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How the scam works:

Founded in 1964 as ‘Blue Ribbon Sports’ and taking the present name in 1971, Nike has become one of the most important sports equipment manufacturers in the world. According to Wikipedia, the company has made over $25.3 billion US/year in revenue since 2012. Needless to say, the success of the company created a huge industry of replicas in itself, where hundreds of questionable manufacturers are cashing in on Nike’s popularity. However, the real product will always stand out if you look at it carefully.

Today we are going to look at a few of the popular Nike products and we will educate you on how to differentiate the authentic ones from the knock-offs. Let’s take a look, with the specification that we are not endorsing or represent any of the products featured in this article. We’re just trying to help you as a consumer.

How to avoid:

We’ll analyze four pairs of shoes and the soccer jerseys. What are the differences between authentic products versus replicas? There are a few for each – just keep in mind that not all the knock-offs look the same as presented below, as some of them will have more or fewer similarities with the original products.

Nike Air Max 90 “Independence Day” Shoes

This pair of sneakers only comes in three colors, after the US flag: white, red, navy. If you are offered any other color you can rest assured is a fake. Another giveaway is that on the real Nike “Independence Day” the flag located on the tongue is much smaller than the one on the fake. Last but not least, the real shoe is more curved, wide, and taller than the replica if you watch both sneakers from behind.

Nike Roshe Sneakers

The material is stiffer on the fake Roshe. If you stick your finger inside the replica and push against the fabric, the material remains up. The real fabric is thinner and breathable. When it comes to the tongue, you can stick your finger through the little label stitched on the real sneaker. If you look from behind, the authentic shoe is a little taller. The Nike swoosh symbol on the side is shinier on the fake Roshe as the material is not that great. Last but not least, inside the real shoe, the material under the insole is smoother than on the replica. The insole on the fake looks foamy.

Nike Magista Cleats

On the back of the replica, the logo Magista is stitched on, while on the real one is pressed on. Also, on the front (on the top part) the gap gets bigger on the fake. There is too much room between black and grey openings. The laces are a little thinner on the replicas. On the bottom (on the sole), the Nike tick is not translucent on the authentic show. However, on the fake the Nike tick has a little shadow being translucent. The sole is too flexible on the fake Magista. It seems weak as the real shoe is more solid since it needs to support the cleats.

Nike Soccer Jersey

You can notice excellent overall stitching on the official jersey. The team crest has no loose threads, while on the replica there are flaws in the stitching. Also, if you look at the smaller tag, the fake one is shinier. On the bigger tag, there is a number. On replicas, this number doesn’t match the one that’s inside the jersey (at the bottom). On the real jerseys, they do. On the ‘Authentic’ label that’s stitched at the bottom of the jersey on the outside, you can see a serial number on the real shirt – the number is in the millions. On the fake label is in the hundreds of thousands. Nike manufactured over 80 million jerseys so far.

On the other hand, the heat-pressed lettering showing the sponsor’s name has a very small (almost invisible) clear coating around the letters, on the official jersey. On the fake, the material is of lower quality and doesn’t typically have protection around the edges of the letters. Last but not least, Nike boasts about its Dry-FIT technology implemented in its products. You can rest assured you will be sweating way more in the fake jersey.

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  2. johnathan buitrago

    This seller on ebay by the name of: spanish_vale_tudo is selling an insane amount of replica jerseys. I was a victim of one the purchases when comitted to buying a counterfeit juventus 3rd kit jersey. The sponsorship print and lettering on the back felt cheap and could be ruined or torn apart after one wash. Not to mention the fabric used for the jersey, it isn’t even stretchable and the stitching was off on the collar. Be aware he claims his items come from georgia (the state) but he actually ships from south korea.

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