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Phar Sold Scam: Suspicious Site

People are asking us today about a potential Phar Sold Scam. What is it? If you are just about to purchase something online from, beware. It is a questionable website featuring great deals too good to be true. The Phar Sold reviews are nonexistent for now, for a very good reason. Let’s explain.

The website is extremely new, but the red flags are adding up.

For example, the content (text) listed on many Phar Sold pages is copied and pasted from other e-commerce sites. We are talking about the Privacy Policy, Refunds, or the Shipment pages. Here is a screenshot of the Refunds page text ran through the plagiarism tool:

phar sold scam


On the other hand, Phar Sold claims to be located in Kansas City, but their English is very bad. Hence the Phar Sold scam inquiries.

Another red flag is that their Blog page still features the default text from the web template.

Nonexistent Phar Sold Reviews

As mentioned above, since the website was launched just very recently, it makes it hard to believe that the Phar Sold reviews are genuine. We would stay away from purchasing from this website, at least for now.

Even though they have ‘great’ products for sale, such as a Sony camera for $384 or a brand new oven for $400.

If You Want To Report The Phar Sold MyBigCommerce Business

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You can officially report any suspicious activities or scammers to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) using this link below:

Report To The FTC Here

How To Protect Yourself More

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