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Rental Car Upgrade Coupon Scam: How It Works

(with video below) You have a coupon or voucher with a rental car company and are just about to redeem it. The friendly agent on the other side of the counter asks, "Would you like to upgrade for only an extra five dollars a day? This way you can get whatever car you want, instead of limiting yourself to whatever the voucher allows you." Sounds good, right?

You pick the nicest car, sign the contract, and off you go.

rental car upgrade happy customer


The surprise comes next month when you see a $500 charge on your credit card statement!

When requesting justification from the leasing company, you will be told that the sum included fees such as "Road Assurance" for about $120 (meaning that if you would have had a flat tire they would have come and fix it), or an "Airport Recovery Charge" for about $50, none of which you knew about. What do you have to know if you travel soon?

Watch the video below to learn great tips on how to get the best deals on rental cars:

How To Get The Best Deals On Rental Cars Video


Rental Car Upgrade Coupon Scam: How To Avoid

All these charges can be read with a magnifying glass on the bottom or on the back of the agreement you sign. Nonetheless, "only and extra $5" should really mean that – or at least they could mention the additional taxes. Best advice: read everything and use only the best rental companies.


Rental Car Upgrade Coupon Scam: How To Report

Warn your family and friends about the Rental Car Upgrade Coupon Scam by sharing it on social media. You can also officially report the questionable rental car companies to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


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