Final Expense Insurance

final expense insurance

Final Expense Insurance: How The Scam Works

(with video below) The Funeral Insurance or Final Expense Insurance scam comes in your mailbox. It is a fake burial insurance program for seniors, “approved” by the Government. In this article, you’ll learn how the scam works and how to report it. Let’s dive into the fake Senior Final Expense Life Insurance Program.

Questionable final expense life insurance companies design and send postcards to neighborhoods populated by the elderly. The card informs the recipient that “an approved senior final expense program is now available, to help pay for the senior’s final expenses.” (aka funeral).

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final expense insurance letter

The card also mentions that the program could get the qualifying seniors up to $15,000! Indeed, the call-to-action is at the bottom of the card, stating: “It is your legal right as a taxpayer to receive all the information available to you. You must complete this request form within 5 days.” Seniors fall for this and are required to pay not only a “small” application fee but also to give all their personal information.


Watch How The Final Expense Program Letters Look Like:

Watch the video below to see what thousands of seniors are reporting to us – did you receive any of these envelopes?



Final Expense Life Insurance Companies Fraud: How To Avoid

Don’t get us wrong, there are legitimate services out there (insurance agents) that provide the senior final expense life insurance program, but this refers only to the scammers who impersonate those real organizations. Tell your elders to let you know whenever they get such things in the mail. Also, to be aware of other scams that target them, such as the Free Health Screening.

Take a closer look at the names used, research, and determine if the mail comes from legitimate services or bogus ones. Better safe than sorry. The funeral insurance or final expense insurance program it is certainly a controversial topic.

senior final expense life insurance program

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The scam has been reported to make victims in the following cities: Houston, Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Antonio, Chicago, Birmingham, Philadelphia, North Highlands, Pheonix, Dallas, Seattle, Honolulu, Racine, Orlando, Minneapolis, Jacksonville, Denver, Holley, New York, Mesa, Indianapolis, Nashville, Greensboro, Oklahoma City, Wichita, Erie, Vancouver, Virginia Beach, Jackson, Newark, Cincinnati, Detroit, Tampa, Manchester, Malden, Roanoke Rapids, Aurora, Franklin, Muscle Shoals, Lutz, Lebanon, Wylie, Carolina Forest, Lompoc, Winter Haven, Tampa, Newport, and Cheyenne.

On the other hand, stay safe from the hideous fraudulent practices targeting seniors by avoiding the following scams as well: Medical Alert Systems Reviews,  Medical Coverage And Benefits ScamFake Life AlertHospital Lien Scam, Free Medical Bracelets, Gold IRA Companies, and the Coronavirus Mask.

Senior Final Expense Life Insurance Program Scam: How To Report

Make your family and friends aware of the Senior Final Expense Life Insurance Scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can officially report the questionable ‘final expense’ life insurance companies to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


How To Protect Yourself More:

If you want to be the first to find out the most notorious scams every week, feel free to subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter here. You’ll receive periodical emails and we promise not to spam. Last but not least, use the Comments section below to expose other scammers.

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336 thoughts on “Final Expense Insurance”

  1. The ironic thing is–they do not tell you the amount of the WGC and–even if it was $25–can you imagine how much it would cost for them to make good on 10,000 of these*?! ANS. Way more than $250,000(more than $25 per card)! Why would any entity pay out this amount of money and you do not even have to sign up! This is what the mail-in card says! Plus, they do not tell you who is behind it, either! HOW IS THIS NOT A SCAM?! IT MAKES NO LOGICAL SENSE…

    *They send out a whole lot of these and maybe far more than this!

  2. United freedom benefits department…this is a scam on seniors for burial expenses. Don’t send the card back…it’s a scam!!

  3. i just got mail and checked online with this website and determined it was a scam. i am glad i am vigilent and don’t fall for that crud.I used to be a carny and know about all kinds of ways to have people give you their money without holding a gun on them.P.T. Barnum said there’s a sucker born every minute. So beware.

  4. I received a post card for New 2020 Benefit Info for CA citizens only. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s a SCAM.

  5. WeLoveTheNorth

    Order to Show Cause

    Seixas G. Milner III, Lawrenceville, GA
    North American Senior Benefits, Lawrenceville, GA
    Order #E19-22, February 25, 2019
    Respondents are charged with using an advertisement that misleadingly implied a relationship to a government program or benefit and that only a specific number of policies would be sold, that failed to identify the producer and insurer and that failed to disclose information in a conspicuous and unambiguous fashion. Respondents are also charged with misrepresenting to the Department the number of solicitations sent. Respondent North American Senior Benefits is charged with soliciting insurance without being licensed as a producer.

  6. WeLoveTheNorth

    NASB bullies seniors into buying insurance from them Apparently my mother sent something in to this company because she wanted information about their Insurance policies. BIG mistake. She thought she would just receive something in the mail or maybe a phone call with more information. Instead she got a man (Kevin P. Young) who shows up at her doorstep unannounced. My mother is in a wheelchair and normally does not let salesmen inside. He literally pushed himself in the door.. not even giving her a chance to let him in (which she wouldn’t have because she never does.)
    I was present to witness this horrible encounter. My mother listened to him patiently even while he talked her ear off about his own insignificant personal matters. She even looked at his pictures he wanted to show her on his phone of strangers. He was very relentless and pushy with his approach and sales pitch.. My mother said she wanted to "Think it over.." And he proceeded to really get aggressive with the badgering. "How long are you gonna think about it.. you could die tomorrow…" That whole spiel to try to guilt-trip her. He pulled out all the stops.
    But things really took a turn for the worse when he said to me "So what are you going to do when your mother dies, burn her up and put her in an ashtray or a coffee can?" Then he begins to snicker and get more abusive and disrespectful in his language. At this point i told him to get out before i had to make a phone call to remove him from the premises. We have never been spoke to or disrespected that way in our own home. My mother was in tears and very upset when this man left.
    He was VERY disrespectful, rude and arrogant the entire time. Unprofessional and i can’t believe this company has someone working for them who would make these kind of sickening remarks to potential customers. Do they teach all their Coordinators to belittle and bully people into signing your Life insurance policies?
    This is absolutely the worst experience I have encountered and I believe this man needs to face some repercussions for his words and actions. He also bragged about this companies reputation with the BBB.. Yet all i have read are BAD reviews all over the web. I believe this is a scam company and i would NOT trust them.. especially with the kind of people they have representing them. It’s disgusting.
    This salesman sunk to a new low. The way he speaks to customers and his attitude is the POOREST I have seen. I was one step away from calling the Law as he didn’t want to leave but when i got him to leave he said "I don’t care, I’ll make $3000 today." That is the kind of low class coordinators they have working for them in the Ohio area, I just thought everyone should know and BEWARE giving your information or even inquiring about policies from this company.
    You are better off going with a well-known bigger life insurance company these guys don’t even have reputable contact phone number for management, so what do you think will happen if you encounter a problem? You won’t be able to get in contact with anyone. Taking a chance with this company is a high risk i would never take.
    Being sued for false advertisment to seniors! Orders/NASB.pdf

  7. Received same burial scam envelope today for Arizona citizens only( live in Bullhead City, AZ.)
    Looked up T2 benefit information and found your website. Thank you — very helpful. Going to sign up for your email alerts too.

  8. I got the Final Expense, and in Tennessee, reply envelope to Boise, well decided to send it back stating Bull—- and Con Artist, but stated give me $35,000.00 now to have a good time, hate Scammers, and feel sorry for elderly that get taken in by this garbage

  9. Got mine today. The return Address is Processing Center, PO Box #2968, Thomasville, GA 31799–9966

    My question is simple. As a fraudulent company sending information with a business replied prepaid mail, and having a permit number 49 for first class mail. Why can’t the FBI and/or the federal trade commission use that business reply mail “No postage necessary” permit number 49 to arrest these criminals???????

  10. I received this envelope today. It looks official until you look at the address and post card. My guess is they want your personal information, so they can try and sell you insurance. Discarded this.

  11. Got a second notice in an envelope w/return reply envelope and card with the info for Texas citizens only.
    Return address is Direct Processing Center, PO Box 4453, Boise ID 83711-9977. Why is anyone in
    Idaho concerned with handling final expenses information for folks in Texas!? Bzzzttt. Fraudster.

  12. Red flags went up immediately. There was no company name listed, but their return envelope listed their address as ‘Processing Center, P.O. Box 2968, Thomasville, GA 31799-9966.

    The language on the document was about the same as an earlier poster, which stated It is important for you to know how to qualify for this benefit available to you. This benefit will pay 100% of all funeral expenses up to $35,000. This payment is tax free Colorado residents. You are entitled to receive no cost information as a resident of Colorado.

    Oh, I have only a week to respond. That’s not going to happen. Do not fall for this and give out any personal information. Sounds like this is happening everywhere.

  13. I get these every month. Once I sent it back, but without my phone number. Instead of info, they just continue sending the same nonsense. Just want people’s phone numbers so they can scam them!

  14. Yeah, they’re hitting Utah, too. I wonder if there is some way to alert the post office to block this company from sending these out, and I’m wondering why they haven’t been arrested yet. I suspect that they use a remailing center at least once or twice in the process.

  15. I just got my first one today for Georgia residents only. It says it’ll pay 100% of all final expenses up to $35,000. These people are getting desperate.

  16. I received one of these today. I says it is for Oregon residents only. You may qualify for a state regulated program to pay for your final expenses regardless of medical conditions, even if you have been turned down before.

    It is important for you to know how to qualify for this benefit available to you. This benefit will pay 100% of all funeral expenses up to $35,000. This payment is tax free Oregon residents. You are entitled to receive no cost information as a resident of Oregon. Return this postage paid card within 5 days and receive a free McDonalds gift card. It has a
    place to enter name, address,phone #, age, spouse’s age and name. The return address is Greensboro, NC and there is a line on the bottom that says "not affiliated or endorsed by any government program"
    This has to be a scam

  17. Received today, I have 5 days to respond for funeral benefits for FL residents only. Respond to NASB PO BOX 492888, Lawrenceville, GA 30049 I find it weird that if this is for FL residents only, why would GA have anything to do wit it?

  18. Received mail last week in Louisiana stating that the 2020 Benefit Information For Louisiana Citizens Only was ending soon and a response was needed by October 7, 2019. It stated that Louisiana residents were entitled to more benefits not provided by government funds. "You now have access to a 2020 state-regulated life insurance program which will pay 100% of all final expenses up to $35,000. Return this postage card within 5 days to request this new benefit information." It requested first name, last name, spouse first, spouse last, address, city, state, age, and zip. Address on envelope is 6250 S Boyle Avenue, Vernon, CA 90058-9847. This is just awful that they would prey on seniors. Thanks for this site. It was really helpful.

  19. Kathryn Johnson

    I have receive 2 notices saying I can get up to $35,000 for funeral expense. I knew it had to be fake but wanted to make sure. Thank you for taking the time to make this page available for people to read and find out the truth.

  20. I got a post care today in the mail saying 2020 BENEFIT INFORMATION FOR FLORIDA CITIZENS ONLY! You are now entitled to more benefits not provided by government funds! You now have access to a 2020 state regulated life insurance program which will pay 100% of all final expenses up to $35,000. IT’S TOTALLY ASHAME THAT SENIORS WHO DON’T KNOW ANY BETTER WILL GET CAUGHT UP IN THIS SCAM! YOU ARE TO APPLY IN 5 DAYS. SEND BACK TO DIRECT MAIL PROCESSING, LLC, P..O. BOX 100080, KENNESAW, CA 30156-9912. It just seems so legit but thanks to the internet & you guys I researched & came up with this saying it’s a scam. They don’t even have a phone number for you to even call them. Even if they did I still would check them out! Thank you!

  21. Scam now reads: 2019 benefit information for Michigan citizens only
    only difference is $35,000, must reply by five days, Free Walmart Gift Card
    They have your mailing address with your name.

  22. Received a T2 form today did not know what it was about. Looked it up to see what I could find. Thank God for the internet and this website. The form looks legit…it’s a shame that these criminals aren’t prevented from doing things like this. Thank you for this site had I not been suspicious and didn’t know to look up things….I can see how someone may fall for this.

  23. When these people give you an envelope, raid the kitty litter box. Smear some inventory on the form the wetter the better. Lay some plastic wrap around the sheet leaving the edges open to vent. Return to them.

  24. Donna Vaillancourt

    I received a pink card a few days ago and decided to look into this before sending it back in a "No postage envelope" I am glad I did…another scam ! The sad thing is that some people do not look into offers like this, one because they do not have a computer or smart phone and they fall for this type of scam, thinking it looks legit when it is just the opposite. I want to know how these scum bags that think up scams like this can sleep at night! So if one of you scum bags read this, just know that your day will come and you will be judged by my lord and savor Jesus Christ…So if I were you, you might want to stop trying to take advantage of the elderly. Just saying!!!

  25. Michigan
    Received T-2 here this last week. when I am sent a No Postage Necessary I fill it with newspaper, adds and other paper. I then send it back so they have to pay the postage. the heavier it is the more postage they pay. Not only are we helping the USP maybe if enough go back they will quit sending them out because of the Expense.

