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British Gas email scam

British Gas Email Scam: How It Works

If you live in the United Kingdom, today you might receive a British Gas email that could sound legitimate. The message informs you that you have overpaid your utilities in the last month and are entitled to more than £450 in refunds. It is one of the many phishing scams that have been going around these days so that we will address it (like the HMRC scam call press 1). How do the British Gas scams emails work?

The actual content of the fake email states: “British Gas wants to inform you that you are eligible for an overpayment refund of £467.20. Our records indicate that you’ve paid more money than you should have for your British Gas services from 2016-2019. Because of this reason, we have decided to refund the whole amount that you have overpaid.”

Here is a screenshot of the bogus email below:

british gas overpayment

The British Gas email scam works because criminals are also using a replica of the real British Gas official website. Victims are invited to log in and insert their private information, such as credit card details or address.

On a different scam variation, the email might state that you owe a small amount to the company. You need to pay immediately.

The British Gas scam could also come via telephone. Scammers even use Caller ID spoofing to make your display show the British Gas brand’s name. You would pick up, right? It is one of the tricks used to get the Discount Call Scam effective worldwide, not only in the United Kingdom. So, beware.

The caller states that they are a British Gas representative and calls about the same “issue” from the email. The scammer informs you that you have a British Gas discount, refund, or credit due to you on your monthly bill.

Once they get you excited about the possibility of receiving a few Pounds back – or even shaved off your next bill – they will proceed to ask you questions in order to verify your account.

Watch the video below to witness the Extra Bill Charge type of scam exposed:

Extra Bill Charges Video Scam

British Gas Scam Emails: How To Avoid

If you are in doubt, hang up. Then open your monthly gas bill and call the number listed there to verify the call’s legitimacy. If the criminals offer to pay you back the credit on the spot, tell him to put the amount towards your next bill. Do not answer with personal information. Call his bluff.

British Gas Overpayment: How To Report a Scammer

Let your friends know about the British Gas Email Scam on social media. You can officially report scammers and any other suspicious activity do it to the Federal Trade Commission using this link:

Report To The FTC Here

How To Protect Yourself More

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