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How the scam works:

You hear about some tragic news and you would like to see the exclusive footage online. Examples? Whitney Houston drowned in her bathtub, Osama Bin Laden’s burial at sea, or Steve Jobs collapsing.

The title catches your attention and you are required by scammers to either install software in order to see it, or even to give some personal information.

If you download or click the link provided, three things could happen:

1. You install a keystroke logger, software that records everything you type on your keyboard and is then read by the scammer, looking for your passwords and bank accounts. Of course, you can download not only the keystroke logger, but viruses as well.

2. Once open on Facebook, the link is automatically posted on your wall so all your friends believe you recommend the video. From here, there are several ways you could become a victim. Just like in the “Shocking News Titles” and the “Celebrities on Facebook” scams, clicking the message link will take you to a page which looks exactly like Facebook, but is a fake. A fake video player is also displayed along with an “Update Require” notification. The site asks you to download a Flash Player update in order to watch the video. If you click on the “Install” button you will install a malware on your computer. This malware program will gather your information (passwords, account numbers), and email them back to the scammer.

3. You might be required to give your phone number, which will register you – without your knowledge – for a monthly membership or premium texting, making you pay a fortune.

How to avoid:

In any online offer, if there are extra steps to get to the desired clips (such as requests for your phone number or e-mail address), remember that the offer will always come with a price. Not mentioning that you can wait 5 minutes and you get it for free on YouTube or even live on national TV.

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