  26. I received my T-2 Form today As a resident of Kentucky, you are entitled to more benefits not provided by government funds. You now have access to a 2019 state-regulated program which will pay 100% of all funeral expenses up to $35,000. Return this postage paid card within 5 days to request this new benefit information. Please respond by Jun 17th, 2019. Address is Kennesaw, GA. I knew this was a scam!!

  27. Linda K Peters

    i got one too wis , i new it was a scam, i send it back with words on the outsied of envolope ( F.B.I WARNIGING THIS IS A SCAM )

  28. Jerry Dennis

    I caught this as soon as I saw the envelope. I didn’t need to even open it; I knew it was a scam. I never requested "Form LC005," but I opened it anyway. I "qualify for a state-regulated life insurance program (etc.)". No insurance company mentioned anywhere. No details at all, other than "up to $25,000" coverage. I’m going to mail it to Mike Hunter, Oklahoma’s Attorney General, and let him deal with it. Other web sites identify the address as a multi-scam organization.

  29. I got one of these this morning and I am glad that I found this website. These suckers look legit. T2 2019 Benefit Information for Oklahoma Residents only.

  30. Jacqui Stilson

    I got today saying T-2 2019 benefit for Illinois citizens only. I feel sorry for all the seniors who will fall prey to these scammers. This one promises benefits up to $35,000 for final expenses. Shame on these assholes.

  31. I received a 2019 Benefit Information For Colorado Citizens Only today. It says “This benefit will pay for 100% of all funeral expenses up to $35,000. This payment is tax-free for Colorado residents.” This is such a scam! Seniors beware!

  32. This card is now going around in Roanoke, Virginia.
    We googled it and found this site – thank you!
    We will let our friends know about it!

  33. Today I received in the mail "NEW 2019 BENEFIT UPDATE FOR TX CITIZENS ONLY" which is like those posted here. Described as a state-regulated program to pay for final expenses. The return address is North American Senior Benefits, PO Box 492888, Lawrenceville, GA. 30049. It appeared like a scam, so quired the internet and seems as if I was correct.

  34. Received my yellow card in a white envelope saying "FINAL NOTICE" from "SENIOR BENEFITS CENTER, PO BOX 1215, MERRIFIELD, VA 22116-9402." Tax Free for Indiana residents. Further states," You are entitled to receive no-cost information as a resident of Indiana. IMPORTANT-Return this postage-paid card within 5 days." What a blatant attempt to scam senior citizens!!!

  35. Leonard Moulton

    T 2 2019 benefit information for Massachusetts citizens only $35,000 this payment is tax free for Massachusetts residents only January 18, 2019 respond bye

  36. Barbara McCafferty

    I just received a T-2 form in the mail today. States at top "2019 Benefit Information for Missouri Citizens Only. If qualify
    will pay up to 100% of all funeral expenses up to $35,000. Respond by Feb 1 2019

  37. Received my yellow card in a white envelope saying "FINAL NOTICE" from "SENIOR BENEFITS CENTER, PO BOX 1215, MERRIFIELD, VA 22116-9402." Tax Free for Georgia residents. I’m a senior citizen, and $35K sounds really, really good! TO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!!!! DON’T FALL FOR THE O-KEY DOPE!

  38. I have received several of these pink or yellow cards for 2018 for North Carolina citizens only. I normally just trash them. Today I received a Second Notice , Time Sensitive Important Enclosed. Personal and Confidential, To Be Opened By Addressee Only, 2018 Benefit Information For State Residents Only. I decided to google search it and came across this scam-detector video. I want to thank you! I am a North Carolina Citizens!

  39. It has hi Spokane Washington 8/21/2018. These pieces of crap trying to steal from people that have died or in the process. I hope they all go to hell.

  40. Thankful for this website as this has made its way into Tennessee. I received our postcard yesterday & wanted to "google" it prior to doing anything & once again, thanks to this website it is now recycled paper!

  41. Watch out for the "final expense" scam. It purports to offer benefits for funeral coverage to "New Jersey citizens only," but the strange green postcards that come in official-looking envelopes have been send to people in many states.

  42. Got form to be completed for state-regulated program for my final expenses up to $35K, from POB 2910, Kennesaw, GA 30156-9843 to be mailed to: Direct Mail Processing, LLC
    (Permit 302) POB 100080, Kennesaw, GA 30156-9912

  43. rosie l neloms

    i received a letter from the "Record Division" 2018 benefits information for Texas citizens only. pob 2910 Kemesaw, ga. I looked it up on google did not have to open the page SCAM was all over it.


  45. So glad I googled this. I was stupidly about to mail back the envelope. So tired of scammers, mail and phone. Hard to know who to trust these days.

  46. If this was a company they would not send u a card in red I Google this but I known it was a. Scam I get scam mail all the time I get the red card I’m the mail today. PS they make a very good fan when it is hot out side

  47. Just received something similar in a FB post. It looked legitimate, but now, I doubt it is. Thanks for sharing the above information!

  48. Received "2017 Benefit Information for California Citizens Only" today, 10/31/17 stating I may qualify for a life insurance policy to pay 100% funeral expenses, etc. This was sent to me from "Information Processing Center, Grants Pass, Oregon" in a post card format. Guess they got tired of getting everyone else’s junk mail sent back to them! Very wary of any inquiries for any personal information, esp. when using a post card.

  49. I just received one of those bogus letrers from NATIONAL RESPONSE.CENTER. SENIOR BENEFITS DEPT. PO BOX 161069 ATLANTA GA , 30321-9845

  50. Received one for DE CITIZENS ONLY ages 50-85. Return the card today and you will receive the latest information on how this Special Program will pay 100% of all funeral expenses, up to $50,000 (tax)free, for each DE citizen covered. Return to Program Processing Center, 2020 Pennsylvania Ave NW Ste 973, Washington, DC 20077-2446

  51. Have read many comments this AM. but none from Michigan well i received my card yesterday will send it back wish i had a bunch of junk mail i could send with, will block out our name, hope the postal service likes your ideas. return address on ours is Information Processing Center P.O. 190 Rapid River Mi. 49878-9901

  52. Box 3015, Indianapolis, IN mentioned above ……runs more than one scam. I have gotten numerous scam mail from that "Response Processing Center" address. Most recent mailing was trying to get me to request more information about Medicare Advantage benefits. The post card is riddled with grammatically incorrect sentences besides. I enjoyed mailing back their postage-paid post card telling them to shove their scam. I like making these parasites pay postage.

  53. I not only send back the postage-paid envelope, but add all the other junk mail into it. Comes to a few ounces that they have to pay extra postage for. Helps out the post office, if nothing else…

  54. Washington citizens only! Life insurance benefit available. Will pay 100% of all funeral expenses up to 35,000 and is tax free! Return postage paid in 5days. Direct Data Services,Inc. POBox 1670. Marietta Ga. 30061-9953. SHAME ON THEM!!!!

  55. Received from Program Processing Center. 2020 Pennsylvania Ave NW ste 973, Washington DC. $50,000 free final expenses insurance for ages 50 – 85 for All Utah citizens regardless of medical conditions
    Only this was not addressed to me the soon to be 65 year old but addressed to my daughter who is only 26 years old.

  56. Received the letter offering up to $35,000 in funeral expense coverage. I like someone’s idea of sending the prepaid envelope back empty. Do people really fall for this obvious scam?

  57. Got a yellow envelope time -dated material 30,000 in final expenses for Alabama residents only!! Hahaha from Thomasville,Ga.I will mail back the postage paid Empty envelope.SCAM!!

  58. I received a 2nd! Official looking envelope from "Processing Center, PO Box 3366, Marietta, GA. 30061-9908. The delivery envelope actually stated in RED! "Second Notice", Important Document Enclosed. Contents of the delivery state: "Medicare Initial Enrollment Qualification Request Card", please acknowledge by 07/03/2017. Well, I knew there had been an initial attempt to contact me because I remember that I just threw that one away. But when I received this so-called "Second Notification" I decided to do a little investigating because I am actually preparing to enroll in Medicare when I turn 65 in September and thought perhaps this was a legitimate government document. Thank goodness for this website, they nearly got me had I NOT looked for further information regarding who was actually sending these legit-looking documents. What they were asking for is to fill out the form and return it to them postage paid and that would take care of my medicare enrollment. It just so happened I was on the phone with the Colorado Dept of Human Services AND the Social Security Administration and neither agency admitted to sending me this form. Digging deeper now, finding this website by simply "Googling" their mailing address, I see this is another scam and it’s "mind-blowing" how creative they are to obtain all of your identity information. This one asked for my full name, date of birth, souse’s date of birth, phone numbers and email address. Well, I’m with the other post: "Wasn’t born last night" and will return the empty envelope as well, let’s at least support our United States Postal Service employees! My gut feeling on this from the get-go was that it was a scam but when I received the so-called 2nd notification, they almost got away with it! .

  59. Cathy Bradshaw -Johnson

    I got a letter from Senior Information Processing PoBox 3070 Marietta,Ga.30061-9847. (MAIL by to. Direct Data Services,Inc.3. PoBox 4250. Marietta,Ga. 30061-9853 ) Sent free postage envelope. It also had BUSINESS. REPLY. MAIL First Class Mail /Permit No.115. Marietta,Ga

  60. William R powell

    Just received one of those scam letters today, and have received them before. Mine was in a white envelope with the address 943 S. 48th St.SUITE 108 Tempe,Az. 85281. On the from of envelope it said DO NOT DISCARD too then on the other end it said " Receive your Free Government Benefits" How in the world do they get buy with this crap. I know it is easy to get addresses but this needs to be stopped. I am glad to find this site to at least voice my opinion.

  61. Wasn't born last night

    Just received mine today for NY citizens only. Return address was processing center po box 3366 Marietta, Ga. I’m going to send back the envelope empty. Let the US postal service make a few cents.

  62. I received a notice in the mail saying I could buy up to $35,000 worth of "final expense"Insurance tax free if I responded within 5 days I realized right away it was BS

  63. Macksine Thomas

    I pray to God that these Money Mongers get called out One by One! And that people will look before they Leap! It’s Usually " Too Good To Be True"

  64. This scam is still going strong. Just received a blue postcard in the mail today, spouting about "state regulated" plans and "2017 Benefit Update for all NC citizens". With no company name, no phone number, and no web address listed, I never had any doubt it was a scam!


    RGI Domains
    Rehg Group
    1355 Terrell Mill Road
    Building 1482, Suite 100
    State / Province
    Postal Code

  66. got yellow post card in mail envelope shows a return address 943 S, 48th st. Suite 108 tempe,Az 85281 show a capital building with OFFICIAL BUSINESS FOR PRIVATE USE ONLY, DO NOT DISCARD Important infi abourt your Government benefit,, inside card says 2017 Benefit Info For Wisconsin Citizens Only it important for you to learn to qualify which could pay 100 % of funeral up to 35,000 this Benefit is TAX FREE for Wisconsin residents you are entitled to receive no-cost info as resident of Wisconsin return with-in 5 days

  67. Pink card reads: "2017 BENEFIT INFORMATION FOR MISSOURI CITIZENS" Return address is as follows: SEND REQUEST TO:, P.O. BOX 1553, COLLEYVILLE, TX 76034-9988 I highly doubt anyone will pay 100% of my final expenses, up to $35,000

  68. I suspected a scam even before I opened the envelope because the return addressee was "National Response Center". Inside was a green card, and the expenses promised by "them" were raised to #35,000, higher than others on this post. At the bottom of the card, in very small print was: "Not affiliated with or endorsed by any Government program. Hmmm…wait a minute. If this "benefit update" says the federal government provides funeral expenses, but the information on the card is not endorsed by any government program, who do they think they are trying to kid? I immediately went online and found this site, confirming my suspicions. I sending the card back, since the postage is paid, and am writing SCAM in big red letters on it! I’m from Wisconsin.

  69. I received one of these cards in an yellow envelope designed to mimic a government envelope.
    It said official business and Do not discard and receive free government benefits on the front.
    Inside was a pink post card with free postage paid. It is advertising funeral expense insurance.
    I noticed Sarah Rathsack defending this so I sent an email to the wisconsin Gov. insurance dept. with Sarah Rathsack name and license number and asked for information and verification. I will re-comment when I receive information from wisconsin.

  70. I receive a pink card to request info for "Government Benefit Supplemental Policy" to pay for final expenses. I was curious what it was about and expected to receive info in the mail. I was shocked when someone actually knocked at my door b/c I sent this in. As I was expecting someone else, I was out of sorts answering the door to a stranger. He was rude when I said I told him immediately I wasn’t interested — because I had after all sent in the card.

  71. Thank you for posting this information. I recieved one of these in the mail today and was going to fill out and mail. No money was mentioned to send, which I would not have done anyway. My husband told me to look it up on the internet to get information on the company first. so I did and found this site. Glad I did even if it did not ask to send money but could have use other information for other reasons. The card I recieved stated: New 2017Benefit update for illinois citizens only, Return this card today and you will recieve the lastest information on how this special program will pay 100% of all funeral expenses not paid by goverment funds, up to $25,000.00 (tax free), for each illinois citizen covered. T recieve this complete NO-COST information on this newly approved plan designed for illinois citizens, return this card i the provided postage-paid enveolpe. The information they want inculdes birthday and spouse and their birthday as well. This came from national response center senior benefits dept. po box 161069. atlanta ga, 30321-9845. Again thank you for giving out this information.

