Tinder Match Scam

Tinder Scams: How They Work

Tinder is a very popular location-based mobile application that encourages correspondence between commonly intrigued users. The dating application permits users to talk with their matches, as soon as they like each other.

The application was launched in 2012 and was among the first applications in which you can utilize a swiping movement to pick between the photographs of different users: swiping a photo right when you like someone and left to move to the next. How does the scam work?

Watch the video below to see one great Tinder scam explained:

Tinder Scam Explained Video

Let’s say yоu’rе looking at various рrоfіlеs аnd finally see someone you like. After flірping thrоugh hіs/hеr рhоtоs and rеаding thе рrоfіlе уоu swіре rіght tо dеmоnstrаtе уоur іntеrеst. Soon after, уоu gеt а notification frоm Тіndеr sауіng уоu’ve got а new mаtсh, іmрlуіng thаt the other іndіvіduаl likеd уоur рrоfіlе as well. Yоu even gеt а mеssаgе frоm уоur роtеntіаl dаtе!

Yоu start exchanging а соuрlе of mеssаgеs thrоugh thе аррlісаtіоn. Yоur nеw good looking friend рrороsеs thаt уоu continue to chat via text message on your phone, other apps (Whatsapp) or via email. The flirt іs bу аll ассоunts gоіng іnсrеdіblе, уеt оnсе уоu mоvе уоur dіsсussіоn оut оf Тіndеr, іt becomes different. How is that?

There are a few ways that have been reported to be unscrupulous:

a) The match will ask you to download her ‘favorite’ song, application, or program. Little do you know you will infect your phone with malware.

b) The match will ask you to answer a few survey questions, so they can get referral fees from random businesses.

c) The match will ask you to try an ‘amazing’ product or service. Besides that, you might be asked for other sensitive personal information, including an address and even place of work.

Tinder Scams: How To Avoid

How would you recognize a scammer on Tinder? Тhеу typically аnswеr way tоо quісk. A very good looking person will very seldom contact you the second you swiped her right. А lаrgе numbеr оf thе fаkе рrоfіlеs оn Тіndеr аrеn’t gеnuіnе іndіvіduаls, thеу аrе sраm bоts.

Try to keep a normal conversation first, without being ‘transferred’ to a different medium. Sure, if things go well you will definitely start texting via regular phone message, but beware of those who want that urgent.

Meanwhile, be aware of common schemes related to the same topic, such as the Noonlight Scam.

Report any names of scammers below, in the Comments section.

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24 thoughts on “Tinder Match Scam”

  1. Beware of Jesse Polanco. He is a Scam, fraud, perk, emotional abuse, took $22,100.00 of my money. His contact:
    Met on Tinder
    Took me for $22,100.00 dollars through cashapp using bitcoin.
    He claims to be a cyber agent in the us military. On special mission. First location on Tinder was Chatham Massachusetts. Then deployed to California. Now in Afghanistan. All just what he says no proof of anything. He uses your emotions to get your money. Promises to pay you back and live and marry you. It’s been five months and we have never spoken on the phone or met. We’ve only messaged on the number above and through hangouts.
    He is dangerous.
    Please help. I want my money back and I want him to be caught so he can’t do this to other people. Innocent people like myself.
    Thank you.

  2. Maria Sampedro

    His fake name is Dennis. He says he is American and lives in Los Angeles. His telephone number in Viber is +1 631 573-5235 . From the very beginning he sent me pictures and told me about his life, divorced four years ago, his wife cheated him .Before that he was living for nine years with another woman who passed away.He even sent me a picture with his mother! He works as an architect and suddenly won a project and had to go to Cyprus, he sent me pictures of the work he was doing there. After two weeks of telling me how in love he was,he had a problem to transfer some money and asked me for help. I have many pictures from him and I think they correspond to the right person because one day he did a very short video call and I could see him. He also sent me a couple of videos. He’s very attractive and handsome in his middle fifties. He’s also very proud of the size of his virile member. Another anecdote is that he loves singing at you. Because I am not English native speaker I didn’t realize he didn’t have American accent at all. In the first week he also offered me financial help in two occasions, since he had enough money to live on.

