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Wiggins Adjustments Scam

Wiggins Adjustments Scam: Yes or No?

Have you received aggressive calls, letters, or messages for debt repayments from Wiggins Adjustments? You are not alone. Many readers have been writing to us asking about a fraud that they could become victims of. Let’s address is the Wiggins Adjustments scam: is it or not?

Wiggins Adjustments Ltd is a company from British Columbia, specializing in debt repayments, most of the time for parking tickets. However, their practices were reported as harassment by many consumers in the past. Several of these complaints came from people who claim they never even got a parking ticket!

Here is a screenshot of some comments online posted by those who receive the calls.

Wiggins Adjustments

As a result of their aggressive approach, Wiggins Adjustments has been fined a couple of years ago for violating BC’s consumer protection laws.

According to Consumer Protection BC (CP BC), Wiggins Adjustments entered into an Undertaking to guarantee that the auto-dialers and automated calling devices used to contact consumers complied with the law. More specifically, this meant that the tools/machines/software had to be programmed to limit the number of daily calls to debtors. Also, the required quarterly inspections of the devices had to be documented.

However, CP BC determined later that Wiggins Adjustments didn’t follow the terms of the Undertaking. As a result, it has imposed administrative penalties of $2,000. The company has also been ordered to reimburse CP BC some costs of the inspection. The amount was only $400.

Wiggins Adjustments: What To Do

In conclusion, Wiggins Adjustments is a real company but has several complaints on their Better Business Bureau’s profile page. Needless to say, it is due to their practices.

They can’t claim excessive or unfair debt collection charges or harass you. Wiggins Adjustments doesn’t have the right to make threats of seizing your property since they cannot lawfully do so. Also, they cannot directly contact you, bypassing an appointed company representative. The Canadian Government can ban debt collectors from making threats of legal action that are not likely to occur.

Last but not least, Wiggins Adjustments reps can’t just show up at your door. They are required to provide you with advanced notice before visiting your home address.

However, if you have outstanding debts, parking tickets, or loans to repay, be a good citizen and do it; don’t try to scam the system.

How To Report

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