First Page On Google Business Listing Calls

Got A Call Promising A Google Business Listing On The First Page?

(with video below) The phone rings. You pick up. An automated machine tells you that the company calling guarantees the placement of our website on Google’s first page and can provide unlimited clicks within 24 hours. Alternatively, you might be asked to press 1 to get your business validated by Google. This scam follows a similar one that made a lot of victims a couple of years ago by promising “Free Internet listing” or “Google business listing on first page“.

Watch the video below to see the Free Internet Listing/ Google Business Listing scam exposed:

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Google Business Listing Scam Video

This brand new updated scam has a twist. As mentioned above, when you pick up the phone you hear a machine: “We can guarantee your website to be on the first page on Google and get unlimited clicks within 24 hours. Press 1 to see if you qualify.”

Say you are curious and press 1. You get connected to an ‘agent’ and the conversation goes like this (it did in our case):

“Agent: Is this the business owner?

Scam Detector: Yes.

Agent: Can I get your name?

SD: Paul.

Agent: Paul, what kind of business do you own?

SD: I thought you called me knowing who you’re calling.

Agent: Do you wanna cooperate or not?

SD: Sure. I own a pet shop.”

After a few questions about the name of the business and compliments on how clever it is, the agent continues:

“Agent: What’s the name?

SD: Pets 4 You. With number 4 instead of letters.

Agent: That’s so clever, Paul. What city?

SD: Thank you so much. Well, I wouldn’t mind telling everything about it, but I would like to hear more about you too, though.

Agent: Hmm, Paul, we are an online marketing company. I am Eric. We can get you on the first page on Google.

SD: What’s the name of your company?”

Eric hesitates a little bit, but then continues:

“Internet Local Listings. What’s your website?

SD: I don’t have one yet, almost there.

Eric: Oh, we can build one for you too. Okay, let me put you through one of our marketing people. But first, we will need to secure your position.

SD: What does that mean?

Eric: I will need your credit card number. We take VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discovery.

SD: Whoa, whoa, why would I give you my credit card now before I hear what kind of package I am signing up for?

Eric: That’s how we do business.

SD: That’s how we don’t.

(hang up)




Google Listing Calls: How To Avoid

Giving your credit card to people or companies you never heard of, especially before knowing what you are buying, is always a red flag. The phone call above came from (815) 524-2060, originating from Lockport, Illinois.

Don’t get us wrong, there are several SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies out there that are reputable, but practices like the ones above are never to be trusted. If instead of introducing themselves first agents ask you to cooperate, might as well hang up.

If you’re wondering how to get your website on Google, well, it’s already there. All you have to do is add some quality content on it, on a regular basis. The more you add, the better chances you have to get to the first page of the search engines.


Google Listing Calls: How To Report

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


Protect Yourself More

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15 thoughts on “First Page On Google Business Listing Calls”

  1. WARNING : Straight Marketing LCC
    What Straight Marketing LCC does is considered as SCAM. They present themselves as Google employees to charge you for services. After paying, they refer you to another person to open an account at Straight Marketing.

    Google explain very clearly which activities are considered VIOLATIONS. For example, when a third party asks you to pay for your business to appear or continue to appear on Google. It’s SCAM, misrepresentation, and EXACTLY what Straight Marketing does. See the next page from Google Support:

    If you’ve been defrauded by Straight Marketing, fill out the Google form and post your feedback on Google reviews.

  2. I live in California and received a call from The Health and Human Services telling me I qualified for a $9,000 grant. I knew it was a scam right away because first it was a call from Washington DC and was just after 5:pm there. What was scary was that he caller had my name, phone number, and my address.

    People – be aware of Facebook scams and scams of getting your business on the 1st page of Google.

  3. I got calls all day from different numbers, last one from (406) 601-3404. When i picked up, an automated voice said: "If you want to update your Google listing, press one. If you want to be removed from our calling list, press 2." I pressed one and I was sent to a boiler room with a bunch of operators that i can hear in the background. The conversation went exactly like in the article.

    The second phone call i received today (10 minute after the first one) came from (757) 503-4518. An automated voice calling herself Jennifer something said the same things.

    Here is a list of another questionable phone numbers that spammed yesterday and today:
    (904) 388-4504
    (307) 621-9405
    (385) 213-5898
    (520) 317-0022
    (469) 381-1266
    (605) 638-9537
    (720) 263-9045

  4. I just got a call from (970) 834-6602 with exactly the same pitch: "your google specialist". what can we do to stop them???

  5. On Sept. 9th. 2015 Steve the jerk and Douglas Holmes, called from # 218-545-0329 from the Lexington Gruppe to verify my Google listing, and that they were partners with, NOT , "SCAM ALERT BEWARE" these people want to sell you a trip to the moon but never deliver. Also they buy phone numbers from other states with your area codes. Don’t be fooled. Try a local company to help with your internet listings.

  6. In the last 5 days I received 11 calls from the following numbers – Someone please stop them!

    (320) 207-5432
    (573) 767-0441
    (213) 228-5191
    (636) 224-3268
    (248) 215-0436
    (305) 602-9436
    (320) 207-5432
    (980) 265-8868
    (224) 444-5898
    (516) 206-1114
    (514) 819-1376

  7. here is another one, from "Amy", your Google specialist. Phone number is (240) 204-8756. She wanted to speak with the business owner. "If you are not the business owner, hang up now", she says…LOL

  8. Got one too,like Sherman. Mine was from "Sharon, your local Google specialist". Phone nuber was 240 6720049. Does Google know these crooks are impersonating them?

  9. Got the same scam. Got a call from (214) 974.9644, which is Texas. The automated machine said "This is Laura, your local specialist". I don’t even live in the United States, let alone "local"…

  10. Was informed by facebook member named Cart Cartwright that am the winner of the facebook new promo worth 800 000 usa dollars and was told to email, Mr Alex Mc Allison on Email address:[email protected] how do I get my award since Mr Allison is responding.

  11. Omg, I just got a call along these lines!! An automated machine started with: "Validate your Google listing, press 1"… I pressed 1 and this girl Jules (I think) is all over me. I told her I don’t have a website, she still promises validation from Google. And wants to sell me on building a website for me.

    I am like "okay, I am interested". She says: "we’re only gonna charge you $500 for the website. I will put you through my marketing team, but how do you wanna pay today? Visa, mastercard, Amex? I can take your credit card numbers now" I am like: "Pay now? Well, when you go to a restaurant you pay at the end, after the service is done, not when you walk in".

    I told her I will call her later. She says her company name is Lexington Gruppe, Google certified lol. She says she works across the street from Google in California, but the phone number they called me from was (516) 210-5436, which is New York! The number she gave me back to call her is…of course… a 1-800 number. It’s 1(800) 714-9652… Who the hell pays $500 for something they never seen upfront? Why would you go through a third party for a Google validation????

  12. I have been receiving calls 845-445-8932 from Spring Valley New York. I never answer the phone calls but I am speculating that it might be a scam. I also receive calls like 862-204-4552 from Madison New Jersey. I might think it is a scam

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