicious. ONE google search for ‘Preston Clayton’ brought me to this website! Thank you for the Internet! Back in 1980 it would not be this easy to avoid the high pressure sales pitch!

  56. Walter Haslemann

    I just received such a letter with the exact wording. I’m glad I checked out without calling. Thank you for your service.

  57. I got mine today and decided to check out the validity of the promotion, low and behold, I found this site!!!! Thank you, if it sounds too good to be true…IT IS!!!!

    Just read the Consumer Reports report on how seniors are being targeted. Good read and great advice from them, read the article.

  58. Give these people a call. Keep them on the line as long as possible. Don’t give out any personal information. Make it up. If we all do this, the scammers will spin their wheels for nothing.

    Drag out the phone call. Talk slowly. Ask the scammer to repeat. Fumble around for any information they ask for. This will also give you time to make up false information.

  59. I received a $1,000 check – non negotiable – for round trip tickets for 2 adults including $100 in gas. In addition I would receive 2 nights at any of their over 1000 Deluxe Hotel locations – First Class Accommodations. When I called the number it was no longer in use.

  60. In the travel industry- these certificates are called "breakage certs" and are sold to scam companies to lure the unsuspecting to presentations. They are "designed" NOT to provide what is promised, with such unattainable conditions that the percentage of someone actually meeting the criteria to take advantage what is offered is close to nil. The sad reality is that so many people are so naïve as to actually think in this day and age that any company would give you something for "free"- really ?? Don’t these folks hear the horror stories ?? Why the FTC, FCC and State Attorney Generals around the country continue to allow such scams is beyond me, and raise many questions as to the connection between these scam artists and those in political power enabling, or in many case promoting these scams…. IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT IS!! …… guess FARtoo many people haven’t learned this lesson…..YET

  61. When I received yesterday a similar letter from the so-called NATC I knew it is a scam and your site just confirms that it is. Thank you very much for disseminating this very important information.

  62. If you google the address, the 1425 K Street, Suite 350 in DC, it’s a business called Intelligent Office. It’s a Virtual Office for many businesses, so there is NO real office for this scam. Aha. Yes, we are smarter than the average bear. Yes, thank goodness for sites like this and for the ability to NOT get taken.
    I HATE the part where they "several attempts to contact you"….really? I work from home, and nobody has called me for this. That’s the first clue! Be careful all.

  63. On 9/3/15, I received a perforated folded one sheet in the mail yesterday. When I open both sides of the sheet of paper it read in big bold letters across the top: Southwest, Jet Blue, & Spirit Airlines below that was my correct name & address and dated 8/27/15. My copy as well stated anywhere within the continental US departing from any major international airport, with 2 nights at over 1000 Marriott Hotel locations retailed value of this award is $1288.00 The tel. # 844-225-8984, M-F between hrs. 8am-8pm. Thank God, for the internet, the ability to go Google what is sent to you. It is signed by the name Preston Clayton with a D.C. address. I personally praise this site(Scam Detector) for the input it has provided to me. Keep up the Excellent task you have taken on, helping million of people like me.
    Thank You,

  64. I received a letter 9/3/15 from NATC with reference of using Southwest, Jet Blue and Spirit Airlinesfor free airline tickets and nights at the Marriott. The number they said to call was 844-255-984. Wouldn’t suggest calling, I didn’t.

  65. Received the same letter E. Phillips indicates. I have a way of checking on these types. Marriott has no relationship with them. Our airline contacts claim they do not have any preferred choice of seating, nor have they pre-purchased any blocks of seats. I notified the Attorney General’s Office in our state of this scam. If you really want to give them fits, call them and take 45 minutes to ask questions about the offer while sounding like you have the IQ of an ice cube. Then after giving them totally fake ID, credit card numbers, and fake phone number and address, hang up just after saying you want to go. Might as well mess with them like they do with us.

  66. Today I received a letter from A R Willows who does not claim to represent any company but the "letterhead", if you can call it that, contains color print logos for Orbitz, Expedia, Vayama and Visa. The letter states that this is their last attempt to reach me, that I have been selected to receive 2 round trip airline tickets… call within 72 hours to receive additional benefits, etc. I knew this was a scam but it is very nice to read what others have to say about how the scam works. What kind of country is this that such lying and thievery goes unpunished and victims have no recourse? Sadly, it’s a country where lying is just business as usual.

