HMRC Scam Call: Press 1 For Your Tax Evasion Case

HMRC scam call

HMRC Scam Call: How It Works

Beware of an HMRC scam call that’s going around. It is also known as the Tax Evasion Scam Call or the HMRC Scam Call Press 1. It informs you that there is an HMRC warrant on your name based on a fraud case. The numbers that criminals use are 020 39236047, 020 38807074, 020 35912040, 02077708142, and 013 32199360.

This scheme has two variations. Let’s take a look at both these phone scams below. Please contribute in the comments section with names and numbers that the scammers use to get in touch.

1. HMRC Fraud Case

In the first variation, the HMRC scam call goes like this. The criminals use software to create automated calls, telling victims that there is an HMRC fraud case featuring your name. “Hello, my name is Howard Wilshere. We, at HMRC, have you flagged for tax evasion. To get a reference number of your fraud case, press 1”, says the scammer. The vocabulary could vary, as scammers may not live in the United Kingdom, but you get the idea.

HMRC scam call press 1

If you press 1, you will connect with a real person that will take over the conversation. The crook informs you that the HMRC found some irregularities with your account. It could be anything from accusing you of wrongdoings to mentioning that someone has already filed your taxes on your behalf.

Criminals intimidate the victims, luring them into paying an amount over the phone to get them off the investigation. If you receive the HMRC fraud case scam call, ignore and go ahead with your day.

2. HMRC Warrant Scam

The second variation of the HMRC scam call is similar but has a slightly different twist. Here is how the HMRC Warrant Scam works.

You get just an automated message telling you that the government is investigating you for tax evasion. They say that if you don’t call back, you will be arrested.

Let’s say you call back. The person on the other end gives you a fake name and employee number. He then tells you there are three federal charges against you for tax evasion from the years 2017-2019. They accuse you of shortchanging the federal government on your taxes.

tax evasion scam call

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He said the Police would be at your house within two hours to arrest you. “You will be seeing a judge on Thursday,” they may say.

The scammer also says that if you do not take this seriously, you will be in big trouble and spend the whole weekend in prison. He might list some fake charges you are being accused of. “You owe HMRC £2,500, for which you will be seeing the judge. If they find you guilty, there will be another penalty of £38,000 and potentially up to 15 months in jail.” Scary?

What Happens If The Victim Is Weak

If the HMRC scam call perpetrator finds that the victim is weak, he proceeds with more demands. “Do you think your tax mistakes over the years have been honest, or have you been stealing on purpose” he will ask. “This conversation is recorded, and I must be frank with us.” Very convincing, indeed.

That’s when more people fall for this tax evasion scam call. When the criminal feels the victim is hooked, he comes up with a solution. He asks them to go to the nearest convenience store and buy “government-certified vouchers” to the £2,500 penalty. “After you do that, you will need to go to an HMRC office where you will be educated on the mistakes you have been making on your tax submissions.”, he adds.

However, he wants victims to keep him on the phone the whole time and not hang up. Like in many other tax scams, they cannot contact anyone else as “this was a federal matter.” What happens if you go to the store?

The scammer asks you to buy reloadable debit cards or Steam cards. It is because these are untraceable. The criminal wants the victims to purchase or load cards worth of £2,500. Then they ask them to give them the codes on the back of the cards. This way, they can redeem the money online.

The Steam cards are gaming gift cards and not government vouchers. This should be another red flag to convince people that the HMRC scam call is nothing but a criminal act.

Tax Scam Phone Call: How To Avoid

HMRC does not conduct their business that way. People just get scared. Just hang up the phone, call their bluff, then report them. You could also visit HMRC’s official website to keep up to date with the newest info about the tax season.

Also, beware of a couple of other common tax traps, such as the File Taxes Early Scam, Tax Credit Fraud, and the Tax Refund Scam.

