Credit Card Lower Rates

Low-Interest Credit Cards Phone Call: Real Deal Or Not?

Low-interest credit cards are hot commodities but beware of the latest scam whether you’re looking for 0 interest credit cards or low-interest rate credit cards. There are two variations of this scam:

Scenario 1. Did you ever pick up a phone call and the first thing you hear is an automated message saying: “To lower your credit card rates, press 1”?

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If you haven’t, chances are you will soon. The automated call scam is quickly spreading all over the world, as victims are lured into pressing keys on their phone and allowing (giving permission by confirming) scammers to register them for shady premium text rate campaigns or even to give them their credit card numbers.

Watch the video below to see in action how this sneaky premium line works.

How Premium Rate Numbers Work Video

Scenario 2 (with video). This second variation of the scam involves unsolicited phone calls from fraudsters offering to apply for a low-interest rate credit card on a person’s behalf, for a large fee. The criminal will request personal and financial information, including a person’s existing credit card number.

Watch the video below to see in action the Credit Card Lower Rate scam.

Credit Card Lower Rate Scam Video

How to avoid:

Just hang up the call if it is an automated message, regardless of what it is about: lower rates, free trip, bonus loyalty points, etc. For the second variation of the scam, consumers should never pay a fee to a third party for this service. Most financial institutions offer low-interest rate credit cards and consumers can apply for these cards on their own through the financial institution directly. You can also report the scam on this page: Federal Trade Commission Report.

How to protect yourself more:

If you want to be the first to find out the most notorious scams every week, feel free to subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter here. You’ll receive periodical emails and we promise not to spam. Last but not least, use the Comments section below to expose other scammers.

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  2. kimberly young

    Here is a spam comment we received as well:

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  4. jennifer scarlata

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  5. I’ve had enough. Reporting them does nothing since they mask their numbers. I get a call per day. So now, I just give it to the poor soul who answers using all the swear words I can find. It may not accomplish much, but it sure feels good.

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  9. Just got a call from 917-264-5269 – same as the rest; claims he is from Experian and because Im making all my payments they are going to reduce my interest rates to 3%! I mean 3% – that’s unheard of in my case..and shocking I know because I just called my card companies direct last week to discuss lower interest rates. WHile I had him on the phone asking him for proof, I grabbed a message from Experian noting that these calls were spam – read it aloud to him and told him Im going to report him, and then blocked him. Such a pain in the ass. Don’t be suckered!

  10. I received a phone call today from a Max Rosh,at CMS (credit members service) and do to the fair trade commission act, that Experian and Transunion credit reporting agencies have been monitoring my credit cards, since I have paid on time and always more than the minimum I qualify for credit card reduction in interest, and guaranteed a single digit interest rate, I asked Max several times who he worked for; kept saying Card Member Services in Atlanta, GA, I say " there is a lot of card member services out there and I believe he is a scammer" says guarantees he is not, does not want my credit card number or any personal info, only wants the expiration date on my card. Not giving any information whatsoever until you tell me the real name of your company and a phone number for them, he kept recycling the conversation, I hung up on him. When I looked up his number via reverse lookup; it was allegedly in Salem, OR and a cell phone, which is highly unlikely, thinking closer to India.

  11. zee boyii raja

    Lol card services provide lower rates I’m working in call centre its not a scam your bank is the one who charge you high interest rates card services work with your banks at corporate level yes I agree the way of getting info from customers is wrong but trust me we daily qualify people for getting 0 % rate .. We call them collect info of their all cards by telling them the exact billing statement because when customers give card number last four digits of social .. billing statements of that card ??? We can get through bank then we calculate all debt and available balance collectively and qualify him for low rate on a charge but keep one thing in mind charge is not collected from your available balance or from your pocket .. Charge is collected from the savings from high to low interest rate its true its zero pocket expense for you .. Scam is something else you all knw that … !!!

  12. Thaddeus Buttmunch MD

    I LOVE messing with those F***s. When I have the time, I always press 1. Then I spend three minutes "looking for my AMEX card." I actually have it in front of me so I don’t give the correct digits by mistake. The First Four I DO give correct (or they know I’m BS-ing them.) Then I give the wrong Birthdate, the wrong Social Security number, and, after wasting THEIR time, I tell them they’re Busted. I think they’re onto me, because after I talk to a Warm Body, I usually get a Busy Signal.

  13. Not sure how legitimate call was from a number 786-460-8992 (florida), but caller mentioned an offer of lower interest rate on credit cards issued by Chase, BofA and other banks. Caller confirms your credit card number and expiration date, and then puts you on hold. Caller also requests last 4 of SSN. I ended the call following that request, and contacted Chase. They informed me that it could have been scam, and cancelled that card.

  14. After the brief enjoyment of messing around with these callers it’s important to report them to the Do-Not-Call folks . Make sure that you have registered your phone #(s) with Do-Not-Call then go to: to report the call. It’s quick, less than 5 minutes and the origin of the calls CAN BE TRACED despite the callers using a fake Caller ID to try and hide their tracks: "Five companies have been levied penalties totaling $643,500 for allegedly violating do-not-call list rules and in some cases seeking remote access to home computers under the pretext of removing viruses and other malicious software.