  67. Received what looks like a check from CHEAP TICKETS for $1,000 valid for (2) roundtrip airline tickets. They also mention their promotional dept has been unsuccessful reaching me. It mentions I’ve got 10-days from postmark to reach them at 844=216=1473.

    Throwing it to the garbage. What is really sad, is that there are still people that fall for this.

  68. Received this card years ago. BIG scam. Been waiting for this again for years. I got a card in the mail today, called the number. Same scam!! Like too go and confront them, NO.

  69. My husband just received the letter awarding (2) round-trip airline tickets–value $1,288.00 and stay at a Marriott. We participated in one of these a couple of years ago and sent $94.00 per person to cover some sort of fee. The schedule for trips that we were offered (allowed) to take was so limiting that it was virtually impossible for us to take a trip and of course we were never able to recover the money.Beware everybody do not participate in any of these kind of things–throw the letter away!!!

  70. smart traveler

    Received the letter dated 7/30/15 from The National Assoc. of Travel centers, offfering me 2 free roundtrip tickets, 2 nights at any Marriott hotel with a retail value of $1,288.00. just call the toll free number 844-225-8984.
    I agree with Olga as I received exactly the same letter No thanks "Preston Clayton"

  71. I received the same letter from The National Association of Travel Centers
    1425 K Street NW, Suite 350
    Washington D.C. 20005
    Thanks for the posting…I will not be calling.

  72. My husband and I attended this seminar last night. These people were a joke and called themselves Elite Travel. Anyway we got our "free airline tickets" form that’s through "millennium travel" that states we need to send in a $100 (refundable) payment in order to get our tickets. THANK GOD before doing so we decide to look up these travel agencies through the BBB and saw the reviews plus many other reviews such as these. The place we went to the seminar at was the Embassy Suites in Desert Palms, CA. I know they’re not affiliated with them but knowing that they rent out their facilities to people like that concerns me.

  73. from The National Association of Travel Centers. 2 round trip airline tickets anywhere in continental United States departing from any major international airport. In addition will receive 2 nights @ Marriott Hotel. Certain restrictions apply, taxes & registration fees are responsibility of recipient.


    got one as well today….it it’s too good to be tru…it is too good to be true. Tossed it. There is no such thing as a free lunch and my time is too valuable

  75. I have the travel cert in my hand – you are responsible for all taxes and surcharges(normal) and since I have yet to try for reservations, I don’t know how easy it is. They want to sell you a travel membership, but apparently, we travel too much and the saleswoman couldn’t hand us our certificate fast enough and get us out the door! Seriously, she didn’t WANT us to stay for the presentation! We did a bit of shopping and headed home for lunch. If it pans out we lost nothing.

  76. I got one from Cheap Tickets on June 15th and it said make reservations through Expedia, Travelocity, etc. so sounded legit but then there was travel restrictions apply. I’ve been that route before when there just never was a reservation available after 4 months of trying. I will also trash this even though I am good at saying no at any high pressure presentation.

  77. Just received the letter dated 6/11/2015 from The National Assoc. of Travel centers offer me 2 free roundtrip tickets and 2 nights at any Marriot Hotel with a value of $1325.00. I made a reservation for June 27th. Does anyone know for sure whether or not this is "FRAUD"; or "FOR REAL"….No speculation please! Need to know because the presentation is about 1 1/2 hours from our residence. Long drive!
    Will cancel if I can get some real confirmation from someone that has attended. Same toll free number as above…..

  78. Christopher F.

    I got one of these this week.

    From an "R.M. Williams" at 1901 Gateway Plaza #230, Irving, TX 75038. Says I get two round-trip airline tickets on American, Delta, Southwest, United or other major airline, plus 2 nights of hotel accommodations provided by a Marriott, Intercontinental, Hilton or Hyatt. Call within 72 hours and I also get a 3-day car rental and $50 gift card from Orbits, Vayama, CheapOAir or Visa.