How To Report the HMRC Call Press 1 Scam

Warn your family and friends about the HMRC scam call by sharing this article here, on social media. If you’re also wondering how to report phone scams, you can also officially do it to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) or Action Fraud using the links below:

Report To The FTC Here

Report to Action Fraud

How To Prevent Identity Theft and More

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47 thoughts on “HMRC Scam Call: Press 1 For Your Tax Evasion Case”

  1. Peter F Brunnen

    I would think that at least most people would recognise that these sites are obviously NOT of this country, as the grammar is very un-English and when they start talking about Federal Charges that is such a ‘Red Flag’ as we in the UK do not have a Federal Government or anything else Federal including Charges relating to any type of prosecution with a legal entity. Federal Charges is AMERICAN.

  2. Peter F Brunnen

    I would recommend that all should note this mobile number being used: 07002235862. There is no such number!

  3. 02037904040 called today asking for £1950 or £300 to start a payment plan. i have a warrent out for my arrest .all this while im at work,, GET A JOB YOU BUMS

  4. Called today and had this automated message as described. I hung up immediately and Googled it to find this website. They called me on a mobile number : 07565935305
    Reported to HRMC

  5. Philippe Lopez

    I just had a similar phone call and it is very disturbing how well trained operator they are, they speak English from India very fast and assured, I told them my phone was about to ran out of batteries and called my accountant to found out about any problems but apparently there are none so now I am not even answering it …..the number they use is: London: +44 20 3334 3555

  6. I got the call from 02038579736 – very aggressive, threating , shouting – I was after all nigh work and not thinking clearly – just hung up and yet they were calling from 02038882557 and 03007909901 . very evil people , if they get somebody weak – those weak people can pay them money or get very scared.

  7. 07452982614 This phone number is from India. when you answer this number you will hear the automated voicemail saying about HMRC fake tax return on your name or something like that and asks you to press 1 to connect with a real person to pay money to clear your name. Advice? Please hang up and carry on with your life.

  8. I received a phone call on my mobile from different numbers and the automatic message said my NI number compromised.
    Called received from different mobile numbers 07932496829, 07932494034, 07932495553.

  9. I have had several recently, this morning I decided to press 1 and speak to someone. When he asked for my name I pointed out they called me, when he said it was an automated system I pointed out it must have told him who it connected to. He said he understands but because it is confidential information he needs confirmation of who I am, I said “OK, tell me what name you have and I will confirm it”; he hung up.
    Born yesterday I was not!
    I am not sure much is achieved reporting it, the caller is using a presentation number and is probably outside UK jurisdiction. Tracing back could involve court orders on several telephone providers in other intermediate countries. This will take time, be expensive, and there might not be a continuity.

  10. Call from 07532 769298 claiming I was being investigated by HMRC for tax evasion. Recorded message, no personal information. On hanging up and calling the number back it was unrecognised.

  11. Call today saying I’d been investigated for tax evasion and an arrest warrant was issued.

  12. had a voicemail left for me today for tax evasion/fraud, telling me there’s a warrant out. same thing, press 1 or be arrested – 02080165223

  13. Just had a HMRC scam call from this mobile – 07845 027663, same pattern as landline call asking to press 1 etc etc. Do not press 1.

  14. Jut had a phone call saying I am under investigation for tax evasion and to press one for more info. If I didn’t deal with it now then the police would be sent to my home. I hung up. The number was 02080443418

  15. I had one today @ 16.08 automated message said I’m being investigated for tax evasion/tax fraud and there is a warrant for my arrest press 1 to speak to an adviser. 02082216447

  16. Rebecca Louise Crockett-Newman

    Scam call today just after getting off the phone with HMRC telling me to press 1 or I would be arrested for tax fraud number was 07974519194 it was automated call it is very strange that 10 mins before the call I was on the phone talking about tax with HMRC so they must be monitoring calls to HMRC

  17. Your page hmrc-scam-call/ contains what is a potentially deceptive advertisement. is a very reputable UK site aimed at reducing costs in all areas and has its own TV programme.. Your advertiser SaveMoneymarket could be very easily considered to be the wellknown company but in fact is not connected.
    In the UK one can google the caller’s number and see if it is a known scam number. I once called back – and got a police station! They were friendly!

  18. Got phone call this morning at 8.45 tell me I’m going to be arrested from phone number 07812640492 tell every one about this kind of scam

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