Credit Card Lower Rates

Low-Interest Credit Cards Phone Call: Real Deal Or Not?

Low-interest credit cards are hot commodities but beware of the latest scam whether you’re looking for 0 interest credit cards or low-interest rate credit cards. There are two variations of this scam:

Scenario 1. Did you ever pick up a phone call and the first thing you hear is an automated message saying: “To lower your credit card rates, press 1”?

If you haven’t, chances are you will soon. The automated call scam is quickly spreading all over the world, as victims are lured into pressing keys on their phone and allowing (giving permission by confirming) scammers to register them for shady premium text rate campaigns or even to give them their credit card numbers.

Watch the video below to see in action how this sneaky premium line works.

How Premium Rate Numbers Work Video

Scenario 2 (with video). This second variation of the scam involves unsolicited phone calls from fraudsters offering to apply for a low-interest rate credit card on a person’s behalf, for a large fee. The criminal will request personal and financial information, including a person’s existing credit card number.

Watch the video below to see in action the Credit Card Lower Rate scam.

Credit Card Lower Rate Scam Video

How to avoid:

Just hang up the call if it is an automated message, regardless of what it is about: lower rates, free trip, bonus loyalty points, etc. For the second variation of the scam, consumers should never pay a fee to a third party for this service. Most financial institutions offer low-interest rate credit cards and consumers can apply for these cards on their own through the financial institution directly. You can also report the scam on this page: Federal Trade Commission Report.

How to protect yourself more:

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Jennifer H

Just got a call from these people offering a lower interest rate on my credit card. I spoke to an Asian man that was in a large call centre by the way the background sounded. I asked him which credit card he was referring to, and he said my Visa. I don’t own a Visa. I told him so and asked him what sort of scam is this? He hung up on me. I called back the number, and the number is unassigned. They have figured out a way to re-route numbers so they cannot be easily traced.

Robert Joan Fisher

today-sat.may 19th.2012 the credit card lowering call came three times within 15 mins. they are using different numbers on the caller id. we are retired and don’t use credit cards. this sure is a pain!!!!!


this is the second time in recent weeks that i have received the automated message. It was ‘my last chance to have a lower interest rate!’ I pressed 1 to see what it was all about. I was transferred to a ‘live agent’ who asked me if I was using a VISA card and was my interest rate over 19%? I asked him to tell me where he was calling from and what company he represented. He hung up on me!


An automatic call came in to cell phone saying time is expiring to lower your interest rate etc.
I answered the phone to attempt to find out where/how they got my cell phone number.

A guy answered saying the company was some generic sounding name.

I asked who he was and where he got my number. He ignored my question and asked if I owe more than $4000 in credit cards.

I told him I hit the the talk to someone button to find out who they were and how they got my phone number, again.

He hung up.

hugh mayberry

they have been bothering me for about 6 months it is usuall ann with credit card services or some imes tiffany how can i get this stopped one smart ass i confronted told me i would get this call every day of my life

Marie Colbath

Go to the do not call registry ( and file a complaint. If enough of us do so then maybe this will stop.

Peg Vigiard

Rachael (recording) always calls me. "Limited time to lower credit card interest rates." Press #…for a rep. For months I kept hanging up until I finally I pressed the number to get a LIVE rep and told him I have NO credit cards and to please take my name off the list. He shouted, "F*** You, Lady!" and hung up!!


Just got the call today, October 15, 2013. A recorded voice said press 9 to lower credit card interest rates, so I did. A woman with an Indian accent tells me she’s with the "Credit Approving Bureau" for MasterCard, VISA, and Discovery. Since I’ve made payments on time and owe more than $4000, I’m eligible to lower my interest rate to 5% and avoid a rise to 27%. All I have to do is give her the number of my card with the largest balance for verification, and she’ll tell me the current balance and most recent purchases. I hung… Read more »


I decided to play along with this j a c k a s s – first time he called it was marked "unknown" – unfortunately, that can sometimes be my mom so I answered. I got the same spiel as the previous callers, "lower your interest rate, blah blah" so I decided to play along. The phone # I gave was 877-eat-s h i t. Then when he asked the bank, I said, "Schrujaab bank" – he then proceeded to ask me if I liked to give b***jobs, told me he has a 12 inch C@CK, and he’d pay be… Read more »


Hello, this goes to Peg Vigiard. Good job at telling them you have no credit cards. That statement hurt them cuz they got ticked off and lost.
This goes to Hugh Mayberry, change your phone number and give the new number to whom you need to give it too. That should do it.

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