    Two Indian call centre operators who have not been identified will be served their violation notices via the Indian Central Bureau of Investigation." (Excerpt from the Toronto Star —

  15. Cordless phones are great for these idiots: when they call grab another handset & turn it on before pressing "1" (or whatever). As soon as you get a live person on the other end put the handsets on top of each other — mouthpiece of one against the ear of the other. Produces a terrific "Screech" feedback, sort of like 100 finger nails on a blackboard. Hopefully the Scammer at the other end is using a headset…


    Just came off the phone with a scammer, held him there for 45 minutes or more this is how it went: phone rings 14165157137. An Ontario nr. Automatic message press one if you want to lower your credit card interest so I did. A young man with heavy Indian accent comes on the phone. He asked if I wanted to have a low interest rate of 5.4 % the rest of my life, of course I said yes but also asked for which credit card. He said the credit card agency in Calgary Alberta. I told him my friend Bert Liebe lives there and how beautiful it was, if it was snowing, cold etc. I also told him there was terrible freezing rain here and that I almost fell three times this morning walking my dog. He wanted to speed along and that’s when I gave Sierra the sign to bark. Hang on I said there is someone at the door. I talked to my invisible visitor for a bit while continue to speak in the phone and asked him to hang on as I surely was interested in lowering my credit rate. When I went back to him he asked me the expiry on the card. I told him I would get it. Then of course I couldn’t find it as it must have been in my purse in the car, I asked him if he wanted me to get it. He did, I warned him I had to walk 6 flights of stairs, he would wait. Once returned I gave him a fake expiry date. Then he wanted my birthday I told him I have a funny birthday 29 feb 1967 and that I actually was very young as it only comes along every 4 years and that I never met anyone with the same birthday but that there are people celebrating all over the world. He was not interested lol. I also interrupted him repeatedly by saying I could not understand what he said, it was hilarious he almost shouted in the phone. Now I had the credit card he wanted to know which bank it was and also wanted me to read the 1800 nr on the back. I told him I would get my glasses as I could not read the small print. Go get your glasses he said. I told him a new pair was ordered then the cell phone rang, great excuse to stall him again, once back he asked me if I had my glasses I said yes but the old ones . He lost his patience, then I told him he was just been scammed, that I used 45 minutes of my day to prevent him from scamming other people and hung up. It was fun! I recommend you do the same! Cost them a lot of money!

  17. I get calls like these daily(sometimes 3 a day) almost always some Indian sounding foreigner with terribly thick accent, that I can barely understand. I usually will not answer them and have a call blocker app on my phone but recently they have started using local area codes to call! So, I answered, then hit 9 to tell them YET AGAIN, TO STOP CALLING ME! After getting frustrated that the scumbag on the line would not tell me how to get off their call list. I started to mess with him by providing false information. Then he started calling me a "nigger" and telling me he was going to "fuck my mother" before he hung up on me. Never ever press 9 or 1, to talk to one of these pieces of human filth. Reporting them to FTC has done nothing! Being on the Do Not Call Registry does nothing! I cannot believe that I have NO RECOURSE to take on this other than change my number, which they will undoubtedly just get again, somehow.

  18. Got an automated call about lowering interest rates on my credit card. Since I do not have a credit card, I pressed 1, hoping to tell them to stop calling me. Of course, a doofus with an Indian accent answered, so I told him I didn’t have a credit card and to take my number off their call list. He started telling me he liked the way I talked and that I was very "wise" and that he didn’t want to talk about credit cards. I couldn’t help but start laughing. He said he liked the way I laughed and that he wanted to call me back. I said there was no reason for him to call back as I did not have a credit card, and that I did not want to receive any more calls from them. This dumb shit just kept on and on about how he liked the way I talked; I couldn’t stop laughing. He asked if he could call me again, what a damn weirdo. Finally I just had to hang up. They will obviously not remove your number from their call list, so the next time they call I will just have to hang up as soon as I hear the recording.

  19. Everyone was smart enough to hang up! Not me!!! I gave my credit card number with expiration date and social :/ I cancelled the card but now I’m afraid not identity theft or something.

  20. Travis DeLong

    I got one of these phone calls today. I thought it sounded like a scam right from the start but I decided to play along and keep them on the phone. It was fun for a few minutes. At one point I asked them "What is my name?". They immediately hung up on me when I asked them this.

  21. Today I received a call about lowering interest rates and the caller ID showed it came from my own phone number. These people are clever but why can’t they be stopped. Asked them to leave me alone. Have been placed on the do not call registry numerous times.

  22. I have been receiving these calls off and on for a few years now. They start off with the you are eligible to lower your credit card rates and the whole spiel. Then press 1 to speak to a representative. I did this and told them that I don’t have a credit card. And guess what they hung up on me ! It is a SCAM ! No legitimate company does business like this. I didn’t get enough time to tell them not to ever call me or take my name off of their list. I know that they will call me again. I am on the do not call list but these idiots keep calling me over and over again. And they use a phone # that isn’t even valid. I learned my lesson

  23. Doesn't matter

    I’ve gotten these calls before. I get piss ed but unlike most of the racist people in here I say, which card us offering to low my interest rate? Then I tell them to take me off their call list I’ll come in or they can mail me info. I don’t discuss my banking unless I have made the call.

  24. When I’m bored I string them along to waste their time. A little payback and maybe save someone else from being called.

  25. Just had such a call from 306 764-0456 which is a number listed to Gary Quan of Central Avenue in Prince Albert, Sask. per Canada411

  26. I just got a call from these people as well. They tried to tell me they are from Mastercard. They have enough information about your credit cards and what you have to sound informative. They know "roughly" what your current interest rates are and who your current credit cards are with. I told the guy I couldn’t hear him and he called me back. My first big indication of a scam was that the first number came up as a Houston TX number, when he called me back, it came up from Amana IA.

