Las Vegas Cabbies

How the scam works:

Certain cab drivers in Las Vegas work just for this scam. They pick up groups of clients from the airport, have a nice conversation while driving (“First time in Vegas?”), and pretend they are in a hurry as soon as they drop the customers off.

Mesmerized by the mirage of Las Vegas, first time travelers are dreamy when they are getting out of the cab. Meanwhile, while hurrying to “get another client”, the driver jumps out first, takes out all the bags except one from the trunk, closes it, and off he goes. By the time tourists realize one of the bags is missing, the taxi is a few streets away.

How to avoid:

Watch to ensure the cab driver takes out all of your baggage from the trunk, checking your bags before he takes off. If you are about to go to Las Vegas, do your homework. Taxis or not, try to use only legitimate companies in whatever you do there. As a recommendation, a reliable source when it comes to booking your trip to the City of Sin is Best of Vegas. They reach over 20 million visitors and offer great rates for the best shows, tours, hotels, and nightclubs in town. Best of Vegas has great relationships with brands like The Cosmopolitan, Planet Hollywood, MGM Properties, Venetian, Hard Rock, Palazzo, Cirque du Soleil, Jersey Boys, Blue Man Group, Tao – just to name a few. You can check their website HERE.

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