5 Online Casino Scams You Should Avoid

Online Casino Scams: How They Work

With the development and growing popularity of online gambling, cybercriminals began to appear, seeking to make money on gaming resources in illegal ways. In a very short time, fraud in the online casino industry has acquired a fairly large scale. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with it, which are also being improved.

Currently, special services are being created to protect gaming resources from intruders.

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Over the centuries-old history of gambling, players have invented hundreds of methods of enrichment at the expense of casinos. It can be a banal theft of chips and even using high-tech gadgets. With the advent of the Internet, fraudulent schemes have reached a new level of development, striking not so much with their wisdom but with their scale. Let's consider the most common fraudulent schemes in online casinos.


1. A Win-Win Strategy

This scheme is the oldest in the arsenal of online scammers. Its algorithm is simple: a fraudster communicates with a potential victim – by e-mail, on a forum, in social networks, on a site specially created for a scam – and secretly shares a unique, win-win strategy.

For example, it could be a story about a vulnerability in the code scripts of a certain online casino with no download. The fraudster promises to share the details of this secret, which will allow you to win at casinos regularly. Naturally, you will be required a small fee for up-to-date information.

As a result, having paid for "priceless info", you get well-known information, for example, Martingale strategy or something like that. Basically, playing by "secret" strategies you won nothing.


2. The Game for the Money of Others

This method is the second most common fraudulent scheme among cyber frauds. "Caring" scammers offer a remote part-time job on the Internet. All you need is to play in an online casino 20 minutes per day.

What is the secret of easy money? The secret is in a unique strategy, the essence of which the fraudster promises to tell you. Under his strict guidance, playing according to his strategy, you will beat the casino, ensuring a stable income.

For the sake of persuasion, the fraudster can explain to you why it's needed to share this know-how. For example, he can say that he needs new unique IPs or something else.

There's a description of the "unique strategy". In addition, the author of the technique warns that this strategy is only effective if you play under his strict guidance. Otherwise, you will fail.

All the "newbies" who have been placed at the disposal of the "teacher" undergo training. After that, the fraudster opens an account with a deposit of $ 250 – $ 300 on the "chosen ones" who have shown a zeal for study. Now all that is required from you is to play 20 minutes daily according to a "unique strategy", which is guaranteed to bring money every day. They promise to make 30% of the deduction from the win amount. How does it all end?

Option one. The "student" will successfully beat the online casino according to the proposed methodology, however, after a week, they are not paid anything, explaining that the money went towards the tuition fee.

The offended "student", inspired by the stunning profits after playing, creates his account and plays on his own, real money. Naturally, he is convinced that in practice the "secret method" of earning turned out to be nonsense. The online casino itself can be a one-day site created by a fraudster to trick players.

Option Two. The "student" loses the money of the "teacher" and is indebted to the mentor. Then he receives threatening letters demanding compensation for losses. Details of the continuation of this story are superfluous.


3. Free Win-Win System

This scheme is similar to the first one. This time you are being guaranteed immediate enrichment when playing roulette. You just need to apply a brilliant win-win strategy.

Its essence is simple, like all ingenious: you always need to bet on one thing: black/red or even/odd and double your bets in case of failure, in each subsequent spin. If you win, the color or parity of the numbers you reverse.

For your convenience, the scammer gives links to reliable and well-known online casinos, where this system, according to him, works fine. The casinos themselves, do not guarantee you anything and do not participate in this procedure.

What is the essence of a deal? The fraudster is a partner (affiliate) of these casinos and, according to the terms of the affiliate program, receives deductions from the amount you lose. Or just because you opened an account in a casino.


4. Theft of Funds 

Fraudsters invent such methods when it is possible to fake or steal means of payment, and then use them to withdraw other people's money – bets or deposits. To protect against such tricks, the institution needs a professional team of programmers capable of inventing its own methods to effectively deal with intruders. Do not forget about the reliable server that any online casino needs.


5. Using Bonuses

Another way was the use of bonuses given for registration or deposit and abuse of them. To deceive online casinos, scammers hide their personal data and open several accounts thus can make a profit illegally.

To protect themselves from such methods, experts recommend that the casino owners should have special detecting devices to identify the addresses and accounts from which players are registered.

In addition, in most casinos, registration can be completed only by indicating your personal data, which should be carefully checked.


Online Casino Scams: How to Avoid

The first thing is the analysis of registrations and cases of fraud on the site. At the same time, the employees who are responsible for this analysis should have some motivation for their quality work.

Of course, there are databases where people who have ever participated in fraud are recorded, but these databases are not yet improved and require constant improvement.

According to experts, fraud is most commonly used by low- and middle-income citizens, students, and the unemployed. However, there is no guarantee that a well-off player will not take the opportunity to illegally earn money at a casino.


Online Casino Scams: How To Report

Warn your family and friends about the five online casino scams listed above by sharing the article on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

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