    He tried to convince me that he needed my credit card number to pull up my records in order to verify all my information and then would be able to provide me with the right info to lower my interest rate to 0% APR. First of all, anyone that tells you they are going to lower your APR to 0% is lying unless they are transferring a large balance. Also, if they continue to refuse to be able to provide you with any validating information of who they are, its a scam. Dont listen to the BS, your bank or actual credit card company will call you regarding your credit cards. I spoke with Bank of America shortly after to verify and they confirmed all this.

    Do yourself a favor like so many others stated, if you get an automated call regarding lowering your interest rates on your credit card hang up.

  27. Thaddeus Buttmunch, MD

    I just got this call a little while ago. How do they know to Call me whenever I lay down for a NAP? The Maid must have put a pressure transducer under my Bedpost! Soo…I play along…Dial 9…and the Moog says he represents "Visa, Mastercard, BofA and can lower my interest rate. So I said "BOY I’ll bet Mahatma Gandhi would be proud of YOU-you Fucking MAHOUT!! (Elephant Driver) and hung up.

  28. I just GOT one of those Calls. I dialed "9" to string them along. Sure Enough, some Moog answers and says he represents "Visa, Mastercard, and BofA" and can lower my interest rates. So I said "BOY I bet Mahatma Gandhi would be Proud of YOU-you Fucking MAHOUT!! and hung up. If we simply Ignore the calls, they don’t care because of the #@$!! Robocallers. The thing to do (when possible) is to string them along, so they don’t get to the Demented or Retarded who may actually Fall for their Snake Oil(!) And the DNC list DID work for Telephone companies wanting us to switch, sleazy dating services, satellite TV providers. Charities and politicians are exempt (BOO!-especially the "Charities") those you’ve had dealings with are also exempt. And Then there are the local Carpet cleaners, and the Moog and Gook scumbags with "Microsoft" "Back Braces" "The IRS coming to GET you" and Credit Cards.

  29. Sylvia Alexander

    I just received a call – credit card interest rate reduction scam – in which my own number showed up in "Caller ID".I have not only informed these people that our telephone number is on the "Do Not Call" list but that I want them to stop calling. Once, when I asked the man to stop calling my home, he informed me that he would telephone whenever he wanted to do so! Surely something can be done – should they not be fined or something?

  30. I got the automated call stating I qualified for a lower interest rate on my credit card….
    Press 1 to be connected. As I don’t have any credit cards, I pressed 1
    A man with a thick Indian accent went into his speech about lowering my interest rate
    On my credit card. I asked which card was that? He said my Visa card. I asked for which bank. He sighed heavily and shouted " the bank of your mother!" And he hung up. I called the number back and got a pre recorded message asking if I wanted to have my number added to their do not call list. If you get these calls, ask questions, don’t just roll over and assume they are legit.

  31. Just had a call stating that we qualified for a lower interest rate on our visa card … … the gentleman had a strong Asian accent. All I heard was lots of background chatter … sounded as through they had a many people conducting the same scam … Certainly I used some profane language … which he was able to top!!! Just keep your guard up .

  32. I receive these calls at least 3-4 times a week. The other day I held on and asked to be taken off the calling lst. The man said "you are "stupd." He said that several more times and hung up. I am on the "so called do not call list" which does no good what so ever. I think it’s sad that we have to put up with this. They use area codes in cities where I have family so I’m afraid not to answer the phone. Last week my caller ID showed my own phon number. Please…..

  33. I get these calls quite frequently. They use many different numbers when checking the caller I.D. They have even called me using my own phone number. Just a few minutes ago I received the lower my interest rates call and the number that showed up on the caller I.D. was the number for Dominoes Store 8, which is my local Dominoes. It seems something can be done to stop these harassing calls as I do not have any credit card debt and nor do I even own a credit card. Thanks for listening

  34. Sylvia F Crocker

    On Oct 8 I fell for this scam (first version). They sounded so authentic and didn’t ask for any money, they also had access to my credit card accounts. The only information I gave them was my mother’s maiden name and the security code on one of my credit cards. I see now that those were two big mistakes on my part. I have notified my credit cards and now I’ll change my mother’s maiden name with each of them.

  35. 717-992-0785 is a scammer who asks you to press ‘9’. I am in 717 area code so it looks like a local number. Last owner lived in Columbia, Pa.

  36. A real person called, a female with a heavy accent, phone number was 613-518-8016 saying that my credit card payment history is excellent and that I earned low interest rate for my visa/master cards accounts: 5.99% for the rest of my life. She confirmed my postal code and asked date of birth. I told her that I do not provide any personal information over the phone, asked her to give me their phone number and I will call them back. She said they do not have a number for call back. I disconnected call without further comments. And the thing is, I do not have visa account. When I called this same number back, of course, the number is not in service.

  37. I just received a call of an automated service that said "Hi am Lisa…blah blah…lower rates…" I didn’t push any buttons and hung up, several minutes later I received a call again with a similar number, both of which look like local numbers. When I got the second call, I waited, didn’t push any buttons, so it just hung up on me. I called the number back and got a real person. She said she never called me and that someone was using her number! I believe her. How can I retaliate, this is ridiculous???

  38. same thing happened to me they used my number to call when i asked why they did that they hung up. I want to report these jerks but not sure where to go

  39. This is the craziest thing….we can put a man on the moon yet we cannot get rid of these annoying robot calls!!! They first used an unknown number, then a number that I recognized as from my home town….NOW they are using MY own number, so there is no way to hit redial and tell them to take me off their list! How in the world would anyone fall for such a useless loser???