    Their phone number is 1-844-837-9742. This is their last attempt to reach me… and as far as I can tell, their first. If it sounds too good to be true, that’s probably because it is.

  79. Received the letter dated 5/28/15 from The National Assoc. of Travel centers, offfering me 2 free roundtrip tickets, 2 nights at any Marriott hotel with a retail value of $1,288.00. just call the toll free number 844-225-8984.
    No thanks "Preston Clayton"

  80. received the letter dated 5/20/15 from The National Assoc. of Travel centers, offfering me 2 free roundtrip tickets, 2 nights at any Marriott hotel with a retail value of $1,288.00. just call the toll free number 844-225-8984.
    No thanks "Preston Clayton"

  81. Same here. From an outfit called Cheap Tickets.
    The envelope says "Check Inside", but then the "document" says "This is not a check". Also, there are grammar mistakes on the endorsement panel – obvious tip-off that this is a total SCAM.

    Why can’t authorities track down the postage permit holder and arrest them? The envelope is marked with presort permit #1297, Sacramento, CA.

  82. Received letter on 5/21/15 from R.M. Williams offering two airline tickets, hotel and rental car. Not going to waste my time calling. Thanks for the heads up.

  83. Dream Airline is a scam, it keeps asking me for money! Over 2 years they have gotten me for about 8,000.00 and still the person has not reached me by plane set up by Dream Airlines agency in Ghana, Africa. Please advise quickly they just won’t stop even when I block him in my email and any way I can. They are beating on my heat. This hurts bad

  84. I received this letter today. Not quite sure where they got my address from–googled and found this page. Letter going in the shredder!

  85. Michael scott duncan

    I too was taken in by this guy and Its a sad story indeed as I have been dirt poor my entire life and have lived in the same town only traveling a distance of 40 or 50 miles in each direction. I have recently been diagnosed with terminal heart disease Im 55 years old. I was so excited to receive the letter I practically kicked the bucket then and there after reading it. We need to get this guy . I am willing to track him down and politely ask WTF dude ! If he tries lying and refusing to make good on his promises to all of us I will haunt him every day until I die or get arrested for something. This I promise. If someone or someones would be able to finance this endeavor I would keep clear and precice records with video footage showing what I say I do. My name is Michael Duncan 679 Charles st Yoncalla ore. 97499 I currently have no phone as I cant afford one . Thankyou very much. Michael scott duncan

  86. I’m now going to disregard my letter from RM Williams of Irving, TX too. It seemed to good to be true…Met Global…last attempt to reach you…bonus if you call within 72 hours.

    I can’t tell anything other than I seemed to be getting phone calls (and voicemails) from someone over the last year or so.

    Some time back, I think I answered and did some phone survey…don’t really remember enough what it was but I’m sure I didn’t volunteer much.

  87. Just got a letter from R M Williams, Irving TX 75038, promising me 2 round trip airline tickets, plus 2 nights accommodation provided by a swanky hotel, and 3 day free car rental, and a free Travel Cash Gift Card. Looked it up on this site, and found out it was a scam. Wanted to pass this info along in case anyone else gets the same letter

  88. Also, here is another scammer: Dennis Price, at allocatedstipends.

    This guy is has over 1100 followers and claims that he has these vouchers from incomm traveler stuff of vouchers gift cards and that if you buy two one vanilla cards that you put 20.00 on one and 120.00 on another and that you give him the 120.00 as a security for the 800.00 he is going to put on the card and that you get to keep 450.00 and he gets 350.00 and that the 120.00 you get back from the 800.00, his name is DENNIS PRICE, and he has the number 618-215-3246 and he has you contact him through kik messenger and his kik name is "wecangetmoney", it has been over a week and he then makes up a BIG LIE and then sends you messages from a 805-334-3786.

    Beware he is a scammer and he took my money and dragged me on for over a week saying stuff left and right that the system was down for maintanance and then that he has to use a sister network that takes a whole lot longer and then says it was accepted and that now all we have to do is wait for it to finish and then i dont hear from him, he ignores my text on all 3 of his contact numbers. This guy needs to be stopped and needs something done to him now, bc he took away from my kids and their easter and lied about everything.

