Las Vegas Promoter Passes


Las Vegas Promoters Scam: How It Works

(with video below) If you've been to Las Vegas, you know what this is about. If you've never been and you're about to go, know that you will be approached by several guys offering VIP passes to get into night clubs for free and skip the line.

The self-called promoters will provide you VIP passes to any club, concert, or show, but will beg you for a tip as “that is how they make money.” In reality, they get a kickback from these passes. Not too mention that VIP lines don't necessarily guarantee faster admission.

Watch the video below to see in detail the VIP Club Ticket scam exposed:

VIP Club Tickets Scam Video


Las Vegas Promoters Scam: How To Avoid

Do not pay for these passes, as you may even get them from cab drivers or from your hotel. If you happen to look for promoters, look for those wearing an ID badge as some scammers are known to sell fake VIP passes. Try to use only legitimate sellers.

If you are going to Las Vegas, here is a reliable source when it comes to booking your trip and entertainment: Best of Vegas. They are trustworthy, so check them out. Thery reaches over 20 million visitors via the Internet and offers great rates for the best shows, tours, hotels, and nightclubs in the City of Sin. Best of Vegas has great relationships with brands like The Cosmopolitan, Planet Hollywood, MGM Properties, Venetian, Hard Rock, Palazzo, Cirque du Soleil, Jersey Boys, Blue Man Group, Tao – just to name a few. You can check their website HERE.

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this is true. first night on the strip and my friends and I gave 20 bucks each to "tony" for VIP open bar passes to XS. when we got to the line the bouncers informed us we had gotten scammed and the passes were no good. never buy ANYTHING off the street in LV..


If you are in Vegas DO NOT go to the Bank nightclub at Bellagio. Biggest rip off and horrible service. We were about to order bottle service, got closer to an empty table, and all of a sudden a bouncer came and told us with the biggest attitude: "I am gonna ask you to move". He didn’t ask if we need a table, he just tried to make himself look like a man. We weren’t drunk and we didn’t create problems prior to that, so the approach was totally uncalled for. As we thought this was just a bad case,… Read more »


I agree with the message about The Bank at Bellagio. Spent $600 one night, all we got was retarded bouncer behavior.


Ok yeah. The Bank sucks!


What a bunch of lies… oh, the Bank does suck. The rip off is not the passes, which the club prints and distributes, but the VIP HOSTS. They rip you off. I go to Vegas all the time. I use the passes every time I go to a club and it is always the same shit. The hosts try to force us to pay $100 a head to get in F%$%& them. I go early and when I get to the cashier, I give her the passes and they always work. The worst hosts are at XS, The Bank and… Read more »


Oh man, there are so many scams when it comes to Las Vegas attractions and even Las Vegas vacation packages. Beware of the street encounters!


How can i report a company that did this?

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