  40. I am so tired of this scam. First it was a number I did not recognize, then it used a number in the same town that I live it….NOW it is using my own number to call me. I picked it up thinking it was my husband calling and it said "Hi. This is Rachael from Card Services"!!!! Wow, how can they do this??

  41. I receive phone call from credit card company for lowere interest rate, I start to talk Vietnamese to her, than she make a sound like heavy breathing, scramming these loser I don’t understand why we can defeat them???

  42. Just received a call from MY PHONE number.. with an automatic message to press 9 to do something with my credit cards. Lower the rates or something. I then got connected to a man. I told him I wanted to be removed from their call list. He told me he could only do that if I burped. And proceeded to burp over and over again. I asked to speak to his supervisor. he said he could only do that if I burped. I finally hung up. I hope they don’t call again. I am getting annoyed. These people are ridiculous and RUDE!

  43. I got a call today and the call display had my own number on it. So I played along and let her say her piece about lowering my inters rate and I said I have on question she said sure and I proceeded to say "why the f*** are you using my number to call me you filthy piece of Indian S***?" she hung up on me 🙂

  44. I too just got this call and asked for their number to call them back and got the fake Visa # — do you think the number in the Phillipines really is fake they sounded legit and were apparently working on getting it fixed. Maybe this is a scam too. The idiot on the first call had the nerve to tell me I was wasting his time because after asking lots of questions I then said I wanted to be place on the do not call list. Then he started yelling and not listening- I hung up. Now I am worried he will really be able to get some of my info another way and target me.

  45. I just got a call and decided to "play" along as well. When it got to the point I wouldn’t give the Indian guy my personal info he started swearing, and told me I wasted his 3 minutes. When that didn’t work he started talking sexual and saying what he would like to do to me. I terminated the call. I don’t know how these losers keep getting phone numbers when you are on the "Do not call List". Total Scam.

  46. Richard Cranium

    One dummy have me his number to call back with my info. Note I mess with them everytime they call. 800-847-2911 if fake Visa.

  47. This happened to me today too! I got a call today with an automated message asking me to press 9 to discuss lowering my credit card interest rate. The incoming number displayed as a local cell number. I pressed 9. The guy mentioned he could help me lower my credit card rates to 6%. I entertained the Convo, questioned him. He seemed almost Legit. He even gave me the first digits to my card. I told him he could get that info from anywhere. Master Card numbers are almost always the same. He seemed to be upset that I was asking so many questions, I said Ummmm, you called me, Im skeptical.

    Anyway, the call was disconnected. He called me back from a Houston Number. I said why are you calling me from another number. He said Experian Automates the call. I continued with how uncomfortable I was with the call and could he verify my info with me so i knew who he was. He said let me put my manager on the phone. The guy "Sean" got on the phone. He seemed Annoyed too. I mentioned to him that I didn’t call the company and i don’t feel like I need to share my info if you cant verify anything back to me. He got snappy and said "you asked enough questions" I said Hold up……who are you talking to? Then I hung up. I realized this was a Scam!

    When I called that number back, I spoke with a man who appeared to be local, and said someone must have piggy backed off of his number. Don’t let this happen to you!
    Make sure you have Identity Theft protection! –Scammers are really trying everything!

  48. I too got a call today, when I told him I was on the ‘do not call list’, he proceeded to cuss me out, words I can’t print here.

  49. I have had this scam call me 3 times in the last 6 weeks from my own phone number!! I had already heard about this particular scam so I was interested to "play along" with this Indian man for about 15 minutes. When he finally got to the part where I was to supply him with my personal information I proceeded to tell him that what he is doing is awful, and he needs to find a more reputable job instead of ripping people off. Just for the fun of it I asked him how many people fall for this scam on a daily basis, and he was very forthcoming, telling me that he actually get’s 20 people a day to fall for his crap. I told him to have a nice day, and to please not call me again.
    Surprise, surprise just a week later I get another call from my own phone number and because I was tired I wasn’t so nice to him this time. He actually remembered me from the previous call, and laughed. I gave him a few choice ideas of where to go, and within 1 minute he called me back!! I answered, and all I heard was an Indian man, speaking limited English swearing at me calling me an "ass bitch" ect. ect…..
    Wow!! I just got off the phone with them again, but luckily this time they didn’t decide to call me back with name calling. My advice is to just not give these people the satisfaction by engaging them, or better yet, don’t answer. Please remember that no one from a reputable credit card agency will ever call you asking for personal information.

  50. I got a call today with an automated message asking me to press 9 to discuss lowering my credit card interest rate. The incoming number displayed as a local cell number. Like an idiot, I pressed 9. The call was immediately disconnected. When I called that number back, I spoke with a man who appeared to be local, and said someone must have piggy backed off of his number. So, I am worried that pressing 9 has somehow given the caller access to my credit cards. In fact, now I am even feeling leery of adding my email to this comment. Bummer!

  51. If you have comcast you can put all their numbers on a program that they have and they will intercept them for you. and you can check a box that will stop all anonymous calls. I use to get 8 or 9 calls a day now I get maybe 1 every other day and I immediately put them on my list.

  52. Janet Collins

    Just got a call on my cell phone from 407-947-1971, Orlando, FL. Recorded message "…press 9 to reduce your credit card interest." Guy with accent comes on and rattles on about reducing my interest rates. I interrupted and asked which card company was he calling from. He said "we work with all the major credit card companies, VISA, Mastercard.." In again interrupted and said, "so you are not from one of my current companies" He repeated his spiel. I said I am not interested in dealing with anyone except my direct cards, so thank you for calling. He again tried to tell me more, so I said good-bye and hung up. Tried calling the number—"We’re sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialed."
    SCAMMERS Trying to get those naive people.

