Amazon Prime Day Winner

amazon prime day winner

Amazon Prime Day Winner Scam: How It Works

We received a few emails today in regards to a potential Amazon Prime Day Winner Scam. Consumers get text messages on their phones claiming to be from a fake Amazon Prime office regarding a MacBook Pro award. More precisely, the sender informs the victim that they are winners of a special Amazon Prime Day draw. To get the company to deliver the MacBook Pro, the recipient has to access a website to fill out a questionnaire survey.

The domain name used by criminals is Do not click it; it is not from Amazon Prime. Below you can take a look at a screenshot with a bogus message. Here it is:

amazon prime day winner text

The content of the notification states: “The Amazon Prime Day winner is [your real name]. Congratulations with winning this new MacBook Pro. Click the link to collect it.“.

Amazon Prime Day Winner Text: How to Avoid

The Amazon Prime Day Winner Scam is one of the plethoras of phishing scams, whether it is about MacBook Pro, iPhones, or tablets. It follows the same style as the USPS Text Message and the FedEx Delivery Text scams. These links and pages contain – just like in many other Amazon Prime scams – a tracking link informing the recipients that the company is having difficulty delivering the item. The hook varies, but the bottom line is that clicking the link takes you to a fake form asking for personal information. Alternatively, it could download malware onto your device.

If you get one of these MacBook Pro texts, don’t click the link. Look for grammar mistakes such as “congratulations with winning.” Delete the message and keep doing what you are doing. There are many phone scams that you need to avoid these days, and this tricky Amazon text message is one of them.

MacBook Pro Scam: How To Report

Warn your friends about and family about the Amazon Prime Day Winner Scam by sharing this article. You could do it using the buttons provided. Also, if you are wondering how to report phone scams, you can officially do it to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

How To Prevent Identity Theft and More

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Ruth mattson

Heres the newest i just received
Ruth is the Amazon Prime Week Winner! You won this brand new iPhone 12. Claim your brand new iPhone 12 by tapping here
2163278035 was the number it came from.


_______ is the Amazon Prime Week Winner! You won this NEW Macbook Pro. Collect your brand new Macbook by tapping here

Charles m Vance

Charles is the Amazon Prime Week Winner! You won this brand new Macbook Pro. Get your brand new Macbook by tapping here

Christopher M Brase

****** is the Amazon Prime Week Winner! You won this NEW Macbook Pro. Receive your brand new Macbook by clicking here

D. K.

I got something similar via text, be careful!
(My name removed for privacy reasons) is the Amazon Prime Week Winner! You won this brand new Macbook Pro. Collect your brand new Macbook by tapping here
Please don’t fall for this shit, folks!


#$×<[ ! scammers

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