  72. I live in Minnesota. Just received a blue card in the mail. It states there is a new benefit program for Minnesota citizens ages 50-85. You send the form to Syracuse, New York. It even states to help pay 100% of your funeral costs and unpaid medical bills and other expenses that become a burden to your family. At the bottom it states not affiliated with any government agency. Seniors beware- WHAT A SCAM!!!

  73. I received a Senior Supplemental Referral Service today stating that I may be elidgable for up to $35,000 of free funeral expenses because I am a NJ resident. The thing that made me suspicious was the return adress of Boise, Idaho. If NJ is offering it I am thinking it should come from NJ.

  74. Received a green postcard in an envelope addressed to me. I’ve received similar mailings before. Wish I knew how those crooks got my address. The top of the postcard said, "NEW 2017 BENEFIT UPDATE FOR COLORADO CITIZENS ONLY". They wanted my name, birth date, phone number, spouse’s name, and spouse’s birth date. Among other things, the postcard said, "You may apply for a NEW state-regulated life insurance program … this Special Program will pay 100% of all funeral expenses …, up to $35,000.00 (TAX FREE), for each COLORADO citizen covered." Yeah, right. The return address for the postcard was PO BOX 3015, Indianapolis IN 46209-9300. Definitely a scam.

  75. I too received these post cards offering a no cost/low cost state regulated program to help pay final expenses up to $35,000. *I receive similar offers regularly. I put them through the shredder,

  76. I get about one letter every two weeks from Direct Data Services, Inc.; P.O. Box 4250 Marietta, GA. I destroy all these letters. Several years ago I purchased a whole life policy from a local, reputable insurance company. That policy will cover my final expenses. It is a shame that law enforcement cannot stop this type of scam and put those in jail who are responsible. My letter was marked for "Tennessee Residents Only." That alone told me it was a scam.

  77. isis, taliban, libetard hunter

    GREAT info. They need to lock up these Georgia cracker fools. Have you sent the data you have uncovered to the Georgia Attorney General? If no, do it, since they can take action. You can make a difference!

  78. Sarah…Sarah….Sarah…which by the way is not your name…how in the world do you sleep at night knowing that this scam is financially and emotionally destroying the lives of defenseless, hard working Americans. Shame on you and your peers selling this scam.

  79. My name is Sarah Rathsack .My State of Wisconsin Insurance Licence # is 6529535. I have absolutely no reason to give a fake name Liti-Gator. You can look this up on:

    I have NO reason to be ashamed of making an honest living and certainly would not be on this blog if I was a scammer. I will defend our profession as Life insurance professionals and continue helping people protect their loved ones from financial burden, in spite of all the pure ignorance. If an Insurance professional EVER shows misconduct , especially to Seniors, they would have their license suspended or revoked,as they should.

    I make my living helping Seniors take care of their Final Expenses (burial insurance) through Life Insurance.

    I use "Direct Mail" lead cards to find interested prospects that actually "want" more information. That is why they send the card back.

    I am proud to do what I am doing and feel gratitude from the people I help. I know that I am giving them honest service and they know it as well, and that is what is important. You clearly have no understanding of who I am or what I do, so please don’t accuse me of giving a "fake name",and "scamming hard working Americans" , because I am one. I have still yet to hear what the scam is???? Has ONE person fallen victim from sending one of these cards back???? All I hear is that they received a post card.WHAT IS THE SCAM??? Please please please SOMEONE post how they were "financially and emotionally destroyed" by this horrible postcard.

  80. If you are a reputable company, you would not have mailed out this one page flyer, where you want the names and birth dates to be mailed back like that.

  81. your name and birth date are "public record" meaning that anyone can find this information out. the reason it is requested, is that if you are interested in more information on life insurance, then you take the time to fill it out and send it back. That indicates to the insurance professional that you would like more information. This is contrast to "cold calling", where professionals seek a " lead" that has not shown any interest. The card is to help agents to not bother people that are not interested and to help seniors to not get bothered by unsolicited phone calls.
    Many reputable companies use post cards and 1 page flyers to market their business. This saves cost in both printing and postage.

  82. In Response to Freddy:
    I already explained what my profession is. I work for my CLIENT selling insurance products. I am licensed, insured and trained to represent several insurance companies. Who is "them" that you are referring to? These cards are a "marketing" tool to generate potential clients. They are ordered by an insurance agent to generate what is called a "lead" ( an interested person ) that they then call to set up a an appt. to discuss Life Insurance. The agent pays anywhere from $500 – $800 for a 1000 piece mailer that is sent out by a third party mail house. That is why it is a PO box. You can google "direct mail leads" and see all the companies that do this for agents. At the appointment they help the person find a plan that best suits the person. It is up to the senior if they still want the Life Insurance. You can request a copy of the agents insurance license and ID, call the insurance company to see if they are contracted, call the WI dept of Insurance or the commissioners office as well, if your uncertain about the person.Yes, the agent does get paid if the person buys the Life Insurance plan. That is how we make a living. The agent does NOT collect any money at the appointment and any "premiums" paid for the insurance are paid direct to the insurance company not the agent. Even in the worst case scenario, of maybe a really pushy agent , you can still cancel the plan at anytime if you change your mind.
    " The discourse found in Sarah’s first response is clearly trying to manipulate peoples’ emotions and play on their fears."
    I am NOT "playing" on any ones fears. IT IS FACT that we are all going to die and some people would like to NOT burden their loved ones with the cost of a funeral. If you don’t have money put aside, Life Insurance is a tool to help cover those costs. ALL it is, is LIFE INSURANCE. When you die the LIfe Insurance pays the amount you have chosen. SIMPLE, NOT A SCAM.

  83. Sorry Sarah, but you are definitely working with them, and this is most definitely a scam. I got one and I’m 24. Obviously these cards are being sent out en masse and someone is collecting cash and information on the otherside from unsuspecting seniors. The discourse found in Sarah’s first response is clearly trying to manipulate peoples’ emotions and play on their fears. What’s most sketchy is that there is no legitimate address on these cards. Just a PO box.

  84. In response to Joanna:
    "you probably work for one of these companies lol."
    What company are you referring to?? I am an independent insurance broker, meaning I am licensed and contracted with many insurance companies, but I represent my CLIENT and always do what is in the best interest for them. All insurance companies do a thorough criminal and financial background check on all the agents who request to work with them ,and require that they are state licenced, which involves extensive knowledge in insurance and ethics.

    ". So hundreds of people complaining in the comments are wrong and you are right"
    I have read the complaints and the ONLY complaint I can see is that they have received a post card. Their is NOT ONE person that has actually been scammed! What is the scam??? Are they sending in the card requesting information and then someone shows up and holds a gun to their head and makes them take out life insurance? It is no a scam to "market" a product by mail. A grocery store flyer is to get you "their" store, A credit card offering 0% interest and cash back is "marketing" THEIR card, AARP cards being sent are trying to get you to join THEIR organization, AAA ads are marketing their club as well. Are these unsolicited? Of course they are. We can CHOOSE to respond to this marketing, or not. These cards are ASKING if you want more information about final expense. They are not asking for credit card information , SS#’s, medicare number, banking info etc… so WHAT IS THE SCAM?
    ". I know I am going to die, don’t f**k around telling me you’re giving me a "good deal" on that.
    I am not even sure what you mean by that, but an insurance agent’s responsibility is to use their professional knowledge to do the best for their client.Hopefully if you find an intelligent, ethical professional, they can give you the best "value" to fill your needs. ". I know I am going to die, don’t f**k around telling me you’re giving me a "good deal" on that" WHAT??? What does that even mean?? This is not a discount hospice service program. This is "LIFE INSURANCE" that takes unhealthy people with rates that never increase and the benefits never decrease That’s it. NO SCAM.

  85. I received one of these Cards said I could Qualify for up to $35.000, Sorry My Parents were Prepaid with Stone up, Iam Prepaid with Stone up , Prepaid $1700.00 my Stone is 8 inches thick 4 feet long 3 feet 6 feet base high with Family Tree ingraved Cost 1750.00 $500.00 of this was for 50 cents letter coming to just over $500.00, Everything is much Cheaper when you Prepay, we have 16 plots with little markers in a row given to us for helping clear the Additional Acreage at the Graveyard

  86. I am shocked!!!! THIS IS NOT A SCAM!!!! This is an opportunity for Individuals to meet with a state licensed Insurance professional to discuss an AFFORDABLE life insurance plan to cover burial and/or other final expenses like debt. It is not uncommon for people to not want to burden their loved ones with the cost of ones funeral. Many of the people that are HELPED by these professionals are truly grateful to give a last gift to their children or loved ones. The job of the insurance professional is to make sure they are getting the best plan for their individual needs.They often work with several companies and can offer the best value for a individual. It is far better than ordering an over priced plan that they see on a TV commercial! Lets face it, EVERYONE is going to die and the question becomes…. Who is going to pay for my funeral? I hope the answer is YOU and not you poor kids.

  87. To Sarah below: you probably work for one of these companies lol… So hundreds of people complaining in the comments are wrong and you are right. However, it’s understandable to think that way if you are a real insurance agent. The article mentions that it refers to the fake organizations "approved by the government" who impersonate the real ones. Of course we will all die one day and we all need a funeral. Just be smart and pick the real agents. Personally, it really bothers me tot receive this junk mail even from real insurance agents. It is unsolicited. I know I am going to die, don’t f**k around telling me you’re giving me a "good deal" on that.

  88. I received similar postcard for Ohio 2017. At the bottom in very small print it gives you a website where you can opt out of mailings from Direct Data Services. They are an organization which does mass mailings for the insurance industry. They are not the company responsible for the scam. Thus you will be removed from any mailings they would send out. I don’t know whether the same would be true for similar mailings, but it would certainly be important to check the "small print" on the postcard for an opt out process.

  89. Maria C Santiago

    I received a post card titled 2017 benefit information for Maryland citizen only. The address is Direct Data Services,Inc.6 PO Box 1670 Marietta GA 30061-9953. Its said that i may qualify for a state regulated life insurance program to pay for my final expenses.It is important you know how to qualify for this benefit available for me. The benefit will pay for 100 percent of all funeral expenses up to 35 ,000 dollars. This payment is tax free for Maryland residents. /You are entitled to receive no cost information as a resident of Maryland. Important return this postage card within 5 days. I am glad I checked before I filled it.

  90. I received a postcard titled: 2016 Benefit Information For Oregon Citizens Only. Address: Information Processing Center PO Box 1860 Grants Pass OR 97528-9910. "You may qualify for a state-regualted ife insurance program to pay for your final expenses…" I’m glad I checked on this before filling out the postcard & sending it in!

  91. I received a green post card inside of a manila envelope, with IMMEDIATE ATTENTION REQUESTED written across the front of it. There was no business name, so I immediately googled the address – it is a P.O. Box in Texas: 2200 W. 32nd St. #2265 Dallas Tx. 75261-9793. Like many of you it is an offer for life insurance. It begins "2016 BENEFIT INFORMATION FOR PENNSYLVANIA CITIZENS ONLY – You may qualify for a state-regulated life insurance program designed to pay for your "final needs" regardless of your medical condition, even if you have been turned down before. This benefit is EASILY Affordable and can pay 100% of all funeral expenses up to $25,000. It is important you know how to qualify for this benefit available to you. For more information about this Low-Cost life insurance program, return this postage-paid card today. (Not affiliated with any government agency.)
    From what I’ve read on the internet is that these crooks want your information, and to try and sell you funeral insurance, most likely a policy that does not pay off in the end. The red flag for me was the no business name, telephone #, or website address. spread the word to your friends and family so they do not fall for this scam.

  92. Received card today regarding the Senior Final Expense Program. The return address shows a company called
    Senior Supplemental Referral Service. I googled this company and found their phone number in ID. Contacted them and asked to be removed from their mailing list. I was told I would need to send an
    email to this marketing co. called Epsilon. If you google Epsilon, you will see that it is a company that
    gathers names/addresses and sells them to marketers and advertisers. This is where a lot of this
    junk mail is coming from. You can email them to have your address removed: [email protected]

  93. I received a postcard from Response Processing Center
    P.O.Box 3015
    Indianapolis, IN 46209-9300

    2016 Benefit Information
    For Tennessee Citizens only

    States they will pay 100 0/0 of final expenses up to $35,000.00

  94. I received again this Envelope with a RTC and a self addressed envelope. It is from National Response Center in Atlanta, GA. The subject is : New 2016 BENEFIT UPDATE FOR NEW JERSEY CITIZENS ONLY . How can I get my name taken off their listings?

  95. Well dummy me…I got one of these, not knowing it was a scam, I sent it back and now I have a lady coming to my house in one hour to get information to see if I qualify. On a Saturday no less. Well she is in for a big surprise…she’s not getting sh*t from me, but my face in her face ripping her a new one.

  96. This article is spreading confusion. Insurance companies employ whats called direct mail marketing. Pretty much all companies do it. You guys probably are more familar with the term "junk mail". Insurance comapnies mail out the reply cards based on age, income etc people who are interested or curious will mail them back 3 to 4 weeks later they will get a call or an agent will show up at their home.. its NOT a scam

  97. Susan Jeavons

    I received this today and knew it was a scam! But how many will be fooled and lose their life savings?