  53. Just got a call from (728)725-8139. Automated voice telling me I could lower my credit card interest rate, I don’t own a credit card. I pressed nine to fuck with em. Guy answers and says his speil… I say, "where’s my free money?!!" He laughs and says, "that’s for us, not you!" And hangs up. I call the number back and it says it’s not a real number.

  54. I got a call today from MY OWN PHONE NUMBER YEP, and it was an automated recording (a female american) saying that I had the option to lower my interest rate now and to press 9. Well coincidently I got a letter from my credit card carrier that said I would qualify for a lower interest rate. So I hit 9 thinking the two were connected. When the indian man answered my heart dropped. RED FLAG NUMBER 1~~ Then he asks how I am doing I say fine, and you? He is doing well… wonderful right lol. So then he starts saying we can lower you interest rates and so being the bright individual I am (even though I only have 1 credit card) I asked "what credit card are you calling about". He replies "oh visa, mastercard, ect. RED FLAG NUMBER 2~~ I said "oh you must be a third party because you would know that information if you were truly someone calling on behalf of MY BANK. He tried exclaiming "NO I AM NOT A THIRD PARTY, YADA YADA. At that point the gig was up! I had caught on to his ridiculous scam. And I told him "no im not giving you my credit card info" what was interesting is what happened next…….. the call turned in a swift hurry to something you would never expect to hear from one of these scammers. His very next words literally left me speechless. He goes "so do you have a pink or black p**sy" WHAT?!?!??!!? What in the hell did this guy just say to me? I thought that clearly I heard that wrong and I said Sir did you just say what I think you said"? And he plays dumb "What did I say" and I said "I don’t think I need to repeat it but did you just ask if i had a pink or black P**SY??? He said "yes" as if it were not the most disgusting thing I have ever heard. And I said are you serious???? A few words later the convo was over. But I am still in shock as to how this went from a scam to a prank phone call in a matter of seconds. Guess I was just too smart and caught onto his crap too fast. And the only verbage to retaliate with was this non sense. In the end I had a good laugh…. but this definitely concerns me for people who may not think to ask the right questions.

  55. Stupid me! I have always considered myself smart. But last night received a call from someone telling me they could lower my interest rates. Yes, I have one card I would love to transfer balance or drop. The 3% he told me about sounded wonderful…… then he asked me for the entire card number… after several questions.. business name, location, why you & not my bank..etc. I was tired after working for the day…. I gave in.. he put me on hold.. came back on asked if he was selling… yes he replied for a fee can do it. My gut screamed NO!!!!!! Hung up..funny he tried calling me back four times…called my credit card company cancelled & informed them of my dumbness. UGH!!!!
    Question is there a company that protects all your info? What about LIFELOCK?
    We live in scary times!

  56. I get calls from "credit Card Services" my own number and name shows up as the caller. You press 9 to talk to a person and when you tell them you want taken off their call list they hang up on you. Is there anyway to find out who these people are and put a stop to the phone calls?

  57. I just received a similar call. I am pretty gullib as a rule and may have fallen for the hype but received a call earlier this year from supposedly the IRS saying that I owed $6,400 dollars on my 2010 and 2011 tax returns. They claimed they were going to freeze all my accounts and arrest me. They had me all upset until I started thinking about it and realized there was absolutely no way I could owe the IRS. It’s too bad that there are people out there that put so much time and effort into stealing from hard working individuals. If they put their energies into doing something honest it wouldn’t take any more work!

  58. We’re sick and tired of multiple calls a week despite being on the Do Not Call Registry but that doesn’t stop these SCAM calls which are always from a spoofed number. Pressing "2" to be removed doesn’t do anything other than confirm that our number is legit; nor does telling them not to call again. So now, when "This is Heather (or Rachel) from Card Services" calls, I always press "1" — we have cordless phones and while the call is being transferred to a real person I turn on a second phone & place the phones mouthpiece-to-speaker to produce a giant feedback screech.

  59. It’s incredible how these people from India, Pakistan etc. provide a very Anglo sounding name such as "Brandon Smith". That should be everyone’s first clue.

  60. Got a call myself on March 11, 2015, with caller ID showing my name and phone number. (That set off some alarms in my head!) The person said his name was David Parker working for Financial Coach and they would lower my interest payments with my credit card companies down to 3%! They could supposedly do this because of my excellent record in making monthly payments. I was given a website (on request) of, and was told I’d get a call in a few minutes to get me set up. I did get a call and my caller ID showed the name and the number on the website. I gave the guy a bogus reason why I couldn’t sign up at the moment and did some research. Thank you Scam Detector!

  61. This scam of lowering your interest rate is as old as the telephone. They used to operate fropm Florida, the scam capital of the world, but have moved to the sunshine coast in B.C. They call me twice a month. Sometimes I lead them on and say I don’t have a credit card, or ask them if they can lower the interest rate to .5 per cent. Other times I just hang up. My advice, 1 Don’t answer the call.1. If you do, hang up immediately. 3.If you want to ream them out press 2 and when the guy with the accent comes on, call him everything in the book. Bottom line. He doesn’t care and the automatic dialer will keep calling you. The number on your call minder is as phony as the scam artist on the other end. Don’t sweat over it. They’ve been doing this for years and likely won’t be caught soon. Hope this has been helpful.

