Insurance Scams

Over the last year, plenty of insurance scams have surfaced online and in real life, especially health insurance scams. However, there are several types that we expose in this category.

We have a full list of insurance scams below. Many brand names are tossed around in the emails we receive. The names include American Income Life, Bankers Life, or State Farm, which are real, but we will show you how the insurance scams work exactly.


Full List of Insurance Scams

The insurance scams go beyond typical policies. They also include churning, twisting, and other terms that you may not be familiar with. We’ll address them below.

Life insurance scams are also prevalent, as well as car insurance fraud. Educated yourself with the articles below.

Travel Insurance

How the scam works: (with video below) Some travel agencies have their agents paid by commission when it comes to medical insurance. Nothing wrong with that, just like in so many other businesses. Oftentimes though, unfortunately, some of these agents trick their customers into buying insurance which they really do not need – or if … Travel Insurance Read More »

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Rental Car Insurance Abroad

Rental Car Insurance Abroad Scam: How It Works Beware of the International Car Rental Insurance Scam if you’re about to travel. It is also known as the Rental Car Insurance Abroad Scheme. Imagine this scenario: You are planning a great vacation in a different country. You book your hotel, rental car, auto insurance, and then … Rental Car Insurance Abroad Read More »

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final expense insurance

Final Expense Insurance

Final Expense Insurance: How The Scam Works (with video below) The Funeral Insurance or Final Expense Insurance scam comes in your mailbox. It is a fake burial insurance program for seniors, “approved” by the Government. In this article, you’ll learn how the scam works and how to report it. Let’s dive into the fake Senior … Final Expense Insurance Read More »

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Rental Insurance

How the scam works: Scenario 1. You rent a nice vehicle and the agent you’re renting from asks you to pay a mandatory insurance fee. You might be okay with that, since insurance is important. What you probably don’t know is that your own credit card has auto insurance incorporated already, so the rental company … Rental Insurance Read More »

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