  98. I just received one for the "NEW 2016 BENEFIT UPDATE FOR MI CITIZENS ONLY. AGES 50-85" saying . . "You may qualify for our Dental, Vision, Hearing, Discount Program available for citizens age 50 – 85. You may also apply for a NEW state-regulated LIFE INSURANCE program to pay Final Expenses for just pennies a day, REGARDLESS OF YOUR MEDICAL CONDITION, EVEN IF YOU’VE BEEN TURNED DOWN BEFORE.

    Return this card today and you will receive the latest information on how this Special Program can save you hundreds on services Medicare may not cover, as well as pay 100% of all funeral expenses not paid by government funds, up to $50,000.00(TAX FREE), for each Mi citizen covered.

    It is VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU KNOW all the benefits available to you.To receive complete NO-COST information on this newlt approved plan DESIGNED FOR ALL MI CITIZENS, return this postage-paid card TODAY.


    Please verify accuracy of current mailing address.
    Not affiliated with or endorsed by any government agency".
    And then the card is below that asking for my:
    "Name, Age and Home address (if different from mailing address), Phone, Spouse’s Name, Age, Signature".
    Like I want to send out that kind of info along with my signature in the mail that’s not even in an envelope, let alone to someone that I’ve never heard of and never contacted myself!! NOT!!
    Everything typed in between quotation marks (") is typed exactly as it appears on the letter.

  99. I’ve been getting phone calls , and unfortunately the folks on the phone either male or female have heavy hispanic accents. I think they are getting taken by the "crooks" also. The line that they are using is that Connecticut (where I live) has just passed a law providing 100% death benefit insurance for seniors. Then, they want to set up an appointment for an agent to call. This last time I placed them on a "do not call list" through my Cable Company’s phone system.
    Beware they may start calling your home too.

  100. I am only 50 and just got this card in the mail…and it was not for 15G it was for 35G…..Guess i am worth more to this set of criminals….in the envelop was one piece of paper …..a bright yellow card and that is it, no return envelope just a card telling me in 150 words that i "qualify" for this benefit. And for me to fill out the post card and send it back to an address which is….Response Processing Center P O box 3015 Insipolia, In 46209-9300………well we know i cant wait to fill this out and mail it back in…….actually i might just to see what type of bs they try and tell me….Oddly i been getting calls from some idiot leaving message that she is with the IRS and i or my "lawyer" need to call her ASAP and to have "great and blessed day" is how this fool ends the call…….fucking people are so stupid……smh

  101. responding to Paul K.
    You must be one of the SCAMMERS….or you have no idea what the hell you are talking about…..These cards are designed to deceive the recipient and not representative of any insurance company or as you call it a lead…..theses cards are meant to lour you into providing crooks your personal information….they want it ether for themselves so they can get at your money or to sell to another scamming company….. the world is jam-packed full with bad people trying to take each of us for all they can get….since I turned 65 my phone has been ringing off the hook with calls from people trying to steel my money, and they don’t stop calling even after being ask too…..The DO NOT CALL list is a jock too…..scammers don’t care about the list they call just the same….I have even turn in the information to the FCC about receiving calls but it still keeps happening…and my name is sold to another group to try another scam…I’m not so sure but maybe the government is the one selling our names to start with….or our information is gathered off social media. I really do not know but I am sure that there a LOT of other people out there working at getting our privet information, they don’t have a "real" job, they just work at getting to know me and you personally info.
    The best thing to do if you are looking for a way to keep your family from paying for your final expenses is to go to your local funeral director and talk about it.

    Paul K so you are ether a crook or you are very naive. (or a salesman)

  102. I received a pink card it says new benefit update for Tennessee citizens only. It says special program will pay 100percent of all funeral not paid by government funds. Is th I a scam?

  103. Stop hyperventilating folks! It’s a whole life insurance policy that will pay for your mom’s and dad’s funeral when they die. Simple as that. Nothing scammy about being smart and planning ahead. Unless you’d rather put your mom’s funeral expense on YOUR credit card and pay for her Funeral with interest for 10 years for a $15,000 dollar Funeral.

  104. Isabelle Olson

    Got one in the mail today! Another scam! How about the State Attorney stepping in and stopping this?

  105. I simply attached the postage paid return postcard on to a heavy package of rocks and dropped off at airport.
    Card states postage will be paid by addressee.

    And for SALLY that responded here. Are you sure you used enought exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sally works for them!!!!!!!!!!!! Scammers will generally use CAPITAL LETTERS and exclamation points!!!!!

  106. Yes this is a scam. Two guys just showed up at my home unannounced trying to sell me life insurance. What I think is happening is you fill something out on the internet and they tag it then show up at your door pushing their insurance on you. This I would call a scam.

  107. 2nd notice according to them 2016 Benefit Information for Texas Citizens Only. There’s a lot of crazy stuff going on in Texas, so I’m leary of just about everything.

  108. Heather Landry

    My mom received one of these letters in Lexington, KY today. At least I think it’s this, but since there are no photos or (working) video of what the scam is, I’m not sure.

  109. Richard McKenzie

    I received one, mailed it in. A few weeks later bought a life insurance plan. Good investment and yes, I’m a senior.

  110. Actually these are not scams intended for the sole purpose of obtaining your personal information or ripping people off contrary to what’s being said here. Any company that did that using the US mail would be guilty of committing fraud on massive national scale and would have been shut down decades ago. These are nothing more than mailers that are send by several marketing companies to seniors. When someone responds to the card by mailing it back, that is called a "Lead". Insurance agents then purchase these leads in the hopes of trying to sell the responding person a "Final Expense Insurance" policy. Federal and state law requires all agents to be licensed in the state they are working, and most if not all states require an FBI level background check. If you responded to one of these mailers then you should understand that it is NOT a scam. Most insurance agents offer legitimate insurance policies to folks who qualify and who truly want to apply. If the agent uses force or threatens physical violence then that would be a clear violation that could result in the agent losing their license. Also, agents should ALWAYS leave behind a business card stating who they are. Business cards with a photo of the agent are always best. Before doing business with anyone who claims to be an insurance agent, you should always ask to see his/her state insurance license. Most states have a website where you can easily verify the number and it should also show if that agent has any violations or pending actions. The majority of insurance agents out there are honest, and truly are looking to help the people they meet. However, yes there are some bad apples…just like everything else in life, but those are few and far between. They usually don’t last very long anyway. I’m an agent, and I buy these cards too. I wish I could tell you how many times I’ve met with a lead, and who claims to already have insurance. Upon further examination of the policy I find that people have what I call junk insurance. Meaning that the policy expires if the insured turns age 80, or the premium payments increase with age. Most people I meet with are convinced that all insurance policies require a 2 year wait before they’re insured. This is not true. I also meet with people who are way way overpaying for a policy that they can’t afford. A good ethical agent will help the person understand exactly what kind of policy they have even if it means being the bearer of bad news. 90% of the people I meet with absolutely insist that they’re fully insured for life, then after reviewing the policy for less than a minute I show people in black and white exactly what they have. I see lots of very shocked and angry faces when they see the truth about what they really have. These cards are usually mailed by independent broker agents who represent multiple companies. I have save countless people thousands of dollars and helped them accomplish their ultimate goals of protecting their families when they die. No, it’s not a scam. The real scam is when you receive any offer in the mail that comes directly from any insurance company to your mailbox. The biggest culprits are AARP, Globe, Physicians Mutual, Colonial Penn, Bankers Life, Lincoln Heritage, Mutual of Omaha…but there are many others. They are experts at writing the offer in such a way as to make people "feel" like they’re insured for very low cost, but often times they’ve got something totally different. I take pride in pointing out to my clients exactly what they are getting, and how much it costs. Actually, it’s the law. All agents are required to fully disclose all aspects of the policy they’re representing, and if they don’t they can lose their license or even be fined. Any good agent will take plenty of time to explain everything and show you in writing exactly what you’re buying.

  111. Just got 2016 Benefit Information for California Residents post card stating you may qualify for, in brief: Benefit will pay 100% of all funeral expenses up to $35,000 tax free regardless of your currant medical condition You are entitled to receive FREE INFORMATION by returning the card with your name, age, spouse’s age and phone number.

  112. I received a green postcard today from "Benefits Processing Center" in Durant, Oklahoma. I live in Georgia. The card says that congress has passed a state regulated program that provides funeral expense benefits as a lump sum payment up to $35,000.

    Of course, it requested info from me so that I could take advantage of this "benefit designed for residents of Georgia."

    The envelope is very busy. It says "personal and confidential," "2015 New Special Benefits Update" and "Your Form LC005 Document Request Form is Enclosed." For the record, I’d never heard of a Form LC005 document and definitely never requested one!

    I immediately suspected this was a scam and obviously won’t be following up. Just curious, though — what is the intent? Are they trying to sell expensive and questionable life insurance policies or is this an attempt to get people’s personal data, such as bank account and social security numbers?

  113. received a scam letter actually the second of the same kind the first from Idaho. This one from Marietta Georgia.
    2016 Benefit Informations for Maryland Citizens Only. the contents of the notice were for full payment of final costs looked it up online and of course, like the first one it’s a scam.
    The address is: Data Services 2
    PO BOX 3310
    MARIETTA GEORGIA 30061-9852

  114. This scam i snow in Kentucky. My mother in law got a card in the mail about it and she signed me and my husband up for it. They called my husband got a phone call about it and of course he didn’t even know about this cause she hadn’t told us about doing this. But, they called my husband and said that someone named Bryan wanted to stop by our home and show him about the thing he had applied for and he asked "what thing?" and the lady got hateful about it and said "that thing that you applied for", he said I don’t know anyone named Bryan and I haven’t applied for any "thing". So after they hung up just out of curiosity, he tried to call the number back that called us, and it says it is not available. Then about a week later we get a letter in the mail about it stating that someone will stop by our house to sign us up for this program. The letter has no return address, no phone number, and no website. I immediately got suspicious and went online to read about it to see if it was legit. Also they included a copy of the so called form that was filled out for him to receive this info. And at the top it reads "2015 Benefit Information For Kentucky Citizens Only" People please be aware that scammers will do ANYTHING to obtain your personal information and steal you money, and ruin your name and life.

  115. Got mine today. "2015 Benefit Information for Califoniia Citizens Only."

    I figured if they lied about the CA Citizens Only then they lie about everything else.

    They state it’s a $35,000 benefit for a state-regulated program.

    No name or anything info about them, just asking me for all the personal info from me needed to steal my identity.

  116. Today I received a card in the mail that read "2015 benefit information for Michigan citizens only"
    I nearly cancelled my private life insurance policy thinking that I would qualify for this 100? benefit of all funeral expenses scam!!

  117. Okay folks here’s what you do. Take all of your junk mail for a week or two, put it in a large envelope and mail it to their PO Box. Make sure their "offer card" is in there too. If we all do this for a week or two at least it will slow them down a little, maybe have to hire someone to go through all of the mail to look for their cards, which won’t be filled out.

  118. Received one today in GA and it is about free medications, then mentions final expense plan. But has in small writing about being contacted by insurance agent with senior life services in Vero Beach, Fl. They are really trying to drum up business with these post card mailings. I don’t send any personal info through the mail, especially on a post card that anyone can read. Have to give them credit for trying, but would advise people not to send info through mail on an open post card, as you are asking for identity theft.

  119. These actually aren’t scams. I do agree that it’s deceptive marketing in the sense that it seems like people are getting something offered by the state.

    I work as a final expense agent, and am contracted with 20 different companies. Basically I help people find the lowest price on plans to pay for final expenses.

    Unfortunately, most of us final expense guys have limited options in terms of marketing, and these lead cards work the best.

    However, I don’t like the way it’s marketed, and will probably be leaving the profession soon for this reason alone. It isn’t a scam though; especially if you already have insurance; I’ve saved people alot of money, and helped them understand policies where they had no idea what they had.

    Closer to a scam would be AARP- they sell term insurance, and most people think it will pay final expenses. What they don’t understand is that rates increase every 5 years, and it ends at age 80.

  120. i received a letter from service center pobox 33 la grange ,nc 28551 final expense insurance the leter did not give the insurance co name and the NC state attorney has no record of this insurance co in there state its mail scam from I found out on the internet beware

  121. George f e Kramer iii

    I just one of those cards saying I can get up to 25000 dollars it also said return free government benefits information brochure but right below it in smaller type it said not affiliated with or endorsed by any government or Medicare program.The return address only had a box number.SCAM

  122. Margaret Brokaw

    Received same, yesterday, August 26th 2015. Immediately did a google search and found just what I expected. SCAM!

  123. Received a green post card ensuring me 25,000 regardless of medical conditions. Was to fill out card and send to Benefits Processing Center PO Box 1367 Durant OK 74702-9913

  124. The one I received is from "Data Services 2 in Marrietta Ga. Its sad that there are Vultures out there who would prey on older people, & stoop so low as to attempt to con people trying to spare their loved ones from a financial burden!!!

  125. This is infuriating. A post card just arrived addressed to my mom…today…4 days shy of the one year anniversary of her death. What is wrong with people?
    There is no phone number or business name on the card. If this is not a scam (Sally), then stop being so cruel. Obtain better data.