  89. I received a letter stating I have been selected to receive 2 round-trip airline tickets on American, Southwest, United or other major airline, plus a 3-day/2- night hotel getaway at a Marriott, Hyatt or Hilton hotel powered by with a BONUS if I call within 72 hours I would receive a 3- day Rent- a- car for my trip and a $50 Travel Cash Gift Card from Fly. com, Orbitz, Expedia, Vayama or VISA. I did not call, because the letter looks like something I could make from my own computer. They also stated they have been trying to contact me. My question is Why have you selected me? I have never done business with and How did you even know my phone number? Very suspicious. I googled promo offers for free airline tickets and this site popped up. I am glad I did.

  90. Received RM Williams letter 3/19/15

    If you really want to fly, fold the letter into a paper airplane and fly it into the trash. That is all it is worth.

  91. Went to the Nassau Boat Show a few weeks ago and filled out a chance for some prize or other. Yesterday I received the happy news that my sole entry won the prize. Two round trip tickets to Europe value $4000. To claim my prize I must take my wife and go view this presentation of 1 hour 30 minutes on all the wonderful places I can visit and the four star hotels I can stay in at special Wyndham Tours discounts. My wife and I must bring our photo ids and confirm our date to view the scam immediately. I am calling in tomorrow to schedule the viewing of the presentation which is on 45 St In NYC. I can’t wait to hear what
    high pressure sales crap they will come across with. I will post here again for
    a follow up.

  92. ** I’m only 17 years old and received this idiotic letter 02/20/15 wow.. makes me laugh soo hard. people in the country believe fraud and scams are soo dumb. I was raised a "Capo di tutti capi" DON’T cross me. People slap in yourself the face if u ever call this. please! lololol

  93. Received A letter informing me that I have been selected to receive 2 round trip tickets on American, Delta, Southwest, United or other major airline, plus 2 nights hotel accommodations provided by a Marriott, Intercontinental, Hilton or Hyatt group hotel power by Hotelbeds.

    and for a Bonus Call within 72 hours and you will also receive a 3-day-Rent-a-car for your trip and a $50 Travel Cash Gift Card from Orbitz,Vayama, FareBoom or VISA

  94. Got my letter today from RM Williams1901 Gateway Plaza #230, Irving, TX. Phone # 1-844-836-9626. Same pitch as all the rest. I just trashed it!

  95. Virginia P Woolf

    R.M. Scammers beware They will pressure you into buying crap, I shredded my letter like I do with all the crap mail. Like many others I buy my own tickets through the airlines usually cheaper than through these companies that are third party. I will always call the airlines first and talk to a agent directly. They get your name from third party and friends and relatives. As a former telemarketer that took me one week to be given a phone book to call and or write these crappy letters I told them that I quit and walked out. The job paid me $7.25 an hour. Not worth the hassle I even refused to write down leads for sales people. That company sold my name to so many scammers that my mail box is full of these crappy letters. I shredded them all and no longer let people have my phone number or address. I am no longer in the phone book. I have changed my phone number and it is unlisted. I advise the people who get these letters to do the same. Remove your name,phone number and address from the phone book too. You will get less crap mail and if they publish your information without your consent you can go after that company by law. Also check the internet to see that your name and address is not listed there too. That is where these scammers get your information from.

  96. Received my letter on 1-17-2015. Signed, Regards, R M Williams. Figured it was a scam. Was picking up my neighbors mail and they got one just like it.

  97. RM WILLIAMS 1901 Gateway Plaza #230 Irvine TX Is a COMPLETE SCAM. I have NEVER used hot wire in my life. I have worked for an airline most of my life and always get free pass travel. What a DISGUSTING $@!# to try and trick people,

  98. we have been Scammed by a Company that sells Hawaiian Air tickets. I have tried to contact them right away after the sale was done, when i understood we have been had. it seems as if this Company regularly uses scam tactics to steal money from airline costumers.

    i requested a manager of your company to be with me on the line while we try to talk to this ticket agent and rectify the problem.
    but that company just blew the manager off as well.

    this Bravo Fly company pretends to be Located in London England but are really located somewhere in Russia. and they are using what they learned in Chechnya against airline clients.

    it would be great to see a company like Hawaiian airlines take a stand against airline froud.

