Facebook Charging Fees

Is Facebook Going To Start Charging? Here Is The Newest Scam:

Beware of a Facebook billing hoax with a new twist that is going around this week, called the Facebook Charging Fees scam. Feel free to add variations of it in the Comments section at the bottom.

In this article, you’ll see how the scam works, how to avoid it, and how to report it. How does it work?

Watch the video below to see the Facebook Charging Fees Scam exposed:

Although this is not a financial scam, the Facebook Charging Fees hoax comes as an inbox Messenger text from a friend, who was naive enough to believe its content.

The message reads: “From Saturday morning Facebook will become chargeable. If you have at least 10 contacts send them this message. In this way we will see that you are an avid user and your logo will become blue and will remain free. As discussed in the paper today. Facebook will cost $0.01 per message. Send this message to 10 people. When you do the light will turn blue otherwise Facebook will activate billing”.

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Sharing this message with ten (or any other number) of your friends does nothing but spamming them with another hoax.

Facebook Billing Hoax: How To Avoid

Facebook always made public the fact that will always be free. Ignore the message and just reply to your friend letting them know that they fell victim to this hoax. The message could also come from a person you don’t know (probably a fake profile), so that’s another reason to ignore it.

Another thing you need to learn in order to avoid typical social media scams is how to easily recognize if the person contacting you has a bogus account or not. How to do that? Read below.


How To Find Out If a Profile Is Fake

Here is some good news. Watch the video below to see how you can easily identify if the profile contacting you on social media is a fake (you can apply to all, not just Facebook).



While we are on Facebook scams to avoid, beware of hoaxes and phishing schemes that you could fall victim of when you take a personality test on Facebook.


Facebook Charging Fees Scam: How To Report

Let your family and friends know about this hoax by sharing it on social media. If you don’t recognize the profile that is sending you the unsolicited messages, you can also officially report them to Facebook using the link below:

Report To Facebook Here

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7 thoughts on “Facebook Charging Fees”

  1. I know all about this wannabe Facebook promotion lottery hoax i’m one of untelling victims that’s been tricked out of their money cause of Mark Elliot Zuckerberg American technology and philanthropist ought to be forced by Federal Marchal Law to reimburse folks like me the money he made it so easy and believable for us who desperately needed financing help he needs to pay us all back with pain and suffering he’s caused

  2. Crystal L Veigle

    (June 25, 2018) I received this facebook "warning" along with a video claiming to be Mark Zuckerberg, giving a speech regarding the attached posting:

    I’LL BE DELETING FACEBOOK! !! Hi I’m Mark Zuckerberg The Director of facebook.

    Hello everyone, it seems that all the warnings were real, facebook use will cost money

    If you send this string to 18 different from your list, your icon will be blue and it will be free for you.

    If you do not believe me tomorrow at 6 pm that facebook will be closed and to open it you will have to pay, this is all by law.

    This message is to inform all our users, that our servers have recently been very congested, so we are asking for your help to solve this problem. We require that our active users forward this message to each of the people in your contact list in order to confirm our active facebook users if you do not send this message to all your facebook contacts then your account will remain inactive with the consequence of Lose all your cont the transmission of this message. Your SmartPhone will be updated within the next 24 hours, will have a new design and a new color for the chat. Dear Facebook users, we are going to do an update for facebook from 23:00 p.m. until 05:00 a.m. on this day. If you do not send this to all your contacts the update will be canceled and you will not have the possibility to chat with your facebook messages

    Will go to pay rate unless you are a frequent user. If you have at least 10 contacts

    Send this sms and the logo will turn red to indicate that you are a user

    Confirmed … We finish it for free Tomorrow they start to collect the messages for facebook at 0.37 cents Forward this message to more than 9 people of your contacts and it will be free of life for you to watch and it will turn green the ball of above do it and you will see.to 9 of you

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