  126. Yep same message for my husband and wanted the spouses name too. I decided to check on line first, it was a little hard to fine but I changed a few words in the search and here it is…just sick. I imagine these scams will get worse before it gets better.

  127. The one I received Final Expense for Mo 100% Tax Free up to 50,000.00.
    If it sounds to good to be true it probably is

  128. To Sally …who screams "NOT A SCAM !!!" Dear lady it certainly is. The cards say that my state has a mandated program for seniors, tax free, that will pay my final expenses up to $15,000. The senders know that people will think the insurance is free, when it is just tax free like any other insurance. When you have to use "tricks" to find customers all you are is sharks. The card insinuates that the insurance is government provided and free and it is neither. My dear Mother always reminded us that the sin of omission is just as bad as the sin of commission. And these companies are certainly guilty of omission. And, most of us are capable of finding a properly licensed agent without a middle man who is shouting "FREE". There is still no such thing as a free lunch.

  129. Received mine today. I noted that no PO boxes allowed, although I should mail to their PO box. OK Google.

  130. This is absolutely NOT A SCAM!!!! These cards provide a way for client in need of insurance to connect with an Independent Insurance Agent. Th agents are contracted with multiple insurance companies to aide the person in need of coverage wen if they can not get insurance through more familiar named companies. Most agents work for private companies who do not advertise. This national response center is only the middle man! All they do is mailings to reach clients. THAT IS ALL!!! People don’t believe everything you read on the internet!!!! These post cards can help you connect with a licensed insurance agent, just make sure that you’re dealing with a quality agent by asking what company are they going to put you with and call the company to verify of that agent actually works for them.

  131. Deborah Holder

    My parents also received the one for $35,000 from "Information Processing Center, P.O. Box 4057, Marietta, GA 30061-9921". Also marked "Second Notice" in red making it seem really important. Glad I was with my mother when she picked up her mail.

  132. Virginia Foust

    I just think its’s horrible that the people who can least afford it are the targets of so many scam artists. I honestly don’t believe these people even have any kind of a conscience. I have been scammed a few times in the past to the tune of more than I can afford and it has cost me dearly. This supposed ‘Final Expense Benefit for Illinois Residents Only’ tried to scam me also, but I finally checked it out, thankfully before I sent it in. These types of people should spend many, many years in prison. That’s only my opinion.

  133. Margaret Kenney

    Just received one of these cards which states: "This benefit will pay 100% of all funeral expenses up to $35,000. This payment is tax-free for
    Delaware residents." First clue the card came from Marietta GA. Forwarded this one to Matt Denn who is Delaware’s Attorney General. Don’t be fooled. This another scam aimed at "senior citizens".

  134. Received one today from senior information processing, p.o. box 4057,Marietta, GA 30061-9921. Wants to see if I qualify for a state regulated program to pay all my final expenses up to $35,000. Shredded it.

  135. i got one yesterday. i,m upset that the government doest let these people know this is wrong and fine them.its the same place that tammy wrote about

  136. I received mine today but knew enough to look this up on the Internet….I did the right thing…IT’S ONE OF THOSE SCAMMERS. THANKS FOR POSTING THE WARNING.

  137. Got this at my address with my Father’s name. That told me something there; he’s only lived in the same house 60-something years, but they can’t find him to make sure he gets his "gov’t benefits" he’s entitled to (that aren’t endorsed by the govt). When you Google this PO Box 33 La Grange NC 28551 one, you see returning the card results in spurious door-to-doors, some of which will harass and abuse seniors that they purport to be coming to the aid of.

  138. I received another IMPORTANT – FOR OH CITIZENS 2015 BENEFIT UPDATE. I always pitch these colored paper (today’s is pink – past have been green and blue) ‘promos’ BECAUSE THERE IS NO COMPANY NAME. The only identification is on the return ‘post card’ as Program Processing Center, 2020 Pennsylvania Ave NW STE 973, Washington, DC 2007-2446. Hello?! Washington is the Capitol of the United States! I have to wonder who these people are. Just low-life scammers who believe a fast buck is the way to earn a dollar OR could this ‘promo’ be a front to finance a group who wants to do harm here in the US and right under the government’s nose? Just curious. I just wish the Post Office would pitch outgoing mail so unsuspecting innocent seniors would not be scammed.

  139. I received the postcard 6/25/2015 that states "You may qualify for a state-regulated life insurance program to pay for your final expenses regardless of your medical condition, even if you have been turned down before. This benefit will pay for 100% of all funeral expenses up to $35,000. This payment is tax free for PENNSYLVANIA residents. Return this card postage paid card within 5 days."
    Definitely a scam as my name wasn’t even spelled correctly – first red flag. Second flag was that it came from GA – now why would GA be telling me about this if it’s a PA state regulated policy? Returning their junk mail and reporting it to the appropriate authorities.

  140. I just received one from each of these companies and I am returning both prepaid envelopes filled with junk mail…my present to them.

  141. Carla jasinski

    I received this card just today. Am sending it back with no information provided. I’m going to write "SCAM" on it with a black marker. Preying on seniors??? Horrible!

  142. On June 15, I received the same letter that Sharon previously described: "This benefit will pay for 100% of all funeral expenses up to $35,000. This payment is tax-free for FLORIDA residents."

    The postcard requests name, home address, phone number, age, spouse’s age, and spouse’s name.

    It is to be returned, Business Reply Mail Permit No. 95, to:

    PO BOX 3310
    MARIETTA GA 30061-9852

    I’m returning it…with no "data"…..

  143. I received my card 06/13/2015, we seniors on a very fixed income are always looking to save. Sometimes its a matter of dog(not for the dod) or hamburger so we are prime bate for scammers. However the old rule of thumb, if it sounds to good to be true it probably isn’t. Thank you very much.

  144. Richard Hughes

    I received my card today. Thank you everyone for your comments. I cut out my name and address from the green card stuck it in envelope and mailed it back. Let the scammers pay for the postage.

  145. I am from Albany NY and got this same card today. The same old get something for nothing bait and people still fall for it. Amazing!

  146. I received the card today, 06-10-15. I suggest you put the card back in the envelop but leave it blank. If enough people do this it will at least cost them something for getting nothing. What do you think of this idea?

  147. Received 2 today with addressed envelopes, postage paid.
    I’m mailing back the two envelopes with nothing in them, just to use their postage.

    They are going back to
    Data Services
    POBox 1610
    Marietta GA 30061

  148. I recieved a card yesterday, this one says pays up to 35.000,location is National Reponsse Center Senior Benefits Dept. Po Box 161069 Atlanta GA.30321-9845. I just want to thank everyone that left a comment my I already put card in envelope and was headed to mail box, I have a heartattack last year and couldnt get insurance so I didnt think and was excited,a little angel told me to check internet..Thanks everyone

  149. So I received one here in Florida… with a return address of Pennsylvania Ave, Washington D.C. OUR CAPITAL OF ALL PLACES.
    So now that we are aware of this… who’s is doing what to stop it????

  150. Cynthia Jones

    I received a yellow card 2015 Special Benefit Update
    Reply postage FREE to "Information Service Center PO Box 2828, Vero Beach FL 32961-9903."

    How do the people get our information?

  151. Thank you Jean. I received the same one yesterday, May 26 and I almost sent it in. Thank heavens, I decided to check on line first.

  152. Got my (curiously unidentified sender) card notifying me I qualify for a "state-regulated program" to pay final expenses. The wording alone is enough to get my scam radar working.


  153. Theresa Caruso

    Received a card about funeral expenses from Bational Response Center, Atlanta Georgia. They do not give a telephone # or e-mail address but want all my information . And, on the envelope there is warning that, " 2000.00 fine for 5 years imprisonment or both for any person obstructing the delivery of this letter." Imagine that !!!!! It is a SCAMM big time. Seniors do not fall for that.

  154. I received a couple of these postcards stating that, "This benefit will pay for 100% of all funeral expenses up to $35,000. This payment is tax-free for FLORIDA residents." The postcard requests name, home address, phone number, age, spouse’s age, and spouse’s name. I admit that I was curious, but never responded. I would like to know if anyone has ever responded to this and what transpired after that.

  155. Jean Scroggins

    I just recieved a card in the mail "for Florida residents only" 2015 benefits update I am 68 ,but I still had foresight enough to look it up on the internet. Please.seniors, dont be taken in by this scam.

  156. big scam post card from national center reply center pobox 46715 greensborough nc 27499-3876 sending post car regarding 2015 benefit information for florida citizens came in a fold that blue and white with notice saying that you get a free walmart gift certificate to senior citizens age 50to85,wich I’m not that age

  157. Peggy Nieves, Pennsylvania

    May 11,2015 I received the same kind of postcard for about the third time now. The others I just put in the trash thinking it is to good to be true, today I looked this up over the internet and SURE ENOUGH IT IS A SCAM !

  158. Just received this postcard from LaGrane NC 28551-9900 I live in the State of Michigan in a wonderful area known as the Village of Spring Lake. They are "proud to announce a Senior Final Expense Program to help pay what Social Security does not pay. The Senior Plan will pay 100% of all funeral expenses not paid by Social Security, up to $25,000 for each Senior Citizen covered. To see if you qualify, mail this postage paid card today. You will not be charged for this information. This is a free service to you, check benefit requested from three thousand dollars, up to twenty-five thousands dollars or other".

    Beware, this smalls and looks like a scam.

  159. My brother recieved this May 2,2015.For him for N.J.Citizens only.It came from Mariette Georgia,saying he was eligible for 35,000 dollars for his funeral expenses. It was an evil thing to do as my brother is in forth stage cancer. Whoever is doing this to people all evil and belong in hell at the very least.

  160. On April 27. 2015 – I received a yellow card 2015 SPECIAL BENEFIT UPFDATE, FREE MEDICINES FOR NORTH CAROLINA’S SENIORS. Reply postage FRESE to "Information Service Center PO Box 2828, Vero Beach FL 32961-9903. Being I am retired invesigator and Cop, this reeks of a SCAM amied at us Seniors!

  161. Sharon Goodman

    I received a yellow card 2015 special benefit update , FRESS MEDICINES FOR CALIFORNIA’s SENIORS. Reply postage FRESS to "Information Service Center PO Box 2828, Vero Beach FL 32961-9903. It also seems to be to be true.

  162. Roger Williasm

    A freind of mine didn’t receive a post card but a letter stating in the head line "NEW 2015 BENEFIT UPDATE FOR WASHINGTON CITIZENS ONLY" "tHIS IS A PERSONAL ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL Washington citizens age 50-85". "Return this form today and you will receive the latest information on how this Special Program will pay 100% of all funeral expenses not paid by government funds, up to $15,000(TAX FREE), for each Washington citizen covered."

  163. Glad I researched it. For Pa residents only? But the return address was Marietta, Georgia. That piqued my interest to research it. Plus, it seemed too good to be true.

  164. got a card yesterday for 2015 for Pa. citizens, for funeral expenses in the amount of $35,000. Who is going to give you that amt.of money. Researched it, it is a scam.

  165. Debbie Henderickson

    I just received this postcard. It says you can get $32,000.00 in death benefits. The postcard is addressed to Approval Notification Center, PO Box 722409, San Diego, CA 92172-9871. I knew it was a scam so I Googled it, it says the PO Box is linked to the San Diego Convention Center.

  166. My mom got a yellow postcard in the Mail. It states 2015 Benefit Update. Free Medicines for NC Seniors and the place to reply to is information center It’s a no postage necessary and the return address is INFORMATION SERVICE CENTER PO BOX 2828 VERO Beach FL I Don’t know if it’s legitimate or not?

  167. Ermanno Iacopozzi

    Just received post card to the lucky people living in Texas. I went on the web but found no information about this company with address in Marietta, Georgia.
    They sent a "second notice – time sensitive" (never received the first one)….. guess it is the usual scam, we are old but doesn’t mean we are idiots.

  168. Charlita Wright

    Rec’d an envelope from National Response Center, P. O. Box 709, Hamilton, GA 31811-9901 in the mail. Had intuition right away, there was something fishy about it but checked for legitimacy anyway.

    So, if anyone receives an envelope with this address, please report and discard.

  169. Got a card today (03/03/2015) from "Program Processing Center, 2020 Pennsylvania Ave NW Suite 973, Washington, DC 20077-2446". The card was titled "NEW 2015 BENEFIT UPDATE FOR FL CITIZENS ONLY".

    THIS IS A SCAM. THIS ADDRESS IS A "MAIL STOP". Report them as scammers!!

  170. I received one of these pretaining to NC residents only. It always
    Makes me sceptical when thdy want your phone number on the
    Postcard that also has your address that is now open to the world. Also states program is not affiliated with or endorsed by
    Any government program. You can’t trust anyone.

  171. We got one today ONLY for IN residents..aren’t we special? I crammed it full of trash in their prepaid envelope and will ship it out tomorrow with not so nice notes included.

