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How the scam works:

Let’s say you have been a long time Conan O’Brien fan. You “like” his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter. One day, you get a message or a letter informing you that you won an invite for two – to attend a free Conan O’Brien show next month, as a spectator.

You are congratulated for being the winner of their “Be a Facebook Fan” promotion. The prize will also include a tour of the station and an autograph of the host. You get to pick a day when you and your date can be there.

One last note on their message is that – if you want to sit in the very front row – there is a $5 charge. Everybody will fall for this. All you have to do is confirm you will attend, by filling out a form. This form will contain personal information, such as your Social Security Number or credit card info.

What just happened is a scammer found your name under Conan's Facebook Page “Likes” and created a campaign, after which he got your personal information and your credit card number.

How to avoid:

If you really like these shows and want to attend, get the necessary information online, on their own websites. Scammers have become very slick by finding their victims according to their “likes” and “follows”.

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