  3. I was contacted in Brazil by a guy named Andrean Patrick. His email andreapatrick58@gmail.com. His ph nr. 1(613) 701-6239 on WhatsApp. He told me a lot of stories about being a contractor, travelling in Brazil, then going to Thailand. He added me on Whatsapp, send me pics confirming the whole thing. I started suspecting of his poor English. Badly written for a native. I asked him to open the cam, he gave me excuses. Sent me many pics. Then came up asking me for receiving some money on behalf of his company, what I denied for sure. Then later, asked me to lend him money for a ticket to Thayland. Come on! I couldn’t find a track of the guy online. At the end I blocked him and found out his Whatsapp is a landline and he’s email, although regularly sending and receiving couldn’t be confirmed as authentic. Crook! Be careful, girls.

  4. Mark Kellner is a scammer and uses photos of Peter Greenberg. I notice there are comments about a Mike or Michael Kellner thus is probably the same person but now is supposedly a UN doctor??? He uses pictures of Peter Greenberg the travel writer so check out the facebook page of this person to see the photos he uses. His gmail address is markkellner665@gmail.com so looks like he uses multiple gmail accounts?

    Be very careful!

  5. Please be careful who oftenly use “ pilot Patrick “ as Richard age between 38-42 on tinder. This Richard guy is not so smart enough to keep using “ real actual Germane model ( but he is real pilot ) name Patrick “
    I found out he was scammed only a couple of days after talked him. He asked you private contact with Viber, Ohio number. Using identification with passport card.
    He is real dump shit to work 08:00- 17:00 pilot ????he will probably tell you he is KML air lines which actually exist and show certificate of graduate pilot school which actually exist.
    But this Richard guy doesn’t really know any real pilot life or job and telling you bull.
    He is always changing “ pilot Patrick “ picture to keep show up on Tinder.
    If you don’t know who is “ Pilot Patrick “
    Please try type on google or you tube
    He is very popular and pop up easily.

  6. If you are connected with a person on tinder is it true that you can see the distance between you if you have his ligit contact nr

  7. Scammer online please watch for anyone with this info
    Fake name Felix Heinz
    Helper – Lynna Pereira Edmonton
    30 clover bar rd
    scam account 3982938 20639
    Engineer from germany lives in Ottawa
    Phone number 613-604-7262

  8. Maxwell Daniel is a scammer. Tells he is from Switzerland, originally born in Denmark. Owns a company http://www.planetconstructions.com. Plans to relocate in Finland. Check the company web site. His email name is different. The web page is full with typos and the texts have been copy pasted from other compnaies. Asked me to send my phone number for whatsapp. I did not. Instead I told him that his web site is a hoax. He answere, OK and disappeared.

  9. Another dating site has them as well. Won’t say the name but they are definitely out there. I have had these handsome men approach me, giving me their background info and/or sad information but I’m so used to it that I ignore them. As handsome as they are, believe me, I would have loved talo talk to them but they are deceptive. They will leave you alone if your too smart for them.

  10. i have been scammed REALLY BADLY by DUKE PERRY from TINDER he found me. His email is dukeperry47@gmail.com

  11. Beware if a guy called Jim allegedly based in Leicester UK on Tinder. Profile pictures are of a handsome blonde, blue eyed guy with a beard in close-up. Another picture is of him at a stadium wearing a North face jacket and baseball cap up in the high area of stadium pointing to the pitch.
    Other pictures he has sent are kidding a German Shepherd dog.
    This guy is a scammer. Told me he loved me after 2 or 3 days. Sent lots of religious messages. Called him out on it!! He has a Nigerian/Indian or Carribean accent when he contacts you.
    Email is lovelyheart4442@gmail.com.
    Phone number 0116 326 2596. Have checked his email in spokeo no results. No results for phone number. Beware!!
    He claims to be a self-employed excavation contractor!