  172. I am an insurance agent in Ohio. We send out similar cards to create LEADS. When someone returns the card, I contact them and if they are under insured or uninsured, we get them a Policy. I am with HOWE Insurance Company – HISCO. I can tell you there are NO fees to meet with us, and we represent some of the BEST insurance companies out there for seniors. I treat everyone very ethically, and often times talk seniors OUT OF taking out a policy (ie some people I meet with want to switch companies just because they like me – if it is not to their advantage either by getting them a lower rate or a policy with better benefits, I simply refuse and tell them why). I am certain there are scam artists out there – as there are in every industry. But I can tell you the cards I send out in Ohio (which appear somewhat similar) if you get one, you will be treated extremely well, and with total honesty. Feel free to call me at 614-560-7710 with any questions or if I can help with any life insurance issues.

  173. I received a card in an enclosed envelope and it was titled New 2015 Benefit Update for Texas residents only. And that phrase was the last one on the card, "You are entitled to receive no-cost information as a resident of TEXAS. IMPORTANT – Return this postage-paid card within 5 days. My husband doen’t have any life insurance and I was going to send it in. I am so thankful I checked it out first. My daughter is always warning me about scams.

  174. I just received a postcard to mail back regarding my "final expenses" in fine print on bottom WSM? has a NORTH Kansas city MO 64116-9862 return listed???
    Thanx for alerting me to this!

  175. I did not send in the card and someone showed up at my door making a reference to the card…and I live in a secure building that requires a code to get in. He looked at me and asked if my "Mom" was home. I told him he was about to meet my two best friends; Smith and Wesson. He left very quickly!!!!!!

  176. Mine came just yesterday in an enclosed envelope with a return postage paid envelope. I suspected that it was a phishing scam to prey on the unsuspecting, most obviously because of no company name other than "Data Services 2" and "Senior Benefits Dept." Secondly, the mailer being from Marietta, GA. wanting to tell me about a right I have in the state of OH sounds suspect. Really ??
    I’m mailing it back to them on their nickel after I blot out any private information.

  177. I got the same card 10/16/14 can’t they pick these people up when they pick up the mail from the p.o.Box ???????It seem too easy but they don’t do it !The cops don’t mind getting no knock warrants for innocent citizens shooting and killing innocent little girls.can’t trust nobody and you sure can’t trust law enforcement either.

  178. It basically does not matter what the text for the envelope says for a return address.

    What matters is the barcode on the bottom of the return envelope and who holds Permit #95 for Marietta GA.

    All the other info such as

    data services
    PO Box 3310
    marietta ga 30061-9852

    matters not because it is a 1st class mail permit.

    This is worse then an elderly scam, it is probably a bill collector.

  179. If u really want to be nasty ……cut the bar codes and your address off then tape the card to a 5 pound box of trash and mail it back

  180. I received a card today and looked up the address and found this site. There is a special place in hell for those who prey upon the elderly. Shame on them.

  181. received message from senior benefits dept. in GA, that I may qualify for a new state regulated final expenses of your medical condition, and funeral expenses up to $ 35.000.00. 2014 benefit. is this message a scam?

  182. I received the same card. But being a former funeral director’s wife, I knew to look very carefully at the card. This is not a legitimate offer. If you want to put a stop to them, simply take the card you receive, take a black marker and mark through all your information shown – your name, address, everything, even the black bar of marks underneath your name. Press heavily so as to mar the print. Do not fill it in where they ask for your name and date of birth. Your identity can be stolen with only those two little pieces of information. Then put the card back in the mail. Do not fill in the return address. Just write SCAM in the return address. If enough people do this, you can break up these sorts of suckers.

  183. I got the same thing in the State of Missouri. Figured it was probably a scam and thought, "I would just look it up on the internet" and here I am just like the rest of you, figured it was bogus. I like the idea of sending it back and making them pay for the postage. That Is what I am going to do. If you do this, be sure and cut off the portion that has the coding on it on the bottom right and also on the form.

  184. I just received a post card today, and seen all the information they wanted and I immediately knew this was not right and check on google. Whom ever it is should be dealt with by a judge and jail time!

    Everybody wants my money – nobody gets nothing.

    That is my policy……

  185. I filled out the card and mailed it in a few months ago. On Monday, Sept.8, 2014, a young man showed up at my door and asked me if I remembered the card I mailed in, which he was holding in his hand, and I said yes. He said he was there to discuss it with me in person, something about "instead of mailing me the info". Anyway, I didn’t talk with him and I didn’t let him in my house. He came back on Tues. @ 2pm and I told him I wasn’t interested. He still tried for a few minutes to talk me into listening to what he had to say and wanted to see my other ins. policy, which I refused to show him. Finally he left, but today (Wed. Sept.10, 2014), another young man, very pleasant and nice, came to my house, about 12:39pm, saying he was the supervisor over the other young man, and tried to get me to give him 5 minutes to come in and talk about what insurance they had and ,once again, he wanted to see my insurance policy that I already have. I refused, but he just kept on about wanting to see it. I just kept refusing. Now I am glad I did refuse after seeing all this. I had a bad feeling on Monday nite that this was a scam, but hadn’t had the chance to look this up online yet. I am hoping they don’t come back because I made it plain that I was not interested. Only regret is that they do have my info on the card, although it is not much info, still makes me nervous. The last guy did leave my card here with me, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t make a copy of it to keep thenselves. I am going to try and get the word out to people I know and my family. Always trust your gut feeling and know that if it sounds to good to be true, it most always is.

  186. Rich Gaz wrote: Since the post card is "Business Reply Mail" and the orginal sender gets charged when they receive it back, why don’t we all put in bogus information on the cards and send them back. This way they’ll get charged and any real information by be bypassed for bogus? I’m doing it since I got may card.

    Or, better yet, obscure your name and address on the back side of the postcard, then tape the post card to a brick or another heavy object and drop it in the mail. The post office has to deliver it and they get charged for the 2 or 3 or 5 pounds of junk you send them.

  187. Michael Fleming

    The ZIP code printed on the post cards from Senior Benefits DEPT is 30061. My company, Senior Benefits OF GEORGIA is located in 30064 – also in Marietta, but completely unrelated. Many people erroneously call our office to be removed from the mailing list, but we can’t help because the cards are not coming from us!

    We are delighted to help Georgia residents who would like to purchase a Final Expense whole life insurance policy and encourage anyone who is interested in that type of product to work with a licensed broker in their area. There is no secret government benefit to register for.

  188. I’ve been receiving these letters, and I’m not even close to being a senior. I sent back the card with "REMOVE me from your mailing list" on it. At least it’s free postage, but there is no phone number listed, which I would like to talk to someone to get removed as well.

  189. I wrote "Take me off your mailing list Please!!" across the card and mailed it back. If I receive any more, I will look into this and see if something can be done about this company mail this junk out to us. Try sending them back with a message on them. Just make sure you keep a copy, dated with the return date. See if you receive more after requesting to be taken off their mail list. Where are they getting our information anyway? If we can find that out, and they are getting it our information illeaglly, a suit probably can be brought against them. Also I think they have to quit sending info to us if we request that it be stopped.

  190. I too received the same card today here in Indiana. I am glad this was reported as a scam and that it was easy to find. Thank you!

    I also wish there could be some retribution for whoever sent it, but I will be glad to not be one of their victims.

  191. Gwendolyn Rippy

    I want to know how to stop the mail from coming? These post cards and NOW envelope are annoying. There is nothing they can offer, but how do I stop the mail from continuing to come? Is there a way to get these people to stop bothering people with their lies? The message may sound good, but what will it cost you in the long run? Just want the mail to stop. Please give me the directions for the mail cessation. Thank you for your assistance.

  192. I received this bogus letter, too, from Senior Benefits Dept. PO BOX 4057, Marietta, GA. Even the envelope looked bogus to me so I did a search. The BBB in GA mentioned it had 2 cases against the company for advertising issues. I have filled out a complaint with them. The BBB especially wants to know if certain groups are being targeted: military, seniors, etc. I will also contact the agencies listed above by Tina W. Thank you, Tina.

  193. Sick of this crap

    send back a blank piece of paper in their reply envelope, that way, they at least have to pay for the return postage… I HATE thieves that try to take advantage of people who are trusting… Can’t trust anything anymore!

  194. Tina Williams

    I just got my 2nd offer and immediately went online to assure myself it is a scam and it is. It says for NC residents only and the benefits are for $35,000. Reporting them to the NC (Dept. of Justice); 1-800 NO SCAM; Consumer Protection 877-556-6226 (NO SCAM); the Federal Trade; the Federal Commerce and the State Attorney Generals Office– all should be listed in the front of the telephone directory or online.

  195. SOS!!!!! I sent in my mail request, someone is coming out to my home tomorrow to discuss this program. What was I thinking??? No number on caller ID, I cannot call and cancel. Do I confront him at the door and send him on his way or do I just not answer the door??? Stupid thing to do!!

  196. Just recieved a card from Senior Benefits Dept. P.O Box 4057 Marietta, Ga. 30061-9921….States 2014 Benefits. For Kentucky Citizens Only. You may qualify for a new state regulated life insurance program to pay final funeral expenses for just pennies a day regardless of your health and past medical condition even you was turned down before. Can pay 100 percent of all funeral expenses of $35,000. Free for Ky. residents. Fill out name address which they already have. Phone number.. Spouse’s age and name. Looked up this company in business since 2010. A scam no doubt.

  197. I just recieved a VERY official looking letter from Senior Benefits Dept. (they had to abbreviate) Stamped on the front is "SECOND NOTICE/TIME SENSITIVE" from PO Box 4057 Marietta GA. And it also says "Important document enclosed" on the outside. Immediately, before even opening the thing I knew that it was some kind of scam.

    But just to backup here, they do a chameleon act and make out like they are from some sort of account that you already have such as a government account. This angers me to no end.

    Upon opening this letter I find very similar information about what you are entitled to and the information they requested was shocking. They wanted:
    MY HOME ADDRESS (????)

    Please tell anyone and everyone you know about this. And report them to whomever might be an official. This should be illegal. It is just official enough that a lot of people might fill it out worrying that they are missing something . . .

  198. Since the post card is "Business Reply Mail" and the orginal sender gets charged when they receive it back, why don’t we all put in bogus information on the cards and send them back. This way they’ll get charged and any real information by be bypassed for bogus? I’m doing it since I got may card. 🙂

  199. Marilyn Bewick

    Received a green card from Benefits Processing Center, Durant, OK 74702-9913 for
    "qualify for state regulated program to pay for your final expenses.. up to $35,000".

    I live in Newbury Park, CA.


  200. Stephen Korup

    I received an Envelope today the 28th of June from the "Senior Benefits Dept" and it was marked on the front Second Notice Time Sensitive .
    I pulled out the Card that was inside and it Said " you may Qualify for a State-Regulated Life Insurance Program to pay for your final expenses regardless of your medical condition, even if you have been turned down before.Then it said it would pay 100% up to 35K ,then i read over where you put in your information underneath where your spouse’s name goes, it says "Not Affiliated with or Endorsed by any Government Agency" that said Scam to me right there because the beginning of the Card said "State-Regulated" Am I wrong to think that ,that is a Government Agency if they are Regulated by the State of (in my case Delaware ) .And the Card had to be Back in 5 days .

  201. On June 23, 2014, I too received an envelope from Senior Benefits Dept., P.O. Box 4057, Marietta, GA 30061-9921, stampted in red "Second Notice Time Sensitive,Important Document Enclosed- with an enclosed postcard (no postage necessary if mailed in the U.S.).The enclosed post card read, 2014 BENEFIT INFORMATION FOR PENNSYLVANIA CITIZENS ONLY.You man qualify for a NEW-state regulated program to pay for your final expenses regardless of your medical condition, even if you have been turned down before.It is important you know how to qualify for this benefit available to you.This benefit can pay for 100% off all funeral expenses up to $35,000.This payment is tax-free for PENNSYLVANIA residents. You are entitled to receive no-cost information as a resident of PENNSYLVANIA.IMPORTANT-Return this postgage-paid card within 5days.
    The postcard was pre-addressed & had a section to be filled-in(completed) with again the addressee’s name, address, phone #, age, spouse’s age & name.
    *in smaller print just underneath this section, was typewritten or electronically printed:NOT AFFILIATED or ENDORCED BY ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY F61CAA
    enprinted with a bar code & # D100007111087-return address of: BUSINESS REPLY MAIL FIRST CLASS MAIL PERMIT # 95 MARIETTA, GA – POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE: DATA SERVICES, P.O. BOX 1610 MARIETTA GA 30061-9915.
    Two different P.O. #’s were identified, & the 4 digits after 30016 were different as well.

    *Here’s the real deal…if we were to be recipents of a all expense pre-paid funeral allotment. The payment of such seemly should be payable to the addresee/recipent & a legitimate
    funeral home,in the area of their residence or in the area in which this service is to be rendered.And if the remains are to be shipped/forwarded to another location, that form or payment would & should cover all costs.

  202. naomi benefield piedmont,alabama

    just got this card today on june 24th 2014 it is saying 2nd notice never even got number 1 i will not send my information out to no one i know in my heart this is a scammed i am not even a senior yet yes they need to be stopped ripping people off like this

  203. Kathryn bledsoe

    I got the card today June 23 rd. I am glad that this was on the Internet. I do wish they would get something done about the scammers. You don’t know who to trust any more.

  204. I just got a fake looking "Official looking envelope from, Senior Benefits Dept. P.O. Box 4057 for Marietta, GA. Evidently I have received one of these before because on this envelope stamped in red ink is SECOND NOTICE TIME SENSITIVE.