  62. I get these calls every day 2 to 3 times daily.. I just received one he told me the first number of one of my cards he said I’m sitting looking right now at the statements because we are the ones that send the bills to you.. Then he said all I need is expiration dates and the rest of your part numbers on all your credit cards because I know you have more than one and I know you owe over $4000 on them and I hung up, and it was a local phone number from here where I live he called back and said we got disconnected and the phone number was from Texas that showed up on my caller ID..the first number was 479 967 0570 the name says Miguel Rodriguez..the next number from Texas is 713-300-0001..I tried to call both of them back 1 is a busy signal the local one, the one from Texas gives like a high pitch squeal like a fax

  63. I fget these calls 2 and 32 times a day why can’t somthing
    be done to phone company who gave them the number. how can yu get a call from a number not in use

  64. John E. Buckingham

    I have received, and filed more than 30 complaints with the Do Not Call Registry in regard to unwanted "robo-calls" from Ann, at this Credit Card Services, or now just Card Services. I hope they get a HUGE fine, and are eventually caught, and sent to prison for a LONG time. I’m beyond tired of these annoying early-morning calls!

  65. I just received a call from my own private number showing my name on the caller ID. When I answered because it was confusing to get a call like this (from myself?) I was told because I’ve been current with all my payments on my major credits cards the could lower my interest rates but only if I owed $4000 total because it’s the law that if I have excellent credit I shouldn’t be paying high interest rates. I told this person he was not getting my credit card numbers and he insisted he didn’t need them because he already had all my info from the 3 major credit co. but as the conversation went on he asked for my credit card number and at that point I told him no thank you and hung up…. weird huh?

  66. I’ve received several of these calls over the past six months. I don’t even own a credit card, but the aggressive caller on the other side always insists I do. I always ask for him to provide the company name, he claims "Visa/Mastercard". I ask him to provide me with my name and he just keeps calling me ma’am, "I know you have a card" at which point one of us finally hangs up. I’ve also been getting calls about duct cleaning (live in an apartment and have told them this several times) and "Windows" tech support. They all sound like the same group of people to me…

  67. I just had one said his name Jerry ext.424 user ID 699. He called from card services – chase, bank of america, citi bank, and capital one. I told him I don’t have either and he hung up. Talking about lowering you interest on your credit card. Jerry please…

  68. Wish I could get them to stop calling – have been on the DO NOT CALL LIST for years. Now they are using your own name and phone number on the caller id. When you finally get a live person they tell you they are from your credit card company and how you have only been paying the minimum balance. Right there they were dead wrong! How do you get these guys to stop!!!!!

  69. I just received the call from Card Services saying they’d lower my balance. I felt it was a scam, but kept listening to what they say. As soon as they said confirm the expiration date on my cards and I told them NO YOU TELL ME WHAT YOU HAVE?! The woman hung up right away. They called from (540)890-4303 (Virginia Number)

  70. Here’s 2 numbers that call regularly.
    I told them repeatedly not to call and they still do.

  71. the Phone Warror

    press one and just be flat out rude to them with a clear and loud "F— YOU!" and if they stay on the line just be as rude as you want then do not respect you so you do not need to respect them.

  72. These evil monsters must be stopped. I have tried everything–pushing the number to be taken off the list (oh, maybe 20 times); putting them on speaker phone for ten minutes while I putter around, muttering that I am looking for my card number and will get it in a second; getting the customer service agent online and then blaring Black Sabbath’s "War Pigs"; telling them I have cancer and it is painful for me to get up and answer the telephone; asking the agent whether she feels good about herself working for a company that makes its money by fraudulent and illegal methods; and of course, threatening to report them to the FTC and State Attorney Generals’s Office for repeated violations of the telemarketers’ law. Nothing works. I probably get 15-20 calls a month from these criminals. Because that’s what they are–criminals. I would love to strangle that woman who made the breathless recording you hear when you pick up.

    So does anyone have a way of hacking their real number and finding their real address? They are usually native-born American voices–this is no out-of-India operation. Would someone who has gone through and purchased their "service" be willing to share any clues as to where these rogues might be based? A real phone number? Address? PO Box? Email? Website? There are some very smart hackers who would probably love to take this on pro bono.

  73. I had a call yesterday on my cell number, I asked the guy to remove me from their calling list. He replied NO, he was sarcastic the whole time. I told him never to call back he goes I will if I want to. He creeped me out. How do we get these calls when we are on the do not call list…

  74. The calls from Credit Card Services, Scammers for sure, is now coming in with my name and phone number.

    To whom shall I report this and can anything be done to stop the calls?

  75. Like so many I have got calls with strange names and numbers ….. BUT today …… they called me with MY OWN PHONE NUMBER on the ID…when I asked to speak with someone that can take my number off he said ….don’t hang up I will get some one…..he HUNG UP on me…

  76. I have started using a shrill whistle… I press one, the idiot answers .. and I give him or her a blast of the whistle… I DO hope it damages their hearing…..

  77. I have started hitting "1" and immediately saying "Remove me from your computer list or I will press charges". I try to say it as fast as I can because of course they hang up right away. Don’t know if it will work but I’m getting a couple of these calls per DAY and I’m fed up! To make matters worse, I don’t EVER have any credit card debt!

  78. i get these every week since 1987. i just either hang up or i yell & scream obscene words to them. thay still call. even my neighborhood banks get these calls. also i get mortgage scam calls.

