Overpriced TV Cables

How the scam works:

Many people rate “watching television” as one of their favorite pastimes. With the preponderance of HDTV’s for sale today, the need for more and better cables to operate these sophisticated systems is staggering. But there are things to be aware of before you shell out big bucks on “special cables” to make accessing your cable or satellite television a better experience.

There are many retailers (less reputable) that will have you believe that your new HDTV will work a few times better with “gold plated” cables or “speed-rated” cables.

Don't get us wrong; there are cables that make a difference, which have different properties. The scam is that some big box retailers lure customers into paying even hundreds of dollars more on these “improved” cables. We are talking about overpricing.

How to avoid:

Make sure you understand what kind of cable matches your device and try to see the difference between what you have and what you are pitched as “magical cable”. Your TV is already HD. If you do succumb to the lure of “improved” cables, do not purchase them from big box electronics retailers; there are better deals from online vendors than you can get in the actual retail location.

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