    Before I even opened it I showed the envelope to my wife and I said, "Look how fake this official looking envelope looks."

    After we both looked at the card inside my wife said, if it is free information for Tennessee residents informing them that they are eligible for free $35,000 death benefits and the benefits are not taxable. then why is it coming from a company in Georgia instead of a company in Tennessee.

    The card also asks for a lot of personal information about yourself. I don’t give my information out unless I check a company out first. I wasn’t born yesterday and my momma didn’t raise no fool! This piece of junk mail went right through my home office shredder.

  205. I received this same information yesterday stating I could qualify for $35,000.00 for final expenses and it was available for North Carolina citizens only. I googled it to find out its a scam. Thank God I did. It came marked as second notice. Beware people. Hope the catch these people. Mine had return address Data Service 3
    PO Box 3250
    Marietta GA. 30061-9978.

  206. We just got a post card today in the mail. Top line says "government Benefit Supplement Policy". This senior plan will pay 100% of all your funeral expenses not paid by Social Security, up to $15,000 for each senior citizen covered. At the bottom of the card it says, "Not affiliated with or endorsed by any Government or Medicare program." This one is mailed to PO Box 34730 North Kansas City, Mo. 64116. It wants my name, date of birth and my spouse’s name and their date of birth…also phone numbers.

  207. I have written to Funeral Advantage Program Assists Senior..four times, requesting, they refrain from sending me..unsoliciting mail.How may I reach these people or have their solicitations…stopped ? I am NOT INTERESTED / DON’T WANT OR NEED THEIR SERVICES !!! I consider their solicitations to Vulture mail.

  208. I just got on today and not even a senior saying second notice . I knew it did not sound right that’s when internet comes in use .

  209. Elderly person

    got this today from Data Processing Center, Marietta, GA. Must send phone number or will not qualify, Tossed it.

  210. Seniors ( I am one) in America need to go on the offensive against the opportunistic predators who want to profit from our gullibility and need.
    I for one am going to send the card and any information I can find on these people to my local FBI office and to the State Attorney General’s office. These scams have to be dealt with or they will just continue to take advantage of people that are not aware. So predators beware, you attempt to scam me or get my personal information for sale, I will report you and your scams to the authorities.

    Seniors be safe and be well.

    Robert Ward
    Kings Mtn., NC

  211. Ginger Williams

    Got this card yesterday morning. Read it, folded it, tore it up and threw it in the trash.I may have been born at night but it wasn’t last night.

  212. Got the card saying "may qualify for state-regulated benefits programs in Tennessee".And wanted personal info on card.No way!And my zip is wrong!!LOL!!


  214. April 4 2014 Love
    I just want to encourage everyone to send back the envelope with the message on a piece of paper "GO TO
    H_ _ L!. I can’t wait till you get caught." If everyone does this can you imagine the look on their face. OMG! They just might be scared straight.

  215. On April 4th 2014: I just wanted to know who sent this bogus looking letter to me because it did not even have a phone number. I researched it on line couldn’t find anything really it just lead me to a Hotelin Dallas, TX on Google Map. And just as I was about to give up I found this website. I am going to send it back with my phone number"1-800-GO-To-Hel_.

  216. I just received the same card today and googled the info-scam may be a harsh word but THEY are not an insurance company and cannot promise anything. I live in Missouri and don’t trust anything where i put my birthdate. They sell your info to high-priced ins. companies, just throw away.

  217. My Husband received the post card this morning for the final expenses paid up to 35,000 to cover it. There is no phone number on the card and it came out of Mariett Ga.This is a scam shame on them.

  218. I received postcard December 2013 for Indiana citizens age 50 to 85. 2014 Benefit Update. From 325 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington DC 20003. You may now apply for a NEW state-regulated life insurance program to pay Final Expenses for just pennies a day, REGARDLESS OF YOUR MEDICAL CONDITION, EVEN IF YOU’VE BEEN TURNED DOWN BEFORE.

  219. On March 17, 2014

    Received a notice of money to pay for final expenses up to 35,000 if you qualify. I qualified. However, when I asked the caller to send me some information, they declined, as the said" I need to meet with you to explain the program, and I will be in your area the next day". SENIORS BEWARE THIS IS A SCAM
    Check out the phone number of the caller..

  220. My husband and I received a 2014 benefit information for Tennessee citizens only, It is from Data Services 2, po box 3310 Marietta,ga.30061. Up to 35,000 for final expenses

  221. They got wise to the envelopes… now they just send out postage paid postcards requesting you place all of your personal information so anyone can read it… I’ve been getting them addressed to my Deceased Stepmother at my address… funny,,, she never lived here. I am now circling her name and writing deceased and mailing the card back to them.

  222. I received a letter yesterday from a Senior Benefits Center. They told me this was my second notice to reply withn 5 days of receving the card. The card that I received was white. It had no phone number to call. It stated that it would pay 100% of all funeral expenses up to $35,000. This is tax-free for GEORGIA residents. These people need to stop their mess. They need to think about if someone did this to their parents. How would it make them feel.

  223. I just got it too. I am sending the postage paid envelope with the heaviest thing I can fit in it. Of course I making sure my name is no where on it. Let them pay the postage for nothing. Love to scam the scammers.

  224. Louis L. Lipnos

    I just received a mailing from "Processing Center"
    LaGrange NC 28551, for Senior Final Expense Insurance Programs. It was a green card printed on both sides and not very professional looking. It went directly into the trash. I would like to meet one of these people in person and give them a bit of my insurance.

  225. I just received a card, saying $35,000. for final expenses So a big thank YOU for letting me know ……I’m throwing it away

  226. sheila lanesey

    right about the zip code being wrong and i recieved this and sent it off haven’t heard anything yet but now realize it’s a big SCAM sad to put ederly through this

    PO BOX 226555
    DALLAS TX 75222-9760

    Mailed from Santa Ana CA permit number 15

    Funeral AdvantageTM Program Assists Seniors

    Further inquiry shows this mailing address and permit number was used in 2009 to sell medicare supplemental insurance in Arkansas that was supposedly underwritten by the Marquette National Life Insurance Company.

    SCAM indicators: no company name or generic word company name, return address is processing center or something similar, no phone number, no URL (internet address for website), not dated, and shows a deadline that is not dated.

  228. I received a post card stating "Government Benefit Supplement Policy" on the top adressed to me saying if I’m between 50 and 85,I should apply for the "New Funeral Expense Benefit" which will pay up to 35.000 dollars for these expenses.."It is important for you to register for the benefits available to you"–to receive
    the info send this card postage paid within 5 days to :

    Senior Benefits Department
    PO box 709
    Hamilton GA 31811-9901

    Googling the PO box came up with no positive results–but a PRISON in Alto GA has the same PO box # !…coincidence?…

    I may send this card to Martha Coakley’s office,our state attorney general…I’m getting sick of getting this type of fake "official government" looking letters and post cards after my mothers passing last year..its sickening,makes me re-live her loss all over again every time I hear the word "funeral"…they should ban those commercials on TV they repeat every five minutes too,reminding us "the average funeral now costs 7500 dollars"..yeah–I KNOW,I barely was able to pay it with her life insurance..

  229. This is a terrible scam to get elders information and I plan to get the police and federal investigators involved with this. Elderly people are trying to find all benefits entitled to them. My father got this scam notice, not knowing it was a scam. People like this should be locked away. Not only is this a crime, it is also a sin. I am going to do all I can to stop this, by getting in touch with the Senator Representative of South Carolina, Greg Dellaney, to see if charges can be brought against them and how many felonies they have committed through this disgraceful, distasteful hate crime. If they read or contact my father or the e-mail listed they are sure to have criminal charges brought against them. GOD BLESS

  230. I received a similar mailing in Texas. No company name just Benefit Processing Center with 2020 Pennsylvania Ave, Ste 973, Washington, DC 20077-2446. This zip is not correct for this address.

  231. Just received what appears to be same scam. We’re in Missouri and the post card is to be returned to National Reply Center, P O Box 3012, Indianapolis, IN 46209-9301. There is no indication anywhere on the card of the company behind this mailing.

  232. Live in Kentucky, On Wednesday February 12, 2014 We received same post card Address for returning post card was Data Services 2, PO Box 3310, Marietta, Ga 30061-9852

  233. As a computer person….we call these mail out..’phishing.’
    You’re giving out enough information for them to open up
    credit card or other bogus accounts using your personal information. Please advise as seniors to be aware. Never
    ever give out this information without calling or verifing
    who your dealing with. Most companies don’t require your
    personal information up front….much less on a post card.
    Biggest flag….what’s the companies name? Also why the
    Tiny print ‘not affiliated with nay goverment agency’….run
    and throw away…..ASAP.

  234. On Friday, February 7, 2014, Bill Pitts wrote:
    I just received a card saying it would pay 100% of your final expenses up to $35,000, tax free for Georgia residents.The address to send it to was:
    P. O. BOX 4057
    MARIETTA, GA. 30061-9921

  235. Mine states "This benefit will pay you 100% of all funeral expenses up to $35,000, tax-free for NC residents." I threw it out.

  236. Live in Alabama and received same postcard offering up to $35,000 free funeral expenses. Address for returning postcard was Data Services 2, PO Box 3310, Marietta, GA 30061-9852

  237. My senior mother received a post card as well. Also mentions $15,000 for final expenses. The return address for the processing center is P>O>Box 33, LaGrange NC 28551-9900

  238. I just received notice from MSS P.O. Box 4, Sheridan, IN 46069-9902 re: New 2013 Final Expenses Benefit for North Carolina Citizens only asking me to return the card with my name and the name of my spouse, our ages and phone number for information about 100% of all funeral expenses up to $25,000 regardless of medical condition.

  239. My husband received one and it said DATA SERVICES 2 P O BOX 3310 MARIETTA, GA 30061-9852 (second notice time sensitive)and it said it is important that you know how to qualify for this benefit. This benefit will pay for 100% of all funeral expenses up to $35,000. This payment is tax-free for GEORGIA residents.

  240. My card said the same except it said in the event of your death an insurance cash benefit up to $35,000.00
    TAX FREE would be paid to your family.



    What a SCAM!!!


  242. I got one of these as well and promptly packed the envelope with as much junk mail I could fit into the envelope. I am doing my part to make scams like this stop and keeping the USPS in business at the same time.

  243. Catherine Howell

    Got one data services2marietta Ga. Haha I knew it was a scam but looking here to see if anyone else are getting them.don’t even think about sending them anything.

  244. I’m 74 and received several notices for North Carolina Citizens 2013 Benefit Update for a new state-regulated life insurance program to pay final expenses. They ask for my name, address, date of birth, spouse’s name and date of birth and our phone number. The card to return is addressed to:
    Senior Benefit Division, P.O. Box 1360, Melbourne, FL 32902-9906. Not known to the Better Business Bureau. No name of an insurance company. Has to be a scam and I am not replying to it! Said could get benefits from $2,500 to $25,000.

  245. If this were a legit life insurance company, they wouldn’t be afraid to put the name of their company, possibly a phone number, and a return address that is more than a P.O. Box # . You need to "wise up" and act like you got more sense than you are displaying! Shame on you to try to scam senior citizens out of money they don’t have!


  247. Got this pretty green post card today! First notion was to check it out on the internet. Just like I thought a scan. Some ppl will not stop at anything to get money out of anyone. Get a job and quit trying to scam folks.

  248. I just got one of these mailings… The outside states..SECOND NOTICE..underlined ..all bold red letters…DEADLINE APPROACHING… Important Document Enclosed.. ..

    No phone number .. nothing but P.O. box ..says its from Senior Benefits Dept.. I am no where near SENIOR.

    Sleezy …. praying on those that wouldn’t question an envelope that "seems" official. .. SCAM SCAM SCAM..same as with those official looking "discount" phamrcy cards… SCAM…

    And its only going to get worse with all these new laws that NO ONE knows for sure what they are supposed to be getting..

  249. Did you people not see this part of the article?

    "The card informs the recipient “an approved senior final expense program is now available, to help pay for the senior’s final expenses." (aka funeral). Don’t get us wrong, there are legitimate services out there (independent insurance agents) that provide that kind of programs, but this refers only to the scammers who impersonate those real organizations."

  250. FOLKS, FOLKS!!!! These are direct mail pieces used by independent insurance agents to market final expense life insurance to seniors. LIMRA estimates that there are literally millions of seniors without life insurance of any kind in this country.

    This is all perfectly legal. No one is forced to buy life insurance even though almost everyone needs it. Many seniors procrastinate until it is too late. THEN, if their loved ones don’t have the money they literally have to pass the hat. SAD! The average burial policy sold in the U.S. costs about $40-$50 a month for a whole life permanent policy, the type that has been sold for over 200 years. WISE UP and quit looking for the boogie man.

  251. What is the "scam" part? Isn’t this just an offer to provide information about a final expense life insurance policy? What’s wrong with that?

  252. Received pretty yellow "official" looking envelope with return address of Service Center, PO Box 33, La Grange, NC 28551. Inside was a pink card stating proud to announce a Senior Final Expense program which will pay 100% of funeral expenses up to $15,000. You have 5 days to return to get a free memorial guidebook. They want your name, age, and phone number. All of this written on a postage paid card so all can see your personal info…Bam, Bam, I smell a scam….shame on you!!!

