Bank Survey Rewards

How the scam works:

You receive an email from what appears to be your bank saying the following: “As a valued customer, we would like you to take part in a short survey. Upon completion, you will be awarded $25 in your account.”

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You click on a link and fill out the ten question survey. To collect the money, they require your account number, password and the answer to your security question. For those who are paying attention, you may notice a theme. This website is a fake and you have just given away your banking information. Let's hope you're good at making money because you're going to need to replenish your cash.

How to avoid:

Don't fall for it. Banks do not offer money for surveys. Furthermore, it's in their best interest to make money off of you; not to give you money. That's why they charge you such hefty interest on your credit cards and a $2.00 service charge when you use another bank machine.

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