Jury Duty Absence

Missing Jury Duty Scam: How It Works

What happens if you miss jury duty? A lot of bad things, indeed, if you are familiar with the legislation. However, beware of a new scam circulating via email and phone call, addressing the issue of ignoring jury summons. Beware, the Missing Jury Duty Scam is prevalent these days in the United States and the United Kingdom.

In this article, we will expose how the scam works and offer more info about who can be called for jury duty and if you can get out of it, plus some details about how employers handle the situation. Let's dive in.

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Imagine this scenario. In the middle of your job at the office, you receive a phone call. The other person introduces himself as a secretary at the local courthouse or a detective. You are informed that you failed to report for jury duty and a warrant has been issued for your arrest.

You are shocked and tell the caller that you never received a jury duty notification in the first place. He says he understands but needs to confirm your identity in the courthouse system, by asking for some confidential info. Scared by a possible arrest, many victims give away their Social Security Number, driver's license numbers, or even credit card info. As expected, this leads to identity theft.

Watch the video below to see in action a different variation of the Jury Duty Scam exposed:


Missing Jury Duty Scam: How to Avoid

Never fall for this scam, as courthouse workers never call people with requests like this. If you are called for jury duty, you would receive an official letter, not a phone call.


Missing Jury Duty Scam: How To Report

Warn your family and friends about the Missing Jury Duty Scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


Who Can Be Called for Jury Duty?

The short answer is pretty much everyone as long as they have no criminals record. Being part of a jury is a civic responsibility, and it allows regular citizens to take part in the vital judicial procedures in the county. Usually, when people are asked to be on a jury, they think of ways in which they can avoid it. It's natural, as it's a bit of a stressful time.

You must know that you can't avoid a jury summon. You'll have to be there. There are now stringent rules related to jury duty all over the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, and it's important that you comply whenever you're called. However, the good news is that after you're done with your jury duty, it will probably take a long time for you to be recalled – if ever again.

what happens if you miss jury duty


There are different laws and rules relating to Jury Duty in various courthouses. Depending on the courthouse – federal, state, or local – don't just assume that you know the rules or blindly listen to a friend who was summoned to a jury once.

To deal with any inquiries related to your jury summon, get in contact with the courthouse that has called you. Several courts now have an online FAQ section, and there may also be a phone number in the notice for you to contact.

Jury Duty and Work: Jury Duty Proof For Employer

Employers recognize the importance of jury duty, and they can't stop you from fulfilling your civic responsibility. In fact, any employer who prevents you from doing such could get stiff fines. However, take note that company policy may vary on the payment of your wages during the period when you get to serve on jury duty. Generous companies will continue to pay their staff during this period while they also get to enjoy any settlement from the state.

Other organizations pay their employees their full wages and ask that they remit the check given to them by the state.

In some rare cases, people don't get paid by their employers and only enjoy compensation from the state. Whether you get a check from the state and its amount is dependent on where and how long you serve. In some states, individuals don't earn for their juror service until they have served for a specified period.



How Long Does Jury Duty Last?

The overall duration when you get to serve jury duty is dependent on many factors. Some people are included in a jury pool where you have to wait to be called upon. If your name isn't called, you'll be sent home after that day. In more extreme cases, you'll belong to a jury that could be in charge of a delicate case.

This case could go on and on, and extend for weeks. Anyone who gets to serve as a member of a grand jury would render their service for half days but an extended period. A grand jury does not decide on whether a person is innocent or guilty. Instead, it's their job to determine if there's enough evidence for a case to be sent into a trial.

Ignoring Jury Summons: What Happens If You Miss Jury Duty

It's a bad call whenever someone decides to ignore a jury notice, hence the Jury Duty Scam we've been talking about. What happens if you miss jury duty? Ignoring a jury notice may lead such an individual to suffer a jail term, fine or even both of them. It may take some time for the court to punish you and so it's easy to think that you've escaped the wrath of the law. But they'll eventually come after you and you'll suffer the consequences for all of your actions. You'll have no choice but to serve on the jury.

People react differently when called by a jury. Some people enjoy the experience and look forward to the power they are given; others perceive it as a way to perform their civic responsibility while another set of people do not feel enthusiastic about it. Regardless of how you feel about being on a jury, you can't avoid it. Therefore, it's best that you learn about the rules that guide you in carrying out your civic responsibilities.

How to Get Out of Jury Summons?

Are you wondering how to get out of jury summons? Postponing your appearance on a jury is no easy task to do. You can delay it for trivial reasons, even if you're preparing for a local conference. Usually, most people can postpone their involvement until a more convenient time. Because you postponed your jury duty to a future date which was deemed to be suitable for you, it would be near impossible to get another postponement.

Usually, people are only able to do this when they have a reasonable reason and not just a simple excuse. You have to take note that what you consider reasonable may not appear so in front of the court.

How is jury duty handled in different countries? The jury duty legislation is handled differently from one country or state to another. Let's take a look at a few, quick notable examples:

United States

Being called for jury duty in the United States is a serious affair and is considered mandatory, just like in many other countries. The person has to attend. Refusing to show up could attract different penalties or consequences, ranging from being forced to appear on another jury to suffering a criminal prosecution. In more extreme cases, such a person could be held in contempt of the court.

Employers are not allowed to fire their staff for serving on jury duty but are also not obliged to pay their wages. Payment for jury duty may be as little as $5 per day. However, a juror may be excused from their duty in cases of financial constraints.


United Kingdom

Citizens in the United Kingdom have a 35% chance of serving as a juror before the end of their lifetime. This applies to people in England and Wales. The percentage is considerably higher for citizens of Scotland because of a lesser population. Also, juries in Scotland are made of 15 people, while those in England and Wales are comprised of 12 people.


According to Canadian law, the jury is “a criminal law jury is made up of 12 jurors selected from among citizens of the province or territory in which the court is located. Most civil cases in Canada are tried by judges without a jury. However, anyone charged with a criminal offence for which there can be a prison sentence of five years or more has the right to a trial by jury.”



In Australia, an adversarial system is employed. Potential jurors are selected from an electoral roll. Jurors will get compensation for each day they get to serve. Employers are also expected to pay their employees “make-up pay,” with regular wages as if they were never absent from work, less the compensation received for their service to the state.

According to the National Employment Standards, make-up pay is required for the first ten days when you serve as a juror. But the laws of Western Australia, Victoria, and Queensland allow the extension of this payment till the end of your jury duty.


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