  253. Addressed DATA SERVICES 2 P.O box 3310 Marietta Ga. 30061-9852. same 35,000 in funeral benefits. For Florida residents. tax free – scam scam scam………….

  254. Saturday, August 31, 2013, I recieved a Funeral Advantage Program Assists Seniors ppromising to pay up to $20,000 in Funeral expenses, TAX FREE for ages 50 to 85. It came from Santa Ana CA, yellow envelope. The return address was PROCESSING CENTER, P. O Box 226555, Dallas Texas 75222-9760. On the back of the application it read, under written by Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company. It must be returned within 15 days. It sounds very similar to the fraud. There is no web site nor phone number. Shame on you if you are trying to rip off Senior citizens. I will call Lincoln Heritage Life insurance Company Monday. There was nothing even similar on their web-site.

  255. About once a month I receive the same mailer on how this "Special Program will pay 100% of all funeral expenses, up to $25.000". At the age of 61 I am able to recognize a scam and toss this in the garbage, but my late mother would have fallen for this.

    Shame on anyone that would prey on the elderly.

    In Alabama, our state Attorney General welcomes it’s citizens reporting all mailed scam attempts. They do their best to prevent it from continuing.

  256. On August 2 I received an envelope with a postcard that read, 2013 important bulletin, if you are between 50 & 85 ,new funeral expense benefit will pay up to $35’000.00. Return this postage paid card within 5 days. Hope you crooks that are trying to scam elderly people get busted. We seniors have worked all of our lives for what we have. I suggest that whoever you are that are trying to con us elderly,s get off your sorry behinds and do an honest days work! Diane D.

  257. I got a post card thru mail today it stated it was from Senior Benefits Dept. P.O box 4057 Marietta Georgia 30061-9921. It said to fill out return in 5 days with information filled out to qualify for benefits for funeral expenses up to 35,000 this payment it said was tax-free for Georgia residents. Is this also a new scam somebody has got started? At the top of card it states 2013 Benefit information for Georgia Citizens only. The front of card said Information Processing Center with that P.O. box on it Marietta Ga 30061-9921.

  258. I received mine today and immediately went to the internet – can’t believe the FTC hasn’t done anything about this. I’ll be contacting them and the BBB.

  259. Peggy Schroder

    2013 Benefit Update: state regulated life insurance program to pay Final Expenses for just pennies a day. This Special Program will pay 100% of all funeral expenses not paid by government funds up to $15,000. TAX FREE for each Colorado citizen covered. To see if you qualify, mail this postage paid card today etc. Addr is Natl ProcessingCenter at 315 Pennsylvania Ave SE Wash., DC
    Thank you for alerting us to these scams.

  260. From National Processing Center PMB #220
    325 Pennsylvania Avenue, Se Washington, DC. 20077-1038

    On the top of a typed post card that you need to remove a strip

    Much like a government document like Social Security sometime
    Looks like.

    The vary top line it starts off with


    Then it goes on telling you that Medicare will make you responsible for an even grater portion of your health care expenses and so on.

    I do plan to call one of my local news station problem solvers or make a copy and send it to my congress person, not sure what I will do as of now.

    These people need to go to jail for trying to deceive anyone on Medicare.


  262. Patriotic American

    I think this card is mailed out by the ‘goverment’ pretending to be a scam. ‘People’ who pretend to ‘work’ lie all the time. Lieing is their ‘job’ it seems. A patriotic American doesn’t know what’s real or not real anymore. All this indirect communication is so confusing and exhausting. I wish it would stop.

  263. They have just scammed me out of 22. After I posed my quiotesn and paid the 22 "deposit" the next window said, I quote, "oops, looks like your money has been taken. Don’t worry you will not be charged twice". Then each time I clicked the continue button i got "acess denied". The worrying thing is these guys now have my card number.VA:F [1.9.10_1130]please wait…VA:F [1.9.10_1130](from 0 votes)

  264. Melinda Meerdink

    5/23/2013 I received a mailing envelope with postcard inside to mail in 5 days. Final Expense information is at the top and asks for signature and ph.#, age, spouse. It refers to "in your county" as well as, "if you qualify, these approved programs may pay 100% of all final expenses". I have kept envelope & postcard that was enclosed. I was just about to mail it, then had second thoughts. So I checked online and found information concerning SCAMs of this type and similar reports. It has very official look to it. Outside return address: 325 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20003. Postcard is addressed to: National Processing Center, PMB # 220, same street address, but with Washington, DC, 20077-1038. Hope this helps get the Jerks who are preying on us older folks. They are not discriminating, as I am below poverty level income! I would be pleased to mail the above to you.

  265. In response to Mary (who wrote on May 9th) I "Googled" that PO Box information and found this agent’s information. I think this is legitimate and you may call this agent for more information:

    Agent ID:10258728 National Producer ID:10352061Mailing Address: KRAMER AGENCY, INC.(Old American Life Ins.Co.)
    PO BOX 34657 NORTH KANSAS CITY, MO 64116-1057
    Resident State:MO

  266. I am glad I found this site. My husband recieved a postcard for Senior Final Expense Program "Goverment Benefit Supplement Policy" yesterday from "BENEFIT PROCESSING CENTER, PO BOX 34657, NORTH KANSAS CITY, MO 64116-1057, it noted to return the card within 5 days to "INFO-DATAS PROCESSING SERVICES" 1906 SWIFT AVE, NORTH KANSAS CITY, MO 64116-9918. I don’t believe in give out personal information to just anyone. I thought of putting a BIG cross on the postcard and mail it off postage free to "INFO-DATAS PROCESSING SERVICES"

  267. Cl Jarman sr.

    I have received two New Funeral Expense Benefit card’s on my mother, which has been deceased since April 1998!! Buried on Good Friday of that year. Being her only son, I think of it on a regular basis! But this card makes me really relive her death !! As well as my family. If this is a fraud Charges by our District Attorney in the state should be flied!! For they can’t even do their Home work!! It’s very Demeaning and very very HURTFUL!!! And if not fraudulent, their very Late!! It’s well been taken care of!! So PLEASE STOP!!!

  268. Cl Jarman sr.

    I have received two New Funeral Expense Benefit card’s on my mother, which has been deceased since April 1998!! Buried on Good Friday of that year. Being her only son, I think of it on a regular basis! But this card makes me really relive her death !! As well as my family. If this is a fraud Charges by our District Attorney in the state should be flied!! For they can’t even do their Home work!! It’s very Demeaning and very very HURTFUL!!! And if not fraudulent, their very Late!! It’s well been taken care of!! So PLEASE STOP!!!

  269. got one too benefit information for fl. residents $35,000 for funeral expenses free information says this benefit will pay 100% of all funeral expenses up to $35,000 but they need your signature and dates of birth for both you and spouse as well as your phone number. All this on an open postcard Yeah right !! like I want my phone number out there for the world to see lol

  270. I received an envelope with a pink post card in the mail a few days ago of the same sort. The envelope return address from 123 – B Sunrise Center Dr.
    Thomasville, NC 27360 THE POSTCARD was to be sent to National Reply Center
    PO BOX 46715
    GREENSBORO NC 27499-3876 ( which was pre addressed & No Postage Necessary for US)
    They wanted signature, age and phone number.
    I agree with other comments, I thought it was a scam and anything that sounds to good to be true, NOT!

  271. Larry Scrivener

    Are these scammers immune from prosecution? Is there not some jurisdiction which has the authority to shut them down? Surely these people will roast in hell for the stress, confusion, and mental anguish they continue to cause the elderly. In the meanwhile I would welcome the opportunities to meet with them one at a time behind my barn!

  272. They send these out with a postage free return which costs them money. Return it with the address of your state attorney general. Whoops, they printed my name on the card, guess maybe I forward it myself to the state attorney general myself.

  273. I got a card today for Elder Law changes and wanted to get more info about what they were trying to solicit. No cost and no obligation. What stopped me was the signature and info on a card for anyone to look over. DON’T GIVE SENSITIVE INFORMATION FOR ALL TO SEE.

  274. Robert Raymond

    4/09/13 Received my card today with a return to the 325 Pennsylvania Ave. address. Thank heavens for this web site and all the comments on it. The next place is the WASTEBASKET!!

  275. I got one today acting like they are from the Government. It has a brown envelope staing Official Business For Private Use Only. Also on the envelope, Free Social Security & Medicare Information Brochure.
    Registered Document.
    What’s inside is a postage paid card addressed to Information Processing Center
    PO Box 33
    Lagrange, NC 28551-9900
    On the other side of card: Senior Plan sign up for final expenses. They want your Name, DOB,Phone,Spouse’s Name, and DOB
    So what do these people do with the information. Get a policy themselves or just scam you out of payments????? Use your identity????

  276. Received this today in Branford, CT. Envelope was posted from 325 Pennsylvania Ave, S.E., Washington, DC 20003. I am 51 and am always suspicious of these types of mailings, but clearly, these companies are preying upon the elderly. I will share with others to be sure no one gets duped!

  277. Hello, My mother received two of these within days of each other. One was for the Senior Final Expense Program. Address of 1906 Swift Avenue North Kansas City, MO 64116. The other was for Funeral Advantage Program Assists Seniors. Address of PO Box 226555 Dallas, TX

  278. Received a post card in the mail today of this scam. It’s return address is: Senior Benefits Dept., P.O. Box 4057, Marietta, Ga 300061-9921

    It is a scam and ripoff. Only five days to register for the "benefits" to be available to you. ***New Funeral Expense Benefit*** which will pay up to $35,000 for these expenses!! Guess they havn’t heard of the sequester and major cutbacks!

  279. 2/25/13 They’re still at it. I looked the name on line to check it out – no such thing. I found this site instead. Return address on this one – A P.O. Box in Owasso, OK.

  280. The best way Bev is to report the card to the closest Police office. Also, you can do it online, to the Police in the State where the mail comes from (look at the PO Box listed on the envelope).

  281. jeanette phinizee

    someoneleft a note in my door saying the name inthe note was Maria Fustaneo tel #595-348-0915 left a msg in my apt. door saying that i sent in a post card requesting information about Senior Final Expense Program.
    In addition she said i would get a free walmart gift certificate card. i knew that was untrue.I called the local police and will contact the Atty. General’s Office tommorrow morning to make a complaint.

  282. thank you so much for imforming me of this I was so excited to have received such help but after filling it out i started wondering how this could possibly be As good as it seems I’m grateful for the tip and hope to get this out to as many people as possible

  283. The similiar one we received is non-sense and a scam in my opinion. We got a postcard inclosed from Service Center PO box 33, LaGrange, NC. It wanted all your info exposed on the backside of the post card,for everyone to see. I checked and it appears they are only licensed to sell products in NC.

    They want you to mail it to Information processing center. The print on the back side of thier card in large print says, Government Benefit supplement policy.

  284. Received something similar from Senior Benefits Dept., P.O. Box 4057, Marietta, GA 30061-9921. The envelope was stamped in red: "Second Notice: Deadline Approaching." In black was printed: "Important Document Enclosed."

  285. Received mine yesterday. Looks very professional. I am not a senior, however just retired this year at 54! So glad I researched first! Those of us who have elderly parents, please tell them to hold all their mail so you can check it once a week!

  286. received mine yesterday…first thought – this is a scam even though return address was Pennslvania Avenue, SE Washington, DC. Checked here for confirmation. Going to shred right now!

  287. Mary L. Hutchinson

    Mine came in the mail today, Sept. 6, 2012. It came as one of the types of mail that you have to tear along the perforation. The pull out had the information on one side with a selection of $2K, $5K, $10K or $15K. On the reverse, it was like a post card, no postage required if mailed in the U.S. It was white with black print. This scam is apparently coming in all shapes, sizes and colors. The return address was National Processing Center, PMB #220, 325 Pennsylvannia Avenue, SE, Washington, DC, 20077-1038. How official sounding. Here is the sound of it being shredded in my shredder, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Thanks for this site confirming my suspicions.

  288. Georgia Demarest

    My husband received one of these cards in the mail today. The card is pink and came in a white envelope that had return address from "Benefit Department 123-B Sunrise Center Dr. Thomasville, NC 27360". It’s postmarked Greensboro, NC. The funny thing is that no where on the envelope or card, is there a name of a company/organization, etc. RED FLAG RIGHT THERE!!! And the address on the postage paid return card is, "National Reply Center PO Box 46715 Greensboro NC 27499-3876". Certainly not the name of a reputable, for-real organization on the up-and-up! ANOTHER RED FLAG!!! So please, anyone who gets one of these, think twice before replying!!!

  289. I have received 5 such postcards in the mail in the past week. I hung on to them thinking I might call, but haven’t. I decided to look for information here, on the internet and found enough information to NOT follow through with a call to Dallas, Washington or Georgia (addresses on the cards). Thanks for clearing this quandry for my wife and me.

  290. my mother just received thia card in the mail and had me check for her. Seniors, please be careful. You worked too hard for your money to have some crook scam you out of it…

  291. I got one of these postcards in the mail today and it just didn’t feel right so I have been googleing everything I could. Thank you for your information…

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