  79. If you ever get one of these calls, and you’ve got the time, you should always press 1 and play along. Start it out as if you were really interested, and drag it out as long as possible. Don’t give them any real information. Maybe a credit card number like

    8160 7337 8008 1350 (Big Leet Boobies)

    Drag it out as long as possible by mumbling the number and using the crinkly wrappers and "sorry please repeat…" requests. As long as they’re on the line with you, they can’t be scamming anyone else. Ideally, you’d drag it out to at least 2 minutes or get them to flip out on you. That’s when it gets really fun. I figure if enough of their calls end up like that, it won’t be worth their time to make these calls anymore and they’ll start dreading it when someone presses ‘1’ to have a chat. I see it as my civic duty to screw with these people as much as possible.

  80. "Heather from Card Services" has changed her number. Instead of a "real number" the latest call was from 1-800-000-0000 so I couldn’t report it to Do Not Call or do a Reverse Directory search and report it to whoever provided the landline (Telus, Bell, etc.). No matter, I kept them on the line for over 5 minutes — kept asking fellow to repeat everything "because we had a bad connection".

  81. These people call me at least every other day, too. I used to play along and ask a lot of questions but now I just say "Is this the best job you can get? Can’t you find something more useful rather than working for crooks?" It seems that there must be some way of stopping these annoying people.

  82. Why can my phone company that i have been loyal to for years not want to protect me their client? Considering ridding myself of landline

  83. Just got a call from one of these scammers. I just asked probing questions about the what company they are from and how it works, he said that he was with Card Services and they work with Chase, BoA, Capital One and all the large card companies. All I need to do was give him my information and I would start receiving the lower rate. So I replied with if you work with all of these companies, you would already have my information in which he got irritated and got a little belligerent as to which I asked for a return # and he promptly hung up…

  84. If everyone would start wasting these telemarketer’s time, and keep them on the line as long as possible, they’d all go out of business. Scam the scammers!

    Sometimes I play it straight, and use a foreign accent, and speak very slowly, and get them to repeat everything…then ask them endless questions; give them a phony credit card number (make sure the 1st 4 dicits are from a real card, they can tell)…then, they either catch-on and hang up on ME, or (and this is the best) I just suddenly say "Not interested" in a non-chalant manner, and hang up, after wasting 15 minutes of their time!

    I’ve taken to recording my farts with a micro-cassette recorder…now when they call, I’ll play the farts into the phone. One lady stayed on through about 20 farts. The guys usually hang up after 2 or 3.

    Have fun, and help put these scammers out of business!

  85. They call every other day. When you press 2 it does not do anything. I have asked the link e person to take me off the list and have been called a F?????? A??????. Is there no way to stop these people. Now caller ID uses my number.I have filed a complaint and no one does any thing.

  86. Someone needs to be arrested! Not only and I on all the do not call lists, but the *69 call back number is spoofed. Illegal! Surely the phone company can trace this call.

  87. "This is Heather from Card Services…blah, blah". Usually I just hang up because the "Press #" command to be removed doesn’t do anything. Recently I started wasting as much of THEIR time as possible by pressing "1" to talk to a live person — who always has an East Indian accent. I start with confusion about what they want, then tell them that I’ve had a "minor stroke" and don’t know what interest rate we are paying. When they continue to press for information I tell them my wife looks after our cards following "my stroke" but she’s at the neighbours so I’ll have to go get the cards out of her purse to see which ones we have. I put the phone down for a bit to waste more of their time. If they’re still on the line I give them a fake library card or store credit card number — I either scramble the actual number or just make up some number.

    My record is keeping them on the phone for 18 minutes during which time I finished loading the dishwasher and let the dogs in and out. For some reason we don’t seem to get as many of these calls as we used to…

  88. They call us every day – multiple times, from different numbers (I wish it really was the "last and final notice".) One number they are now calling from is only a few numbers away from my home number and caller ID says it’s my wife’s employer (it is not – but they must have our incoming phone records to know that.) They’ve been calling for months – maybe even a year at this point. Once I answered and told them we were on the do not call list. They said they would remove us (did not). Once I called the number back and started yelling. On the other end of the phone the response was "so you are not interested in lowering you interest rates" – in a sarcastic tone. Then they hung up, so I called back screaming. Hung up again. I WISH I could get the personal phone numbers of the people on the other end.

  89. I have gotten a bunch of calls from the scam, credit card services, using or spoofing, it would seem, the number 435-645-8529, which is super creepy, because that number used to belong to a family I know. The discontinued it years ago. So, somehow the scammers got that number out of our phone history, it would seem. How is that even possible? So, they called me, with this spoofed number, that I did recognize. I picked it up because the curiosity was killing me. I know that number is no longer used by the family that used to have it so that made it even more strange. This last time when they called and I answered is when I heard the robo-call pitch to get lower interest rates. So, on the caller ID there was this number I recognize and just city and state. Super creepy that they could get that number and use it to specifically target me. I can’t find any record of that number being used to call anyone else when I search online. Again, super creepy!

  90. my caller ID showed up as a DEBORAH ALLEN and showed up as a local number in my city that is one digit off my phone number!! It was the same old lower your credit card interest call that comes often from CARD SERVICES. I called the number back and it was indeed the home number of the ALLENs and they have no idea how their number was spammed!!

  91. This to Wally. I got a call yesterday with my own house phone on the I.D. I picked up because I was curious. Then I heard, "Bank card services". I hung up immediately and decided to call AT&T because I thought I’d been hacked. After an hour of hemming and hawing he found where the call supposedly came from. He asked if I knew the company and I said "Yes but they wouldn’t be calling me because I had just seen them not two hours before".Then he said he’d talk to his supervisor and call me back. About two hours later he called back and said it had been resolved. Huge relief that I won’t have to change my phone number.