  99. Better Luck Next Time

    Got mine today from US Airlines. No return address or postage. No address or email either. Signed by Amy Meyers, Customer Relations Manager. Phone number # 1877-770-5578

  100. Not Falling for it!

    Got mine yesterday from RM William. Take notice that the address it comes from its from 1901 Gateway Plaza, #230 Irving TX 75038. Which is not consistent with his prior addresses and Def a scam! Do not call the number!

  101. Got our offer today from R M Williams, 1901 Gateway Plaza, #230, Irving TX 75038. Phone # same as above on Sept 04. Just want to thank you for websites like these. We’d been seeing trivago ads on TV and thought this could be their promo. But too good to be true is just that. Thanks again for the reassurance.

  102. Goes to Trash/Shred/Burn

    My husband received in the mail similar award certificate noting "we have attempted contacting you on several occasions. This will be your last chance to respond." The voucher is for "$1,375 for 2 round trip airline tickets" from "US Airlines" dated 10-7-2014 noting a deadline for redemption by 10-24-14. It also showed Scottsdale, AZ 85251, 63-557795/244972 call 1-877-770-5616, and shows an authorized signature of Angela Rury.
    We must have frustrated telemarketers & scammers. We tell our family & friends that if they call us leave a name & number in our answering machine. We pick up right away if we are at home & recognize who is calling. Legitimate businesses sometimes leave their messages, but others don’t bother & just hung up. For callers we do not expect, especially if they are persistent, we have a caller ID feature by which we could check their phone numbers.

  103. my husband has been dead for 2 years and he just received a letter from R M Williams about the flights and motel plus $50 Travel gift cards.

  104. RM Williams is still at it! They did put a return address on the envelope however: 1901 Gateway Plaza Ste 239 Irving Tx. Nice touch. Must have read some of the comments here

  105. Received a scam letter from "US Airlines" dated September 10th, 2014 stating that I must respond no later than September 29th, 2014 informing me that I have qualified for an award of 2 round-trip airline tickers…valid for travel anywhere in the continental U.S. from any major international airport…retail value of this award is up to $1,375.00…certain restrictions apply..

    "We have attempted contacting you several times without success. This is our final attempt. If we do not hear from you soon, we may need to issue the ticket vouchers to the alternate. Please call me today at 1-877-741-7894 Signed: Andrea Hale, Customer Relations Manager. "Your code: 137-821-021".

    THIS IS OBVIOUSLY A SCAM SINCE US AIRLINES DOES NOT EXIST. Please advise how, and to whom, I can report this scam to an appropriate legal authority.

  106. We received our letter today. They now have a real return label on it for Mr., Ms, or Mrs. Williams. Mine is from Irving, Texas.

  107. This Scam is out again, beware people. We just received a letter from R.M. Williams, 844-836-9622 Trivago with no return address, promising two round trip airline tickets, 3/day 2 night hotel Marriott, Hyatt or Hilton hotels, plus 3 day car rental and $50 cash……we’ve attempted contacting you several times.. This is a scam, and we know it came from searching the web for a recent trip.

  108. Receive letter today to husband, saying I’ve been selected to receive 2 complimentary airline tickets on America, Southwest, United or ?, plus 3 day/2 night hotel getaway at Marriett, Hyatt or Hilton powered by plus a bonus if I can in 72 hours.
    Phone is 1-844-836-9623……signed R M Williams. PS…attempted to contact you several times, this last offer. This is a SCAM…..called Trivago, they know nothing about it.
    First it was the endless calls, now it’s letters? What next coming to my house?!

  109. Just got the same type of letter. Knew it was a scam. There was no address on the letterhead. The jerk told me they were a marketing firm named US Airlines. Called back and they didn’t answer because they knew I knew what was going on!!! Tell everyone to be aware. One day they’ll get caught…

  110. Michelle. Leominster, MA

    We went to the presentation today.
    Obviously plants in the room. (People whooping it up)
    We followed the signs to Premier Travel. Then were introduced to Global Discovery Destinations. Quite long presentation with quirky dumb jokes. Then we were shown computers with big pretty pictures and everything. Oh Boy! These people thought we were going to give them $4,000 plus yearly fees and pay for the actual room for the week too. And they were talking about stars like it was some kind of behavior reward chart. C’mon guys Realy. Get a new Act. Oh and BTW next time you introduce people on your team as being former military.. Make sure they don’t weigh 400 pounds. The free tickets are a total joke.