  12. Watch out for MIKE KELLNER or MICHEAL KELLNER. Civil Engineer CEO of Build Stone Tech. Email micheal.kellner@buildstonetech.com. Tel no +49 1573 598 6863. Says he is Norwegian American now based in Germany Freiburg im Breisgau. We matched and he had to go on long travels for 5 weeks which turned out to be 6 weeks. Emailed me daily, sent me inappropriate video and asked me to do the same – luckily I did not or it could have been used as blackmail. Was really angry for not sending video. Then sent me a special gift of flowers. Next step asked me to check his bank balance online as he had no access and needed to know if a client had made payment. He wrote me emails every day and whatapped me "How was your day" How was your night". On weekends he dropped off the grid. Would never tell me what they did on the weekends. Once he knew I was on to him he dumped me – I told him I knew he was a scammer. He admitted it – he told me to go get a life as he had money to make. And he claimed to be the best. His profile pictures were of a very attractive man. He also had extra pictures and a video of him at the gym which he sent during the time chatting. WATCH OUT for him. He is a nasty SCAMMER!!!

  13. Scottmiddleton242@gmail.com on Tinder is a scammer. He did not ask or take anything from me but my friend heard the story and advised me of this kind of scam. then on checking this site, i just want to warn other women so he does not catch them unawares. The Story: He is a 55 year old Norweigan who was married to a new yorker for 23 years and has a 12 year old daughter Katie. The wife has custody and is a little crazy and difficult giving him access. Tinder showed him in Key West 6 miles out of a 5 square mile island, so i commented on it and he was suddenly in Kissimmee. 3 weeks later i was going to Kissimmee and he had to go to Kansas on business. We spoke on the phone, he sounded African – when i asked about his accent, he explained it was a miracle he could talk at all as he had been in an accident where a tree went through his throat. When i mentioned many places in new york (as i had spent many years there too), he said i would need no introduction. He said i was his soul mate, that he’d told his daughter and that he loved me within about 2 weeks. I told him i could not have feelings for someone i did not know, but he was unrelentless with his loving poems, songs and kind words. Our texts and conversations lasted for 2 months while he span the story of his biggest work deal, that would mean millions of commission and a trip to west africa for him and his soul mate. It ended when i closed down that phone number, only after telling him he was my lucky charm and i was due for a huge windfall when i returned to uk and that i was growing fond of him 🙂

    I only mentioned it to some friends as i was feeling sorry for this lonely man that was falling in love with a pen pal and i would be leaving the country in the next few days and would not be giving him my UK number. Since then i have reported him to Tinder and he has been removed under that name. If anyone has a similar story and wants to see pictures or hear more – i have 3 pics and 2 phone numbers.

  14. Im reaching out to Bee who posted or anyone who has had dealings with a Mike or Micheal Kellner of Buildstone tech. My friend has been in touch with someone using this name has had pictures calls etc. Even told to check online banking. We have tried to make her see sense but to no avail. Has anyone got any info on this person so we can see what we can use to explain to her this is a scam and is dangerous we are so worried about her getting hurt as he is meant to be coming home from Dubai tomorrow any help or info would be much appreciated.

  15. Calvino Spencer / Nicholas (this is what he calls himself on tinder right now) alledgedly have a daughter of 12 and mother of 81 who is ill. When I refused to give him money he immediately refused to communicate further. He alledgedly is a Civil Engineer at Freelance from Ulster University and living in Texas (originally from Finland – to explain his acsent) but planning to relocate to Cape Town. Tinder puts him in Joburg. He even had the audacity to skype me to show that he really exists. He had a FB page with his own pictures as well. So this is a well organised scamming syndicate. "Nicholas" has a lot of instgrams pictures added to his previous profile as Calvino

  16. Jones Luger is a scammer,he claimed from Germany Nuremberg,job is a art antiques consultant.phone number +4915218595369

  17. corina kuipers

    Fernando Martins is a major basterd. Srnds you a son of his so called injured son and you are to participate in the hospitalbill to pay for the operation. This man brlongs to a professional group of scammers. They evrnsrnd you a fake hospitalnote. They are dangeroes!

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