  92. I have had my phone number on the do not call lists and I’m constantly getting scam calls, including the lower your interest rate recordings. (One place kept calling here, still have no clue where he was calling from and for what, and ‘Habbib’ calling himself Michael, kept saying how much he liked my daughter and they are friends from school, and they know what street we live on—freaking her out!!!–sickos!!) I just decided to see what the lower your credit interest rate calls were about, and this guy was explaining they have my information from Experian, and he had my name and said the card my highest balance was on was my Visa card, but that is not true, so……when I told him that wasn’t true, he told me to get my MasterCard that started with a 5……I’m perplexed because that card number does start with 5, but then he wanted the whole card number for confirmation—when I wouldn’t give it to him he said I was foolish because he’s legit and my interest rates will soar to 30%…….ugh……that’s ok, I’ll take my chances when your funny accent says you’re a scam……..where do these people get our information anyway……I was told from the state police when I reported ‘Habbib’ that these places get our information when we make a purchase online, but still wonder ‘how’?? JUST STOP CALLING HERE!!!!

  93. Florence Lloyd

    I received this call first on my home phone,and again on my cell phone about a credit card I haven’t even used yet,thank God I had enough sense to put them on hold from my cell,and I called my credit card, company on my home phone,and it wasn’t them,so I got back to these people and asked them questions and they actually hung up on me

  94. I got a call saying they were Card Services but the number showing on my Caller I.D. was my own house phone which I answered. I pressed #1 to talk to a rep and when asked if I was calling to lower my rates and I asked how I called myself and he said that he was once again from this Service and I told him that my I.D. showed my house phone and told him it was scam he said it wasn’t a scam ma’am. And when I started to tell him I’m gonna shove my C**k down his throat because I wasn’t a lady he hung up on me. Has anyone else had themselves called from this company showing their own house phone number?

  95. I have registered with the site and still receive these calls.

    The next one that calls will get the same as the last. "Please hold for Agent Jenkins of the FBI" or "Yes, I ran up my credit cards paying off the hit man for the last scammer that called." or "Yes, I ran up my credit cards on porn sites, didn’t I see you on there?"

    These folks don’t care if you’re on the do not call list. They disguise their real location by using VOIP technology and bouncing the call off of several servers before actually making the call.

    If I could find the place…..

  96. Hello, this goes to Peg Vigiard. Good job at telling them you have no credit cards. That statement hurt them cuz they got ticked off and lost.
    This goes to Hugh Mayberry, change your phone number and give the new number to whom you need to give it too. That should do it.

  97. I decided to play along with this j a c k a s s – first time he called it was marked "unknown" – unfortunately, that can sometimes be my mom so I answered. I got the same spiel as the previous callers, "lower your interest rate, blah blah" so I decided to play along. The phone # I gave was 877-eat-s h i t. Then when he asked the bank, I said, "Schrujaab bank" – he then proceeded to ask me if I liked to give b***jobs, told me he has a 12 inch C@CK, and he’d pay be $ 2500 to let him have $#X with me. He also told me he has a limo and a lot of money. I told him I don’t sleep with dirty smelly Muslims.

  98. Just got the call today, October 15, 2013. A recorded voice said press 9 to lower credit card interest rates, so I did. A woman with an Indian accent tells me she’s with the "Credit Approving Bureau" for MasterCard, VISA, and Discovery. Since I’ve made payments on time and owe more than $4000, I’m eligible to lower my interest rate to 5% and avoid a rise to 27%. All I have to do is give her the number of my card with the largest balance for verification, and she’ll tell me the current balance and most recent purchases. I hung up, and she called back, irate that I would turn down this offer. Phone numbers reported by my cell phone were 917-333-0000 (NYC area) and 213-000-0001 (LA).

  99. Rachael (recording) always calls me. "Limited time to lower credit card interest rates." Press #…for a rep. For months I kept hanging up until I finally I pressed the number to get a LIVE rep and told him I have NO credit cards and to please take my name off the list. He shouted, "F*** You, Lady!" and hung up!!

  100. Go to the do not call registry ( and file a complaint. If enough of us do so then maybe this will stop.

  101. they have been bothering me for about 6 months it is usuall ann with credit card services or some imes tiffany how can i get this stopped one smart ass i confronted told me i would get this call every day of my life

  102. An automatic call came in to cell phone saying time is expiring to lower your interest rate etc.
    I answered the phone to attempt to find out where/how they got my cell phone number.

    A guy answered saying the company was some generic sounding name.

    I asked who he was and where he got my number. He ignored my question and asked if I owe more than $4000 in credit cards.

    I told him I hit the the talk to someone button to find out who they were and how they got my phone number, again.

    He hung up.

  103. this is the second time in recent weeks that i have received the automated message. It was ‘my last chance to have a lower interest rate!’ I pressed 1 to see what it was all about. I was transferred to a ‘live agent’ who asked me if I was using a VISA card and was my interest rate over 19%? I asked him to tell me where he was calling from and what company he represented. He hung up on me!

  104. Robert Joan Fisher

    today-sat.may 19th.2012 the credit card lowering call came three times within 15 mins. they are using different numbers on the caller id. we are retired and don’t use credit cards. this sure is a pain!!!!!

  105. Just got a call from these people offering a lower interest rate on my credit card. I spoke to an Asian man that was in a large call centre by the way the background sounded. I asked him which credit card he was referring to, and he said my Visa. I don’t own a Visa. I told him so and asked him what sort of scam is this? He hung up on me. I called back the number, and the number is unassigned. They have figured out a way to re-route numbers so they cannot be easily traced.

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