  111. R M Williams at 844-836-9624 sent me mine. I think I will call and waste their time (from a business phone of course).

  112. 2 Round trip airline tickets $1450.00 call 844-824-4458 – Melissa Black…called and received a forward guy…just real rude.

  113. Two round trip tickets up to $1450 value! Must respond by august 4. 1-844-874-2368. Melissa Black…customer relations manager.

  114. I received a Award Notice from DTA Destination Traveler’s Assoc. The phone number is 844-876-2693. It was not for any specific airline and was issued out of Scottsdale, Az. 85251. It came in a hand written envelope with no return address. Wow, after reading some of the posts here it seems they are updating all the time. Beware!!!!!

  115. Received my US Airlines $1,4500 voucher 7/25/2014. Number listed: 1-844-889-1067. Clearly a scam and searched to see if others had the same. Phone number doesn’t even show in Google yet. Same as others, FINAL NOTICE, and last chance.

  116. Just got it today, Did not even bother calling, just googled Margaret Burns and came to this site. Nothing is for free in this world!

  117. I also got my "scam" offer today. Two (2) R/T tickets good for up to $1,450.00 US. Toll free # 1-844-874-2369. Signed "Melissa Black/Customer Relations Manager". A simple google search on the phone number brought me instantly to this site!

  118. Kathy F, did you go to the presentation? I also received the letter and my husband and I are thinking on going.

  119. Just rec’d mine today! 844-821-8184. As if it didn’t already reek of scam, the envelope and letter with no return address was a dead-giveaway!

  120. O.K., the names have changed but not the scam. This time the signatory is Melissa Black and the telephone number is 844-876-2686.

  121. Just got my "scam" offer today. Two (2) R/T tickets good for up to $1,450.00 US. Toll free # 1-844-874-2369. Signed "Melissa Black/Customer Relations Manager".

  122. Received letter says us airlines at the top for free round tickets worth up to 1450 18448759700 Margaret burns is contact. When called They said we must go to a meeting and bring credit card and iD ha …

  123. I have just received the same letter today July 16, 2014 awarding me "2 round-tripe airline tickets", valued "up to $1,450!" It is signed by Margaret Burns, Customer Relations Manager, and the phone number listed for me to call no later July 23rd is 1-844-883-4536.

    I have not bothered to call, after reading the comments of others on here. Many thanks for sharing, and saving me time to call thieves! People are stupidly crafty!

  124. I keep receiving the same letter over and over, and the traveler check voucher , this is an scam !!!

    The letter is signed by Margaret Burns, Customer Relations Manager. Phone # 1-844-875-9699, No return address, no website. This letter is a fake.

  125. **they used US Airlines’ letterhead.
    received what I hope to be a true "final notice" from Margaret Burns, Customer Relations Manager. Same as everyone else here – I won 2 round trip tickets and I have not claimed them. I googled their phone number. It is not associated with US Air.

    They have been honest though, this is about their fourth letter to me. Alas this one too is going in the trash. Too bad there’s not a spam folder for my postal mailbox.

  126. Got one of these myself from a company called UTA. There is no such company and the associations listed at the bottom are all fake as well. WOW 2 round trip tickets for free. No return address, No website, Phone #1-855-670-3775 and a contact person, Marie Carr I assume is also fake,Compair FAKE,national assoc.of travelers FAKE,and 2 others I couldn’t make out…

  127. My husband and I have received several letters from the National Association of Travelers, phone #855-760-7669, signed by Marie Carr, Customer Relations Manager. My husband–in an unusual fit of trustfulness by a generally suspicious curmudgeon–set up an appointment. We may go to the appointment for entertainment purposes. LOL

  128. Carlos Hernandez

    Just got a letter stating that they have being calling me about an award. The letter title is US Airlines and its aids that they have tried to reach me to give me this award of two free Traveler Check Voucher.
    Scam ??????

  129. On May 31,2014 received a letter from US TRAVEL ASSOC stating we have 2 round trip airline tickets.
    Must contact them before June 6th and this is the last attempt to contact me. Since I never heard from them ever I know it is a scam. Beware.

  130. Received the latest of about 3 letters today. This one says that there is a claim filed with the Nat’l Assoc. of Travelers and that the "Respondent Company" has been tasked to award the Claimant (me!) with 2 tickets. Give me a claim number and everything and says the claim number must accompany any correspondence.

    It goes on in a rather threatening voice that if my "response to the claim is not received by February 27y, 2014, YOU WILL BE CONSIDERED IN DEFAULT (emphasis mine).

  131. Douglas Stinson

    Just got ours in the mail,it looked like a W-2. It said an airline of our choice. Called the # and was told that we needed to attend a 90 minute informational meeting. Complete sales scam. Beware and take care!

  132. Mine came in a really nice personal and confidential envelope from Elise:) across saying US Air, Southwest, Jet Blue:) she is getting professional:). How does she know I work hard and need a vaca? Haha.

  133. Any one aware of the National Association of Travelers? Is this a legitimate company? Received a letter re a travel claim…

  134. Got the same one today (return address out of Phoenix, AZ)… on generic looking "US Airlines" letter head. The number listed is 1-866-973-9607. Signed by the lovely "Mia Hale, Vice President".

  135. Barbara Kennelly

    Checked this out under "Scams" and found this article as well a photo shot of a check that could have been mine except for the name change. Am so glad I had a "bad feeling" about this and checked here first. Do have a question though. Since I received this offer through the mail, wouldn’t it be considered "mail fraud" and then the postal service could do something about this?

  136. I got a letter from an unnamed company, stating I have ‘qualified for an award for 2 round trip air tickets and two nights at a Marriott Hotel". Retail valu up to $1398.00

    No company listed, but an 855-879-8217 phone number and signed by "Elise Warren" (who is probably not a real person).

    I did a search on the phone number and ultimately led me to this site. So glad I did NOT fall for this scam!

  137. On Philippine Airlines, if you volunteer to get bumped to a later flight in return for a round trip airfare voucher, they will make it virtually impossible for you to redeem the voucher before it expires. This is done by putting you on a waiting list for any flight you try to book until you give up or run out of time. Good luck.

  138. Stay very far away from Falcon flights travel agency, they scammed my mum and I over £1000 for tickets, which they gave us. They are not legit and are fraudulent, you will usually spot this in the invoice they send you before you pay the first part of the ticket. their terms and conditions are in small letters and hide their intentions (zoom it all the way up) they are very fraudulent

  139. Michael Potoski

    Be careful if you receive a letter from American Airways saying you have qualified for an award of 2 roundtrip tickets for anywhere in the continental U.S. This is a scam & will most likely be from someone named Keli Alden, coming out of Phoenix, AZ. I knew as soon as i opened it that it was a scam. Remember the saying, if it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is.

  140. Another kind of airline ticket scam, is what they call "hacked ticket" scam. When my sister visited Malaysia, she purchase a ticket to a local travel agency recommended by a friend. When she was at the airport terminal, she was halted by the airline steward, and informed her the ticket she purchase was paid by a stolen credit card, and the real owner was alarmed and hold the ticket. My sister was in shock, her money was stolen by the hoax agency. Thanks for sharing your article.

  141. Stay away from Odenza, it’s the biggest travel incentive company you can deal with. They scammed us for a lot of money. They deserve jail…

  142. Received this in the mail today saying "that you have qualified for an award of (2) round trip airline tickets…anywhere in the continental USA". The airlines SOUTHWEST and JET BLUE were printed on the top of the notice. Also "signed" Preston Clayton on the bottom as others have mentioned. SCAM SCAM SCAM. In the trash it goes…

  143. I have a few of these I will sell anyone for half price, and would someone please comment on these deals that you find all the time. From companies that offer free trips, such as these for fifty dollars, or free as come on for there products, or services. God Bless…

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